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'Can the Snow Queen come in here?' the little girl asked. There the Christ child too speaks without fail. . The Snow Queen kissed Kay once more, and then. The Snow Queen was written by Hans Christian Andersen (), and was translated from the Danish by M. R. James () as. The Snow Queen. This famous fairy tale was the original source material (heavily edited in the end) for Disney's Frozen animated feature movie.

The Snow Queen Hans Christian Andersen Pdf

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The Snow Queen - One of Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales. Kay has a piece of an evil mirror lodged in his heart and another in his eye and is taken away. The Snow Queen" (Danish: Snedronningen) is an original fairy tale written by Danish author The story is one of Andersen's longest and most highly acclaimed stories. .. compiled by the Brothers Grimm as well as "The Snow Queen" by Hans Christian Andersen. .. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. The Snow Queen. 1. The Snow Queen. The story. This is an adaptation of the famous fairy tale (story) by the Danish writer, Hans Christian Andersen. Written in.

The dog who sits on this chest is very dreadful; his eyes are as big as a tower, but do not mind him. If he also is placed upon my apron, he cannot hurt you, and you may take from the chest what gold you will.

Only promise to bring me an old tinder-box, which my grandmother left behind the last time she went down there.

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Now tie the rope round my body. Then he opened the first door. Then he closed the lid, seated the dog upon it again, and walked into another chamber, And, sure enough, there sat the dog with eyes as big as mill-wheels.

But when he saw what a quantity of silver money it contained, he very quickly threw away all the coppers he had taken, and filled his pockets and his knapsack with nothing but silver. Then he went into the third room, and there the dog was really hideous; his eyes were, truly, as big as towers, and they turned round and round in his head like wheels.

But after looking at him more closely, he thought he had been civil enough, so he placed him on the floor, and opened the chest.

Good gracious, what a quantity of gold there was! Kai was a thoughtful boy and Gerda was a strong girl. While they were watching the snowflakes Kai tried to catch one and then he got something sharp in his eye.

It was a part of the mirror and Kai started changing after that. After that little fragment got stuck in his eye he became rude and stopped hanging out with Gerda because he thought of her as a child. She was sad about everything because she had no explanation for his behavior.

One day a women in diamante sleigh pulled by reindeers came to the snow covered town.

She had a fur coat and an ice tiara onher head. She stopped in front of Kai and represented herself.

She was Snow Queen that came to Kai because his frozen heart called her. Gerda waited for Kai to join her but a winter and a spring passed by without his arrival.

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Gerda missed her best friend and wanted to play with him again. Summer was near and Gerda was still thinking of him. She gathered enough strength to sit in a small boat and sailed the river in hopes to see Kai.

After a few days he came to a house where the house owner gave her some cherries and many other delicious foods. Gerda decided to stay with the woman for awhile and she enjoyed the atmosphere and the food so much she almost forgot why she started her journey.

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She started to suspect that the woman was intentionally making her forget Kai so she headed for the dark forest. She walked for a long time and she heard some birds singing about a boy who got lost in the woods with a weird name Kai.

Gerda thought it could be her Kai. She came to a castle where the king and queen never heard of a lost boy named Kai.

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Gerda was sad and their majesty offered her to stay with them for a while. They treated her like a princess and she told him everything about Kai. They gave her a golden carriage to help her find her friend.

She was noticed by another girl in the shelter and she helped her break free. She told Gerda where to find help. She went through rain, sun and snow but nothing could stop her from getting to her best friend Kai.

She came to the woman that was supposed to help her but she fell tired in front of her tent. The woman helped her, fed her and kept her warm.

When the girl regained conscious she told her what had happened.The scent of the flowers tells that they are dead. Up and up they flew, nearer to God and His angels, and then the glass quivered so fearfully with grimacing that it fell out of their hands and was dashed on the ground below, where it broke into hundreds of millions, billions, and even more pieces; and that very thing made matters worse than before, for some of the bits were hardly as big as a grain of sand, and these flew all about in the wide world, and when they got into peoples' eyes, they stuck there, and the people either saw everything crooked or else had only eyes for what was wrong in anything; for every little splinter of the glass had kept the same power that the whole glass had.

She and Gerda sat in it and drove over stumps and thorn-bushes, deep into the forest. What lovely summer-days those were! On the other side of the world Gerda and Kai enjoyed observing snowflakes falling to the ground.

The grandmother sat in the bright sunshine, and read aloud from the Bible: "Unless ye become as little children, ye cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.

The robbers sat round the fire, sang and drank; and the old female robber jumped about so, that it was quite dreadful for Gerda to see her.

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