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This Tendering Procedure presents a systematic approach for FIDIC Tendering Procedure (2nd Edition, ). Electronic version in encrypted PDF. process. Detailed guidance is given on each step of the tendering process for tenders and award of contracts for its Electronic version in encrypted PDF. Fidic Tendering Procedures - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

Fidic Tendering Procedures Pdf

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FIDIC Tendering Procedures 2nd Edition pdf - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Fidic Tendering Procedures - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Contract Management. FIDIC Procurement Guide - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or This new guide is much more than a further edition of Tendering Procedure.

At the same time, an effort has been made to provide the opportunity and incentive to contractors to respond easily to invitations to tender for projects which they are qualified to implement.

It is hoped that the adoption of this procedure will minimise tendering costs and ensure that all tenderers receive a fair and equal opportunity to submit their offers on a reasonable and comparable basis. It is also in the interest of contractors since, if prequalified, they will know that they are competing against a limited number of other firms, all of whom possess the required competence and capability.

The model procedure described in the text is accompanied by notes which, for ease of reference, follow each clause. The notes, in italics, are added to the text in order to expand upon the more important aspects of each clause and, where appropriate, give alternative courses of action that may have to be considered according to circumstances.

The text is illustrated by a flow chart which follows this introduction and serves as a summary. Both the text and the notes have been kept as brief as possible in order that the booklet can be easily used as a working document. The procedure is suitable for tendering for most international construction works, but it may be adapted to suit the particular requirements occasioned by the size and complexity of a project, and any special conditions imposed by the established procedures of the employer or the financing institutions.

It reflects good current practice. FIDIC recommends its use by employers, engineers, contractors and others involved in the international construction industry.

The first edition primarily addressed procedures which FIDIC recommended for the selection of tenderers and the preparation and evaluation of tenders for civil engineering contracts. It is recommended fhat the period of validity of the security Bond shall equal the period of validily of fhe tender plus the time allowed for the tenderer 10 provide his performance security under the terms of the eventual COnlract between the cOnlractor and the employer.

Teoderers should be advised that their lender securities will be returned to them as soon as the security is no longer in full force and effect as covered in sub-pamgr;lph ;l aoovc.

Evaluation Criteria The evalualion criteria. If a spcdlk mcthod of evaluation is 10 be used in selecling the successful lender. While gencrally will be primarily on the basis of tt: IbJe, '. The terms should indlilic the periotl of validity of the sCl: Checklist The following checklist is illclullcu to assist in the prcptlration of instructions to tenderers and shows subjects which should be covered: The bngllagc or the tCllder. The number of copie:: Which dm: The rcquirelllcnt for c;lch lcndcrci' to provide a power or allOrney f r the signaturc s 10 the lender.

Validity jX'riod of the lcnder. Any documcnls othcr than those issued as parI of the tender documents which the lendcrer must include with his lender e. Procedure for issuing addenda to the lender documents.

Procedure for with queries raised by tenderers. Instrm;lions for packing.

Circumslances under which altemative offers may be submilled. Pmcedure for he return of tender dOClllncnts hy unsuccessful lenderers if requircd. Procedure for dealing with requests for extension of by Icnderers. Armngclllcllts for thc opening of tenders. PrOl;edurc for deating with: Any unusual "cillures of the particular lendering process.

Infonnation about the cvalualion criteria Conditions of Contract The conditions of should be based on widely rccognised conditions of contract such as "Conditions of Contraci for Works of Civil Engineering Construction" and "Conditions of ContraCI for Electric'll and Mech. Part I: General Conditions alld Preamh! Par, II.. Validity period of the tender.

Procedure for issuing addenda to the tender documents. Procedure for dealing with queries raised by tenderers. Instructions for packing. Procedure to he adopted for lcndcrcrs to inspect the site of the works.

Circumstances under which alternative offers may be submitted. Confidentiality of Icnder documents. Proccdure for the return of tender documents by unsuccessful tenderers if required. Procedure for dealing with requests for extension of time by tenderers.

Procedure for dealing with arithmetic errors found in tenders during evaluation. Any unusual features of the panicular tendering process.

These documents comprise: ParI I: General Condilions and Preamhle. Condilions of Particular Application or Special Conditions. Agl"CClIll'lIl form 3. Specification The specification will define the scope and technical requirements of the contract, including any requirements for training and the transfer of technology. The quality of materials and the standards of workmanship [0 be provided by the contractor must be clearly described.

The extent, if any. Details should be included of samples to be provided and tests to be carried out by the contractor during the course of the contract. Any limitations on the contractor's freedom of choice in the order. The specification shall promote the broadest possible competition and as far as possible follow international standards such as those issued by ISO.

Drawings The drawings included in the tender documents should provide tenderers with suflicient detail to enable them, in conjunction with the specification and the bill of quantities. The drawings should be listed in the specification.

If the tenders arc based on lump sums, a break-down of such sums into constituent parts should be provided by the tenderer. If a charge for donmu! As allernative to posti",': Tenderers should IJ! The primary purpose of the visit is to enable each tenderer to inspect the site and obtain all relevant information required for the prepamtion of his tender.

The ar1"QIl. The intended method or methods should be described in the instructions to Icndercrs. These replies, together with the tex of the queries should be issued to all tcnderers without quoting the source of the queries, and the tenderers should be required to acknowledge receipt of the information. Replies to queries should. Tenderers' Conference Method.

Temlerers' queries should be in writing and should identify the party raising the query. Where appropriale, an addendum to lhe lender document should be issued. Receipt of lhe minutcs should be acknowledged by lhe lenderers. Representation fmm each tenderer should be limited to two or three per. Addenda become part of the tender documents. The lender period should he eXlcnded ullless the circumstances are exceplimwl. III considering the need for extellsions which might arise.

Would rh,' rcfusal ofWI e. The labels should identify the particular tender and should carry. If tenders are delivered by hand. Tenders received after the appointed time should be immediately returned. As each tender envelope IS opened.

Tenderer's name Tender price. Price of allcmativc lcnders.

The foregoing information should be recorded on a suitable fonn signed by the opening oflicer and appropriate witnesses. III rhe presellce afrhose renderers wishi"g ro affelld.

III addirioll to the ahove. Where arithmetical errors are found. Tenders that are considered to be substantially unresponsive should be rejected and relUmed to the tenderers.

The calculations should be carried out using information contained in the tender or, if appropriate information is not given. If the nature of the deviations is such that it is not possible to determine their monctary value. The assessment should be based on the evaluation criteria as specified in the tender documents. On complelion of the above procedures the tenders should be placed in order of evaluated cost.

At this stage. The tenderer In If no such confirmation is received the tcnder should be rejected and the next lowest evaluated tcnder as clarified should be considered.

The employer should then make his decision on which tcnder to accept. Unless there arc exceptional circumstances. The procedurefor dealing with deviations will depend OIl the employer's policy towards tellders which do lIot complyfully with the instructions to telldl'rers. Certai" employers. Where financillg institution.. If it is, then it. Il may 1I0t he that from the tenderer su! Jmiuing the lowest cOllform- illg tender alld the employer should be permitted to accept the alternative design if it is in his interests to do so.

The components may include: Technical evaluation conformity with. Tenders should not be rejected and completely new tenders invited against the original tender documents for the express purpose of trying to obtain lower prices.

Tel1e1as Ire lIot slIb.


Too few lenders receil'ed to ellsure competition. The award must be made during the period of lender validity or any extension thereto accepted by the lcndercrs. Where the lowest evaluated tender contains deviations from the requirements of the tender documents which are not deemed to render the lender as non-responsive and which have not been dealt with under clause 5. This memorandum should be submitted to the tenderer for his agreement and signature.

Where it hns not been possible to with the tenderer suhmilling the lowest evalu: The leiter of acceplance should identify the contrnct and the works to be executed by the contractor as well as the contract price which the employer will pay to the contractor in with the terms of the Where the contrilct includes FIOIC Conditions of Contract for Works of Civil Engineering Construction, Fourth Edition.

FIDIC eBook PDF: Tendering Procedures According to FIDIC

The notification by the letter of acceptance will constitute the formal ion of the contract. Ihe pre-award discussions. The memorandum will become one of Ihe documents formin;.: II is titus essential that it is signed by both parties.

Where it is nOl immediately possihle to is. Care should he t!

If a leller of intent is issued. If the employer is preparedfor ,he colltractor to commence any part of the works e. The basis ofpaymelltfor work authorised and a limit if any to the financial liability which may be incurred before formal acceptance vf the teltder.

FIDIC Tendering Procedures 2nd Edition 1994.pdf

A statemem that if tile contract is subsequemly not awarded to the tenderer, tile properly audited costs incurred by him in peiforming work authorized by Ille leller of intent will he paid by the employer. The perform. Tenderers should be advised, in the tender documents.

Such consequences would nomlally be that the contract is declared null and void and the contraclQr forfeits his tender security. The employer is then free to award the contmct to the next lowest tenderer.

The successful tenderer's tender security must be returned to him promptly once he has his performance security. Wllcre employer. If ,he timing is such that it will be impossible for the contractor, in l: Refusal by any tenderer 10 extend the validity period of his tender for this reasoll would not emi,le the employer to call telllier security. Fidic Tendering Procedures Uploaded by jmusopole. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Fidic users guide a practical guide to the red and yellow books.

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Carol Santos. Budiman Nasution. High Mountain Studio. Dissertation - quality in supply chain management. Abhishek Jain.Axel-Volkmar Jaeger.

FIDIC Tendering Procedure 2nd Ed (1994)

The primary purpose of the visit is to enable each tenderer to inspect the site and obtain all relevant information required for the prepamtion of his tender. Inslruclions or applying for prcqualificalion documents. Any documcnls othcr than those issued as parI of the tender documents which the lendcrer must include with his lender e.

These methods should be defined, documented and understood by all parties. The programme should also establish all milestones of significance in connection with each phase. References [1] Consider various methods for: Where appropriale, an addendum to lhe lender document should be issued. Confidentiality of Icnder documents.

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