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Top 50 MySQL Interview Questions & Answers PHP Driver; JDBC Driver; ODBC Driver; C WRAPPER; PYTHON Driver .. Download PDF. MySQL questions are very usefull for freshers to learn easly. Here we provide most common interview question and answers for mysql and rdbms. MYSQL Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced | Advanced PHP MYSQL. QUESTIONS. REAL TIME INTERVIEW QUESTIONS & ANSWERS .. Answers:We can connect Mysql Database with PHP using both Procedural and .. hidden features like you can ppti.info image for games, create ppti.info files, GTK.

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+ Php+mysql Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: Who is the father of PHP and explain the changes in PHP versions? Question2: How can we. Here is some most commonly asked interview qyestions collections about MySQL. Download Complete PHP Faqs in ppti.info you are a PHP programmer or an. PHP MySql Interview questions and answers for freshers,SQL stands for Structured Query Language. SQL is How to convert html to Pdf using Dompdf in PHP.

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Jump to Page. Search inside document. Judap Floc. Abayomi Olatidoye. Yash Bhardwaj. Kiran Khaira. Asso Il Parco. Jothi Kumar. Paresh Patanwadiya. Afdhua Novan R. Brinda BM. Amit Sharma.

Denisa Irianti.

Hitesh Malik. More From skills9tanish. Popular in Computer Programming. Kamalakar Sreevatasala. EyQa PeYrak. Sumit Patil. Lovneesh Jain. MySQL is great for database enabled websites while Oracle is made for enterprises. MySQL is portable.

Disadvantages of MySql. MySQL is not so efficient for large scale databases. Transactions are not handled very efficiently. How do you change a password for an existing user via mysqladmin? What are the types of database engines available in MySQL? Subscribe Our NewsLetter. Subscribe Now. Join Onlineinterviewquestions. Download Now. DB2 Interview Questions.

Stored procedures Interview questions. Mssql Interview Questions. MongoDB Interview Questions.

Neo4j interview questions. NoSQL interview questions. It eases installation by bringing an automated wizard, and packing the strength and experience of PHP users into a nicely organised OOP library. What Is A Persistent Cookie? When the browser is closed, temporary cookies will be erased. You should decide when to use temporary cookies and when to use persistent cookies based on their differences:.

What does a special set of tags do in PHP? The output is displayed directly to the browser. If the specified file is included previous to the present call occurrence, it will not be done again. Once the Web server received the uploaded file, it will call the PHP script specified in the form action attribute to process them. PHP Interpreter treats numbers beginning with 0 as octal.

Look at the similar PHP interview questions for more numeric problems. This function is case-sensitive.

When the original if was followed by: Frm, Myd, And Myi? What These Files Contain? Here are three basic types of runtime errors in PHP:.

The first one is octal 23, the second is hex We can use a simple JavaScript code linked to an event trigger of any form field. In the JavaScript code, we can call the document. As individual objects so single record or as a set or arrays.

How Can We Extract String "wisdomjobs. Second, the more secure the crypto is, the longer is the computation time to deliver the hash value.

A high volume site might be significantly slowed down, if frequent md5 generation is required. Database name: The major difference is the length of the hash generated.

CRC32 is, evidently, 32 bits, while sha1 returns a bit value, and md5 returns a bit value. This is important when avoiding collisions. Yes, internally PHP will cast everything to the integer type, so numbers 10 and 11 will be compared. And If Yes Then Why?

25 PHP Interview Questions and Answers You Should Know

If No Then Why? Session depends on browser. If browser is closed then session is lost. The session data will be deleted after session time out. If connection is lost and you recreate connection, then session will continue in the browser.

PHP4 cannot support oops concepts and Zend engine 1 is used. Can We Use Include abc. Yes we can include that many times we want, but here are some things to make sure of:.

PHP and makeit. You can use functions: For this purpose, you can first read the data from one server into session variables.

Then connect to other server and simply insert the data into the database. Rasmus Lerdorf. PHP 5.

Beta MySQL 5. How To Set Cookies? Reset a cookie by specifying expire time in the past: Trigger the JavaScript code on any event like onSelect of dropdown listbox, onfocus, etc document. MySQL 5. Apache 2. You can change charset variable in above line in the script to support bi-language.

There are 2 ways to show some part of a text in red:. There is at least 3 ways to logon to a remote server:. Use ssh or telnet if you concern with security You can also use rlogin to logon to a remote server. Try this: The default session time in php is until closing of browser. An online payment gateway is the interface between your merchant account and your Web site.

It then passes the transaction off to your merchant bank for processing, commonly referred to as transaction batching. Here are the possible ways of php page redirection. Reply-to is where to delivery the reply of the mail. Return path is when there is a mail delivery failure occurs then where to delivery the failure notification. The session support can be turned on automatically at the site level, or manually in each PHP page script:. Expression preceding the? If the file is not found by require , it will cause a fatal error and halt the execution of the script.

If the file is not found by include , a warning will be issued, but execution will continue. It opens the specified file, reads all characters in the file, and returns them in a single string. Cakephp Tutorial. IT Skills. Management Skills. Communication Skills. Business Skills. Digital Marketing Skills. Human Resources Skills. Health Care Skills. Finance Skills. All Courses. All Practice Tests.

Set the cookie in past.Try this: BLOB is used for storing binary data while Text is used to store large string. There is only one primary key for a table.


List some MySql advantages and disadvantages? Answer To sum up, a lambda function is an anonymous PHP function that can be stored in a variable and passed as an argument to other functions or methods. View All Locations. How To Create a Table? How one can concatenate strings in MySQL?

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