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The Hours is a novel written by Michael Cunningham. It won the Pulitzer Prize for The book concerns three generations of women affected by the classic novel Mrs. Dalloway. In Richmond, , author Virginia Woolf is writing. In s London, Virginia Woolf is fighting against her rebellious spirit as she attempts to make a start on her new novel. A young wife and mother, broiling in a suburb of s Los Angeles, yearns to escape and read her precious copy of Mrs Dalloway. What is the correlation of. The Hours: A Novel (Picador Modern Classics) [Michael Cunningham] on Story time just got better with Prime Book Box, a subscription that delivers editorially.

The Hours Book

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The Hours is novel by Michael Cunningham that was first published in Read a Plot Overview of the entire book or a chapter by chapter Summary and. This work in progress still has her provisional title, "The Hours", which Cunningham has duly taken for his own book. It is the first sign of his. When he came to speak to the Guardian book club, Michael Cunningham recalled with mock-ruefulness that sales of paperback editions of Mrs.

Woolfian echoes produce new ironies. One reader recalled the passage in The Hours where Clarissa Vaughan sees someone in the New York street who might be Meryl Streep or might be Vanessa Redgrave — a re-enactment of the passage in Mrs Dalloway where the protagonist glimpses a hand drawing up a blind in the back of a car and wonders whether it is the Prince of Wales or the Queen or the prime minister.

There was surely "a kind of synchronicity" in Cunningham's choice of personages: Many clearly relished the crafted literariness of The Hours.

One reader spoke of the pleasure of the novel lying not in its characters or its story but in its echoing patterns — they way that you keep noticing the importance in different narrative strands of mirrors or experiences of luminosity. Another eloquently described the special pleasure of "rereading" the novel and discovering patterns of foreshadowing and connection between the three narrative strands that could not be visible on a first reading.

The sense of design was what was enjoyable.

The Hours by Michael Cunningham

The narrative strand featuring Laura Brown, the Los Angeles housewife based on Cunningham's mother, was the one that most intrigued those who asked questions.

The reader who described the sections featuring Laura as "the most painful" parts of the book was acknowledging the hold they had.

A Danish reader wondered whether the unexpected scene in which Laura rents a hotel room for the afternoon and thinks dreamily of killing herself was a kind of allusion to Woolf's A Room of One's Own. Another reader spoke about the section where Laura and her son make a cake together and we move in Woolfian manner between their consciousnesses.

I had discussed the traits of Woolf's style that Cunningham had borrowed, and especially her punctuation "those semi-colons! Readers were less interested in these technicalities than in what one member of the audience fearlessly called the "existential" aspect of a novel which depicted "what it was like to be".

Readers wondered about the vestiges of autobiography, and were sometimes right to do so.

Asked where the character of Richard, an admired yet disappointed writer, came from, Cunningham denied a self-dramatising impulse. He was squarely based on the American writer Harold Brodkey, who died of an Aids-related illness in But some things were personal.

One member of the audience asked about the fear of "unravelling" that Clarissa experiences when she is talking to Richard's ex-lover.

There are little jokes for the reader who knows the original. A pistol shot in the street outside! Vanessa Redgrave?

Yet the novel has two other narrative threads. In the next section "It is a suburb of London.

by Michael Cunningham

It is ", and Virginia Woolf is thinking about how she might begin the novel that she is supposed to be writing. At the end of it she writes the first sentence of that novel. There it is.

The narrative focusing on her includes long passages from Woolf's novel, laid out on the page in italic font. Cunningham gives you every chance to hear his echoes of Woolf's style: the whimsical similes, the rueful parentheses, the luminous circumstantial detail.

See a Problem?

And the narrative method is a homage to Woolf's novel. Each section imitates Mrs Dalloway by being restricted to the events of a single day, and follows the stream of one consciousness, only to leave it, for a sentence or a paragraph, for another.

Though each section of Cunningham's novel concentrates on one of its three leading characters, the narrative can always shift between different consciousnesses.

As Virginia Woolf talks to her husband Leonard, we suddenly enter his mind too "She may be the most intelligent woman in England, he thinks". As Laura Brown makes a cake with her son, we inhabit his mind as well as hers "He understands that he's expected to dump the flour into the bowl but it seems possible that he's misunderstood the directions, and will ruin everything".

The Hours by Michael Cunningham

The Clarissa Vaughan sections go further: they parallel the episodes and the characters of Woolf's original.A pistol shot in the street outside! Although she is three years older, she looks younger than Virginia, and both of them know it.

Clarissa tries to be grateful for the moment she is inhabiting, cutting the stems off roses at the kitchen sink.

In the afternoon, Virginia takes a walk and ponders her heroine's fate. Usually I'm one of those people that desperately wants you to read the books if you're going to see the movie, you know, get more involved.

It's as simple and ordinary as that. Welcome back. Dear Mrs.

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