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Remember Me is a book series written by Christopher Pike, a best-selling author of young adult novels. The series centers around what a recent high school graduate, Shari Cooper, does after dying, having been murdered at a friend's party. Contents. 1 Remember Me (); 2 Remember Me 2: The Return () . under the title Remember Me: Remember Me; The Return; The Last Story. Remember Me book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Shari Cooper hadn't planned on dying, but four floors is a long way to. ppti.info: Remember Me (): Christopher Pike: Books. Remember Me 2: The Return. Christopher Pike Remember Me 3: The Last Story.

Remember Me Book Christopher Pike

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The last thing she can remember is falling from a balcony during her friend's party . chrispike. christopherpike. ghost. halloween. horror. paranormal. teen . In the fourth and final book of The Return Series we bounce back and forth between . Remember Me by Christopher Pike - She won't let them forget Shari Cooper wakes up dead. Remember Me; The Return; The Last Story About The Book. Shari is dead, and she knows that she didn't kill herself. So rather than merging with the cosmos as other spirits do, she lingers near the world of the living.

Even though it seems like she is not alone in this world between dead and alive she can't leave until she figures out what happened to her. It had everything I love in those kind of stories. The friends who all seemed suspicious. It was really hard to figure out how anyone would have killed Shari by their stories.

As I kept on reading and guessing, I was surprised that after a few revelations things started making sense, terrifying sense. There is a big secret that readers will unveil by the end of this book that really shocked me.

It was a great twist. This book was dark and twisted. Yet, Shari is a character that, to me at least, seemed very pure and good-hearted. I felt sad for what happened to her and by the end of this book I really admired her strength.

To view it, click here. First off, I must say that I did enjoy the book The spoiler actually contains spoilers, you've been warned. I mean come on! Amanda murdered Shari, and attempted to murder Jimmy. Parish, the housekeeper, and her daughter Amanda in the kitchen.

Amanda basically asked her mother to ask Shari to invite her along to this party, even though she hardly knows anyone. Dan comes along to pick up the girls, and - ooooh! Shari wears green pants and a yellow blouse, while Dan sports a rust coloured leather coat and white pants. I'll bet he calls them "egg shell".

Remember Me (book series)

On the way to the party, the kids pick up Jo. Shari goes into Jo's house where Jo's mother, Mrs. Foulton, is about to leave for work. She's a nurse.

She is also Mrs. Parish's sister, making Jo and Amanda cousins. She also hates Mrs. Parish because she had an affair with Mr. Foulton and ruined both of their marriages.

She tells Shari to make sure that Jo doesn't take her Ouija board to Beth's party. She must have read Slumber Party recently. Shari goes upstairs to hurry Jo along. Jo shows her some stories that Jeff Nichols had given her. Jeff's brother Peter, the author of the stories, had died a while ago in a motorcycle crash.

The one Jo is currently reading has no ending, but is about a girl who buys a VCR that can tape tomorrow's news today. Jo's got a total Jess Wakefield 'tude about parties.

They don't start until she gets there. But Dan drives really fast anyway. Amanda asks if he's always so fast, and Jo bungles the evening by saying something like: "That's what I hear!!! Dan gets really pissy and won't talk to Shari at all once they arrive at the party.

Some of the guests like, everyone except Shari had been notified that there would be swimming at the party. Beth's rich-person condo has a pool and hot tub. When everyone else leaves to engage in some watersports, Shari falls asleep on Beth's bed. A while later, Amanda wakes Shari up and tells her that Beth and Dan were naked in the hot tub.

Shari's reaction, "Was he fondling her? Jo uses the opportunity of Beth being indisposed in the hot tub to get all up in Jeff's biz.

Everyone comes back upstairs, and I'm not sure I understand why, but Shari doesn't confront Dan and Beth. She pretends she knows nothing and carries on with the evening. Jo wants to put people into a trance using magnets and use their bodies as receivers to talk to the universe.

Or some equally New Age-y type thing. Beth goes first, and is really spacey when she comes out of it. Shari is next. Jo tries to make her channel a spirit. Shari plans to fake it, then laugh at anyone who believed it really happened. But she really does get overtaken by a spirit and starts talking as someone else for a few seconds.

Pike Recaps

It seems like it was Peter Nichols, dead brother of Jeff. She snaps out of it quick, and feels all cold and lonely. She goes out on the balcony alone and suddenly has a sensation of rising, then realizes that she is speeding headfirst to the ground. Shari dies.

Later, she wakes up at home.

Remember Me

Her parents ignore her while they take a phone call, wake up Jimmy, and get into the car. They drive to the hospital in silence. Shari is confused and wonders who's sick. The whole family goes to the morgue, where Shari sees her own body and crushed head and realizes that OMG she's dead.

Ghost-Shari leaves the hospital and follows Jimmy to Beth's, where the police are questioning everyone from the party. The cop, Garrett, is major-boozin' it up outta the Palmone family liquor cabinet. Shari watches while Garrett wanders around the apartment and draws the floor layout. I took this and that's why it sucks When he leaves, she goes to the spot where she'd landed in the parking lot and lays down on the bloodstain. But Shari can't relax. She runs and yells for her mother, which allows her to be transported to her mother's room.

Mom is in bed crying. Shari tries to hold onto her, and falls asleep. She wakes up at Amanda's to find Amanda and Mrs. Parish preparing to leave for Shari's funeral. Jo and her mother show up to carpool. Jo is wearing orange pants and an orange blouse. Shari is livid. That's her best friend wearin' that! I went to a rainy day funeral with my gram once and people were wearing random raincoats.

Some of them were red. Some were yellow. Some were, like, plaid. Gram went off on a haywire in the car on the way home. It was a cardinal sin for someone to wear a disrespectfully cheerful colour to a funeral service. So I have actually literally heard where Shari is coming from. She sees her parents and Jimmy up front at the church, but sits with Mrs.

Parish in the back. Not a lot of people showed up. There's one guy she doesn't recognize: a young man in white baggy shorts and a red T-shirt. She wonders if it's someone from school who loved her from afar. Haha, sounds like me circa grade Like, sitting in class: "I wonder whose new crush I am today?? Shari goes into a trance of religious light until the service ends.

Afterwards, she's understandably pissed. Like, no "Stairway to Heaven", no sobbing friends making speeches, and only a handful of people even go to the grave site! She watches her family drop roses onto her casket, then the guy in red and white comes up to her. It's dead guy, Peter Nichols! She hadn't recognized him before!

They have a long conversation about God and the afterlife. Peter encourages Shari to move into the religious light, like when Mrs. P was praying. She only needs to think about it and it will come. Shari got a vibe from the service that everyone thinks she killed herself, and she wants to find out who killed her and clear her name.

Peter admits that he had been at Beth's the night of the party and during the group interrogation, but he doesn't know anything. He tells her that it imprisons you if you stick around too long after death and it catches you.

He agrees to help Shari with her investigation. Some of them have motives. Peter tries to teach Shari to transport herself using her mind. She is trying too hard and can't do it. The two ghosts give up on that and take the bus to Dan's house.

Dan and Beth are making out, half undressed, on the couch. There's a knock, and Garrett comes in. He starts grilling them about who was where in the apartment when Shari went over the edge. Garrett rips a condom out of Dan's shirt pocket and tells him that if he thinks he's practicing safe sex, he's not even close.

Garrett's got a condom problem? What the hell does he recommend using then?

I know he's probably old school, but I don't wanna hear "chip bag" or "Coca-Cola douche". After Garrett leaves, Beth starts crying, and Dan goes to his bedroom where he takes Shari's prom picture out of a drawer and smashes it against the wall.

Recap: Remember Me by Christopher Pike

Shari's ok with this. She has to be. She also has to move fast to follow Garrett before she loses him. Shar and Pete ride in the bed of Garrett's truck to Jeff's house and Peter's house, when he was alive.

Jeff is working on his motorcycle in the driveway when they arrive. Garrett asks him for a beer. Jeff tells him sure, but it's not cold. Garrett is fine with that, saying that he's on duty. Oh, ok. So you can drink on the job as long as you don't enjoy it. Got it. While Jeff and Garrett are talking, the phone in the garage rings. He goes downtown to the seedy end of Hollywood, stops at a liquor store, then parks with his binoculars ready. There's a creep in the distance wearing tight black leather pants, an orange Day-Glo T-shirt, and, incomprehensibly, a thin gold chain around his shaved head.

I've never seen that sort of get-up before, and it does sound hurtin', but I kinda wanna know what type of chain it is. Box link, curb, rope, singapore? Friggin' figaro? Sixteen inch? Eighteen inch?

That could make the difference here. A girl comes up to the guy and they start making out, causing Garrett to guzzle his whiskey. The chain guy gives the girl a Baggie of white powder and she leaves.

Shari recognizes the girl from a picture she saw in Garrett's wallet. It's his daughter!!Shari dies. Its a 3 in 1 book all 3 books were great it got me thinking can people that have passed on see us, I really enjoyed this books but I think the thrid book could have end different. Jean goes over and she and Lenny fight, so they go and visit Jim. So when Jean falls to her death, Shari Cooper takes over her body.

They killed her

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