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er – to – W eight Ratio for Propulsion. Arc Reactor Technology: 3 GigaJoules/ second ppti.info?PatentNo=GB&DocType=A&JournalNumber= Arc Reactor: After seeing Iron Man in the theater I knew I had to recreate Tony The first step was to draw up blueprints of the proposed Arc. The blueprints. Iron Man -Stark Industries - Arc Reactor Blueprint by stntoulouse Reator Arc, Iron Man .. stuff and inexpensive costume prop at home, download free PDF here.

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Iron Man Suit, Iron Man Armor, Iron Man Drawing, Arc Reactor, Marvel Iron Man -Stark Industries - Arc Reactor Blueprint by stntoulouse Reator Arc, Iron Man . All Art Craft Food Games Green Home Kids Life Music Offbeat Outdoors Pets Photo Ride Science Tech. Make an Iron Man Arc Reactor by Honus on November 6. Digital download (1 PDF). This is a one day holiday sale for my Iron Man Arc Reactor Mark 1 digital blueprint. Measurements were sourced from screen shots, .

I spent weeks going over screen caps from the movie, using various angles to determine the dimensions of each part.

I also used several images of the actual Arc that had been displayed at Comic-Con. All my blueprints were created in Illustrator.

After I had the blueprints completed I began creating the individual parts that would make up the Arc. For this project, I primarily be laser-engraved and cut most of the parts out of varying thickness of plexiglass. In addition, I cast the central ring in clear urethane with a "Coke-bottle" green tint added. One of the hardest parts to recreate was the cage for the Arc.

The only reference I had at the time were reflections of the back seen on the display case. The cage ended up being built from 29 laser-cut plexi-glass pieces. The cage was also very important, because it would hold all of the LED lighting. At this point, all the major sub-assemblies were complete and I began fitting them together.

The first real indication of what the finished Arc would look like. Next up was the creation of a light system for the Arc. I chose an LED under-counter light that would fit the cage.

I separated the LED lights from the power supply. The LED's would go in the cage, while the power supply would go in the display base. All that was left to do was final paint and assembly. I used various metallic paints and weathering techniques to give the Arc the proper "used" look. The last thing I had to do was create the display case. I used laser-cut.

Although it took quite an effort, I think the results were very worthwhile. Thanks for Looking. Its amazing, Could you share the blueprints with me via email? Hey, really nice job!

Arc Reactor Blueprints Pdf

It looks really cool! Could you share the blueprints with me via email? My email is cacotururu gmail. Hi that's really cool, I've been a fan of Iron man and would love to build my own arc reactor, would it be possible for you to send the files to me via email?

Arc Reactor

My email is andytangtsk gmail. Hello Really awesome work Is it possible you can send me blueprint drawings with all measurements please.


I plan on drawing them up and laser cutting these parts and make one of my own. I propose that Howard Stark found a way using comic-book physics to utilize the beta decay of Pd ions as an electronsource for the electron capture of Pd, thereby producing an electric circuit between two different radioactive isotopes.

Advertisement Pd is very radioactive 17 day half-life compared to Pd 6.

The palladium core of the device would most likely be Pd, which emits high-energy electrons as it decays into silver. This is a pretty stable isotope that we would expect to be present in the normal non-separated palladium that Tony might salvage from a conventional weapon. The ionization acts to delay the electron capture step until the atom encounters a free electron, and the high kinetic energy due to velocity increases the chances of electron capture occurring once an electron is encountered.

In effect, the radioactive decay of Pd can be started, stopped, and throttled by the device simply by controlling the ionization and circulation of the Pd The device's geometry and electromagnetic fields route the high-energy electrons from the Pd core towards the outer ring. There the electrons are captured by high-energy Pd ions.

This electron capture process emits gamma rays, which are deflected inward to catalyze the beta decay of the Pd core. We have some good evidence for this gamma ray emission, because the suit's chestpiece unibeam weapon is clearly an emission of a large number of high-energy photons directly from the arc reactor.

Normally, the gamma rays are directed inward to catalyze the device's operation, but they can be directed outward in a concentrated energy beam weapon: Advertisement Sandman vs Iron-Man So to summarize: Electrons project outward from the inner core, and gamma rays project inward from the outer ring. The ejection of electrons from the core towards the rim of the device produces an electrical cell capable of generating enormous voltage and current.

Advertisement Here's the full proposed reactor start-up process: Using external power, Pd is ionized by an electric arc, and accelerated to high velocity in the outer ring. There may also be some externally-powered gamma ray production to jump-start the inner core.

Pd in the inner core starts to emit high-energy electrons as it decays to Ag The electrons escape the core and are directed by magnetic fields into the outer ring. Lack of electrons creates a net positive charge in the core, which slows further emission preventing run-away decay until the electrons can be externally replenished.

This causes instantaneous electron capture and gamma ray emission. The gamma rays are deflected inward towards the core, thus catalyzing further electron emission and producing a self-sustaining reaction.

Note that the reaction is self-sustaining, but very slow while the reactor is idle. The electron flow from the inner core to the outer core creates an electric potential difference. When a circuit is created through the suit's electrical loads, the outer ring has an excess of electrons and the inner core has a shortage of electrons.

This creates current. The electrical current through an external load relieves the electrostatic charge accumulations that initially slowed the reactions. So the less power the suit draws, the slower the reactor produces radioactive decay, and the more power the suit draws, the faster the reactions are catalyzed. That way, the power output automatically throttles according to demand.

The palladium slowly converts to Rh and Ag, and the reactor runs out of power when the palladium is fully consumed. Advertisement Advertisement Top view of my concept vs the Stark Industries blueprint, with cut-away side view below. I can't speak for the next-gen "new element" arc reactor, but presumably it replaces the palladium isotopes with a hypothetical element that also undergoes gamma-ray-mediated beta decay, but in a less-toxic and higher-output fashion.

First, the reactor's glow: Advertisement Via It could be caused by the ionization arc, but I think Cherenkov radiation is a much better explanation.

This is a special type of light emission that occurs when an energetic particle such as electron enters a medium like water or air at a speed faster than the speed of light in that medium. The high-energy electron flux within the arc reactor would be a natural fit to generate this effect. This is a picture of an actual nuclear reactor producing Cherenkov radiation: Advertisement Notice the similarities?

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Unlike electrical arcs, the light from Cherenkov radiation is quiet, cool-blue, and fricken' awesome.There the electrons are captured by high-energy Pd ions. What units are these measurements supposed to be? Excess internal silver is known to stain skin blue: Advertisement via How Stuff Works Rhodium compounds also stain skin, and are highly toxic.

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