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Start by marking “Unpolished Gem” as Want to Read: After Alice Pung’s family fled to Australia from the killing fields of Cambodia, her father chose Alice as her name because he thought their new country was a Wonderland. Reading this book made me feel some sort of connection. Unpolished Gem Reader's Guide. By Alice Pung Sign me up to get more news about Biography & Memoir books. Unpolished Gem is her first book. Poignant, provocative, sometimes laugh-out-loud funny, Pung's rollicking tale of two worlds is not to be missed.”—Kirkus Reviews (starred.

Unpolished Gem Book

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Unpolished Gem is a book rich in comedy, a loving and irreverent portrait of a family, its everyday struggles and bittersweet triumphs. With it. Unpolished Gem: My Mother, My Grandmother, and Me and millions of other books are available for instant access. view Kindle eBook | view Audible audiobook. Unpolished Gem [Alice Pung] on ppti.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. After Alice Pung's family fled to Australia from the killing fields of Cambodia .

Unpolished Gem : My Mother, My Grandmother, and Me

Pung's sense of what it is to be a Chinese woman is often disturbing: "Constantly sighing and lying and dying - that is what being a Chinese woman means, and I want nothing to do with it.

As a teenager she engages in the usual subterfuges in order to go to parties and feel comfortable with her friends. But she does not go as far as they do: she has a strong sense of what can be tolerated by both the cultures she inhabits, even as she loses the ability to think in Chinese. She embraces English language as only a fiercely intelligent and industrious person can.

Pung's school work is the way out of part of her dilemma as a bicultural being.


She wants to escape the fate of being a married woman with no future and no interests of her own, and the family, while holding traditional expectations of her, also wish her to be a successful lawyer. Her mother is obviously desperately unhappy with her lot as a married woman. Her outwork continues long after it is no longer needed - being just a housewife is intolerable.

Pung's grandmother had her own battles against gender stereotyping in Cambodia, valuing and loving two baby daughters who died. For background information about the Cambodian migrant experience and other articles and resources, visit Alice Pung's website.

Australian Curriculum Questions for Unpolished Gem. Skip to main content. Share this book. This story does not begin on a boat. Nor does it contain any wild swans or falling leaves.

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Be the first to like this. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. That is supposed to be the end of their suffering. My book doesn't tell it like that; it tells it as it is for me and my family…When we came here, my family were in awe of everything, every little thing was incredible, like a wonderland, but the more you aspire towards being white middle class, the more you suffer internally.

Beginning in the s, Unpolished Gem is a beautifully written, painful search for identity between two cultures, but is also very funny and life affirming. It is a delightful book whose witty style will ensure wide appeal. On one level it is to be read for the absolute pleasure to be taken in the writing — lively, rich, visual, powerful and moving, as well as for its portrayal of one, particular, sharply caught Australia.

The author has constructed the story of her family in Australia with flashbacks to earlier lives in Cambodia and Vietnam in distinct parts, each representing a stage in their lives and hers. In addition, there is a prologue and epilogue.

Prologue Talk about its purpose and function, such as perhaps the contrasts that are in the opening scene in the market and the previous lives in Vietnam, and its powerful scene setting.

While the family has lived through the horrors of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge, there is no concentration on the horrors of that regime or suffering, only the occasional reference. There are also poignant such as sleeping on top of the sheets, page 13 and hilarious misunderstandings as with Good-O on pages These are important episodes that build a picture of new arrivals, and Pung is funny but not mocking.

Unpolished Gem

Probably a lot of analysis of this book will involve the writing — just how well told it is — and what it reveals about its author. Part 11 This section is broadly about kindergarten, the arrival of her maternal grandparents, establishing the family business, Alice at school, and the move to a new house.

It builds up a rich picture of the suburb and of business practices that operate outside the supports and regulations of officialdom. It has a certain moral justification — or does it? Consider how cleverly Mr Pung deals with the situation. Talk about these mixed emotions. Is it similar for all immigrants do you think? What has the family lost in the 10 years? Why is this? What has changed?


This is powerful. What are the reactions to what the women are saying? What are the meanings behind the words themselves?

What is happening here and what has caused it? P her mother gives up work because of her health but she is unhappy and is diagnosed with depression. Alice is seventeen now and trying to look after younger ones and finish school. Do you agree that her relationship with her grandmother was more important than her relationship with her mother?

Unpolished Gem

Do you agree that old age can be liberating? Consider your family members. She and her mother find their place separately and together, after much struggle. Think of events in your life when you have felt upheaval, disconnection, upset. How did you reconnect with life? The following are some aspects of culture that might be worth examining — for the world view that underscores them: Talk about what is the motivation.

Is it control or is it care? Again talk about the differences and what it implies in terms of what society values? What is happening here? Discuss reasons for this. What do you think are his motives?

Is it because she is afraid? Do you think she is always correct?

How does her commentating affect how you read the book, and how react to the various people in it?Then I read a review by Choupette and meant to read it after that too. In the memoir, you say to Michael that you like the way studying law allows you to help your community.

There is a strong element of saving face in our community, and sometimes this is to the detriment of genuine compassion and understanding. Then I was at the local library last week and saw the audio book. Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features:

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