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Ubuntu Manual is the official book from Ubuntu for a quick understanding of Ubuntu and basic tutorials and on how to install and use it. This tutorial looks at the various aspects of the Ubuntu Operating system. for those who want to learn some basic concepts of the Ubuntu desktop and server. Ubuntu: A. Beginner's. Guide. Written by Bertel King, Jr. Published October So you're curious about Linux, and you heard Ubuntu is a great place to start.

Ubuntu Tutorials For Beginners Pdf

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designed to suit the key learning objectives. Sample material for various exercises is available through the ubuntu-desktop-course-resources package. The. Ubuntu Tutorials are just like learning from pair programming except you can do it on your own. They provide a step-by-step process to doing development and. Our goal is to cover the basics of Ubuntu (such as installation and work- ing with save in pdf format to enable opening in Acrobat Reader.

The list contains both free and non-free books. As the popularity of Ubuntu increases, more and more new users are willing to give a try to this awesome operating system. Since a number of these users are beginners with Linux and have close to zero experience with command line, it is very important to provide them with enough support to lean in Linux world.

This is a very old article and many of the books listed here are outdated now. Huge online resource Ubuntu has a vast collection of documentation that details each and everything. Ubuntu also has a dedicated website for tutorials.

Its official forum and Ask Ubuntu give users a very comforting place to ask their relatively ahem small and big problems. Apart from that there are several hundreds or may be thousands blogs to solve the problem one faces with Ubuntu.

The Complete Beginner's Guide to Ubuntu Linux

But despite of all that, one might need a book for Ubuntu for several reasons. First, a book provides a view from ground, explaining every aspects in detail. Second, one may not be online all the time to access the resource. For everything else, the product itself offers a help guide. How to Manage Photos or View Images Ubuntu has a number of packages for managing photos and viewing and editing images.

For example: Shotwell is a dedicated photo manager. This guide by OMGUbuntu has a very good overview of its features. A more basic image viewer, Eye Of Gnome , allows you to view photos within a particular folder, zoom in and out, and rotate them.

Finally, the LibreOffice draw package is part of the full office suite. You can launch each of these programs via the Dash by searching for them. It provides all of the features you would expect of an audio player: the ability to import music from various folders, create and edit playlists, connect with external media devices, and listen to online radio stations.

To watch videos, press F2 and type Totem or search for Totem using the Dash. How to Play MP3 Audio and Watch Flash Video Using Ubuntu By default, the proprietary codecs required to listen to MP3 audio and watch Flash video aren't installed with Ubuntu for licensing reasons; however, you are able to install the items you need quite easily.

It is fairly clunky, but it is by and large functional. One of the first tools you should install via the Software Centre is Synaptic , which provides a much more powerful base for installing other software. Linux software is available from repositories — basically, servers that hold software that can be installed for a particular distribution. A repository can be stored on one or more servers known as mirrors.

Each item of software within a repository is called a package. There are many different package formats , but Ubuntu uses the Debian package format. You'll likely find most of the things you need via the default repositories, but you can add and enable some extra repositories to acquire additional software. Using graphical packages such as the Software Centre and Synaptic aren't the only ways to install software using Ubuntu.

You also can install packages via the command line using apt-get. While the command line may seem daunting, you will come to appreciate the power of apt-get after using it for just a bit. How to Customize Ubuntu The Unity Desktop isn't as customizable as many other Linux desktop environments, but you can do basic things such as changing the wallpaper and choosing whether the menus appear as part of the application or in the top panel.

We've put together a guide that tells you everything you need to know about customizing the Ubuntu desktop. Other Major Software Packages There are some widely used packages that you probably will want to use.

Linux and Ubuntu Terminal Command Reference Cheat sheets

For example: Skype. You can download the guide from this link. Well, this is kind of bonus or may be not! Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference has ruled the Ubuntu world for a long time. It is the most comprehensive Ubuntu manual ever.

Ubuntu Tutorials

And the best thing is that it is available for a free download. But the reason why I almost excluded it from the list is that guide has not been updated after Ubuntu 8.

Do check this article about free courses to learn Linux online. I may have missed some other free books here. Like what you read? Please share it with others. I am an avid Linux lover and open source enthusiast.

I use Ubuntu and believe in sharing knowledge. Apart from Linux, I love classic detective mysteries. I'm a huge fan of Agatha Christie's work. I am a senior with very little understanding of computers.

A friend hooked me up with Ubuntu I suggest a reinstall of the newer OS.A more basic image viewer, Eye Of Gnome , allows you to view photos within a particular folder, zoom in and out, and rotate them.

Copy Link. Thank you for choosing Prince 10r2, we hope you find it useful. Each item of software within a repository is called a package.

It also puts great emphasis on Unity interface. Reading database

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