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WARRIORS. INTO THE WILD Shocked yowls rose from the Clan cats and echoed through Graypaw's meow broke into Firepaw's dream. For generations, four Clans of wild cats have shared the forest according to the laws laid down Noble warriors are dying—and some deaths are more mysterious than others. ppti.info As tensions build to an explosive climax, Fireheart faces not only imminent battle, but betrayal from within his own Clan. Thank you very much for reading warrior cats 1 into the wild. Maybe you have knowledge that, people have look hundreds times for their chosen novels like this .

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Into the Wild, we meet Rusty, a house cat who leaves his human have students visit the. Warriors website and read the History of the Clans at warriorcats. Download this ebook at: ppti.info?book= [PDF] Download Warrior Cats (1) Into the Wild [PDF] Download Warrior. Reading Group Guide. Warriors #1: Into the Wild by Erin Hunter. About the Book. Who hasn't suspected that there's more to cats than meets the eye? Rusty starts.

After breaking the warrior code to feed her, he is required to care for her. When Bluestar, Tigerclaw, Ravenpaw, Firepaw and Graypaw go on a journey to the mystical Moonstone, located in a sacred site within an abandoned Twoleg human mine called Highstones by the Clan cats, so Bluestar can commune with StarClan, ShadowClan cats that live in the marshlands and amongst the pines of the forest attacks ThunderClan's camp. The five cats on the journey return in time to turn the tide of the battle, during which ThunderClan's new deputy Lionheart is killed.


A few days later, Spottedleaf is slaughtered and Frostfur the snow-white she-cat's kits are stolen by Brokenstar the dark brown tabby tom and his warriors. Everyone except Firepaw and Graypaw believe that Yellowfang has betrayed the Clan. Firepaw learns from Ravenpaw that Tigerclaw killed Redtail. Searching for the kidnapped kits, Firepaw and Graypaw lead Ravenpaw to a barn where he can be safe and have company, living with a loner named Barley, short black-and-white tom.

Firepaw then leads a rescue party with Yellowfang to rescue the lost kits in ShadowClan territory and emerges victorious. Brokenstar and his followers are banished from the Clan.

Tigerclaw, still trusted by the Clan, suspects Firepaw knows his secret. Because of their heroism on the rescue party, Firepaw and Graypaw are promoted to warriors by Bluestar, who gives them their warrior names, Fireheart and Graystripe. Yellowfang is promoted to medicine cat.

Warriors: Cats of the Clans

Graystripe and Fireheart sit vigil, promising to protect the Clan with their lives. The story is told in a third person point of view following the protagonist Firepaw.

The narration stays with Firepaw until the next series, Warriors: The New Prophecy , in which the point of view alternates between cats since the authors felt that "we'd really told Firestar's story, and so we wanted to get a fresh viewpoint". The style of the book has also been compared to the Redwall series by Brian Jacques.

A reviewer for The Plain Dealer wrote that the book "is patterned in the style of classics by J. Tolkien or Brian Jacques". The book has a lexicon with certain different names for foreign objects.

A Children's Literature review noted the words "kittypet" and "twoleg" which mean housecat and humans respectively. In the book, instead, of using "said", Cary uses the word "mewed". This was criticized with the reviewer writing "that 'he mewed', 'she purred', and 'the warrior mewed', which pass for cat talk, grows old fast".

However, they must also be part of the world they know; Holmes originally gave Tigerclaw the name Hammerclaw until one of the editors pointed out the cats wouldn't know what a hammer is.

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At the same time, more names become available as the cat's world becomes more diverse. Harper Collins originally requested that Holmes write a "fantasy story on feral cats".

Though troubled on what to write about at first, Holmes realized she could add human themes and issues into the book such as "war, politics, revenge, doomed love, religious conflict". The novel was picked to be part of the young adult fantasy genre due to its increasing popularity.

Cherith Baldry feel that the growth of genre is due to the fact that "fantasy is something very deeply rooted in the human mind, not just for children".

Fantasy stories are able to deal with human emotions helping readers to deal with them in the real world. Another Erin Hunter , Kate Cary felt that fantasy books such as Harry Potter "is a sign of a deepening need for fantasy to brighten our lives". She describes how as a child she was far less restricted than today's children whose days are structured and scheduled.

Publishers Weekly noted that themes such as family, friendship and responsibility are also taught in the warrior code, the set of rules that the Clans must follow. Other themes include "death and spirituality and family and relationships". Another theme found throughout the book is the hardship of life in the wild.

Reviews have note how the story does not cover up the hardships of Clan life. School Library Journal commented on how the story describes the hardships and difficulties of a feral cat's life in detail and how there is no sugarcoating of the violence.

Into the Wild received generally positive reviews. Booklist thought the novel "spine-tingling" and noted that "the cat characters are true to their feline nature, making this sure to appeal to fans of Clare Bell 's long-popular Ratha's Creature and its sequels and also to followers of Brian Jacques ' ongoing Redwall series. The review also praised the world of the cats and themes put into the book.

The review also felt that there was too many supporting characters, but "there are standouts who give dimension to the tale". The amount of violence was also noted in the review. Snapping bones, flowing blood, and sudden death abundantly demonstrate how these cats walk on the thin edge of survival".

The review noted how teens would see how hard it is for Firepaw to fit in. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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The Plain Dealer. Retrieved 25 December Retrieved 13 October Into the Wild Warriors Series 1 ". It is always silent here, apart from the echo of the water.

What did you say your name was? And the underfed tom beside you? Adderkit, yes, from WindClan. And named for the snake that.

Yes, I know you too, 1 2 2 Blossomkit! Your white fur is unusual for a ShadowClan cat. You died too young, but trust me, you were saved from even greater horrors.

There is a price to be paid in being a kit forever. Ha, the night is not long enough to tell you everything I know! There are so many cats, many more than you know about. You would be here a moon and more to hear of them all.

Warrior Cats Collection Erin Hunter 12 Books Set The New Prophecy, The Warriors PDF Download

But I shall tell you about the ones I remember most clearly, and the ones I watch still. Oh, yes, I have watched them all, from as far back as any cat in the Clans can remember, and farther. And not only the four Clans that live beside the lake now.History World History.

Want to give something back? Try again. Wands and Worlds. Firepaw forms a strong friendship with Graypaw, and Ravenpaw, who is the apprentice of the ambitious warrior Tigerclaw.

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