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The Dark Eye is based on the brand-new fourth edition of Das Schwarze Auge, Germany's premier fantasy role-playing game since The elegant rules are . Items 1 - 36 of 36 Explore the many facets of The Dark Eye with the Aventuria Almanac, your guide to the official setting for the fantasy role playing game. Items 1 - 37 of 37 DriveThruRPG: Your One-Stop Shop for the Best in RPG PDF Files! .. The Dark Eye, Europe's most popular fantasy RPG, is now available in.

The Dark Eye Rpg Pdf

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The Dark Eye® is the new English edition of Germany's premiere roleplaying of Shadows campaign right here: Prison of Shadows PDF Get to adventuring!. Aventuria Compendium - The Dark Eye RPG project video thumbnail. Play Incorporates all rules and options from the Compendium. PDF. Ulisses Spiele is raising funds for The Dark Eye RPG—English Edition Goblin More or Less (PDF) A full page adventure for The Dark Eye!.

It is a land where knights and daring heroes fight for the order of the gods and grim dwarves delve their mines and subterranean cities deep in the mountains. Some years ago, human servants of the dreaded archdemons conquered a province of the Middenrealm. Now called the Shadowlands, this haunted realm is home to demon summoners and necromancers.

The Middenrealm remains ever vigilant for signs that the armies of the Shadowlands are once again on the move. The progressive Horasian Empire, home to artists and poets, lies south of the Middenrealm. The cities of this fertile land are ruled by patricians, nobles, and councilors who strive constantly to outdo or weaken their rivals via intrigue.

The orcs of Aventuria make their home in the Orclands, steppes that stretch along the northwestern border of the Middenrealm. Thorwal lies west of the Orclands. The Thorwalers are brave seafarers who enjoy a reputation as feared pirates.

Emboldened by their whale-god, Swafnir, the longboats of the Thorwalers threaten much of the western coast of Aventuria. Even further east, sultans and emirs rule over the Lands of the Tulamydes. The northern forests and steppes surrounding the Salamander Stones are the traditional homelands of the elves.

The Dark Eye

Beloved for their beauty and grace but feared for their sometimes cruel treatment of invaders, elves are magical beings who seem to be born from light.

These rare and powerful magical items allow users to view far away places and glimpse scenes from the distant past. Creating such an artifact calls for very powerful magic and a sizable quantity of raw meteoritic iron. Few spellcasters have ever mastered the necessary enchantments. While they are more well known in Germany and have quite the list of items they publish and distribute , they recently got the rights to produce a number of new editions of RPGs.

DSA is a fantasy RPG set in the realm of Aventuria, a large island with some smaller islands filled with many cultures that believe in one, some, many, or all of the Twelvegods. Players take the role of heroes in this world and doing what heroes do: explore, defeat evil, save lives, and more!

The book is filled with text and tables, with artwork appearing every few pages to break things up. The art is often character-heavy and either fills a corner, sidebar, or a bit more than a margin.

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It is almost always relevant to what is happening in the text. Like Star Trek Adventures, your goal in this game is to roll low on a d All checks revolve around the attributes, which consist of Courage, Sagacity Intelligence , Intuition Wisdom meets instinct , Charisma, Dexterity specifically hand-eye coordination , Agility reflexes , Constitution, and Strength.

Any time you are told to make a check, you are rolling under this number. Attack and Parry, as well as specific types of checks, are settled by a single die, but the real challenge is when skills come into play. Or when things get contested, like who gets to reach the Eye first!

The Dark Eye

Say you want to climb a wall. To successfully climb that wall, you must roll three times or three dice , rolling under your Attribute. Your skill rating becomes a cross between a buffer to ensure success to be spent across the roll and as a means to measure the Quality Level of success. When you roll, you need to be under 14, then 10, then If, on your first roll, you rolled a 15, you would use a point of your skill to succeed, dropping you to four remaining points for the last two rolls.

There are modifications to the rolls such as Fate Points, Temporary Attribute Levels, etc , as well as additional rules Criticals being one of them. From this point, the rest of the game just falls into place along these guidelines.

Starting in the Fourth Edition, the old character creation was scrapped and replaced with a Point Buy system. The Fifth Edition stayed with this point-buy approach, but added even more professions and options in the core rulebook part of the size difference is because of these new additions. The biggest change they made, in my opinion, was the addition of Fate Points, an added tool to modify a roll or change the game itself. This is an example of the art in the 4th Ed. On the note of art, DSA has a plethora of gorgeous character art scattered throughout the book, often focusing on the discussing at hand.

Unlike the Fourth Edition, I feel as though this game is ready to run out of the box, so to speak. I have enough information on the world and setting tossed among the rules; a double-edged sword when you want details , basic info on cultures and the rest of the world, and plenty of player options ready to go without needing two or three other books to even get the basics i.

For once, it feels mechanically complete some may say too mechanically complete , and I am elated to see that. For those of you who worry about balancing issues, DSA has a pretty good balancing mechanic built in with the core mechanic. As all skill and spell! Additionally, at character creation, the GM can determine what sort of power level they are going for and can use the appropriate point totals and tips for those levels.Consider backing me on Patreon!

The sets describe a new world: Tharun pronounced "taroon" , a hollow world. Orcs are shorter than humans, hairy as balls savages.

The amount of available professions is mind boggling and in true kraut fashion are categorized into Combat, Wilderness, Social, Magic, Priestly, Scholars and Crafting, and go through all social strata, from whores gender equality applies and beggars to knights and royal guards. English Edition of the Dark Eye.

The Dark Eye - Emperor of Thieves Phexcaer withstood the orc horde nine years ago, but this resilient metropolis by the Bodir River now faces something far more insidious. Personally I think that while the philosophy behind this approaches is correct the implementation, the specific mechanism fail to deliver somewhat, meaning, while they are not bad, the overall feeling is that they could have been much better.

Three Different Formats: Choose a Pledge Level offering the version you'd most like to own!

Ulisses Spiele. It may help with getting through the rules, but I felt that it just made the book drag on and feel more like a packet of rules than a living world. Any information would be welcome!

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