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Nonton streaming Film The Book Of Eli () Online Movie Subtitle Indonesia Download Bioskop Box Office indoxxi lk21 xxi bioskopkeren blueray hd. Nonton dan download The Book of Eli () sub indo. Cast: Denzel Washington, Evan Jones, Frances de la Tour, Gary Oldman, Jennifer Beals, Joe Pingue, John Tempat paling lengkap dan nyaman untuk nonton film bioskop online. The Book of Eli is a American post-apocalyptic neo-western action film directed by The Hughes Brothers, written by Gary Whitta, and starring Denzel.

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Download Film The Book of Eli Bluray Subtitle Indonesia Gratis Streaming Full Movie HD WebDL BRRip p p p p mp4 mkv. Poster Of The Book of Eli () In Hindi English Dual Audio MB Compressed Small THE UPSIDE () SUBTITLE INDONESIA | Nonton Film Online. It's certainly uneven, and many viewers will find that its reach exceeds its grasp, but The Book of Eli finds the Hughes brothers injecting some.

Some people are going to be more surprised and impressed with the film's big reveal than others, but anyone with a love of action and that post-apocalyptic context will find something to make "Eli" a worthwhile watch regardless of plot weakness.

Washington is slightly under-utilized but he's an ideal fit. He brings an intensity in his demeanor that makes him an intriguing character and the film does a good job of making his character more central than anything else. Strong visuals, weak plot. The Book of Eli has the potential to be a great film or complete rubbish depending on your expectations of what is to come.

If you are looking for a film with some deeper meaning then I would not recommend it.

However, if you are looking for a film with beautiful cinematography, solid acting and a little bit of fun action then you will be pleased. The key in watching the film is to not buy into the plot too much, which is where the viewer is going to be disappointed.

The ending is a little far fetched and I couldn't help but roll my eyes. Although I honestly don't see a particularly good ending for the basic premise of the film. If you are able to put the silliness with the story behind you, the film is wonderfully done. There is great camera work with interesting angles and framing; the set showcases the contrast between the stark light of the sun and the shadows where humankind is hiding; and the acting makes you want to buy into the characters and their conflicts.

I would recommend seeing the film, just don't get too involved with the story. Instead concentrate on the acting and the scene.

Not sure how much the church was involved with this project, but it seems as though it was funded almost entirely by the church. And maybe Oprah. If not, the church should provide the people who made this movie with free blessings for a year - or whatever. This movie uses misleading advertising to draw us in. What we expect is an apocalyptic thriller with a super strong survivor trying to make his way through life. We know from the advertising that he has a book he must protect - but we are not told that it is a bible.

The last bible. And then the propaganda begins. Despite Eli's best efforts, his friend and the villains become aware that he has a bible. The villain wants the bible to begin a cult in his own name, Eli wants the bible because a voice told him to go to a place where the book was, and then, vaguely, to go west. He reads it every day. The premise of the film is that he followed the voices instructions, found the book, and has been walking west for the past 30 years.

If that is your thing enjoy. My feeling on it was that the acting was not bad, the feel established by the cinematography for the movie was good but overall this film was a transparent vehicle for religious cheer leading and not much more. Not just another post-apocalyptic thriller. Upon first viewing the trailer I was immediately giddy to see a new post-apocalyptic film in the vein of The Road Warrior.

Being a fan of the genre, one must get used to the repetitive "lone wanderer" theme so prominently used. I figured this film would go through the same formula, but prepared to enjoy myself. Yes it did use the lone wanderer as a driving plot device, and yes it did bring the arbitrary twist. Yes all the survivors are short on t-shirts, but live in a wealth of leather and goggles.

Yes everything in this film looks like and feels like a typical post-apocalyptia. But the substance of the story is far more powerful then I could ever have expected. Without giving away too much, yes the film is essentially a Christian metaphor.

Eli seems to be protected by some mysterious force, guided by "God" to head west. But it's what the meaning behind this admittedly bizarre plot that makes this film so great. It truly is a film about faith and believing in one's self. Using the dreary post-apocalyptic backdrop, the film is able to contrast this powerful message with the harsh landscape.

Even amidst such despair, one can rise and accomplish anything. In a world slowly becoming apocalyptic itself, this message is much welcomed.

The other aspects lending to the power of The Book of Eli are its technical aspects. The cinematography is simply beautiful. Moody slo-mo shots abound with wonderfully toned colors.

Everything looks dark and dead, the sun beating down endlessly on the dusty dunes. The soundtrack adds immensely to this feeling, using soft ambient chords and blasting action-scene drums when necessary.

Overall The Book of Eli is an excellent film itself and an excellent spin on the post-apocalyptic genre. Oh yeah, and Denzel Washington actually manages to pull off the part of a wizened, old bad ass. They drive off, leaving Eli shaken but resolute in his determination not to get involved.

He ponders which direction to go in and then ends up walking into a town.

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While he waits, he asks if there is a place where he can fill his canteen. He crosses the street to the bar across the street.

The bikers who killed the couple arrive at the bar and deliver the books and items they stole from the couple to Carnegie Gary Oldman , the mayor of the makeshift town.

Carnegie is looking for a certain book, so he sends his illiterate henchmen to collect all the books they can. He sees the books they bring, a random collection of paperbacks and picture books, and is less than pleased. He orders that they be burned. He takes a hotel bottle of shampoo and tells Redridge Ray Stevenson , his right hand man, that the bikers are to be rewarded for such a discovery. He goes to his lady, Claudia Jennifer Beals , and shares the shampoo with her.

Downstairs, Eli trades gloves and an Arab scarf for a full canteen of water. The bartender gives the canteen to Solara Mila Kunis and sends her out back to get some water. She goes out back to get the water, but Redridge steps in front of her. She makes him move aside and fills Eli's canteen. In the bar, a cat walks in front of Eli and snarls, he nudges it away.

The lead Biker approaches Eli, ready to fight him for touching his cat. Eli slams the thug's face into the bar and gets up to leave.

However, the entire bar attacks him. He fights and kills all but one biker, when Solara returns with the canteen and begs Eli to stop. Redridge and Carnegie's men arrive and hold Eli at gunpoint and bring him to Carnegie. Carnegie is impressed to meet Eli.

He recognizes Eli's immense skill and the fact that he is also an educated man who knows scripture. He tells Eli that men like him, who are older but know things, are the future.

Wait a moment please...

He asks Eli to stay so that Carnegie can utilize his fighting skills to keep control over the town. Eli tells Carnegie that he has no interest in staying but Carnegie forces him to stay the night.

Redridge sends Claudia to deliver Eli food. He recognizes that Claudia is blind and asks her if she was blind her whole life or blinded by The Flash, an event which occurred during the Last Great War. She confirms that she was blind her whole life. He thanks her for bringing him water. Carnegie decides that the best way to keep Eli in town is to have Solara, Claudia's daughter, sleep with Eli.

Claudia begs him not to use Solara, but he sends her anyway. Eli doesn't want to have sex, but Solara begs him to let her stay in the room since she knows Carnegie will harm Claudia.

They talk about the war, and Solara sits on the bed, discovers the book and gets excited, wanting to know more about it, even though she can't read. Eli bundles the book up and refuses to discuss it with her. He does share his meal with her, and teaches her to say grace. The next morning Solara joins Claudia at breakfast.

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Carnegie freezes in amazement as Solara tries to recite the prayer with her mother. She forgets the 'Amen,' which Carnegie supplies. He then beats Claudia in front of Solara in order to find out if Eli has the book he seeks.

When Solara signs him the cross she saw on the cover, Carnegie orders Redridge to bring the book to him. When they get to the room, they see that Eli had snuck out.

Redridge kills the guard on duty and gathers the men to find him.

Across the street, Eli gathers his battery and prepares to leave. Carnegie goes over to Eli and begs him to stay and give him the book, a Bible. Carnegie tells Eli that he isn't afraid to kill him and take the Bible. Carnegie thinks that the Bible's righteous scripture is the best way to keep the town under his control. Eli tells Carnegie that he dreams of finding a town where the people need the book, but he tells Carnegie that it is not here.

Carnegie orders Redridge to shoot Eli as he walks away but Redridge misses twice. A shootout ensues and Eli kills most of Carnegie's men and hits Carnegie in the knee. Redridge sees that Eli is fearless and begrudgingly lets him leave. Behind the scenes, Claudia tells Solara to follow Eli, since she will be safer away from Carnegie. Carnegie gets his leg treated by a doctor. The bullet and shrapnel are removed and he is bandaged.

He tells Redridge to prepare the vehicles to pursue Eli and recover the book. Redridge tells Carnegie that most of their men are dead and decides to use the book as leverage to get Solara as his concubine. Carnegie humorously, albeit reluctantly, agrees. Eli travels down the road until Solara catches up to him.

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She wants to join him but she is rejected from the start. She offers to take him to the town's water supply, an uncontaminated underground spring. Eli fills his canteen at the spring, then tricks Solara and locks her in the cave. She screams and calls him a liar but Eli insists that he isn't, wishing her well and leaves. Somehow Solara breaks out of the cave and follows in the direction Eli was going.

She doesn't find him, but instead finds the woman who worked with the thugs from earlier with her broken cart. She tries to help the woman, but the woman insists that Solara leave to keep from being raped and killed.

Two thugs attack Solara and just as they are about to rape her, Eli shoots one through the groin with an arrow and then shoots the other through the throat.

Solara desperately hugs Eli and the two go on their way. Carnegie and Redridge's men find the bodies of the marauders and determine that Eli can't be more than a few miles ahead.

Redridge finds a piece of Solara's custom clothing and tells Carnegie with displeasure. Carnegie asks if Redridge still wants her and walks back to the car. One of their henchmen suggests that they call it a day, since their cars will give them away at night and they could drive right by the pair.

The Book of Eli (2010)

Eli and Solara sleep by an old nuclear plant cooling tower. Eli reads the book and Solara asks Eli to read it to him. He recites a bit of it and then puts the book away. She asks him to teach her how to read it but Eli doesn't respond.

When she thinks he's asleep she goes to take a look at the book in his bag. She sees but can't read an old KMart tag which says "Hi, my name is Eli". Eli grabs the bag away from her and makes her go back across the room, cocking his shotgun to make her know how serious he is. The next day the pair set off and walk west.

Solara asks him about the world before the war. He tells her that people had more than they needed and threw away things that others kill for today. She asks him why he keeps the book and Eli explains that it is the only Bible left in the world since it was singled out for extermination after the war, as the post-war population believed it was the cause of the war.

He then explains why he keeps heading west, which perplexes Solara but she eventually comes to accept that Eli is acting on his faith. He explains how he found the Bible, insisting that a "voice" told him where to go and that he would be protected.

Solara thinks that Eli is delusional but says nothing.Instead concentrate on the acting and the scene. Solara, having fled the town, leads Eli to a cave which is the town's water supply, hoping that she can accompany him on his travels. The girl sees Eli's book, and when Carnegie finds out he beats her mother until she reveals what she saw. Now to the words I am at a loss for. He finds a row boat and starts to row toward Alcatraz Island.

Downstairs, Eli trades gloves and an Arab scarf for a full canteen of water. Oh yeah, and Denzel Washington actually manages to pull off the part of a wizened, old bad ass. He recognizes that Claudia is blind and asks her if she was blind her whole life or blinded by The Flash, an event which occurred during the Last Great War.

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