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Nightworld 2 - Daughters of Darkness · Read more · Smith, L J - Night World 02 Daughters of Darkness. Read more · Daughters of Dracula · Read more. Smith, L J - Night World 02 Daughters of Darkness. Home · Smith, L J - Night World 02 Daughters of Darkness Author: Smith Lisa J. 57 downloads Views. Briar Creek, Oregon, has never seen anything like the supernatural grace of Rowan, Kestrel, and Jade, three sisters who move into the dilapidated old house next to Mark and Mary-Lynnette Carter. Mark is obsessed with Jade-- but she and her sisters have a secret. Because the sisters.

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However, certain genres had the ability to create queer icons without drawing too much attention to the intended subtext. Horror was one of these genres; so lesbian vampires were born along with werewolves struggling to hide their dark secret The Wolf Man and men who were in constant battle with their destructive urges Dr.

Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Even though some psychologists of the time for example Sigmund Freud said that homosexuality was not an illness the wider society still thought it to be a perversion and deviant behaviour.

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Nevertheless, in Hollywood, filmmakers were able to portray LGBT characters without causing much controversy. The Catholic Church tried to raise its voice against these kinds of representations of same sex intimacy however Hollywood was able to ignore these regulations initially, because there was no strict way to enforce them and the industry could keep afloat in harder economic times by selling movies with sex and violence.

So along with musicals and animated movies; horror films were the main subject of fascination among gay viewers. Tall, dark and evil Benshoff and Griffin explains about queer villainy: This seems especially true in the early years of the Production Code, when LGBT people were practically invisible and only portrayed as someone to laugh at, pity or fear of.

This suggests that while horror films were easy to find offensive from a queer perspective, it gave a certain amount of visibility to the community which is arguably still better than no visibility at all. While movies like The Cat People or The Uninvited still portrayed lesbian desire as malicious and evil, it created a small cult following of queer spectators.

This audience helped the subgenre to gain real success in pulp novels; and later, after the Hays-Code ceased, lifted the success from cult to popular. By the s, as civil right movements started to gain acknowledgment, queer and straight audiences were equally able to enjoy the humour and sexuality of gay horror films.

Most cinematic vampires pick their victims regardless of gender but the method of murder is always the same: The way a vampire transforms a human into his or her kind always involves exchanging blood and this swap of bodily fluids are easily paralleled with a sexual intercourse Benshoff and Griffin, This movie faced major difficulties with the Production Code Administration over its lesbian undertones, even though the relevant scene only lasts for about 4 minutes and fades to black before the viewers could see the transforming kiss.

Sapphic blood suckers became widely popular almost as soon as the Production Code was lifted in the late s. Film adaptations of the Carmilla novel, like The Vampire Lovers , Lust for a Vampire and Carmilla were able to portray lesbian lust and sexuality almost graphically due to the new rating system.

However this also suggests a shift in the function of the lesbian vampire. Countess Zaleska vs. In contrast, the modern lesbian vampire, such as Ernessa in The Moth Diaries is still portrayed predatory but she is also a highly sexual creature. In terms of representation this means that not only are the viewers asked to find her menacing, but also attractive and seducing.

In relation to the entire film, Ernessa and Lucy seem to have an emotional bond so the scene only hints at passionate lovemaking. Perhaps surprisingly, there are still similarities that have not changed over the past nearly 80 years. Both Zaleska and Ernessa wear heavy makeup and black dresses. To emphasize their hypnotic power they both have glaring stares but a somewhat emotionless expression.

Conclusion Decoding the meaning of lesbian vampires in popular culture has been a subject of academic debate. While some refer to it as a sexist, anti-feminist representation of lesbians and women in general Hanson, I know you.

The wind rustled the leaves and he turned back to me, almost urgently, and pressed his lips softly against mine. There were ancient carvings cut like jagged runes all along the sides. He was standing several feet away, half-covered in mist.

A strange expression flitted across his face, something I had never seen before. It was like a dark cloud. Sharpening lines and accentuating his handsome features. What are you talking about?

Daughter of Darkness

The one I saw when I told a stupid joke, or when I woke up to see him watching me in my sleep. This was something else entirely. Breathe, I told myself. There has to be an explanation. You just said you did. Of course! The rest of the coven is ready to finally finish this. For him to say something that would make this make sense. But he just stared at me with this strange anticipation. I started to hyperventilate. I took an automatic step back. You just clung to us, the next generation, and the one after that, because witches are all you know.

We can run away together—just you and me, like you always wanted. How could I? A half-breed. You make me sick.

Too dangerous to be allowed to live. It ends tonight. When he saw them, he took a compulsive step toward me, but then caught himself. When he spoke again, he was angry. Who knows how many you could kill if your vampirism mixed with your witchery? I drink from blood banks. And until you suggested it, I was fine letting my witch side stay dormant.

I am not your enemy! My temper flared. Why did you start dating me?! In the beginning, you hid it well, and nobody bothered to fill me in.

When you finally revealed your true nature, I was sickened by it. I tried to get past it, I did. I confided in our elders and told them my dilemma. I also told them I was breaking up with you.

But the clan ordered me to stay with you, keep you close like they had been doing. Give you a family like you never had. Love you for what you were. Why did you keep asking me to try to turn you? The minor detail that my broken heart had glossed over in its betrayal. He was going to kill me. Chapter 3 With a sudden gasp, I tried to bolt to the trees, only to fall down as my feet stayed rooted to the spot.

What the hell? Tony watched my struggles with cool indifference. Then he lifted his hands high in the air and began to chant. Maurice, Tabitha, Kendra, Stephen.

They gathered around the altar in a circle, holding blazing candles in their hands. But he ignored me, keeping his face tilted up to the sky as he closed his eyes and chanted. My heart shattered as I felt a door swing close forever. He was not the man I wanted to marry. I tilted up my head to see Maurice, an actual distant relative of mine.

Tonight, you shall have that chance. Thunder exploded and lightning zigzagged across the sky. How can you turn on me like this? The witches joined hands around me.

I looked again at Maurice. Why not just finish it? We want those powers.

Word just got out about you and everyone knows your location. Other supernatural creatures are already lining up for the reaping. Yours would be greater than mine! Aside from being an unspeakable violation of our blood, it also makes you powerful, more powerful than any full-blooded creature. Witch powers stored in a vampire vessel for almost two centuries create an energy force like no other.

Better in our hands than theirs. Evil runs in your veins. My eyes found Tony and his words echoed in my mind. Like I was an abomination. The chanting grew louder. One by one, the members of the circle lay their hands on me. A brilliant flash of lightning lit the clearing and I tried not to sob.

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My life was going to end on this cold slab of stone. Everything I was or could be would be lost forever. And not a single person on the planet would care. Without pausing, he slashed his wrist and dripped a crimson river of blood in a strange pattern on my chest.

A chill ran up my spine as the warm liquid dripped slowly down my sides. When he was finished, Tony held the dagger up to the sky. Anoint this coven! Let it be done! As each one took a sip and lowered the rim, their mouths were stained deep red.

My stomach lurched as I smelled the blood. Then Maurice kissed the goblet and lifted it toward the sky, just like Tony was still doing with the dagger. There was an almost painful flash of light, and the next second, the ground around the altar was on fire. I screamed and jerked against the ropes, but much to my surprise, the roaring flames did nothing but gently warm the stone.

Whatever spell the witches were casting, it must be working. I was firmly in its hold. It was over, I realized. This was the end. I closed my eyes and tried to picture better times with Tony. Tried to picture my mother.

Tried to picture how my life could have been. There was no point in wishing now. No point praying for things to come. I could only hope that if this was my time, it would indeed be quick. Then a bolt of electricity shot through my body. My back arched against the rock and I screamed bloody murder. I could feel the burning sensation in the very stitching of my skin.

Ripping through every part of me. Tearing its way out. There was a glint of silver above my eyes and I realized that Tony was standing at my head, the dagger poised above my heart. He then looked at a man with a long sword in his hands. Time seemed to stop as I felt the pressure inside me build. My body was on fire. But there was something else there as well. Was it…remorse? Then all at once, everything changed. His expression tightened in abject fear as I heard screams echo around the clearing.

Bewildered, I lifted my head to see streaks of white hot light ripping through the bodies of the witches that held me. Despite my present predicament, decades of habit kicked in and I looked around in desperation to find the cause of their plight. It was me. Bodies were thrashing violently as the current rushed through them, like fish out of water. As Tony cast the dagger into the grass and raced for the trees, I saw Maurice crumble to the ground. Take it! I stood atop the altar as rain poured down my face.

When I pulled against my bindings, the rope fell away as though it were string. The storm screeched above and another strike of lightning hit me full force. This time, I embraced the energy. Small orbs of light appeared at my fingers, illuminating my pale skin as I faced down my would-be assassins.

Daughters Of Darkness Night World 2 Lj Smith

Then I let go. I just remember the sense of flight. The power. Faster and stronger than anything that might chase me, anything that might hunt me down. The world around me blurred as I flew deeper and deeper into the forest, feet barely skimming the rocks as my newly awakened power propelled me forward into the dark. How many times did I think those words tonight?

How many times did I think my life had come to a crashing end? Chapter 4 Another bullet whizzed over my hair and buried itself in the bark of a tree straight ahead. Since when did Tony have a gun? Since when did Tony decide he wanted to kill me? I forced these questions from my mind and pushed myself faster through the trees.

If they wanted to kill me, they were going to have to catch me first. The vegetation blurred past as my heart pounded away in my chest. Streams of sweat trickled down my scalp and mixed with the lines of tears already making their way down my neck. The rain had lightened up, but now I almost wished for it. Anything to mask the sounds of my departure.

Anything to help shield me from unwelcome eyes. And speaking of… A twig snapped suddenly behind me, and I froze in my tracks. I had no idea how Tony had caught up with me so quickly. How many other powers had he been hiding? My dress clung to my trembling shoulders as I slowly turned around to face him.

A vampire and a werewolf. No one I knew. But they obviously knew me. Without making a sound, a tall woman stepped out of the trees. She had jet-black hair pulled back in a long ponytail and was wearing a black leather jumpsuit that clung to her like a second skin. I barely had time to register her presence before a towering man stepped out behind her, keeping his dark eyes fixed on me.

Just let me go! I struggled to keep up as the ground was once again pulled out from beneath me. In the middle of the woods? When did this become acceptable? The trendy thing to do on a Friday night? Her eyes swept the dark trees and she shifted in her tall boots. You met Tony? Trying to rescue you, is he? Turns out these powers of mine are nothing more than a death sentence. I thought I had bad taste in men.

A strange pressure built up inside my body just like when I was on the altar, twisting and expanding, fueled by my rage.

The werewolf took a step toward me, but the next moment, jumped back in surprise. My hands were glowing. The woman smiled. It came out of nowhere, catching me completely off guard, and yet I found that by the time he got to me, I was completely ready for him. The white light radiating from my fingers turned blood red and crackled with electricity as I lobbed it his way. It hit the ground like a grenade, blasting him backward into a redwood. Numbing my doubts, compelling me forward.

Chapter 5 After another few minutes, that blinding confidence of mine started to wane. My muscles were aching with fatigue, my hands were ripped and bleeding from pushing through miles of brambles, and I was painfully aware that I was still barefoot. I wanted desperately to stop—to seek shelter somewhere, collect my wits, figure out what the hell I was going to do—but a strong instinct pushed me forward.

They were still out there, still searching for me. Professional, trained killers. I kept my head down, travelling as fast and silently as I could. But time was not on my side. They were assassins. I was a nurse. Something was going to have to give. Panic rose in my throat as I heard the distinct sounds of splashing coming up behind me, but just as I was considering throwing caution to the wind and facing them head on, an ivy-covered drainage pipe caught my eye.

Without a second thought, I pushed aside the plants and plunged headfirst through the rusted metal bars into the sewer. A rotten-eggs-and-garbage smell assaulted my nostrils and filthy brown water lapped up the sides of my legs.

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Holding the side of my dress over my nose, I moved cautiously forward, dodging the drooping algae and cockroaches, pushing cobwebs from my hair.

The walls were faded and nondescript, giving no clue as to where I was going or how to get back out. Try to look on the bright side, I thought to myself as my immortal eyes adjusted to the dim light and I headed up to a junction where the tunnel leveled out. At least the stagnant water was sure to throw the werewolf off my track. No sooner had I thought the words than two voices echoed through the stale air.

We shoulda finished this hours ago.Without making a sound, a tall woman stepped out of the trees. I spend countless hours talking to friends and families. Co-worker gossip. October 3, History. I hopped in the first cab I saw and headed to New York City.

None of it made any sense. This audience helped the subgenre to gain real success in pulp novels; and later, after the Hays-Code ceased, lifted the success from cult to popular.

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