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THE POWER OF FIVE: BOOK ONE. ANTHONY HOROWITZ 18 Dark Powers. 19 Raven's Gate Because you're twenty-five minutes late. Because I'm cold. An atmospheric graphic-novel adaptation of the Number 1 bestseller Raven's Gate, from the creator of Alex ppti.info to Yorkshire on a rehabilitation. Discover the chilling new series from Anthony Horowitz. Visit ppti.info ppti.info has always known he has unusual powers. Raised in foster care, he is.

The Power Of Five Ravens Gate Pdf

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This title only comes in the PDF eBook format, which doesn't work on this device. You can borrow it now, but you'll need to switch to a different device to read it. ×. Raven's Gate by Anthony Horowitz Sample Chapter - Read online for free. Welcome to the dark side of Anthony Five Gatekeeepers One Force Against Evil The Power of Five. Copyright: © All Rights .. Ravens Gate PDF. Uploaded by. The Power of Five Series by Anthony Horowitz % Free only from Ebook Download Hub! Raven's Gate; Evil Star; Nightrise; Necropolis; Oblivion. Raven's Gate Pdf. ppti.info Nightrise. Download for Free -. Epub.

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Extra resources for Raven's Gate The Gatekeepers, Book 1 Show sample text content The flames leapt throughout the water, hissing and crackling.

Claire Deverill was once the 1st to damage. With a panic-stricken cry she threw up her palms and ran among of the stones, making for a similar door that her sister had taken. The smoke grabbed at her legs, dragging her down. She screamed and attempted to scream back. Her face contorted and her eyes went white. She fell and lay there, convulsing at the flooring. It had ritual. It had hearth. Frustrated, he gives up and starts back on the way to Hive Hall.

In the woods the following day, Matt once again meets Tom Burgess by an old experimental nuclear power station, Omega One, who tells him to come to his farmhouse the next day and he will help get him out. Burgess gives Matt a pendant with a key etched on it; Tom says it unlocks the maze of roads and it seems to do so, breaking the 'spell' on the roads in the local area.

See a Problem?

Matt goes to Burgess's farm, Glendale Farm, the next day, only to find the farmer dead, murdered by some sort of animal, and the place in a wreck with the words "Raven's Gate" painted on the bedroom wall. He runs out and finds a police car, and tries to convince the policemen in the car of what happened.

They go back to Glendale Farm and, to Matt's surprise, it is all neat again. Two of the villagers, including Joanna Creevy whom Matt had met in Lesser Malling are in there, and she seems to have rearranged everything, erased all traces of the murder, and Tom Burgess' body has vanished completely. But another man named Dravid contacts him in a pop-up box, asking about him.

Matt doesn't know what to say so he asks who Dravid is, then Dravid leaves the chat room. He tells him the story of what happened, but Richard doesn't believe him either. Matt storms out of the Gazette in anger; to his shock, Jayne Deverill is waiting outside.

She takes him back to Hive Hall and accuses him of fabricating his story. Deverill says that Tom Burgess never died, and she even gets 'him' to call on the phone, even though he is dead. Matt, knowing that something weird is going on, listens to the voice of Burgess, then hangs up and goes to bed. The next day, Stephen Mallory pays a visit. Mallory says he is there to check up on him and he is shocked by how ill and thin Matt looks, as well as signs of an earlier altercation with Noah.

He gets into an argument with Deverill, accusing her of breaking the law by working Matt to the bone and keeping him out of school, and says he will have her arrested and have Matt put in other care. Mallory drives back to London, but he hears unearthly whispering in his car radio, on every station, and the car speeds up by itself and topples over a motorway bridge and smashes into a lorry, killing Mallory.

In reality, Mallory had visited Hive Hall after researching Matt's case, including interviewing Kelvin before his trial and visiting the neighbour Matt stayed with when he was orphaned, and discovering that Jayne Deverill had been pursued by a drug addict and mugger on the day she was given custody of Matt; the man in question later committed suicide, unwillingly.

Matt is awoken by Deverill who tells him about Mallory's death, driving Matt into depression. Then he tries to escape when he sees that Jayne and Claire Deverill are going out. He follows them, into the woods, and sees a dark magic ritual there. He tries to eavesdrop, but triggers a security alarm and Jayne Deverill summons two black demon dogs which chase him through the woods and then he is finally trapped in a bog.

But Richard Cole suddenly appears and rescues him. Richard kills the dogs by incinerating them, and he and Matt go to Richard's flat in York. Richard hears Matt's full story, and Matt thinks the villagers are witches, to what Richard laughs.

Sir Michael Marsh is ostensibly boring, and explains to Matt and Richard about how nuclear bombs and nuclear power plants work, and how the villagers could not have uranium, despite Matt thinking he saw radiation suited men and uranium boxes. Matt took a breath. I know. He was almost afraid to ask, but he still had to know. Is he dead? The guard you stabbed has a name Mark Adams. Hes 23 married with two kids.

Mallory couldnt conceal his anger. Right now hes in hospital. Hes going to be there for a while. But he wont die. I didnt stab him, Matt said. I didnt know anyone was going to get hurt. That wasnt the idea.

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Thats not what your friend Kelvin told us. He said it was your knife and your plan, and it was you who panicked when you were caught. Hes lying. Mallory sighed. Ive already spoken to the guard and hes told us what happened. He heard the two of you argue and he knows that you wanted to stay. But youre still responsible, Matthew. I have to tell you that youre going to be charged as an accessory. Do you know what that means? Are you going to send me to prison? Youre too young for prison. But its quite possible you could be facing a custodial sentence.

Raven’s Gate Book

Mallory stopped. He had seen dozens of kids in this room. Many of them had been thugs, ranging from openly defiant to snivelling and pathetic. But he was puzzled by the quiet, good-looking boy who sat opposite him now. Matt was somehow different and Mallory found himself wondering what had brought him here. Look, its too late to talk about this now, he said. Are you hungry? Matt shook his head. Is there anything you need?

Well look after you tonight, and tomorrow morning well try to make sense of all this. Right now, youd better get out of those clothes. Im afraid someone will have to stay with you while you undress your clothes are evidence. You can have a shower, and then a doctor will look at you. Im not sick. I dont need a doctor. Its just routine. Hell give you a quick examination and maybe something to help you sleep.

Mallory glanced at one of the policemen. All right. Matt stood up. Will you tell him Im sorry, he said. The security guard. Mark Adams. I know it doesnt make any difference and you probably dont believe me anyway.

But I am. Mallory nodded. The policeman took Matts arm and led him back down the corridor. He was taken to a changing room bare wooden benches and white tiles. His clothes went into a plastic bag that was stapled shut and labelled. Then he showered. He had no privacy, just as he had been warned.

There was a policeman in the room with him the whole time but he still managed to enjoy the shower; the rush of water, scalding hot, shuddering down on his head and his shoulders, washing away the blood and the horror of the last hours.

It was over all too quickly. He dried himself, then pulled on a grey T-shirt and undershorts that had been laundered and pressed as flat as paper. Finally, he was taken to a room which could have been a ward in a hospital, with four metal beds, four 25 identical tables, and nothing else. The room felt as if it had been cleaned fifty times.

Even the air felt clean. It seemed that he was the only occupant. He climbed into bed, and before any doctor could arrive he was asleep. Sleep came as quickly as a train in a tunnel. He simply lay back and kept on falling. Meanwhile, in a room downstairs, Stephen Mallory was sitting opposite a crumpled, sullen-looking woman who was managing both to scowl and to yawn at the same time.

The woman was Gwenda Davis, Matts aunt and legal guardian. She was short and drab, with mousey hair and a pinched, forgettable face. She wore no make-up and there were heavy bags under her eyes. She was dressed in an old, shapeless coat. It might have been expensive once but now it was frayed at the edges. Like the woman who was wearing it, Mallory thought.

He supposed that she was about forty-five. She seemed nervous, as if it was she, not her nephew, who had been accused of something. So where is he? Gwenda asked. She had a thin, whiny voice that made every question sound like a complaint.

Hes upstairs, Mallory said. He fell asleep before the doctor could see him but we gave him a tranquillizer anyway. Its possible hes in shock.

The Power of Five: Raven's Gate

Hes in shock? Gwenda laughed briefly. Im the one whos in shock, I can tell you.

Getting a call in the middle of the night like this! Having to come down here. Im a 26 respectable person. All this business with knives and burglary. Ive never heard such a thing. I understand you share your house with a partner? Gwenda noticed Mallory had taken out a pen. Brian Conran, she continued, and watched as the detective wrote it down. Hes in bed. Hes not any relation to the boy. Why should he come out in the middle of the night? Hes got to be up first thing in the morning.

Whats his job? Whats it to you?

She shrugged. Hes a milkman. Mallory pulled a sheet of paper out of a file. I see from Matthews record that his parents died, he said. A car crash. Gwenda swallowed. He was eight years old. The family was living in London then. His mother and father were killed. But hed stayed behind. He was an only child? No brothers or sisters. No relatives either.

Nobody knew what to do with him. You were related to his mother? I was her half-sister. Id only met them a few times. Gwenda drew herself up, crossing her hands in front of her.

If you want the truth, they were never very friendly. It was all right for them, wasnt it. A nice house in a nice neighbourhood. A nice car. Nice everything. They didnt have any time for me.

And when they died in that stupid accident Well, I dont know what would have happened to Matthew if it hadnt been for me and Brian. We took him in. We had to 27 bring him up all on our own.

And what did we get for it? Nothing but trouble! Mallory glanced again at the report. He had never been in trouble before, he said. He started missing school a year after he came to Ipswich. From there it was downhill all the way. Are you blaming me? Two pinpricks of red had appeared in Gwendas cheeks.

It was nothing to do with me! It was that boy, Kelvin Johnson He lives just down the road. Hes to blame! It was eleven oclock at night.

It had been a long day and Mallory had heard enough. He closed the file and stood up. Thank you for coming in, Ms Davis, he said. Would you like to see Matthew?

Theres hardly any point seeing him if hes asleep, is there? Maybe youd like to come back in the morning then.

The social services will be here. Hell also need legal representation. But if youre here at nine oclock I cant come at nine oclock. I have to make Brian his breakfast when he gets in from his rounds. Ill come in after that. Gwenda Davis picked herself up and left the room. Mallory watched her go. He felt nothing for her. But he couldnt avoid a sense of great sadness for the boy who was asleep upstairs.

The room with the four metal beds was deserted. No sound came from anywhere in the building.

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He could feel a pillow cradling the back of his head and he wondered how long he had been here. There was no sign of a clock, but it was pitch-dark outside he could see the night sky through the barred window. The room was softly lit. They probably never turned off the lights completely. He tried to go back to sleep but he was wide awake. Suddenly he was seeing it all again, the events of the evening.

The images flickered in front of him like cards caught in the wind. There was Kelvin, outside the railway station. Then the warehouse, the DVDs, the guard, the knife, Kelvin again with that stupid smile, the police cars, and his own hands, stained with blood. Matt squeezed his eyes shut, trying to force the memories out of his mind. It was very warm in the room.

The window was shut and the radiators were on. He could feel the heat shimmering around him. He was suddenly thirsty and looked around, wondering if he could call someone.

But there was no bell to press and nobody in sight.

Then he noticed a jug of water and a tumbler on a table at the other side of the room. All he had to do was get out of bed and help himself. He lifted a hand to move the bedcovers but they were too heavy. That wasnt possible. He flexed his muscles and tried to lift himself. He could hardly move. And 29 then he realized that a doctor must have seen him while he was asleep.

He had been injected with something tranquillized. He couldnt move. He almost cried out. He felt the panic suffocating him. What were they going to do to him?

Why had he gone to the warehouse? How had he allowed all this to happen? He sank back into the pillow, fighting the wave of despair that had risen over him. He couldnt believe that a man had almost died for the sake of a handful of DVDs. How could he have been stupid enough to think of Kelvin as a friend? Kelvin was pathetic. He always had been. The water The room seemed to be getting hotter and hotter, as if the police had turned up the radiators just to torment him.

Matt found his whole concentration focused on the jug. He could see the perfect circle made by the water where it touched the edge of the glass.We removed anything that could possibly be dangerous when we dismantled the place. Hes to blame! The smell of burnt toast. Go for the small, expensive stuff. Matt forced himself to look down. Mallory glanced again at the report.

Mallory had sat down opposite him at the table. Whats your problem? But one of th em has been take n.

They must have begun their journey to the warehouse the moment Kelvin forced open the door.

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