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The Walking Dead is a black-and-white comic book series created by writer Robert Kirkman .. The Walking Dead Vol. Call to Arms, , September 14, , TWD #–, February – July The Walking Dead Vol. The Walking Dead is a monthly black-and-white American comic that started in The current artists for the series are Charlie Adlard, Stefano Gaudiano, Cliff IGN ranked Michonne, another protagonist, as the 86th Greatest Comic Book. The following is a list of issues from The Walking Dead with a brief synopsis of each. Contents. [show]. Volume 1: Days Gone Bye. Issue, Cover, Storyline.

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updates you need for Robert Kirkman's seminal THE WALKING DEAD comic books, contains one of the most memorable and shocking deaths of the series. Separated from his family, he must now sort through all the death and confusion to try and find his wife and son. The Walking Dead Book 15 HC Oct 10, I couldn't have predicted The Walking Dead would become the most popular television series in the world, but the first time I picked up a Walking Dead comic, .

Our rock, our mainstay!

He was the backbone of the entire tale! At worst, I assumed Rick would wind up in a hospital bed, taken out of commission for awhile as he healed up and eventually returned, allowing other characters to take the spotlight for a time.

The Walking Dead Series

Something very soap opera like that. But, no.

In the very first pages of the following issue, a remorseful yet frightened murderer apologizes to Rick just before firing more bullets into him, killing our hero as he lay defenseless in bed.

An uneasy alliance is struck between Rick and Co.

Rick ultimately manages to dethrone Milton and peacefully bring together the people of the Commonwealth. Did you always know Rick would die? When I started developing the Commonwealth arc, I knew that we were going to get to this community that had some very distinct flaws, but was the first real solid step toward getting back to civilization, a place that has restaurants and has an infrastructure and a working government, although a corrupted government.

A fixer-upper civilization, if you will, and that Rick would essentially be giving his life to preserve this civilization. What do you think the fan reaction is going to be to this?


I think initially people are going to be angry. I try not to pay attention to anything and just think, what does the story need, what leads to the next big thing?

Once I have a basic outline then I have to sit back and think, how do I structure this for the six-issue trade and the issue hardcover and the issue slipcase and the issue compendium? It gives me a structure that I think is very helpful for the storytelling.

Is there coordination with the show? This isn't the case for the graphic novels.

Bloody Disgusting!

With a hundred and ninety issues so far, Robert Kirkman still manages to write realistic dialogue for his characters, and have them speak like real people do. While the books deal with very heavy, controversial issues and are much more hardcore, the TV series usually prefers to play it safe. In a post-apocalyptic situation, it's believable that people would do whatever they could to survive, no matter how brutal, and the comics accurately demonstrate this. Though the graphic novels' original portrayal of the foul-mouthed, baseball bat-wielding psychopath is unforgettable, casting Jeffrey Dean Morgan was a brilliant decision on the show's part.

As it turned out, he was the perfect fit. Negan doesn't even need to be dropping his signature f-bombs to be a brutal antagonist. Lincoln breathed life into the character in a way no one else could, and his performances never failed to be compelling. However, it was the way the TV show writers portrayed Rick Grimes that became questionable.The leader, Alpha , antagonizes Rick as her daughter, Lydia , forms a sexual relationship with Carl.

Books in this Series

Image Robert Kirkman, in October. A lot of the changes on the show end up being contractual. The fan-oriented event has a scheduled date of October 13, and will coincide with the release of a Walking Dead 1 15th Anniversary Variant Edition, with cover art by current series artist Charlie Adlard.

Good zombies movies show us how messed up we are, they make us question our station in society Image A procession scene from Issue No. Michonne, Rick and Glenn are later held in captivity by The Governor , a leader of a town called Woodbury who plan to take over the prison. When I started, I had mapped the book up to about where I am now, actually.

Volume 5: The Best Defense Issues 25—30 Rick, Michonne and Glenn observe a helicopter crash in the distance and leave the prison to search for it.

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