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Certified Affiliated Master Trainer for the PV Design and Installation courses There are so many more people that have influenced and helped guide me. Photovoltaics: Design & Installation Manual (PREVIOUS EDITION). $ This book is our previous publication adopted widely in the industry and for solar. draft of this guide and represents the current state-of-the-art in PV system .. design and installation considerations that should be met to achieve this goal. .. PDF or call (Renewable Energy Call Center) to.

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experience in design and installation of Solar Photovoltaic Systems. 5. Reference materials: a) Solar Photovoltaic System Design Manual for Solar Design. PV systems have dc circuits that require special design PV System Electrical Design: Specification sheets and installation manuals (if available) for all. Disclaimer. While the information included in this guide may be used to begin a preliminary analysis, .. Considerations in design and installation of a PV system . • Typical .. ppti.info Also.

You don't have to be an engineer, nor do you have to actually purchase equipment at this stage. Just as a starting point, follow these 10 easy steps: 1 Know how much electricity kWh you consume and know your electricity rate To understand the economics of installing a solar system it is important that you determine how much electricity you consume in a year. A summary of your electricity usage is on your utility bill, make sure you do not include natural gas usage in your calculations.

Please note that a solar PV system would offset your electricity demands mostly in the summer months Not because of the temperature, rather because the path of the sun varies with the seasons, it is optimal for PV systems during the summer.

Also, note that most utility companies have a tier rate structure based on consumption patterns and state mandates.

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A small PV system could reduce your electricity needs enough to move you to a different tier, lowering your rates and saving you a large amount of money.

Based on the size of your house, draw a diagram of your roof on a piece of paper. Once you have determined the size of your roof it is important to know how much of your roof faces towards the equator South in the northern hemisphere [USA, Canada, etc.

Solar irradiance is strongest coming from the equator and you will want to maximize the efficiency of your system. Shading can reduce the output of your system and may also damage the solar cells.

Some utilities rent or loan these devices. The size surface area of the module and the solar rating are the most important factors. Please note, although the solar ratings might be the same for some modules, the voltage and current output might vary It is advised to select a lower voltage module for smaller projects [less than 4 kW].

Other differences, such as color and financial limitations may also be a factor.

Consider using micro inverters that are easy to install and that generate AC power directly from the module. If more PV modules are installed, the system will perform better and battery life will be improved.

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If fewer PV modules are used, the system may not work at all during cloudy periods and battery life will be shortened. Inverter sizing An inverter is used in the system where AC power output is needed. The input rating of the inverter should never be lower than the total watt of appliances.

The inverter must have the same nominal voltage as your battery. For stand-alone systems, the inverter must be large enough to handle the total amount of Watts you will be using at one time.

In case of appliance type is motor or compressor then inverter size should be minimum 3 times the capacity of those appliances and must be added to the inverter capacity to handle surge current during starting. For grid tie systems or grid connected systems, the input rating of the inverter should be same as PV array rating to allow for safe and efficient operation. Battery sizing The battery type recommended for using in solar PV system is deep cycle battery. Deep cycle battery is specifically designed for to be discharged to low energy level and rapid recharged or cycle charged and discharged day after day for years.

The battery should be large enough to store sufficient energy to operate the appliances at night and cloudy days. The manual also includes detailed appendices on PV system maintenance, troubleshooting, and insolation data for over sites around the world.

SEI Certificate Program. Follow Us. Description Product Description This book is our previous publication adopted widely in the industry and for solar electric training in years past.

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December 9th, Installing PV systems is general construction work, which means the hazards associated with construction are applicable here. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Ambitious renewable energy goals?

Consider using micro inverters that are easy to install and that generate AC power directly from the module. The electricity generated can be either stored or used directly, fed back into grid line or combined with one or more other electricity generators or more renewable energy source.

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It will take 5 to 15 hours of work to install a small solar system on your roof, which could be done in one or two days. No job is worth serious injury. Jun 23, Andreas Michaelides rated it it was amazing.

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