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Books» » Planning and Control for. (Download) Planning and Control for Food and Beverage Operations pdf by Jack D. Ninemeier, PhD. Download PDF. Planning and Control for Food and Beverage Operations By Jack D Control for Food and Beverage Operations PDF Download Full PDF. food and beverage operation regardless of its size. The cost of . phases: planning, operational and management control after the operation.

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reduce costs in food and beverage operations worldwide. Goal: Students will be able to plan and control food and beverage costs for a variety of hospitality. mean that all food and beverage operations need to use tools and techniques to help to control material cost and maintain gross margins. Designed for all food and Menu planning, standard costing and gross profit management. • Impact of . Food and Beverage Operations Management The Food and Beverage Manager is in charge of planning, controlling and troubleshooting all stages of the food.

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Why not share! The quality of item delivered should conform to the establishments standard purchase specification for that item. Example of Standard procedure for receiving 1.

Verify that the quantity, quality and price for each item delivered conforms exactly to the order place 2. Acknowledge that quantity, quality and price have been verified by stamping the invoice with the rubber invoice stamp provided for that purpose 3. List all invoices for foods delivered on a given day on the Receiving Clerks Daily Report for that day, and complete the report as required, or enter appropriate information directly into a computer terminal 4.

Forward complete paperwork to proper personnel 5. Move food to appropriate storage areas. Rubber stamp used by a receiver to overprint a small form on an invoice for the purpose of recording the data on which goods were received, as well as the signature of the several individuals verifying the accuracy of data on the invoice.

Verification of the date on which food was received 2. The signature of the clerk receiving the food who vouches for the accuracy of quantity, quality and price. The stewards signature, indicating that the steward knows the food has been delivered 4. The food controllers verification of the arithmetical accuracy of the bill.

Signatory approval of the bill for payment by an authorized individual before a check is drawn.

Food and Beverage Operations Management

Condition of facilities and equipment 2. Arrangement of Food 3. Security of Storage areas 4. Location of Storage Facilities 5. Practice for doing this varies from one establishment to other establishment due to the management policies and procedures and priority. Direct is in-charge to food cost as they are received directly on assumption that these perishable item have been purchased for immediate use.

The food category known as stores was previously described as consisting of staples. When purchased, these foods are considered part of inventory until issued for use and are not included in cost figures until they are issued. Therefore, it follows that records of issues must be kept in order to determine the cost of stores.

For control purposes, a system must be established. The Requisition is a form filled in by a member of the kitchen staff. It lists the items and quantities of stores that the kitchen staff needs for the current days production. Each requisition should be reviewed by the chef, who should check to see that all required items are listed and that the quantity listed for each is accurate.

If the list of items and quantities is correct, the chef signs and thus approves the requisition. PORTIONS The standards and standard procedures for production control are designed to ensure that all portions of any given item conform to management s plans for that item and that, as far as possible, each portion of any given item is identical to all other portions of the same item. Portion for any given menu should be identical in 4 respect.

Ingredients 2. Proportions of ingredients 3. Production methods 4. Quantity To achieved the 4 respected areas we need to have 1. Standard Portion Size 2. Standard Recipe 3. In effect, the standard portion size for any item is the fixed quantity of a given menu item, that management intends to give each customer in return for the fixed selling price identified in the menu.

It is possible and desirable for management to.

Every item on a menu can be quantified in one of three ways: Every item on a menu can be quantified in one of the three way: By Weight: Can be expresses in ounce or grams used to measure portion sizes for a number of menu items. By Volume: Is used as the measure for portion of many menu items usually that of liquid in nature, Milk, soup, juices of coffees By Count: Used to identify portion size, such as sausage, eggs and shrimps Many devices are available to help foodservice operators standardize portion sizes.

Among the more common are the aforementioned scoops and slotted spoons, as well as ladles, portion scales, and measuring cups. Even the number scale or dial on a slicing machine, designed to regulate the thickness of slices, can aid in standardizing portion size: A manager may stipulate a particular number of slices of an item on a sandwich and then direct that the item be sliced with the dial at a particular setting Advantages for practicing Standard Portion Size It helps reduce customer discontent as the customer cannot compare his or her portion unfavorably with that of other customer and feel dissatisfied or cheated.

It helps to eliminate animosity of miscommunication between the kitchen staff and the server over the portion size that lead to delay in the serving of food. It helps to eliminate excessive costs of over portioned menu. Price on the menu is usually fixed, thus it will also reflect the portion size of the menu. If the portion size is constantly change then it will dissatisfied the customer and server. A recipe is a list of the ingredients and the quantities of those ingredients needed to produce a particular item, along with a procedure or method to follow.

A standard recipe is the recipe that has been designated the correct one to use in a given establishment.

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Standard recipes help to ensure that the quality of any item will be the same each time the item is produced. They also help to establish consistency of taste, appearance, and customer acceptance. The same ingredients are used in the correct proportions and the same procedure is followed, the results should be nearly identical each time the standard recipe is used, even. In addition, returning customers will be more likely to receive items of identical quality. Standard recipes are also very important to food control.

Without standard recipes, costs cannot be controlled effectively. If a menu item is produced by different met methods, with different ingredients, and in different proportions each time it is made, costs will be different each time any given quantity is produced.

In general, calculating standard portion cost merely requires that one determine the cost of each ingredient used to produce a quantity of of a given menu item, add the costs of the individual ingredients to arrive at a total, and then divide the total by the number of portions produced. Standard portion cost is defined as the dollar amount that a standard portion should cost, given the standards rds and standard procedures for its production. The standard portion cost for a given menu item can be viewed as a budget for the production of one portion of that item.

There are several reasons for determining standard portion costs. The most obvious is that one should have a reasonably clear idea of the cost of a menu item before establishing a menu sales price for that item.

Establishing Standards and Standard procedures for production Standard must be established for the: Quantity of the ingredients used Proportion of the ingredients used Drink sizes To have some reasonable assurance that a drink will meet expectations each time it is ordered. If drinks are served accordingly to the formula and in standard portion, then the cost for each portion to sales should be the same.

Standard Deviation Method Statistical EDP Inventory Turnover Monitoring Production Performance and Taking Corrective Action A manager can personally observe bar operations on a regular basis A designated employee, such as a head bartender, can observe others working at the bar and report unacceptable performance and problems to management Individual unknown to the bartenders can be hired to patronize the bar, observe the employees, not problems and report to management Closed-circuit television systems can be installed to permit observation of bartenders and bar operations from some remote location.

Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Hourly or weekly or monthly Fixed Cost FC and Variable Cost VC are used to distinguished between those cost that have no direct relationship to business and those that do.

Food, Beverage and Payroll Historical and Planned Costs Historical cost are all cost are historical - that is, that they can be found in business records, book of account, financial statements, invoices, employees time card and other similar records. Those that operate at low profit margin and depends on relatively high business volume.

Budgeted volume of sales will depend on - Past performance Current trends Any limiting factor which may be in operation with this budget. The quality of food purchased 2. The quantity of food purchased 3. It is usually base on federal grading or common market grading. Establishing Quantity Standards Quantity standard for purchasing are subjected to continual review and revision, often on a daily basis.

Perishable Item. The correct amount must be purchased to avoid wastage. A basic requirement of the purchasing routine is to take daily inventory of perishable. Perpetual inventory method: The quality of item delivered should conform to the establishments standard purchase specification for that item The prices on the invoice should be the same as those stated on the order form Example of Standard procedure for receiving 1. Harsh Misra. Alin Robitu. Spatiha Pathmanaban. Manikant SAh.

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Exhibitions j. Age b. Ethnic background c.

Religious background d. Sophistication, cultural level e. Place of residence f. Food preferences g. Service preferences h.

Adriana, a Canadian diplomat stationed in Brussels, hired us to organize her birthday party with 80 guests including several diplomats and government officials.

She asked us to serve a not too rich typical Italian 5- course-meal.


Security requirements are also high on her list. It is autumn, so we take advantage of Porcini mushroom season. Freshest available ingredients have been chosen. Prosecco and lime welcome drink Spirits and other liqueurs at Orvieto Classico the bar after dinner: The 4 waiter table service was efficient.

The price covered all costs and the desired profit aims were achieved. However, food portions were a bit too generous considering the 5-course meal. Being in charge of so many tasks requires skillful people who have a flair for organization and can respond quickly and efficiently to problems. Common to all of them is the need to pay close attention to purchasing, costs, pricing and handling of the products. Special consideration should be given to hygiene.

Recruiting reliable qualified staff is vital to deliver a good product and to be able to delegate tasks when needed, particularly in medium to large operations. Available from: Ninemeier Ph. Available th from: Bernice Critchlow-Earle - Dr. Related Papers.

Ass ign. By chanchal chowdhury. By sylvester chauluka. By Tesheee Markkk. Food and Beverage Management see1. By John Willie. Basic Food and Beverage Service Guidelines. By Dahlan Abdullah. Download pdf. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link.

Food and Beverage Operations Management Assignment

Need an account? Click here to sign up. Help Center Find new research papers in:Two types of commonly calculated averages are: average sale per customer and average sale per server. Recruiting reliable qualified staff is vital to deliver a good product and to be able to delegate tasks when needed, particularly in medium to large operations. By Server This is total dollar volume of sales for which a given server has been responsible in a given period.

Only minor storage manned by as little as one requirements unskilled person Skilled , semi-skilled and unskilled Low service costs. We offer two ways that you can get this book for free, You can choose the way you like!

Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. These numbers are also used in budgeting. Local farmers 3.

They are often referred to as groceries or staple.

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