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PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today we have 78,, eBooks for you to download for free. No annoying ads, no download limits, enjoy . PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. Diploma in Automobile Engineering 1 Semester Diploma in Automobile . Pdfdrive:hope Give books away. Download Automobile Engineering Books – We have compiled a list of Best & Standard Reference Books on Automobile Engineering Subject. These books are .

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following books within the range of Automotive Davies, G. () Materials for Automobile Bodies, source books, there is some overlap and repetition of. Text books: ppti.infobile Engg. By R.K. Rajput, ppti.info ppti.infobile Engg. By ppti.infol, Vol.I & II, Umesh Pub. ppti.infobile Mechanics (through problem). Automobile Engineering by kirpal singh pdf free Download From above link u can What are the websites for downloading free pdf books on automobile.

Published on Pages: Automobile Suspension System and Steering Classroom Manual by Don can help you learn about the processes and components of traditional suspension systems. It also includes thorough Engine Testing Theory and Practice by A.

Martyr, M. Plint Sarmad Sandeelo - October 16, 0. Plant Publisher: Elsevier Edition: Third Pages: Tom Denton Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann Edition: First Edition published on Pages: One of the most interesting aspects of Automotive Engineering: Automotive Engineering Books: Lightweight, Functional, and Novel Material Author s: Taylor and Francis Published: Are you interested in engineering mechanics?

Do you have a degree in science and are you contemplating different opportunities in the field? Finite Element Analysis by G.

Lakshmi Narasaiah December 24, Use of torque equation for circular shaft 7. Comparison between solid and hollow shaft with regard to their strength and weight. Power transmitted by shaft 7.

Concept of mean and maximum torque 62 8. Springs 8 hrs 8. Closed coil helical springs subjected to axial load and impact load 8.

Tensile test on bars of Mild steel and Aluminium. Bending tests on a steel bar or a wooden beam. Impact test on metals a Izod test b Charpy test 4. Torsion test on specimens of different metals for determining modulus of rigidity. To determine the stiffness of a helical spring and to plot a graph between load and extension.

Hardness test on different metals. Expose the students to real life problems. Plan assignments so as to promote problem solving abilities and develop continued learning skills. Elements of SOM by D. Gupta; Satya Prakashan, New Delhi.

For this purpose, knowledge about various machining processes, modern machining methods, processing of plastic, tools, jigs and fixtures and processing of plastics is required to be imparted. Hence the subject of workshop technology. Cutting Tools and Cutting Materials 06 hrs 1. Cutting Tools - Various types of single point cutting tools and their uses, Single point cutting tool geometry, tool signature and its effect, Heat produced during cutting and its effect, Cutting speed, feed and depth of cut and their effect 1.

High-speed steel, tungsten carbide, cobalt steel cemented carbides, stellite, ceramics and diamond. Lathe 10 hrs 2.


Drilling 08 hrs 3. Boring 06 hrs 4. Shaping, Planing and Slotting 10 hrs 5. Broaching 06 hrs 6. Jigs and Fixtures 08 hrs 7.

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Cutting Fluids and Lubricants 10 hrs 8. Grinding of single point turning tool. Job 2. Exercise of simple turning and step turning. Job 3.

A composite job involving, turning, taper turning, external thread cutting and knurling. Advance Fitting Shop Job 1. Exercise on drilling, reaming, counter boring, counter sinking and taping Job 2. Dove tail fitting in mild steel Job 3. Radius fitting in mild steel Job 4. Pipe threading with die Machine Shop Job 1. Exercise on key way cutting and spline cutting on shaper machine. Teachers should lay emphasis in making students conversant with concepts and principles of manufacturing processes.

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Workshop Technology by B. Raghuwanshi; Dhanpat Rai and Sons; Delhi 2. Manufacturing Technology by M. Adithan and A.

The subject focuses at imparting knowledge and skills regarding chassis and body viz. Chassis and Body 08 hrs Classification of vehicles, types of chassis, layout of conventional type of chassis, function and arrangement of major assemblies.

Alternating arrangement used such as engine position, drive types, their merits and demerits. Clutch 10 hrs Necessity, function and requirements of clutch, types of clutch - single plate clutch, multi plate clutch, hydraulic power assisted and wet and dry plate clutch, clutch plate and lining material Constructional details and working of centrifugal, semi centrifugal clutch, diaphragm clutch and fluid coupling.

1st Edition

Transmission 10 hrs Necessity, function and types of manual transmission- Sliding, constant mesh and synchromesh. Over drive, over running clutch, description and operation of transfer gear box. Common faults and remedies - Types of automatic transmission and their main components - Epicyclic gear box — construction, working and determination of speed ratio Torque converter — construction, principle of working.

Continuously variable transmission, Automated Manual Transmission 4. Final Drive 08 hrs Propeller shaft — function, construction details. Universal joints - functions and types.

Types of final drive — hotchkiss drive, torque tube drive. Differential — principle, functions and its working. Rear axles — semi floating, , three quarter floating. Common faults and remedies 5. Front Axle 04 hrs Types — Stub double drop, fully dropped, load distribution, effect of braking on axle shape, steering head, Elliot and reverse elliot, steering knuckle.

Working and constructional details of steering gear, steering linkages, sector arm, center arm, drag link and tie rod steering stops. Front wheel geometry-castor, camber, steering axis inclination, toe in and toe out. Cornering force, cornering power and self-righting torque. Over steering and under steering.

Study and sketches of Heavy and Light vehicle chassis. Identify and servicing of single plate and multi plate clutch. Study and sketch of centrifugal clutch.

Servicing and overhauling of constant mesh and synchromesh gear box 5. Servicing of universal joints, slip joint and propeller shaft 6. Servicing of differential, adjustment of crown and pinion backlash. Checking and adjustment of steering geometry, camber, caster, Toe-in, Toe-out, kingpin inclination. Demonstration should be made in the automobile shop to explain various aspects of chassis, body and transmission.

Automobile Engineering, Vol. I- II by Dr. Aulakh, Eagle Prakashan, Jalandhar.

Gupta, Satya Prakashan, New Delhi. Besides this, he is also expected to have a certain degree of drafting skills depending upon his job functions to perform his day-to-day activities e. The teachers are recommended to lay emphasis on showing automobile components to students.. Limits and Fits 01 sheet Limit, tolerance, deviation, allowance, its: clearance, interference, transition fit, Hole and shaft basis system. Assembly Drawings of the following automotive components: 1.

Joints and Bearings 04 sheets - Universal joint, - Slip joint - Bush bearing - Plummer block or pedestal bearing - Ball bearing - Roller bearing- Straight and Needle type 2. Chassis components 05 sheets - Leaf Spring suspension - Shock absorber - Wheel cylinder - Master Cylinder - Brake drum assembly - Singe plate clutch 4.

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Cam Profile 3 sheets - Different types of cams and followers - Drawing of cam profile for following motion of follower a Uniform velocity motion b Simple harmonic motion SHM c Uniformly accelerated and retarded motion.

Emphasis should be laid on cleanliness and quality of drawings. Automobile Engg. Automobile Engineerig- Vol.Braking System Working and constructional details of steering gear, steering linkages, sector arm, center arm, drag link and tie rod steering stops.

It controls the production of quality control in industrial engineering and in automotive agencies that can provide you with workshop advice. Testing of fuel injector diesel on test rig. Rear axles — semi floating, , three quarter floating. Learning from Indian experiences in entrepreneurship Interaction with successful entrepreneurs 9.

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