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Thursday, September 12, 2019

The Wheel of Time®, Robert Jordan's internationally bestselling fantasy series, has captured the imaginations of millions of readers worldwide. This ebook. The Wheel of Time is a series of high fantasy novels written by American author James Oliver Rigney, Jr. under his pen name of Robert Jordan. by Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson. The Wheel of Time®, Robert Jordan's internationally bestselling fantasy series, has captured the imaginations of millions of readers worldwide. This ebook contains the full text of the fourteen books of The Wheel of Time, plus the prequel novel.

Wheel Of Time Series Ebook

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Wheel of Time has 77 entries in the series. Jordan Author Brandon Sanderson Author (). cover image of The World of Robert Jordan's the Wheel of Time. ebook, pages How many books in the series does the omnibus cover? As many of you WoT fans out there know, the first book in the series entitled. ppti.info has assembled Leigh Butler's Wheel of Time Re-read into Each volume is available for $ at your preferred online ebook . Really, Leigh, I am not even a hardcore WOT fan, I haven't even finished the series yet.

Robert Jordan's comprehensive notes included more than 4 million words of unpublished description of the world, of character traits, of nations and histories, everything. And that meticulous care is shown in every book. Events in the first book foreshadow events as late as the 13th book, written years after the author had passed away.

And by foresight I mean not just in hinting at what's going to happen several books before it does, but also in anticipating what a modern reader would think up and then implementing that. I remember thinking about events and possibilities as they opened up, and imagining like a silly fantasy nerd kid how I would do this or use it in that way--and then, two or three books later, feeling both excited that he thought of the same thing I did, and crestfallen because there didn't seem to be an obvious way to improve upon it.

It's presented as a natural force, which some can "channel," and with rules as straightforward but as complex as normal physics. The fabric of the universe itself, called the Pattern, and the way that our lives threads of the pattern weave through it like some giant cosmic quilt, creates a really nifty--but also deep--concept. Which is, like other things in the series, revealed gradually and maintained consistently throughout the series. Sometimes dry, sometimes overt, but usually there's just a sprinking of subtle comedy mixed in that make it readable.

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He's superb at summing a character up in one or two sentences, from another character's perspective, that makes you just stop and chuckle a bit. After Book 12, Brandon brings his inconsistencies back in line, and the last two books are almost like one gigantic extended climax. There is also some explanation of the high technology of this time, such as sho-wings and jo-cars , and musings on forms of the One Power not available to later generations, such as advanced Healing and Traveling.

The One Power experiments that led to the creation of the Bore and the subsequent Collapse of civilization are detailed, followed by a summary of the War of the Shadow , complete with biographies of the thirteen Forsaken and information on the various kinds of Shadowspawn and Friends of the Dark. The section concludes with a summary of the Breaking of the World. The World Since the Breaking This is mainly a historical section chronicling the passage of time since the Breaking of the World.

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The founding of Tar Valon and the White Tower is described, followed by the creation of the Compact of the Ten Nations and their subsequent destruction in and after the Trolloc Wars. A detailed account is then given of the War of the Second Dragon that led to the rise to power of Artur Hawkwing , how he ruled, and the politics that led to his breach with Tar Valon and the subsequent siege of the city.

The section ends with a brief recounting of modern history, such as the fall of Malkier , the Whitecloak War , the Aiel War , and the appearance of the false Dragon Logain Ablar. Sweet are here reprinted with no text or cover ornamentation. Later printings of the book also include the cover of The Path of Daggers.

The World of the Wheel This section contains a geographic description of the world, featuring an overview of the whole planet followed by information on Seanchan, Shara, the Aiel Waste , the Land of the Madmen, the Sea Folk , the Ogier, and the Ways.

Tel'aran'rhiod , the World of Dreams, is also summarized, along with the wolfbrother abilities linked to it. Within the Land This section contains political information on all fourteen of the current nations of the Westlands , along with Tar Valon and Mayene. Military information on the Children of the Light and the armies of the various nations is also given. The section concludes with information on the Westlands' calendars and on the Prophecies of the Dragon , and with a detailed index to the book.

Controversies Canon The guidebook is considered broadly canonical and Robert Jordan provided substantial amounts of never-before-seen information for it.

A lot of people are asking what it feels like to be done. We managed to get it into the final book virtually unchanged, with only a few minor tweaks here and there. The sequence it is more than one scene that I am referring to most of the time when I talk about this encompasses the entire epilogue of A Memory of Light.

The Complete Wheel of Time

So that was one ending, for me. Another came in January of last year, when I finished the rough draft of this book.

From there, I transitioned from writing a new Wheel of Time book to doing revisions—and for the last time ever. Another ending came for me when I handed the book over to Maria from Team Jordan to handle all of the final tweaks from the proofreads and copyedits.

That happened late last summer , and with some regret, I stepped away from the Wheel of Time. Like a parent though a step-parent in this case waving farewell to a child as they leave the home, I no longer had responsibility for this book in the same way. I was done. That will probably be the final ending, seeing all of you and sharing in your mixed joy and regret at the finale of this series.

Over twenty-three years ago now, I picked up The Eye of the World for the first time, and my life changed. A lot of you have similar stories.

I know how you feel. There is no glossary in this last Wheel of Time book.

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We wanted to leave you with the memory of that scene, as Robert Jordan wrote it, for your final impression of the Wheel of Time. I hope to chat with as many of you as possible in the upcoming months.Still, it was a great story.

Ford, and Todd Canty. Jordan co-authored the book with Teresa Patterson. How many readers gave because they just got too tired of the main characters continuously battered by bad guys and fate?

Sixth of the Dusk. However the further I went the slower that resolution seemed to become. Yes, Mat is awesome. He's whiny before his wife gets kidnapped, but every character in this series is whiny at some point or another.

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