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Description: Is it possible to do God's work today in the same way as it was done by Jesus and the apostles? The answer is YES. In this book Zac Poonen writes. About us. A Short History · What We Believe · Our Vision · Our Financial Policy · Contribute Online · About Zac Poonen · Locate Us. Free download of A Good Foundation by Zac Poonen. Available in PDF, ePub and Kindle. Read, write reviews and more.

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I have done some plain speaking in this book which may shock the prudes! There are some strong SEX, LOVE & MARRIAGE. It is my prayer that this book will be a blessing to many in helping them to find God's perfect will in sex, love and marriage. Zac Poonen. CHAPTER ONE. Permission is however given for any part of this book to be downloaded and printed provided it is for FREE distribution, provided NO ALTERATIONS are made.

Our fellowship one with another will then be deep and genuine, not sentimental and frothy. Likewise, no two human beings anywhere in the world are completely alike.

God has created infinite variety in the universe. This is what makes creation so wonderful and beautiful. How unimaginably boring life would have been if there had been no variety in the universe. Likewise, how uninteresting and prosaic life would have been if all human beings were exactly alike in temperament and personality.

At the same time, there is an organic unity among the various members. All the members are equally important and necessary, although their functions in the Body may be completely different. No member is more important than another.

No one's ministry should exclude another's. When the Body operates with each member fulfilling his own special function, then alone will there be a powerful corporate presentation of Christ to the world.

In Old Testament times, God often worked through individual prophets who were His representatives and mouthpieces. But not so now. Today, God works through the Body of Christ. God and Christ are to be represented to the world through the corporate working together of believers harmoniously in one Body.

And for this purpose, no one believer is more important than another. Each member's gifts are necessary for the upbuilding of the Body and for its ministry to the world. A failure to recognize this as God's way can cause feelings of inferiority and superiority in the church.

Paul speaks about these in 1 Corinthians Feeling inferior Paul speaks first to those who, feeling inferior, assume that their gift is not as necessary to the building up of the Body as another's. Would that make it any less a part of the body? Suppose the whole body were an eye - then how would you hear? Or if your whole body were just one big ear, how could you smell anything? But that isn't the way God has made us.

He has made many parts for our bodies and has put each part just where He wants it. What a strange thing a body would be if it had only one part! So He has made many parts, but still there is only one body" 1 Cor. It is always harmful to compare ourselves with others in the Body of Christ - either favourably or unfavourably. Such comparisons can lead to pride - or discouragement and jealousy.

When the foot begins to compare itself with the hand, it may say, "Well, I don't have as prominent a part in the body as the hand.

I am usually covered over with socks and shoes, at the lowest end of the body, and hardly anyone ever notices my existence. The hand, however, is noticed by others every day. It is always busy doing something, whereas I am inactive most of the time. Such a spirit leads many a believer to bury his talent and do nothing what ever for the strengthening and good of the Body of Christ. The church of Jesus Christ suffers today because of multitudes of believers who wish they had some spectacular gift.

Not having such a gift, they decide to do nothing. Having a grudge against God for not giving you the gift that you see someone else has, is only a short step away from jealousy; and jealousy kills fellowship.

As the Bible says, "Wherever there is jealousy or selfish ambition, there will be disorder and every other kind of evil" James. If only we could see the Body of Christ, there would be absolutely no room for jealousy. In the human body, the foot has no problem being just a foot. It never desires to be anything other than a foot and it never dreams of becoming a hand. It is quite content to be a foot. It knows that God has made no mistake in making it a foot. It rejoices in being a foot; it rejoices equally in seeing what the hand can accomplish, even though it realizes that it can never accomplish anything similar.

So will it be with all who have seen the Body of Christ. When you are envious of another, when you cannot rejoice wholeheartedly at seeing another member being greatly used of God, it is obvious that you have not understood this truth at all.

Any member who lives in close communion with the Head will rejoice and be glad when another member of the Body is honoured 1 Cor.

There is no room for competition either, between one member and another in the Body of Christ. Co-operation, not competition, is the law of the Body. When you see another fulfilling some ministry ably, and you plan to show others that you can do just as good a job if not better , then Self is obviously still in the centre of your life. If you were living in submission to the Head, you would never be competing with anyone in the Body.

You would instead concentrate on doing your own specific job - and doing it well. If we believe in the perfect wisdom of God, we shall recognize that God knows best what gift to give each of us. There will then be no complaining, no discouragement and no jealous longing after another's gift.

There is no need for anyone in the Body of Christ to feel inferior. All members of the Body may not be equal in terms of ability or talent, but all are equal in terms of usefulness to God in their own appointed place. We are called to be ourselves - radiating God's glory through the particular temperament, gift and talents that God has given us.

There is much limitation in the church today, because believers do not bring into it their own special 9 contribution. Vainly trying to imitate somebody else, they quench their own special gift, and as a result contribute nothing to the ministry of the Body. There are some conceited snobs in the church who feel they are more important than their fellow-believers.

They consider their ministry to be more necessary to the Body than that of others. Of course they never express their feelings lest they be considered proud, but their actions and attitudes give them away.

Such spiritual pride not only ruins them spiritually, but also rings the death-knell of true fellowship. The eye is a very important part of the human body and has a significant function to perform. But if to continue the analogy it despises the hand saying, "I don't need you", then it has misunderstood its function in the body altogether. So with anyone who considers his ministry more important than another's.

Our hearts are so deceptive that we can easily fool ourselves into thinking that we are called to be spiritual leaders and prophets among God's people. Those who fall into this trap then covet to be elders in churches and leaders in Christian organizations. They feel superior to others and are like a cancer in the Body of Christ. No one is indispensable in God's work. When Elijah complained to God that he was the only one prophet standing true to God in the land of Israel, the Lord told him to go and anoint Elisha to replace him as prophet 1 Kings Perhaps this was to teach Elijah that God would never be without men whom He could use.

Even the great Elijah was not irreplaceable. No one is indispensable in Christ's Body. On the other hand, no one is dispensable either. The Bible says that all the members are necessary.

But we have first to recognize that we are dispensable, before we can become truly indispensable. We are most needed in the Body of Christ when we have realised our nothingness. Whenever someone feels that God's work in a certain place will not carry on without him, the truth usually is that the work would be far better off without him! God's work is dependent on the corporate ministry of the Body of Christ - not on any one individual.

In fact, the individual who tries to do everything himself is a positive hindrance to the work of God - for he leaves no room for others to function. The eye is an important organ, but if the whole body were just one big eye such a body would be quite useless. Thus, when a church or Christian organization centres around the ministry of one man however gifted he may be , it ceases to be an expression of the Body of Christ.

Such a group actually becomes a hindrance to the work of God.

However impressive the statistics may be, churches that centre around one gifted leader or pastor, do not fulfill their God-ordained function. True Christian fellowship is impossible in such a situation. When one cell in the body grows into a size far beyond what God intended for it, it can only do so by crushing the life out of other cells in the process.

This is cancer and, untreated it always kills the body. This, alas, is the situation in many Christian organizations and churches. The believers therein are not able to grow spiritually because of the overpowering personality of one man in their midst. They are like small mushrooms growing under the shade of a mighty oak tree, that seldom see the sunlight themselves. Let those who have an outstanding spiritual gift take note: You are more likely to hinder the growth of other believers than those with mediocre gifts.

You are more likely to kill true fellowship than other less-talented brethren. Besides, you are in danger of making members of Christ's Body more dependent on yourself than on Christ the Head. If we do not allow others to fulfil their ministry, we violate one of the fundamental laws of the Body.

The Bible exhorts everyone of us to regard others as more important than ourselves Phil. We may not be able, in all honesty, to consider everyone as more spiritual than ourselves, and the Bible does not urge false humility.

What we are asked to do is to consider others as more important. Surely we can all do this - if we see our place and the place of others in the same body. This does not mean that all the gifts of the Spirit are of equal value to the upbuilding of the Body.

Sex, Love & Marriage - A Christian Perspective

The Bible itself tells us that some gifts are of greater value than others 1 Cor. All believers have a definite contribution to make to the ministry of the Body, but those who have been given a more useful gift by God in His sovereignty will naturally be able to make a more significant contribution. The fact that some have a more outstanding gift is not inconsistent with the fact of the equality of all believers - for equality does not mean uniformity.

This is how we are called to live too. Jesus lived as a man needing the fellowship of other men. He turned to Peter, James and John in the garden of Gethsemane and said, "My soul is deeply grieved, to the point of death; remain here and keep watch with Me" Matt. He, the Son of God, needed the prayer-fellowship of His imperfect disciples.

Yet how many of us are so self-sufficient! We ignore weaker members of the Body thinking that we do not need them. We only betray our spiritual poverty and blindness by such an attitude. For remember, the Bible says, "Some of the parts of the body that seem weakest and least important are really the most necessary" 1 Cor.

The internal organs of our physical body, like the heart and the liver, are never seen by anyone; yet they have vital functions to perform. So too in the Body of Christ. Some who do not have any public ministry, and who are unknown, are really most necessary. The Bible says that even the Head Christ does not say to the feet the least and lowest members in the body , "I don't need you" 1 Cor.

How much less can we do without even the weakest and least-gifted of our fellowbelievers. They have something to minister to us of Christ. So we should listen to them. If we ignore or despise them, we shall in that measure, deprive ourselves of the fullness of Christ.

Fellowship is always a two-way matter. There is giving and receiving. Those of us who have ability in the ministry of the Word often feel that others should always listen to us, because we feel we have something to give them.

Even in conversation, many of us tend to dominate the scene, so that our brother hardly gets a chance to say a word. When he does get a chance to say something, we impatiently wait for him to finish, so that we can start preaching to him again. How self-important we are. The Bible says, "Let everyone preachers included be quick to hear and slow to speak" James. We need to educate ourselves in the art of listening to others.

After all, God has given us two ears and only one mouth! And as someone has said, "God has given us ears that are always open and a mouth that shuts"! So, our prayer should be: "Lord, fill my mouth with worthwhile stuff, And nudge me when I've said enough.

We need each other's help. No member of the Body is self-sufficient. No room for pride When we see the Body of Christ, we cannot but recognize the equality of all believers - irrespective of race, education, intelligence or social background. All are equal and all are equally needed. None being more necessary than the other, and all having something to contribute, no one need feel inferior, no one can feel superior; and pride, comparison and jealousy are ruled out altogether.

There will be no room even for that inverted form of pride which assumes the guise of humility that some Christian workers have who glory in the fact that despite their being so spiritual?

How blind such people are to the Body! How many a problem is solved when we have spiritual revelation on the Body of Christ! Unity in variety There is a God-ordained variety in the Body of Christ. God uses our different temperaments and gifts to present a balanced picture of Christ to the world.

By ourselves, each of us can at best present only a distorted and unbalanced image of Christ. Any single person's ministry, by itself, can only produce unbalanced Christians.

How thankful we have to be that there are others in the Body with different emphases and temperaments. For example, if two brethren are ministering the Word to the same group of believers, and one's emphasis is, "Don't be too sure that you are filled with the Holy Spirit, for you may be deceiving yourself", and the other brother's emphasis is, "Be sure you are filled with the Holy Spirit", on the surface they may appear to be contradicting each other.

But both emphases are needed - so their ministries could be mutually complementary.

In the Body of Christ, we can have the followers of Calvinistic and Arminian theology working together, each bringing their distinctive emphases - for both viewpoints are in the Bible. As Charles Simeon once said in this connection, "The truth is not in one extreme nor in the other.

Much less is it in the middle. Read on The answer is YES. In this book Zac Poonen writes how he and his coworkers have proved that. O My Sons. What I wrote in this book was instruction to my children from the Word of God to lead them to be devoted to the Lord Jesus.


Through The Bible. This commentary on all 66 books of the Bible indicates that every single book of the Bible has a message for us today. Encouragement For Mothers. God is our heavenly Father who is interested in helping us to be a better parent and a better wife. Read and be encouraged by the truths that helped Annie Poonen in building a Godly home. God Speaks Through Animals. Animals often speak to us through their behaviour and actions and thus point us to our common Creator.

Like God used the donkey to help Balaam see a heavenly reality, we too can learn A Girl's Viewpoint. This is the story of a young girl's experiences A Good Foundation. A Guide to lay a good and strong foundation before you start your life journey, foundation which will not be shaken in storms and rain. A Heavenly Home. Guide to the young married couples. A Spiritual Leader. Beauty For Ashes. Christ offers us the beauty of His own life to replace the ashes of our self-centered life.

Read about how you can enjoy that privilege! Fifty Marks Of Pharisees.


God gives us his word to see more clearly the Pharaseeism within ourselves, not in others, be cleansed from it and become a useful vessel for His work. Finding God's Will. How to find the will of God in various matters. Gaining God's Approval.

A Good Foundation

One day it will become evident that the honour and material gain were only a means by which God tested our hearts to see if we love Him above all else and we will see that the wisest people on earth are those who have sought with all their hearts to walk as Jesus walked. The greatest honour anyone can have is a place in the Bride of Christ as one who has been tested and approved by GOD Himself.

God Centred Praying. God Made Mothers. A book for mothers Know Your Enemy. Young people, do you know you are the target of Satan's attacks? He seeks to pollute you with impurity, selfish ambition, pride, hypocrisy.

But remember Satan was defeated on Calvary by our Lord Jesus. Responsible For Others A spiritual leader will keep watch over the souls in his flock, since he has to give an account to God one day for each of them Heb. Ministering From Life A spiritual leader ministers to others from his life and not from his intellect.

Under the old covenant, God used men even when their private lives were immoral.

Samson could deliver the Israelites even when he was living in sin. The Spirit of God didn Therefore it will come through the final fire of testing as gold, silver and precious stones 1Cor. In 2 Corinthians ,6, Paul says th In our generation we have seen man achieve some things that our forefathers considered impossible. The pace at which science is progressing is perpetually accelerating.

It has been estimated that the enti Greater and more wonderful than the stars in the universe is the wonder of man himself. Look at our bodies first of all and see how wonderfully God has created them. Doctors tell us that the human brain has 30 billio Amazing Facts About True Revolution There is a spirit of dissatisfaction in the world today - particularly among young people. There is a desire to overthrow the existing order and to seek for something better. Revolution is a popular word in our day.

Revolution means change. We live in a d Have you ever thought about that? Is it food or shelter or employment? There is no doubt that we need all these. Without them we could not exist. We need food for our bodies, we need clothing to wear, we need shelter and we But there is a law connected with these that we would all do well to know in advance.

We could call it the law of diminishing returns. Take for Our life is a countdown to death. Day by day the count goes down to the day when we shall finally end up in the grave. And at death, like the space rocket, we take off. What is death? It is a separation of our soul an They are also the two central facts on which the Christian faith is founded. There are at least four clear truths that we can learn from The Most Amazing Fact We are all like people travelling in a desert, dying of thirst.

If someone finds water somewhere, he will certainly want to inform others about it. He cannot compel them to drink. But he can point out the oasis to them. That's what we're doing too - point The corruption of the self-life We can never enjoy deliverance from our self-life before we see something of its total corruption. Let us look at the elder son in the parable in Luke 15 , for he illustrates, perhaps better than anyone else in the Bible, the utter rottenness of the self The pathway to the Christ-life I : Being broken Being Broken One of the verses which clearly describes the pathway that leads us out of our self-life into the full beauty of the Christ-life, is Galatians "I am crucified with Christ; nevertheless I live.

But it is no longer I that live but Chr The pathway to the Christ-life II : Being emptied Being Emptied The way of the cross involves not only being broken but also being emptied. He had allowed himself to be emptied of the "I", so that Christ might live and rule in him. Even Jesus emptied Himself when He ca The beauty of the Christ-life The beauty of the Christ-life Christ came to give us "beauty for ashes" - the beauty of His own Divine life for the ashes of our self-life.

We have seen some of the characteristics of the self-life. And we have also seen that the way of the cross - t The pathway to the Christ-life I : Being broken One of the verses which clearly describes the pathway that leads us out of our self-life into the full beauty of the Christ-life, is Galatians "I am crucified with Christ; nevertheless I live.

But it is no longer I that live but Christ Who lives in The pathway to the Christ-life II : Being emptied The way of the cross involves not only being broken but also being emptied.But remember Satan was defeated on Calvary by our Lord Jesus.

When we violate God's law of love, we hinder the working of the Body of Christ. It is God's intention that every Christian fellowship, whether it be a church, organization or body of workers, be a visible expression to the world of the Body of Christ.

Can you imagine a baby having a name that means, "At his death the flood will come"? In our generation we have seen man achieve some things that our forefathers considered impossible. But the believing heart is a restful one. He has said in this is affected by its spirit.

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