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Define and explain the importance of intercultural communication. • Describe the role intercultural communication plays in communicating effectively. PDF | On Jan 1, , Ayman M Hamdan- Mansour and others published intercultural communication. PDF | 3 hours read | This lecture deals with the following 6 topics: 1) Presentation of the notion 3) The scope of intercultural (or “cross-cultural”) communication.

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NATO Regional Cooperation Course (NCC) “Intercultural Communication” PETER STOCKINGER, PU Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales. intercultural communication, a conversation might be interrupted by a “storm” or Intercultural communication is the sending and receiving of messages across. Intercultural communication or communication between people of different cultural factors thatare important in intercultural communication within a general.

From the Foreign Service Institute, Intercultural Communication teaching and training spread to the universities and other organizations. University courses were given and academic textbooks in Intercultural Communication started to appear in the USA in a larger scale in the s.


In Europe, the first university courses in Intercultural Communication took place in the s. From the earlier, more applied focus on teaching and training, Intercultural Communication has in the recent decades developed and matured also as an academic field with its own theory building.

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Advanced Search…. Theme 1: In this section we will discuss intercultural communication as an academic discipline: Prior to publishing the book, Hall was a staff member at the Foreign Service Institute, USA , where he, together with his colleagues, worked out what can be called the first original paradigm for Intercultural Communication: Main elements of Hall's paradigm for Intercultural Communication Hart were: Attachments kuva.

Their ways are better than my own; I wish I were one of them. Stage 3: Minimization. Although individuals see cultural differences, they bank more on the universality of ideas rather than on cultural differences.

Stage 4: Acceptance. The individual begins to appreciate important cultural differences in behaviors and eventually in values.

Stage 5: Adaptation. The individual is very open to world views when accepting new perspectives.

Stage 6: Integration. Individuals start to go beyond their own cultures and see themselves and their actions based on multifarious cultural viewpoints.

Intercultural Communication. New Perspectives from ELF

Once you understand these stages, you may apply it to 1 recognize communication behaviors which differ from your own, 2 take into account what can influence these types of behaviors, and 3 try to analyze how linguistic and cultural communities differ in terms of communication behavior and influencing factors Allwood, Characteristics of Competent Intercultural Communicators World Bank identifies the following traits that define a competent intercultural communicator.

Refrain from showing bias when talking to someone by following the tips below. Avoid stereotypes, i. Challenge gender norms; avoid using he and man to refer to a general group of people. To remedy this, you may use plural pronouns or rewrite a sentence to avoid using pronouns.

Do not talk down on younger people and the elderly. Be sensitive to the religious practices of others.Please check your email for instructions on resetting your password.

The book is sometimes called "the field's founding document" Hart Remember me on this computer. Intercultural communication as a human activity is ancient.

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