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Penguin Books Doubleday Dell Publishing Group. Publication date. Media type, Print (hardback & paperback). Pages, p. (paperback edition). ISBN · 0- (paperback edition). OCLC · The Memory Keeper's Daughter is a novel by American author Kim Edwards that tells the story. The Memory Keeper's Daughter book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. On a winter night in , Dr. David Henry is forc. ppti.info: The Memory Keeper's Daughter: A Novel (): Kim Edwards: Books.

The Memory Keepers Daughter Book

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The Memory Keeper's Daughter - A Novel [Kim Edwards] on ppti.info * FREE* Author interviews, book reviews, editors' picks, and more. Read it now. Kim Edwards's The Memory Keeper's Daughter () follows the lives of Dr. David Henry, his wife, Norah, and their twin children who are secretly separated at. earn your way to a free book! Join Reader Rewards and earn points when . People Who Read The Memory Keeper's Daughter Also Read. ‹ › Rayuela. Edición.

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The Memory Keeper's Daughter

Subscribe to Read More to find out about similar books. She is saddened that David missed Phoebe as much as she did but never shared his grief. Caroline visits the house and tells Norah the entire truth about Phoebe, who now wants to get married to her boyfriend, Robert, who also has Down syndrome. Norah is furious to know that David lied to her and burns some of his photo collection. Paul comes over to the house, and she tells him about his twin sister.

Together, Norah and Paul travel to Pittsburg to meet Phoebe. Both offer her a life with them, but Phoebe tells them that she has her life, and she has her own mother. Norah gets remarried, and both Paul and Phoebe participate in the wedding. She holds a memorial service at a church.

On the way home from the police station, Norah stops at a church and unburdens her pent-up grief. She eventually gets remarried in that church.

Phoebe was confirmed in church when she was 13 and loves to sing in church. He rationalizes his actions and lies to keep his secrets.

Norah is a loving and overprotective mother to Paul, but she suffers from loneliness and depression, which Paul feels his entire life. He becomes angry and disrespectful toward her.

Caroline loves Phoebe fiercely and strives to get her everything she needs to have a happy and productive life. Caroline is also overprotective of Phoebe, and Phoebe strains for more independence.

Norah is drunk and cuts her foot on glass. Blood is depicted. Phoebe gets stung by a bee and has an allergic reaction. Al is in an accident with his truck and is hospitalized.

The Memory Keeper's Daughter Summary & Study Guide

The next day, while David and Paul are fishing, Norah goes to the villa to pose for a sketch by Howard. She strips naked on the beach and goes into the villa where they have sex. He returns from his run furious but silent, and David goes out to see what upset his son.

He also finds the pile of clothes. David blames himself for emotionally pushing Norah away and into an affair.

See a Problem?

Norah continues to have sex with Howard, who is also married with children, for the rest of the vacation. Over the years, she sleeps with different men.

Caroline is in love with David and was saddened when he marries Norah. Al asks Caroline to marry him repeatedly before she says yes. The rest of the book is riveting, because we get to see firsthand the effects of his fall - on his relationship with his wife, his son, and eventually everyone else around him.


It's a tragic book I'm not sure I could read it again , because it's not Hollywood - it's brutally true to the lives that many of us have experienced ourselves. The one ray of hope comes unexpectedly, as David Henry confesses everything - no more secrets - to a young woman with child.

In the silence David started talking again, trying to explain at first about the snow and the shock and the scalpel flashing in the harsh light. How he has stood outside himself and watched himself moving in the world. How he had woken up every morning of his life for eithteen years thinking maybe today, maybe this was the day he would put things right.

But Phoebe was gone and he couldn't find her, so how could he possibly tell Norah?

The secret had worked its way through their marriage, an insidious vine, twisting; she drank too much, and then she began having affairs, that sleazy realtor at the beach, and then the others; he's tried not to notice, to forgive her, for he knew that in some real sense the fault was his. Photo after photo, as if he could stop time or make an image powerful enough to obscure the moment when he had turned and handed his daughter to Caroline Gill.Do you think our attitudes toward people with disabilities have changed since then?

The idea stayed with me, however, as the necessary stories do. Her two stories are so clearly divided between good and evil, it's unrealistic. This book made me ask the question.

He had handed his daughter to Caroline Gill and that act had led him here, years later, to this girl in motion of her own, this girl who had decided yes, a brief moment of release in the back of a car or in the room of a silent house, this girl who had stood up later, adjusting her clothes, with no knowledge of how that moment was already shaping her life.

The next week she stopped me again.

In particular I couldn't stand Norah, whose every hackneyed scene - from her flirtation with alcoholism to her tawdry affairs to her rebirth as a liberated entrepreneur - recalled the one Danielle Steele book I read out of desperation during a boring summer at my parents' house.

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