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Introducing PowerPoint . feedback so we can continually improve our books and learning ppti.info This tutorial will teach you the basic tools for making a PowerPoint This tutorial uses PowerPoint and you can use it as a quick reference guide for. to introduce you to the basics of PowerPoint. It will tell you how Files produced in PowerPoint have the file extension ".pptx", and the files themselves are.

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Pictured above is the Microsoft PowerPoint standard layout when you open the . presentation, such as a new ppti.info file or ppti.info from Paint. sizes, as well as to entertain or explain graphs, charts, and related data. The Basics: Creating and Editing a Presentation. The PowerPoint Window. 1. Title Bar . If you refer to the Introduction to Microsoft Tutorial you'll find a . PDF or XPS – You can now save your presentations as PDF Files! Wow!.

For some Microsoft Office tricks you can pull off in this format including getting your real slide title names into the table using the Outline view , see the video tutorial below. To see how to pull this off using a combination of the Create Handouts command and the Outline View in PowerPoint, see the short PowerPoint video tutorial below it will make the most sense that way. Once your notes are in this format, there are a lot of interesting customizations you can quickly pull off including: Delete the thumbnail image column Resizing the column widths Paste your slide title names in from the Outline View in PowerPoint Customize your handouts with your contact information To see how to get to the result pictured below, see the video above.

How to Print PowerPoint with Notes (Step-by-Step)

Print PowerPoint with comments Assuming you have comments in your presentation, you can pint those in any of the PowerPoint Handout or Outline views. Your first page will be the handouts themselves with the comment marked on the slide.

The second will be the actual comments. As this tends to waste a lot of printer paper and ink, I recommend using the 9-slide layout a unless you have a specific reason to do otherwise.

Powerpoint 2010 Tutorial

This saves you reams of paper and ink at your office. Print PowerPoint with lines for notes There are two different ways to print your slides as Handouts with lines for notes: The easy way: This involves directly printing your slides from PowerPoint with the default lines that PowerPoint gives you for taking notes.

PowerPoint in a powerful presentation processor that creates slides,.

There are 9 tabs in Microsoft PowerPoint "PowerPoint" refers to Microsoft PowerPoint, a program that allows the user to design a presentation that consists of multiple slides. These slides may contain.

University of Salford. PowerPoint by CustomGuide, Inc.

PowerPoint When PowerPoint loads you will see the following screen. There are three features that you should remember as you work within PowerPoint 1. The Microsoft Office Button, 2.

The Quick Access Toolbar, 3. The Ribbon.

The function of these features will be more fully explored below. This button allows you to create a new presentation, Open an existing presentation, save and save as, print, send, or close. Each tab is divided into groups.

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The groups are logical collections of features designed to perform function that you will utilize in developing or editing your PowerPoint slides.However, you also want to provide a contrast between the background color and text color.

Use visuals to help express your message Pictures, charts, graphs, and SmartArt graphics provide visual cues for your audience to remember.

About Contact. A PowerPoint presentation is a collection of electronic slides that can have text, pictures, graphics, tables, sound and video.

The Ribbon. Use Presentation Views and Master Views 5. To change the location of the quick access toolbar, click on the arrow at the end of the toolbar and click Show Below the Ribbon.

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Commonly used features are displayed on the Ribbon, to view additional features within each group, click on the arrow at the bottom right of each group. Download free pdf Microsoft Power Point course material and training. This button allows you to create a new presentation, Open an existing presentation, save and save as, print, send, or close.

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