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Thursday, November 21, 2019

The Syllabus of UPPSC Prelims Paper 1 is largely based on Syllabus of UPPSC also changed the exam pattern copying the changes made by UPSC. Download UPPSC Syllabus PDF and Exam Pattern for Programmer/ Programmer Grade I/ Programmer Grade II/ Computer Operator Grade B. 6 days ago If you’re going to participate in UPPSC PCS (Pre/Mains) Exam, you should go through UPPSC PCS Syllabus to get vast information about every topic to be asked in up pcs question paper. Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission has made a slight change in PCS Exam Scheme for Mains.

Uppsc Syllabus Pdf

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UPPSC Syllabus Get updated UPPSC Exam details and Check UPPSC Prelims and Main Exam Pattern included with UPPSC Main. Applicants who apply for the Uttar Pradesh Civil services (pcs), i.e. Pre- examination (objective) and primary exam (Written) will have new UPPSC Syllabus. ppti.info automatically displayed On clicking “Syllabus” candidate can view syllabus of particular examination. (Candidates.

Free, forced and ped vibration Critical speed whirling of shafts.

Mechanics of Solids:Stress and trains in two dimensions. Mohr's circle. Strain rosettes Torsion of circular Shafts. Unsymmetrical bending.


Curved beams. Castigliano's theorem. Thick cylinders. Stability of columns. Theories of failures. Mechanical behaviour of Materials, Elastics and inelastic action, linear and nonlinear elastic properties. True and conventional stress strain curves for common engineering materials, Strain hardening, Ductile and brittle transition, Fractue.

Greep and Fatigue, Semiconductors super-conductors and ferrites. Magnetic and dielectric properties, Manufacturing Science: Merchant's theory, Taylor equation.

Analysis of forming processes. High velocity forming Explosive forming. Surface roughness, gauging comparators. Jigs and fixtures. Single sampling plans, operating characteristic curves Average size.

Syllabus for UPPSC Preliminary Exam

Fluid Mechanics:Reynolds transport theorem and its applications. Ideal fluid flow. Velocity distribution and resistence laws for laminar and turbulent flow in pipes. Dimensional analysis and similitude. Forces on immersed bodies and boundary, layer over a flat plate. Isentropic flow and adiabatic flow normal and oblique shock waves. Heat Transfer:Critical thickness of Isolation- Conduction in the presence of Heat sources and sinks, Heat transfer from fins One dimensional unsteady conduction.

Time constant for thermocouples. Momentum and energy equations for boundary layers on a flat plate. Dimensionless numbers, Free and forced convection. Nature of radient heat. Stefan- Boltzamann law, Cofiguration factor. Natural and forced convection.

IMTD heat exchanger effectiveness and number of transfer units. Carburetion and fuel injection. Classification of hydraulic furbines, specific speed, Selection of trubines, Microhydropower station and equipment, Centrifugal pump, Performance for compressor.

Analysis of steam and gas turbines, High Pressure ballers Unconventional poser systems including Nuclear power andMHDsystems utilisation of solar energy. Environments: Control:Vapour compression absorption, steam jet and air refrigeration systems, Properties of important refregerants.

Psychometric properties, psychometric relations.

Use of psychrometric chart. Estimation of cooling load supply air conditions, sensible heat factor, system layout. SectionA will Contain Networks and systems, E.

SECTION-A Networks and Systems: Transient and steady state Analysis of systems, state space analysis of networks, operational methods in networks and systems, Laplace Fourier and Z transforms for continuous and discrete systems, response characteristics and stability.

The applicants will be given multiple choices for each question. Total marks assigned for each paper is The duration of the examination will be two hours i.

UPPSC PCS Syllabus 2019 – 2020 UP PCS Pre Mains Exam Pattern Pdf

This Examination is meant to serve as a screening test only and the marks obtained in the Preliminary Examination by the Candidates, who are declared qualified for admission to the Main Examination, will not be counted for determining their final order of merit.

The written test shall consist of question papers of descriptive type. There will be three sections in the question paper of Candidates will have to select one topic Essay. In the three sections, topics of the essay will be based on the following spheres:.

Section B: Section C: Probability and Mathematical Statistics. Measure Theory and Functional Analysis. Differential Equations. Complex Analysis. Differential Geometry and Graph Theory.

Mathematical Programming and Fluid Dynamics. Cubes and Dice. Visual Memory. Number Ranking. Alphabet Series. Syllogistic Reasoning. Non-Verbal Series. Mirror Images. Arrangements Decision Making.

Problem Solving. Arithmetical Reasoning.Jigs and fixtures.

UPPSC Assistant Engineer Recruitment 2018 Details

SECTION-A Networks and Systems: Transient and steady state Analysis of systems, state space analysis of networks, operational methods in networks and systems, Laplace Fourier and Z transforms for continuous and discrete systems, response characteristics and stability. Dimensional analysis and similitude. No relaxation is admissible in upper age limit for D. In the Indian National Movement, the candidates are expected to have synoptic view of nature and character of the freedom movement, growth of nationalism and attainment of Independence.

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