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Shadowrun Missions (SRM) is the official dynamic sixth world campaign setting sponsored by Catalyst Game Labs. In SRM, players create a character and. SRM Liberation is a Shadowrun Missions living campaign adventure. Full information on the Shadow- run Missions living campaign is available at. SRM 5A Chasin' the Wind is a Shadowrun Missions living campaign adventure. Full information on the. Shadowrun Missions living campaign is available at.

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Convention Campaign series for the Shadowrun Missions living campaign game. El en Blood pits the players against the elven street gang, the Ancients, and. Items 1 - 50 of 52 Hottest PDF. ppti.inforun: Missions: Take a Cha $ ppti.inforun: Missions: While the $ ppti.inforun Missions: A Little We. Shadowrun: Missions: Chasin' the Wind (5A) - Deadly Cold Wind It's Watermarked PDF Shadowrun: Missions: Gone Long Gone (5A.

So the question then becomes whether the PCs want to take a new, also seemingly easy mission or if they want to leave well enough alone.

From there, players will be sucked into a game of dragon politics, a secret cloning experiment and trying to run down a certain something that was missing from the lab. This adventure should be run with a heavy atmosphere of paranoia and creepy spooky dread.


To say Bug City should have similar tones to say, a Chill or Call of Cthulhu game is not that far off the mark. One thing I discovered while running this adventure is that the more experience with Shadowrun a player has, the more likely they are to go off the rails and screw up. By the time the players had investigated the lab, half the party was convinced that it was a secret bug location where they were cloning technomancer bodies for insect spirits to inhabit. I almost felt like Plan 9 was a PC in our run through of this adventure.

What’s the Catch?

They shot first and asked questions later, leading to the first time I have EVER seen a Shadowrun Mission manage to go so completely and utterly off the rails. I mean these adventures are designed to be pretty hard to deviate from, but it sure happened here.

So GMs, keep in mind that this could happen to your game too, but you know what? Let it? Your players will understand and forget about it once you get should omit this information. It adds to the scene, but does not back into the action. Debugging offers solutions to potential problems that may crop up General aDVentUre rUles during the encounter.

While its impossible to foresee everything Shadowrun Missions adventures use the rules presented in Shadowrun, that a group of player characters might do, this section tries to Twentieth Anniversary Edition SR4A.

Standard rules such as success anticipate common problems and other suggestions for dealing tests, the Rules of One and Six, and other common mechanics are with them. If the players are weak on combat, reduce the number tion, and worries that making it a district would give legitimacy to the gangs, crime rings, and of enemies by one or two.

Conversely, if theyre steam-rolling the smugglers that use the Underground as a base of operations. Missions should be a newsnet: Horizons agship news outlet in Seattle, NewsNet has long struggled to main- challenge to the party, but should never be insurmountable for a team tain its status as Seattles top reporting agency against its primary rival, KSAF.

During the course of a scenario, the PCs will be presented with options to choose sides between several Factions in the adventure. Characters can try to remain neutral, but often any deci- Age, and the recent inux of magical artifacts being discovered lends their claims much sion they make will favor one Faction over another.

These choices will credence. They are scrambling to be the first to gather these artifacts and unlock their secrets. Positive Draco Foundation: Founded after former president Dunklezahns death, the Draco Faction Rep doesnt mean that a runner has become a member of that Foundation has been searching out any number of strange things for research.

Rumor has it Faction, but rather just notes that the Faction looks upon the character that even 15 years after his death, Dunklezahn is still guiding them from beyond the grave.

No favorably, and is more inclined to deal with the runner. High enough one knows their true motives, but they will do whatever they can to get their hands on these Faction Rep will earn the character a favor from that Faction at the end strange artifacts and discover what they can do.

If saeder-Krupp: For now, Lofwyr is content to sit back and watch as mortals scramble about your Faction Rep drops low enough, contacts that are members of that for baubles from a past life. For the time being, hes just gathering data. Faction may not deal with you at all. Its entirely for both the core plotlines to introduce them to the players. Future possible that the party will be made up entirely of technomancers or Missions adventures will focus on one plotline or the other. If the characters run into a brick wall because of such complications, show exibility and use your best judgment in how you lead them back to the plot.

They mlink, assume it has all necessary ratings at 3. These commlinks will are the allies, antagonists, and background characters in the adventure not contain any valuable paydata. NPCs in this adventure have already been created and can be found throughout the adventure. PaPerWOrK Minor NPCs are found in the individual scene that they appear After running a Shadowrun Missions adventure, there are several in, and generally have a brief write up, noting only their important important pieces of paperwork that need to be filled out.

Note that their dice pools are pre- The first is to make certain to distribute a copy of the adventures calculated to save the gamemaster time. Debriefing Log to each player. In the interests of time, the adventure, and have more detailed write ups, and include most of you may have each player fill out the sections, with appropriate values the skills and the gear they have access to.

Please consider the PCs actions in the scenario The NPCs in this adventure should generally stand up to the when providing Reputation modifiers, per those rules p.

PCs are allowed to go on one run per week. The powerful group. The scenes and NPC descriptions offer tips on calendar is used to track the characters monthly lifestyle expenses, adjusting the NPCs to suit the abilities of the characters in your adventures, and their downtime exploits.

Take the player reporting form available at shadowrun4. Future adventures will reect the outcome of this adventure and modify them accordingly.

Without GM feedback, the PCs exploits will be unable to affect the campaign. Fiona Craig, an Arcanoarcheologist who specializes in pre- MacCallister is working security for Maria Mercurials show at Awakening magical artifacts, came across an interesting artifact during Underworld 93, so he contacts a group of shadowrunners.

The earliest a dig in Greece. A shard of obsidian, she theorized it was a piece of a he can meet them is immediately following the concert, so he invites larger artifact she found references to called a morel stone. Unlike them to be his guest at the sold out show. After the concert, he lays out most magical artifacts, the item doesnt have a magical aura, but instead the job for them. This made Tracking down Fiona isnt too hard, but there are a lot of folks the artifact unique and incredibly valuable.

So she decided to take the interested in her, and more importantly in the artifact she was artifact to Seattle, where the Draco Foundation and the Atlantean bringing in. Nazaire knows that something is up, and like Moreau Foundation had recently entered a state of corporate cold war and were hes found that shes gone missing.

Hes discovered that MacCallister both seeking to outdo each other seeking out artifacts. Hes not interested in Fiona, to Seattle, where she planned to sell it to the highest bidder. She but he wants to get his hands on the obsidian shard that she was arrived in Seattle just ahead of the artifact, and went down into smuggling in.

He offers them up additional payment if theyll bring the Ork Underground to meet the smuggler shed hired. She had him the artifact.

Once there, the runners end up in the to arrange for a meeting with the Draco Foundation, and then was middle of a fighter between the Undergrounds local protection gang meeting with Saeder-Krupp, Aztechnology, and Lungs Seattle rep the Skraacha and the Reality Hackers, a thrill-gang looking to cause the next day. Knight Errants Special Crimes unit arrives on the scene to Unfortunately for her, she was betrayed by the smuggler shed break things up, and the runners have the opportunity to get a third hired to bring the artifact in.

Jack Turner wasnt a fool, and he did job. The lead detective, Tosh Athack, realizes the runners are more his research on both his employer and the item she was bring in. Hes than just innocent bystanders, and he puts them in touch with District decided to sell the item himself, but he needs Fionas connections to do Attorney Dana Oaks.

DA Oaks has been trying to track down Jack it. Hes currently holding her captive, trying to force her to cooperate Turner as well, but the city and Knight Errant dont have jurisdiction with him and give him the names of her contacts. She will tell the runners about a bounty on Turner, if they name Trouble during the 50s. Today, he works freelance for the Draco can capture him and deliver him to Detective Athack for prosecution.

Foundation going under the name Moreau. He knew his daughter The runners then have to navigate the Underground and find was coming into town last night, and when she missed her breakfast where the smuggler is holed up. Words reached him that people are meeting, he started making calls and found that Fiona had been looking for Fiona, so hes hired some extra muscle.

The runners have missing since early the previous night. He turned to an old friend, a to get the girl, the artifact, and the smuggler so they can get their fixer named MacCallister to get some help in finding his daughter, various paydays. This scene is only for runners who transfer in from New York. If all or This scene is transitory, and should be brief. Despite Peacemans none of the runners are transferring, skip it. This scene is to transition ties to the Neo-Anarchists, hes not one of their more radical members, characters to the new campaign.

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He tells them to find an apartment and settle in. A It started out as just another night in the Rotten Apple, and then local fixer by the name of MacCallister will be giving them a call about things went bad fast. The Neo-Anarchists in the Terminal went crazy some work as soon as he has something.

It could have been worse, the Neo-As were stopped For convention events or Open Play, simply transition the Season 3 before too much damage was done, but somehow the blame got characters as quickly as possible. Use the Season 4 FAQ to help players pinned on you.

With the heat on in Manhattan, your fixer Peaceman transfer characters over to Seattle. If this is a home game, play up the transition. You can have goon I hear Seattles nice this time of year, he tells you.

I have a squads from the Neo-Anarchists or squads of corp security coming friend out in the Emerald who can help out. Ill have him get in after the runners in Manhattan. The runners contacts wont deal with touch with you.

Have fun with this. Check the runners log sheets if they ran the adventure coming in, and their contacts refusing to deal with them, theyll hopefully get the hint.

If the runners stopped Sid from launching his bio-weapon, then the Neo-Anarchists have put a sizable price on the runners heads. If they tried to stop Sid but characters. After the shows over, well have a chat and Ill tell you a bit more. The runners are contacted by a Fixer known as MacCallister for a poten- tial job.

Shadowrun Missions PDF Exclusives!

They meet him at Underworld 93 and get to see a rare concert. The only distinguishing features Checking it, you see a matrix icon that resembles the traditional smiley of the club are a simple steel sign outside with the name, and an AR face image, only red and cocked to one side, with little jagged lines display that is far more impressive blazing the name of the club in resembling tusks on the mouth of the icon.

Answering the call, the bright neon lettering along with the clubs logo: Charon steering a icon is replaced by a grinning male ork.

His face is lined with age; his speedboat across the river Styx.. At one time, this was the place to hair and goatee is touched with grey and a pair of golden datajacks be for Seattles whos who.

The attraction for the place has long since gleam along his left temple.

Wire-frame glasses sit upon his nose, faded for younger crowds who are always looking for the next big the kind that correct your vision, not tinted mirrorshades that make thing, but the place still retains its reputation as being the place to see you look badass or even the more modern AR glasses or goggles, but some of the hottest music acts of yesterday and today.

Jetblack, Shield honest-to-ghost reading glasses. Hoi chummers! The ork says with a cheerful grin. I hear tell All have graced the stage at one time or another, and tonight looks you might be interested in a bit of biz. If youre interested, head on to be another big name. Theres a small concert going on. There is a sizable crowd outside the building, with a line of people Let the doorman know youre there to meet MacCallister, and hell get stretching around the building.

The runners have a pair of booths reserved up here, letting people into the club after one of them consults an actual paper and are escorted to them. One way to make a guest list unhackable is to The bar itself is manned by six bartenders, and the seating area write it down.

An ARO in front of the building explains the crowd. The Mercurial is doing an unannounced concert at Underworld 93 tonight tables are filled to capacity, and a number of patrons are hovering at Towering over the seating BeHinD tHe sCenes area is the Beast, an enormous ten-meter high, bald and bullet- headed statue that has served as the unocial mascot of Underworld MacCallister is working as head of security for Underworld 93 tonight, 93 for over two decades. Lasers shoot from the statues eyes, smoke organizing the physical security and manning matrix security himself.

From its belly, a massive speaker recently. He is unavailable until after the show, but has made arrange- blasts out music. The stage itself is set in the far south wall, and huge video displays Inside the main doors, the large lobby is packed with people and state of the art AR displays provide dizzying imagery for Emerald chatting, posing for the press and me-feeds, or gawking at the Cacophony, a local SynthMetal band playing as a warm up for memorabilia of music stars past and present that line the walls.

Two Mercurial. On the huge dance oor, bodies writhe to the music. A tall man in his late 40s with a lined face, club. A coat and weapons check room stands next to the scanner dark hair, and goatee wearing an immaculately tailored suit gets up encased in bulletproof glass Reinforced Barrier, Amor 8, Structure on the stage.

He smiles out over the crowd. None of the runners will 9. The runners will have to check any weapons, and will be given recognize him, but an Assensing 6 test will reveal something of a individual claim tags for each item checked.

He holds up his hands to quiet the Past the scanner is a long hallway where the restrooms are located, crowd down and says Alright you brain damaged re-wired mutants! The staircases lead up to an intricate series of catwalks that all evening. He shoots the boyfriend in a rage, and then The crowd goes wild as the lights dim, and then everything goes grabs the girl and holds her hostage in a panic.

Security is ready to quiet as the first haunting synthesized notes of Mercurials hit song move in, but the place is packed with people and they cant get a clear Take It To Mister swell up from the speakers.

A spotlight comes on, shot. If the runners ignore this, MacCallister contacts the party and illuminating a slender, lovely figure wearing a short dress of midnight asks if they can do something to handle the situation peacefully, and blue. Her legs and arms gleam with polished chrome from her without casualties. If the runners try to negotiate, hell simply say time trademark cyberlegs and arms.

Her voice is as lovely as ever, and the is of the essence, and that hell keep it in mind when negotiating for first lines of the song wash over you. If the runners handle things smoothly, give Mercurial plays a two hour show before wrapping up. If they ignore MacCallister or if they consider the concert over.

Shadowrun Missions (Season 1 - SR4A rules)

This isnt a complex situation, but Max is an emotional wreck, and the runners risk setting off a bloodbath if they handle it poorly. Max Duggan has had a bad week. Three days ago he caught his wife The club has several Force 5 spirits with the Magical Guard power sleeping with his best friend. Yesterday he was fired from his job.Original electronic Scanned image These products were created by scanning an original printed edition.

If the runners stopped Sid from launching his bio-weapon, then the Neo-Anarchists have put a sizable price on the runners heads. I leaned over and grabbed the battered and well worn case of my old cyberdeck. Rule System. Take it to Mister If the runners decide to cause problems at the club, there are 4 Troll bouncers at the main doors and the scanners, and there are two Then, as they will, all these things changed their way.

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