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He covered her mouth with his.

Subscribe to view the full document. Gusto niya sanang sumigaw His tongue met hers, slipped into her mouth Hinila siya ni Kent palapit sa katawan nito.

See a Problem?

Nadadarang ni si Phoebe, alam niyang namimiss niya na si Kent at nagugustuhan niya ang ginagawa nito. She slipped her hands around Kent's neck at sumabay na rin siya sa paghalik dito.

Pakiramdam ni Phoebe napakavulnerable ng sitwasyon niya ngayon. Tumigil sa paghalik si Kent, pero para lang tignan siya sa mata.

Only mine According to People , at least, no wedding ceremony or even proposal has happened yet. But a source told the outlet last Friday that Jenner and Scott "are looking to get married soon.

Scott hasn't even proposed to Jenner—or at least he has not been reported to. Given the two kept Jenner's pregnancy with their baby Stormi private until after she was born, it's not completely out of the question the two secretly got engaged or even married.

But Scott did tell Rolling Stone in an interview published last month that he hadn't popped the question to Jenner yet although he plans to very soon. I just gotta sturdy up—I gotta propose in a fire way. Vulnerability is a prerequisite for intimacy.

Without intimacy, commitment is a grind. And without commitment, the whole enterprise goes pear-shaped. Alas, contempt's favorite condition for breeding is familiarity.

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And you can't have a family without familiarity. How to avoid it?

There are two main antidotes, says Gary Chapman, arguably the country's most successful marriage therapist--his book The 5 Love Languages has been on some version of the New York Times best-seller list for eight straight years. The first, obvious as it sounds, is to figure out what specifically makes your partner feel loved.

According to Chapman, it's probably one of five things: words, time, kindly acts, sex or gifts. And the other is to learn to apologize--properly--and to forgive.

Disagreements are inevitable and healthy, so learning to fight fair is essential; resentment is one of contempt's chief co-conspirators. Obvious idea that actually works No.The masters were still happily together after six years. He might possess her over and over in erotic dreams that leave her aching for the rough heat of his touch, but she knows that in reality, he is far too dangerous for her to handle.

Dan ceritanya juga cukup romantis dan ringan untuk dibaca.

Practice, practice, practice. What will I gonna click to read this?

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