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Warhammer Armies the Empire - 8th Edition - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Warhammer Army. Buy Games Workshop Empire Army Book Warhammer Fantasy: Games Warhammer Fantasy Rulebook Eighth 8th Edition - Hardcover Rulebook - English. Apr 19, An Empire army can be built to suit almost any play style. (The new 8th Edition armybook updated the rules for named characters, so watch.

Empire Army Book 8th Edition

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Results 1 - 33 of 33 Warhammer THE EMPIRE ARMY BOOK 4th Edition Codex Fantasy WFB 6th edition Warhammer Armies: The Empire Army Book (). Core. Discuss your ideas of Core Troops here. Posts 64 Topics. Last post by Muppet in Re: Knights with great w on November 17, , PM. The 8th edition armybook for The Empire is copyrighted It contains rules necessary for fielding an army of The Empire in the 8th Edition of Warhammer.

Markus Wulfhart- A brand new and very cool named character, Markus is a monster hunter. At points he is a bargain. If that wasn't enough his Monster Hunter rule lets him re-roll failed hits against all monsters and if aiming against a ridden monster the shot isn't randomised; it will always hit the monster.

Markus was tasked by the Emperor to find other individuals with his passion for monster hunting and gather them into a single war band. That is all of the named characters covered and so now I will take a look at ordinary characters.

The former being a Lord Choice and the latter a Hero Choice. They come with the same stat line they have always had and so are decent enough in combat but of course aren't really a match for some other armies characters. However, new to this edition they get a rule called Hold the Line! The unit they are with and its detachments take break tests on 3D6 and use the two lowest dice. This rule finally makes them worth taking, being only humans they will never really be the match of a Chaos Lord or Black Orc Warboss but at least now they have a rule to reflect their immense command skills.

The General is only 95 points and has access to a large amount of equipment as well as access to the Imperial Griffon and Imperial Pegasus. The Captain is 60 points with access to a decent amount of equipment and an Imperial Pegasus. A Captain can also be the Battle Standard Bearer.

Battle Wizards- The same as they have always been Battle Wizards and Battle Wizard Lords are strong spell casters with access to any of the eight lores of magic. The Wizard Lord is of course a Lord Choice and is points. He can be made a Level 4 Wizard and has access to an Imperial Pegasus.

However, he gets additional mounts depending upon the lore chosen. If he picks the Lore of Heavens he may be mounted on the Celestial Hurricanum. If he picks the Lore of Light he may be mounted on the Luminark of Hysh.

If he picks the Lore of Beasts he may be mounted on an Imperial Griffon. Like all Empire character except the Witch Hunter he has access to a warhorse. Master Engineers- Eccentric and avoided by most sane people Engineers will take to the battlefield to try out their many inventions.

At only 65 points this Hero Choice character is worth taking and placed with your artillery.

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The Master Ballistics Rule now means he can lend his Ballistic Skill and grant a re-roll to an artillery dice as long as he is within 3" of a war machine. He no longer has to join it. As long as he is within 3" of a war machine the 'Stand Back Sir! They have access to a number of deadly weapons: grenade launching blunderbuss, Hochland long rifle, pigeon bombs, repeater handgun and a repeater pistol. These weapons haven't changed any and the pigeon bombs are still very shit.

The Mechanical Steed is back. I don't have my old book with me to compare it with but it is still very good and should be taken over the warhorse. They have been a great addition to the army since 6th edition and 7th edition for the Arch Lectors.

Warhammer Army Book

However, they have become slightly worse in close combat as time went on. Their main focus is to augment your soldiers and they do a damn good job of it.

They can channel power and dispel dice like wizards and have access to three Battle Prayers, which are bound spells and affect detachments as well as regimental units. They are as follows: Hammer of Sigmar: The Warrior Priest and his unit may re-roll failed wounds until the start of the next friendly magic phase.

Soulfire: The Warrior Priest and his unit gain the Flaming Attacks special rule until the start of the next friendly magic phase. In addition, when cast all enemy models in base contact with the Warrior Priest suffer a Strength 4 hit. Undead, Nehekharan Undead and models with the Daemonic special rule suffer a Strength 5 hit instead, with no armour saves allowed.

These prayers seem a lot more straight forward now and although healing hand is gone Lore of Life does it better anyway. I am not a fan of Soulfire. It definitely got nerfed. Flaming Attacks are only useful against a handful of enemies and I preferred when it did a D6 hits against any enemy unit in base contact with the Warrior Priest.

Righteous Fury is still there, giving him and the unit he is with hatred. It still doesn't affect other characters. The Warrior Priest is now only 65 points; which is thirty points cheaper than before.

They come with light armour as standard now which is good and they can still take heavy armour. As always they have access to a warhorse.

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The Arch Lector which is a Lord Choice is points. He is also cheaper than before and like the Hero version has only 2 Attacks. His Leadership and Wounds are one higher. He has access to the same equipment as the Warrior Priest but in addition can be mounted on the War Altar. The Golden Griffon mounted on it also contains the Banishment spell from the Lore of Light and it can be cast as a bound spell power level 4.

However, there is no points option any where for the horn. It calls it an upgrade so that would imply it needs to be bought. Hopefully this will be errated soon. Nonetheless, this mighty chariot is a must for any true warrior of Sigmar. Witch Hunters- Grim and terrifying they have been a big part of the fluff since 4th edition and have been one of my favourite elements of the Warhammer World.

It is easy to hate them for their ruthlessness and fanaticism but in a world where the loss of your soul or horrible mutation are very real they are necessary defenders of mankind. This is the first time they have been included in an Empire Army book and it's about damn time! Despite the long wait they haven't disappointed. They have the stat line of a Warrior Priest so aren't amazing in combat but their special rules make them very deadly.

They come with Magic Resistance 2 , so they come protected against foul sorceries. They have three other special rules: Accusation: After deployment, but before the first turn begins, select a single model in your opponents army to accuse of heresy. This is a Witch Hunters primary quarry. Tom, I believe you at got back in the with lies, the Eighteenth said impatiently.

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They can also take detachments, and can now take a magic banner. Take thirty or more. And take detachments; Stubborn transfers to them too now, but remember that the detachments' points will count against your Special Units allowance even though their unit type is Core.

Reiksguard Knights: They're their own unit now! They're basically statted out like Inner Circle knights with lances and shields, but now they're Stubborn naturally. The Bretonnians are weeping with envy right now. Stubborn only costs them pennies more per man than regular Inner Circle knights, so they're totally worth it. Alternate View - They're more expensive than inner circle, and use special -which is limited- rather than core -which you want- for stubborn, for most, this isn't bad, but bear in mind that they are lance cav, this means they are strong in only really one round, and these guys can't take great weapons, so is it really even benefitting you that much?

Yes, they do. Take them in 5 man units and they make a great tarpit, which can also kill something. Pistoliers: Young nobles full of piss and vinegar and dual-wielding pistols. They can be a massive thorn in your opponent's flank, especially because they're Quick to fire and are Fast Cavalry. A pretty reliable fire-magnet. Would be useful if they were core Outriders: These old farts can unleash the same amount of firepower as a regular gunline, and trades safety in numbers for mobility like Pistoliers, they're Fast Cavalry.

Try to get behind your opponent's army and shoot him up the strap. Huntsmen: Dirt cheap archers with Scout. Not part of the detachment system at all. If Markus Wulfhart is in your army, you can buy a unit of these guys who are also Monster Hunters. A phenomenally good value hammer unit. They have excellent survivability and will chew through rank and file infantry.

Buffing them with Light magic makes for a virtually unstoppable unit. Can take either a lance and shield or halberds. Always pick lances, the knights aren't there to kill, the demigryphs are, just keep the armour. Flagellant Warband: Pretty expensive for infantry but man, can these crazy bastards dish out the hate.

They're Unbreakable, they have Frenzy, and you can martyr some of the models to regain charge bonuses. A big block of these will create a tarpit like no other but are expensive and very much a glass cannon. Also they have some rather appealing or appalling your choice facial hair for the most part.

Great Cannon: Hell yes. If you're good with your aiming, you can snipe monstrous creatures and characters with it. Goes 'splodey you're playing Empire; get used to it. An amazing deal for points and really no Empire army should go without at least 1 cannon. Mortar: Unreliable and low Strength, but they do cover a large area. You might be better off with the Helstorm now.

Alternate view - the previous version of these was kind of broken, so their points were increased and their S was lowered. These won't do much against an MSU Chaos Warrior army, but against hordes of gobbos or skavens, or even the High Elf "World Dragon" death star unless it's White Lions, or has Alarielle casting High Magic, or both- in which case, your opponent is an asshole , it'll thin them out. And if you happen to have Lore of Shadow and Wither the target's T, all the better.

The Helblaster does three artillery dice worth of Strength 5 shots with Armor Piercing.

If you roll a misfire, you lose half your shots. If you roll two misfires, you roll on the Black Powder misfire chart. If you roll three misfires, it goes out in a blaze of glory, giving you 30 shots before being taken off the table. Often when taking helblasters it is a no brainer to take an engineer to sit beside it.

Makes for a low chance of error and high chance for lots of shots, plus a welcome BS boost. Extra Note It can be used as a defensive threat because it is rare a player will go within its 24" range, so it is good for protecting a flank, I would like to point out that in my opinion unless you've filled your rare with steam tanks then you should always take this.

Helstorm Rocket Battery: The gun is named "Helstorm" not for its attack, but from the outburst of profanity from the Elector Count of Middenheim at the engineer that almost accidentally killed him; that should tell you something about its accuracy. The Helstorm fires d3 small blast templates and then scatters them like a stone thrower, always firing indirectly. It could be hilarious against hordes, but if there's one unit you want to shoot then you're more likely to hit using a giant dog flinger.

Steam Tank: The Steam Tank is awesome. The more wounds you take the more likely you are to hurt yourself, but if done right it can still be effective with 1 wound. Though at that point I'd rather just blow myself and everyone around me to smithereens. At only pts. Oh, did I mention the extra cannon? Just don't hurt yourself too much, or you'll be inching across the table.

Steam tank is better overall and safer to use in 8th Ed. Note: When in melee combat, do not forget the attacks from the engineer. Is it a reliable source of damage?

Heck no! But driving closer to those Chaos Warriors to hit them with your scepter will earn respect knuckles from your opponent. Plus, that one time you bash in their skull will be hilarious.

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Take THAT, meathead! Extra note: This player has noticed that a Life wizard close to the steam tank multiplies it's strength. Can be used as a mount by a Wizard Lord using the Lore of Light. Can be used as a mount by a Wizard Lord using the Lore of Heavens.

Denizens of the empire now get a total of 9. Runefang: 85 points.

A Sword that auto-wounds, no armor saves allowed in case you wanted to call your commander "Count" instead of "General". A much more impressive and expensive sword than the Obsidian Blade, but rightfully so. Mace of Helstrum: 50 points. Two-handed, Always Strike Last weapon. This will make a skaven player fielding the hell pit abomination cry, not only will you be able to deal upto 3 wounds but you will also strip it of it's annoying regeneration. That is, if your near-naked lord survives the abomination attack.

Hint: snipe those with the cannons Armor of Meteoric Iron: 50 points. And that's assuming no Armor piercing special rules. Causes Fear, and if playing against Skaven, it causes Terror. But, all Skaven gain the Hatred special rule when attacking the unit containing the bearer.

The White Cloak of Ulric: 50 points.

Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/Empire

Enemies in base contact with bearer have -1 to hit. Awesome against Flame breath weapon dragons and the like, and Tzeentch daemons. Van Horstmann's Speculum: 40 points. When in a challenge, you swap all not pick and choose, you must swap all characteristics with your challenger.

Hilarious when you steal a Vampire Lord's characteristics when you challenge him with a mere Empire Battle Wizard. Ring of Volans: 30 points.

One use only. Choose 1 spell from any of the 8 Rulebook lores and generate a spell as if the bearer was a Level 1 Wizard. The Spell can be cast just like a bound spell, with a power level equal to the normal casting value. Griffon Banner: 60 points. Your extra rank bonuses are doubled. Hint: you cannot purse, but your detachments are free to do so. Steel Standard: 35 points. You ignore any negative movement penalties for barding an re-roll 1s when determining charging, fleeing, or pursuing distance.

Awesome way of quickly catching up to enemies. First off, you need to properly kit out a champion to handle challenges; most armies you'll face are likely to have a champion bigger and nastier than yours. In order to survive and thrive in challenges, a character will need three things: A good weapon. If you're looking for something more economical, and the Sword of Anti-Heroes can be awesome if your opponents are still playing Herohammer.

Good Armor. Armor of Silvered Steel and the Armor of Fortune are also good choices. Take the Talisman of Preservation or the White Cloak of Ulric to make a character harder to deal with, especially if you're taking a Templar Grand Master or something equally nasty.Rare Discuss Rare.

Double oh Boy Master Engineer: You want him for his ability to reroll artillery dice once per turn; the errata states that you don't have to have him join the crew to gain this ability, and you can use it on all artillery on top of that, which wasn't allowed in 7th Edition.

It's best to reroll misfires duh and 10s, 8s if you feel lucky. Osterknact's 8th Edition Ideas - Overview Started by osterknact.

Helstorm Rocket Battery: The gun is named "Helstorm" not for its attack, but from the outburst of profanity from the Elector Count of Middenheim at the engineer that almost accidentally killed him; that should tell you something about its accuracy.

Also quite expensive at pts. Crossbowmen: Trades Armor Piercing for an extra 6" range. Ogre Kingdoms. December 17, ,

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