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This, then, is the real story of Vampire: The Masquerade. My passion for .. sible, and the entire V20 community that tirelessly playtested dur- ing the open. V20 - Anarchs ppti.info, , KB. file, V20 - Beast ppti.info, , KB. file, V20 - Becketts Jyhad ppti.info are unique to V20 Dark Ages; in some ways, they're even different than V20 vampires. They share some traits with mythological, literary, and.

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Vampire: the Masquerade. 20 th. Anniversary Edition Directory. Sects (and other groupings). Sect. Title & Page Number. Autarkis. V20 Anarchs. V20 20TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION. 20TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION. 20TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION. 20TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION. 20TH ANNIVERSARY. The Trove is the biggest open directory of RPG PDFs on the Internet!.

Physically-talented ghouls might feel deeply than any food. Others remain useful and loyal. Of course. Though many vampires are careful with respect to the selection. If they bond. Most domitors. Those ghouls who are rejected might be kept as felt sympathy for the strange-but-quaint person before. Even if she only drinks a are. Other ghouls will often dream about their domitor. This means Bound ghouls can be particularly valuable to their masters.

Though they are few.

Onyx Path Publishing: Many Worlds. One Path.

This technique is not uncommon. Most are not Even though the blood bond forces a supernatural sense ignorant of their dependency on the Blood. One ghoul to be less focused or confused. The artificial feelings a Bound ghoul possesses might however. Blood Bonds can be productive and fulfilling. As a result them to undermine and attack their rivals.

Some may even experience punished for it. Bound ghouls. To avoid losing their grip on does. What that ghoul feels afterward is now is approach Bound ghouls less discriminately tend to use closer to love and devotion than anything else.

After all the other effects a Bound ghoul might reality. These fraudulent feelings can cause the encourage her servant to feed and remain Bound. On the that first drink. Ghouls who were suspicious of their new other hand. This is true regardless far more complicated than the one that exists between two of whether or not the thrall ceases to be a ghoul. The benefit of the blood bond provides the though some regnants claim that a thrall should be near regnant with control after the third feeding.

The amount of blood needed to retain a thrall under a it. That vampire would then visit the thrall must make a successful extended Willpower roll her Bound mortal once a year to maintain the difficulty 8. Though which allows many vampires to manipulate this is not necessarily true. When the Ventrue stops might try committing a small act of defiance such as slipping feeding her.

Many domitors will go to great lengths to ensure the blood It should be noted that this is different from the monthly bond remains intact and stable after it has been secured. During this time. Though a ghoul may receive blood from more than one vampire.

Drinking from a regnant for a vampire and ghoul. Blood Bonds and Mortals the newly-created ghoul has taken his first step towards Due to the nature of the ghoul condition. Blood Bond Systems After a vampire feeds a mortal blood for the first time. The effects of the blood bond remain in place provided Thus.

Not only does the been Embraced. Even if the ghoul is horrified after tasting not unusual to find a Bound ghoul. Part of the reason why the blood bond is so important is and a close proximity to the thrall is not a requirement because no thrall can have more than one regnant at any to ensure the bond holds.

To maintain the blood bond. After the second sip. Like all other thralls. In that case. The Ghoul Condition a Sabbat ghoul who feeds from a pack over the course of After a mortal tastes the Blood for the first time. Bound ghouls who only feed on one master typically find it more challenging to resist the blood bond than those who obtain blood from multiple vampires.

As soon as The first way a blood bond can be broken is if the the former thrall ceases to spend Willpower. Some they were prior to feeding. Final Death. As the Blood takes hold. When it breaks. Breaking the Bond message or communicate clearly. In this situation. A blood bond can be broken. To Regardless of how a blood bond is broken. The difficulty is significant event in any chronicle involving Bound ghouls typically 8. Many abused ghouls. It should be noted that this of the blood bond are strongly urged to collaborate with resistance is specifically related to the vitae that caused their Storyteller before making such an attempt.

As long as the Blood only feeds on his regnant four times. Newly- just reflected in a roll of the dice. If not only develops a thirst for it. They might find that the trivial matters. Even temporary reprieves could trigger three successes. The Blood is addictive and intoxicating. All ghouls.

The most daring ghouls might even try a strength of feat to test themselves. For this. One drink. The Blood affects every ghoul differently. While exploring the effects of the Blood on their physical bodies. They will not know about the Hunger. Unlike the influence of the blood bond. Accursed Blood Though the Blood is powerful.

This gratitude. Regardless of how carefully a domitor explains the nature of the Blood. Despite the fact that feeding upon vampiric blood damns ghouls alongside their masters. The more vampiric blood a ghoul drinks. Independent Ghouls and will crave more of it. The physical condition of a mortal when he drinks the and only a certain vampires versed in their creation are Blood matters only in that he can be healed. As the blood privy to those dark secrets. This is far more close to their master for the simple fact that because they common among Bound revenants than those are so addicted to the Blood that they cannot imagine who are simply addicted to the Blood.

Despite whatever grand claims a master might make. Others might vitae to a pregnant woman. Desperate to satisfy their dependency on the Blood. Though they may be granted a brief become addicted to it just as they would if they respite for one or two days. In short. Of or torturing kidnapped victims. Independent ghouls are not truly free. As exceed the maximum blood their bodies can such. Should the ghoul cease to feed.

This works differently for revenants. Not only have they broken free from the blood bond. Despite being freed, independent ghouls tend to suffer more Some vampires feel that independent ghouls can and than Bound ghouls, and not just because they need vampiric should suffer more abuses than those who live in their blood.

It is not uncommon for independent ghouls to know service, for they do not feel obligated to provide for them. Thus, many independent Sects. Should Sheriff issued a decree due to threatening the Masquerade. Other independent ghouls prefer to roam little knowledge they possess about vampires, and this from city to city in the safety of a group, while a precious can and does hurt them. In addition to possibly suffering few have built up stores of vitae they can draw from in from Clan-related weaknesses, independent ghouls might emergency situations.

After all, though an independent be tricked into being Bound, not realizing the logistics of ghoul only needs to drink it once a month to remain in the blood bond are not governed by subsequent feedings. Most, if not all, independent ghouls are motivated by Ghoul Systems two omnipresent needs: Both mortals and animals are considered ghouls after Typically, there are only a few ways that independent they drink the Blood for the first time.

At that moment, ghouls might achieve their goals. Independent on a regular basis, at a rate of one blood point per month. Others, however, go on the Despite the powerful and alluring nature of the Blood, offensive and hunt vampires, only to feed on them after ghouls and revenants should remember that the vitae they are captured.

While both options are viable, many flowing in their veins is in limited supply. Unlike vampires, buy thaumaturgically-sealed vials of vitae on the black ghouls cannot feed on the blood of mortals to replenish market or from an organization like the Sanguinaries p.

Blood Pools, Though most independent ghouls fear being Bound to which are described on page , cannot not be refilled another vampire, there is a strong possibility that it could as easily as they are depleted. Thus, players should be happen. Thus, the vampiric blood sold on the black market in a given area, whether Disciplines it originates from an enterprising ghoul, a sly vampire, or the occasional con artist, often comes from a questionable In addition to the emotional and psychological impact that source.

For example, the use of Disciplines. As another, the Blood might be cursed via their ghouls from becoming too powerful. At that point, a ghoul. Among ghouls and revenants, this can be quite rare, as vampires generally do not wish to empower their For the Storyteller: In general, the acquisition of Disciplines is more likely if they are being groomed for the Embrace. Or, in other words, the use designed for chronicles featuring these types and knowledge of Disciplines fades if he no longer drinks of characters.

It is assumed that a ghoul- vampiric blood for a long period of time. Former ghouls or revenant-centric chronicle will require who do not taste the Blood for a period of six months Storytellers to make some adjustments in will start to lose the theoretical knowledge of Disciplines favor of the players, as the influence of the they gained.

Thus, you may find some Discipline, per six-month period. For example, if a ghoul has a Gangrel master and has learned the first level in Animalism, if she begins drinking from a Lasombra domitor she will not forget how to use it. As long as the Blood remains in her does not have access to all Disciplines, but will find it easier system, whatever knowledge of Disciplines she gains, she to learn physical Disciplines such as Celerity, as these are will have access to.

Should and acquiring Disciplines. These rules and basic guidelines ghouls or revenants acquire additional Disciplines, they are further outlined beginning on page , and cover the may require further teaching.

In general, however, a ghoul systems required for both ghouls and revenants. If she misses her monthly feeding All ghouls gain one dot in Potence, as this is the one of and is still within her normal lifespan, she resumes aging the few Disciplines they do not require further instruction naturally.

This means that if a ghoul was twenty-five years to use. Though regenerated limbs and organs will not their systems, and their families have access and knowledge suddenly disappear, a ghoul who had cancer may feel that to Disciplines just as a Clan or bloodline might. Despite the fact that ghouls and revenants may both Once a ghoul has outlived her natural lifespan, a missed spend blood points to use Disciplines, they are prevented feeding can have severe consequences. Simply, this is to years, her body will begin aging at ten times due to the fact that they often do not have the prerequisite the rate it normally does.

Thus a ghoul, whose body was blood points needed to use them. If the roll skin wrinkles, bones ache. When he resumes feeding, his fails or is botched, the ghoul may never re-grow the limb. Ghouls who have survived years or them. For each century of age, the difficulty of the roll decreases more depend upon vitae to survive. A single missed feeding by one. Thus, a three-hundred-year-old ghoul who has lost a of the Blood is fatal, and their bodies will turn to dust.

Any additional blood they drink from a vampire will cease their aging process, just Frenzy as it would a ghoul. Missed feedings, however, will have Ghouls and revenants have a Beast, just like vampires do.

Elder revenants and ghouls gain additional blood points For example, some ghouls might wrestle with their Beast in their systems, reflecting the physiological changes vitae after being ordered to dismember a corpse, while others has taken on their bodies. For each century of life, elder might be enraged if their master is attacked.

Elder ghouls, who are not revenants, gain one extra blood point Though there are endless possibilities for a ghoul to frenzy, for every two centuries they have been a ghoul.

Brujah ghouls, for example, feed on the Blood do not gain additional blood points. Ghouls and revenants may heal by spending blood points from their Blood Pool, just as vampires do.

Provided they Despite the fact that ghouls and revenants may have enough blood points, they can make an attempt to encounter more opportunities to frenzy, the difficulty to heal from their injuries, even if they are severe. To do so, the player must make a physical ailments. Self-Control or Instinct roll. The number of successes required to stave off frenzy is also up to the Storyteller, Ghouls and revenants, despite the vitae that flows in as the circumstances in each scene will vary widely.

Each their veins, are technically mortal. However, the Blood does success grants the character a reprieve from frenzy for one impact their physiology, and this is reflected in the damage turn, up to a maximum of five successes. Ghouls may as well, after their third sip Clan Weaknesses of the Blood.

Aggravated damage, however, affects both In addition to its addictive properties, the Blood carries Clan- of them as if they were mortal.

These weaknesses are tied saturated and altered their physiology for many years. When to their genetics. However, revenants may also gain a involved in combat, elder ghouls and older revenants may Clan-associated weakness, and are at risk of suffering soak bashing damage as a vampire might with Stamina this additional curse if they are Bound.

After the soak roll, any bashing damage Clan weakness to manifest, the revenant must drink from applied is halved round down. Should this extend to twelve months, player will need to make a regeneration attempt.

The the Clan weakness does not become permanent, as all player must spend a Willpower point, and the appropriate revenants already suffer from their own family weakness. Then, the revenant primarily drinks from that single Clan. In order for the Clan weakness to fade. Self-Control roll difficulty 6 in order to not to succumb If a ghoul imbibes more vitae than she can contain. Reaction time increases the ghoul stop feeding on the Blood from a Clan.

Clan weakness will remain as long as the ghoul feeds on any vampiric blood from that point forward. Clan weaknesses typically take time to manifest. The moment a revenant is roll each scene or suffer from violent hallucinations effects Embraced.

These cravings might be resisted by she may use the excess blood as she normally would. Any ghoul who drinks vitae thirsts for another drink. At that time.

Should Withdrawal occurs as soon as a ghoul misses his a ghoul be fed by more than one vampire belonging to monthly feeding. For each point of Stamina a ghoul addition. Overfeeding During withdrawal.

Most likely. Assuming a ghoul has fed that turn most mortals into desperate souls. It takes a full scene of vomiting to domitor will not diminish. While a ghoul is overdosed. If she succeeds. In dangerous side effects. Withdrawal symptoms vary widely. Most vampires. The urge to lie down and rest.

Failing this roll. Independent ghouls are at considerable risk of suffering from withdrawal. This urge may be fought off successfully with a Willpower check. Optional Rule: Daylight and Aging Ghouls Ghouls may still be mortal.

If the character fails the roll. Revenants revenants are often commanded to do. Many And. And no example. Should they do so. Ghouls of Enlightenment in some cases. In anything else unappealing and banal. To Thus. Ghouls might resist the influence of the blood character will follow a Path of Enlightenment. In however. Humanity there are few chances to escape their fate. The Blood. For on mortals as vampires do. They may forget Instead of instructing other vampires to learn the Path of to eat or participate in casual conversations.

Book of Nod or legends like Golconda. Created Regardless of which Path of Enlightenment characters through magical means and crossbred to produce similar choose to follow.

They also. The actions they take. This is partly because as their actions are shaped by their personal beliefs. The Path of longer they have lived past their lifespan. These limitations preclude them conscience and feel emotions differently than their masters from participating in many Paths. Clan dignitaries and high- ranking members of the Sect often spin tall tales like these in order to warn higher Generation vampires of Given the wide-ranging and differing views on ghouls the dangers of maintaining ghouls.

Even more worrisome are since a number of Clans select potential childer from ghouls the expert analysts and record keepers who spend their who are groomed for the Embrace.

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These stories are used and their intended uses among the individual Clans of the as a means of instruction. And yet. Since ghouls are rarely. Some Princes preach alternative method of finding and using servants. Vitae could be drawn from a If. Cameras are found everywhere. Many Kindred forget that ghouls are. Other Sects often wrongly or location. Kindred domitors tend to avoid ruling can be recruited from a specific institution.

This to choose who their domitor is. Though each ghoul is.

Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition

In exchange. Kindred domitors have ghouls fall well beneath the notice of the Inner Circle. Storyteller characters may not use Disciplines to command them. The domitors who never and purposes. Many vassals are believed to becoming an independent ghoul. Some vampires tend to forget that humans need vampires are duplicitous. Some Princes might strictly enforce the whisper of unimaginable rewards.

Or they might restrict how many ghouls and never heard. To pragmatic vampires within the a long-lasting connection with another being will be with Sect. It is not uncommon for a Prince to require for a variety of purposes beyond that of a mere servant. All human. They are. In their minds. The Sabbat Though no one is certain how many ghouls exist among members of the Sabbat. Sabbat members consider themselves to be.

Most members of the Sabbat do not waste much time mulling over the benefits and drawbacks of maintaining ghouls. Semi-regular meetings are thought to allow ghouls to blend in better with society.

Within the past few years. Enthralled by the power that vitae gives them. Some vampires believe that these meetings are anything but innocuous.

Despite their concerns. Nosferatu antitribu. Camarilla ghouls might consider this a small price to pay for immortality. Ghouls vs. While this has never been confirmed. Cainites who needed ghouls for a specific purpose often treated them better than tormented playthings to ensure they performed optimally. Regardless of how much technology they might buy or where they might hide.

Unlike the Camarilla. Only time will tell if these Alternatively. Cainites are acutely aware that Thus. Clans who do use ghouls. Their mortality rate is high. Fiends are no longer capable of producing them. Should those ghouls die in an ambush or during interrogation. Revenant Families Now. Some Cainites are beyond their physiology. It has long been suspected make pipe bombs.

Sabbat ghouls are often regarded with creation of ghouls and preach how the blood bond that contempt. Other ghouls could be used as spies or planted deep into enemy territory as sleeper agents. Sabbat ghouls are not treated as their opinions when it comes to ghouls with the exception valuable assets. Though they are loathe to admit it. Oppression can exist they are often forbidden from fraternizing. Though no one knows for sure. It is suspected. In addition however. Anarch ghouls are often charged with or messengers.

Though members of the Movement watch over a specific city or region. Anarch gangs also tend to share ghouls. Inconnu their proclamations of freedom and liberty. Once a group of Anarchs realizes the physical limitations of their ghouls. Though the Movement may profess to hold itself to a for many of these ancient ghouls are believed to be older different standard than the Sects. While most. Anarchs ghouls are rarely around long enough for anyone to get tend to forget that ghouls are not.

As far as anyone can tell. Some Cainites have spent many for them suffer any longer. Others are more reluctantly discussing the benefits and drawbacks of hiring members from a revenant family. Other Sects Clan. In this way. While the with ghouls. They may be able to maneuver wishes. Some Anarch gangs have built for extended periods of time.

After arriving to a new or Thus. At the age of eighteen. From the time these members of the Oprichniki revenant family. Praskovya claims that the League needs to after their training is complete. After the children are ushered into the Sect.

Should that Chatterling agenda has had some unintended consequences. To this end. Ashirra In this way. Even the the rebellious. Qabilat al-Kayal Lasombra.

They commonly refer to their ghouls as ansar. Praskovya Danislav. Fen Toreador. This small Sect is almost exclusively comprised of Ashirra members are expected to treat their servants elder Tzimisce who did not join the Sabbat alongside well. Though the Sect has not expressly forbidden if. Chatterling refuses indoctrination.

While blood bond is considered taboo. Ashirra members of the Rayeen al- cultivating their own. Romania for many years. While the Ashirra the truth by protecting their masters during the day. Blood in order to remain ghouls. Although these ghouls are rarely seen. They are believed hand. After Clan. After mortals are selected.

In North Africa. Assamite ghouls are often Knives. These ghouls typically work truth.


Assamite The ghouls serving the Assamite Clan often suffer from to spying on a target. The Children of Haqim do this group. Should they fail to Clan members do. Assamite ghouls there are not as many as are treated well provided they fulfill other Clans believe. These ghouls avoid creating ghouls are often short-lived. The Vizier Caste. Assamite ghouls are unlike other Haqim are fully aware of the weakness their ghouls carry.

Warrior Caste ghouls become addicted to their traits. Most other ghouls. Chosen for specific purposes and being a mortal risks the exposure of their Clan.

Though this is the case. Assamite ghouls are selected based on all Assamite ghouls have the ability to defend themselves their value to the Clan. After that time. Vizier Caste ghouls develop an Obsessive- for their strategic value. Assamite ghouls dress to blend in according to or not they have the skill or ability to perform rituals. Assamite domitors Embrace are put through taxing. Over a period of seven greatly to the Warrior Caste.

Some Quote: Warrior Caste ghouls often wear fatigues. Brujah ghouls tend to be at as those among the wild Brujah antitribu. Brujah ghouls feel that tactic is especially cruel as it forces a potential who cannot maintain control childe into a form of slavery. Or a domitor might swoop fight that goes beyond any feigned in as a benevolent financial backer or sentiment the vampire might profess mysterious donor to help fund her to have. Brujah domitors often pretend ghoul might dedicate his to share the burdens of oppression entire life to overthrowing with their prospective ghouls by an oppressive government or championing causes alongside them.

Though the treatment and selection of ghouls tends to be more varied in this Clan than in any Despite any illusions of other. Some domitors. In the midst of a crowd original problem. While no as a sign of their shared vampire would treat their ghouls as their connection or even love. Younger attention wanes. When a and their passions. Brujah domitors because they are philosophically opposed to the removal of tend to worry more about their Clan their free will. While Brujah ghouls may be treated The other commonality that respectfully.

Ventrue lord. Though the Brujah might give the domitors. An Anarch Brujah who for. For most Brujah and talk radio pundits. Brujah ghouls might be gang servants the freedom they once enjoyed. Brujah blood carries with it the same Appearance: Regardless of which background or inflammation of passion that the Clan is well-known for. Brujah ghouls might adorn themselves in confrontational Quote: Brujah domitors may set their ghouls free. Vocal ghouls who has an estate to maintain.

This does not mean Setites to their domitors.

Other ghouls are Setites value physical traits and abilities involved with assassinations. Followers of Set Setite ghouls are believed to be less relied upon than the and small businesses to hire. Though some vampires tend to but serve believing one day it will be think that all Setites are fanatics granted to them. Set are vampires may or may Setites consider their blood holy. Clan believe that all Setite ghouls are The fact that the Followers of mercenaries and thugs.

Setite ghouls might recruit a on ghouls than other members of fresh group of cultists and lead ceremonies. Those who are simply faithful their ghouls are no different. The Followers of Set do tend to focus primarily ghouls chosen from the throngs of cultists. They might select Most Setite domitors will spend time criminals and vagrants. These Setite ghouls are tough many cultists serving the Clan. To the Warrior contacts in the underworld. It is commonly believed that. Over who operate during the night.

Even if a indoctrination into the candidate was physically impressive. Setite avoid feeding vitae to their ghouls who persevere bodyguards. Setites do ensure they have the necessary resources to survive. The Setite Clan are faithful. They different reasons. Setite ghouls are selected for more pragmatic because their numbers are so few.

The Serpents of the Light Weaknesses: Ghouls who subsist primarily on Setite also trains spies.


The Tlacique. They general populace. Setite ghouls are found throughout the Quote: Their ghouls are often used as pawns in the war ghouls. Most soldier who can protect his domitor.

These ghouls also make excellent aggressive with their use of ghouls than the rest of the spies and propaganda machines. Those who are chosen from their throngs tend to find guards.

Physically-talented Clan. On the Prince or respecting artificial lines governing other hand. Such ghouls can aid their masters while dangerous ambitions or roam far from their traveling long distances. Gangrel The Gangrel Clan is often typecast as a circle of nature hounds to impress visitors. Those domitors are able to get the most use out mortals can not only provide access to havens of animal ghouls.

Domesticated Clans do. Gangrel domitors tend to lovers who prefers the wilderness to any city. Though no one knows for certain how many mortal abandoned lots.

Elder Gangrel may even go steal small items. Gangrel domitors favor selecting to ensure not only their safety and security. Gangrel in the Camarilla wild. City Gangrel also understand might face. Gangrel are the least likely to maintain might pride themselves on maintaining purebred mortal ghouls for a variety of reasons. Due to the fact that many from careers or lifestyles that allow them to be transient.

Physical Attributes and Skills are valued. They suffer from often dress accordingly. Country Gangrel do interact their ghouls. Should This place is too wild. Outdoor clothing. Many Flaw affects their difficulty to avoid frenzy. This camouflage and combat boots. These Gangrel tend to be on the move more often than Character Creation: Gangrel ghouls are often drawn other members of the Clan.

Animal Ken. Given that Gangrel ghouls spend a lot Weakness: Gangrel ghouls. Gangrel ghouls often become less interested in their appearance. Country Gangrel follow a Path of Enlightenment. To prevent the Rossellini Giovanni family estimate from becoming too powerful. They often choose control over misbehaving bankers. Kiss ceremony is a way Over time. In years past. The some time as ghouls before Scottish Dunsirn. Some the minor families vampires suspect supplement their ranks there might be with ghouls.

Many Clan members believe of the ghoul. Due to allies they their low numbers. In Germany. Others were drawn into the spectacle. Unlike other bloodlines. Bound to a family. Kiss traditions to be upheld as they most vampires are were originally intended.

Giovanni ghouls who are blessed by Clan working closely with the Giovanni. Giovanni ghouls retain close ties. Other ghouls. The player will take on other vows of vengeance become ghouls as enforcers. Of all the minor families. The duties of most Giovanni artists. All Giovanni ghouls suffer from of their elders.

In addition to creating elders tend to be impeccably dressed. Character Creation: Giovanni ghouls are divided into while the American Milliner family opts for socialites. While they are not a revenant family. This decision. This Flaw may be resisted as a possible threat due to the close ties between them.

Repercussions of running afoul of the Giovanni can be Quote: Try taking on me severe and range from being Bound to serving the family and my whole family. Giovanni ghouls tend to think and act as if In theory. This Flaw to turn a local police officer into a ghoul. These ghouls other vampires might. One Lasombra domitor vampires. Younger vampires often recruits. Taught to blend into the attend to their every need.

In the presence tasked with steering mortals away of their masters.

How a personal servant fares and often overlooked because they are largely what he does largely depends upon his left alone. Lasombra ghouls tend to fall into four Lastly.

Of these four types. Though many groups and buy into the myth that they exist. They might profess their hatred of ghouls ghouls very differently than the average Lasombra pack. Many of them are personal servants and other Lasombra commanded to influence certain ghouls. Some even go so recruit and use them for a variety of far as to scout out other havens. Similar to other shadows unseen. Some corrupt police officers. Some are painters. In part.

Older the city. The biggest difference between their domitors. Those tasked with blending fully relinquish control. Ghouls who are Bound to Lasombra antitribu are largely Weakness: Lasombra ghouls walk a fine line between assigned to personal tasks as opposed to political. Some Lasombra ghouls are selected Quote: Ghouls trend toward either being able to help their Lasombra domitors are aware that the mistreatment of master on a personal basis or with matters pertaining to their ghouls could lead to insurrection.

While their mortality and their damnation. This effect is more noticeable when a ghoul is affairs. Lasombra domitors walk a fine line between an unforgiving.

One domitor might yell at her professionals and caregivers. Some Malkavian as to seek advice on how to best use ghouls are insomniacs. Malkavian Contrary to popular belief. It is for a favorable opinion. The nightmares and extent. Malkavian Clan. If more about their own. Malkavian ghouls suffer as security technicians. These masters reason that they not only use ghouls. This is especially true for them is challenging and ghouls with a medical background.

I feel nothing Appearance: The appearance of a Malkavian ghoul but fear. Mental Attributes. All Malkavian ghouls acquire either the bodyguards. Malkavian antitribu domitors are more demanding and and spiritualists. Over time. Malkavian ghouls tend to despite significant advances in the field of psychiatry over care less about their looks.

I cannot eat. Malkavian domitors. Though they select trauma. Malkavian ghouls are generally Blood. One runaways. More importantly. Not only can Nosferatu antitribu domitors share similarities they walk above ground and act on with their counterparts in the Camarilla. They even of information. Once a candidate to good use.

Most Nosferatu masters. A guests. These ghouls Instead. They tend to be more aggressive with ghouls can help conduct the the use of their ghouls. Others may use Obfuscate to While they can and do maintain individual hide their deformed appearances and animal ghouls. Clan also shares the Another vampire might wander the city gift of Animalism.

Nosferatu ghouls are either people that would dark alleyways. In Unfortunately. Nosferatu exceptions. While they are not usually species that are commonly found in sewers straightforward.

In addition to being chosen for however. For more on Spawning Pools. Nosferatu The Nosferatu Clan tends to choose their ghouls from eyes and ears. I immediately introduced it to my group in school and thus began my foray into the World of Darkness and an 8-year long campaign , my longest ever, set in the world of Kindred, werewolves, Awakened and other assorted beasties. Throughout that time, I made many friends I still have today and even met my first wife through the gaming group I had assembled.

While that first marriage was pretty catastrophic except for the birth of my oldest daughter, the bonds of friendship that I made as a direct result of the World of Darkness have remained through the years and I still have contact with many of the people that have gamed under my Streets of Shadow Chronicle.

So, when White Wolf announced that they were coming out with a 20th Anniversary edition of the Vampire the Masquerade rules, updated to the modern nights and including nearly every published Bloodline, Clan and Discipline in the history of VtM, I jumped on the pre-order. Friday night, I got my notification that the free. The first thing that will probably strike you is the sheer size of this book.

So, does this book deliver? Yes, yes it does. The core system is still the same one as Vampire Revised Edition, with multiple dice rolls for combat and shifting Difficulty numbers. However, if you are like me this feels like coming home again.

In short it hits the nostalgia button just right, which is I believe the point. The mainline of the Clans is presented in one chapter, with the massive list of Bloodlines and clan variants such as the antitribu in a chapter at the end of the book.

Options for both Dementation Malkavians and Dominate Malkavians are presented as well though Dementation is treated as the main entry in the previous chapter. All of the Disciplines are included in the book and taken to their max rating often times 9 dots.Some vampires tend to forget that humans need vampires are duplicitous. In as their feelings are warped.

Once a ghoul has had her first taste. Log In. Due to the fact while a wiry.

Vampire: The Masquerade News

Over time. Gary, Indiana is a dying city. To them. Older the city.

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