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Perfect Hair Health is dedicated to exploring the science behind hair loss and showcasing evidence-based methods for hair regrowth – with or without drugs. Also, check Rob's site at perfect hair health. His ebook demonstrates the technique and provides lifestyle choices that help balance hormones. Perfect Hair Health Pdf Download. Perfect Hair Health Pdf Download. 63 Reads 0 Votes 1 Part Story. canutiri By canutiri Ongoing - Updated Dec 24,

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Hey guys, I read another post on here about scalp massage and looked into the protocol mentioned. The author of the free ebook has pulled. In , I released the first edition of the Perfect Hair Health book + video. I offered email . 50 bucks for an ebook and some video? How can. In , I founded Perfect Hair Health to showcase evidence-based solutions for stopping and Perfect Hair Health ebook: tressless - reddit.

Eventually, it stops producing hair. Nowhere in this theory is blood flow to the scalp mentioned. Pretty much any doctor will tell you that increasing blood flow to the scalp — whether through headstands, massage, or whatever — will not stop hair loss.

Not blood flow. This is a blow to many of those who champion scalp massage as a hair loss treatment. For many, the argument is that scalp massage leads to increased blood flow, which leads to improved hair growth.

Also, the relaxing and stress-busting effects of scalp massage are said to lead to improved hair growth.

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The evidence for scalp massage Whether improved blood flow is really the mechanism through which scalp massage improves hair growth is debatable. But there is evidence that — somehow — scalp massage really can regrow hair.

In this study , a standardised scalp massage was administered to nine men for 4 minutes per day. A total of genes were upregulated and genes were downregulated. Of course, it can be argued that nine participants is insufficient to draw firm conclusions about the effectiveness of scalp massage for hair loss.

How I went from a balding man to a guy with a good head of hair

However, these initial findings lend strong support to scalp massage as a hair loss treatment. In any case, these findings justify further investigation into scalp massage. For a long time it has remained an alternative theory with only anecdotal support.

Anecdotal evidence that scalp massage can regrow hair And there is plenty of anecdotal support for scalp massage as a hair loss treatment. A quick Google search will throw up a great number of success stories from scalp massage such as this one, this one and this one. This thread in particular is interesting; it collates numerous success stories, providing photographic evidence for the effectiveness of scalp massage.

If this level of regrowth is achievable from scalp massage alone, then it is a highly effective hair loss treatment. It is far easier to maintain hair than it is to regrow lost hair.

Even the strongest hair loss drug, dutasteride , is unlikely to regrow hair. So if scalp massage can achieve these kinds of results it should be regarded as very effective.

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Of course, anecdotal evidence like this is not conclusive. With limited clinical trials of scalp massage, the jury is still out.

Best of all, though, are his progress pictures. Interestingly, as well, he mentions that his hair loss progression slowed around the same time he adopted a paleo diet. And while I'm not longer taking on more email support, I do have some availability to Skype. More on this below. New pricing With these updates and the changes to email support, the book's prices are also locking no more sliding scale. There will be significant discounts during the launch week October 11thth.

If you bought the first book, you'll also receive a second discount based on your original donation amount.

The higher your donation, the larger your discount. Finally, these new updates are offered in three packages. Three packages The Complete Package and a minute Skype with me For those who want face-time, diet reviews, massage feedback, focused troubleshooting, and everything in between, this package includes a minute one-on-one Skype with me.

This is how it works: you read the book, watch the video, and dig through all the accompanying materials.

Then we set up a time to video chat each other. We can talk about anything - the book, the video, your techniques, what I'm currently researching, etc. To get the most out of your time, I suggest arriving to our Skype with a list of questions prepared.

The idea is to get you started the right way, give you all the resources I can, and fast track your results. Since my time is limited, I can only offer these interviews until I run out of free hours in my schedule. I don't know when that will be.

The evidence for scalp massage

If this is something you think you might want to do, it's best to jump on it sooner. Just like the book downloads last year, once I reach capacity, I'll have to take this option offline. In addition to our Skype interview, this package also includes everything else in the launch.

So many of us never talk about our hair loss.

These video interviews give everyone a chance to relate to people experiencing the same situation. You learn their stories, progress, and how they're achieving regrowth. There's also a lot of science and tips mentioned in these interviews that aren't found in either the new book or the demonstration video.

Like the other packages, this one details the same regimen that I and the first book's success stories used for hair regrowth. It comes complete with an FAQ chapter and troubleshooting guide, which essentially builds the email support I once offered into the entire package. Any questions?Surely the answer is going to be a little more complicated than just scalp massage? From my own limited experience of scalp massage, I have definitely noticed an initial increase of scalp grease and dandruff after starting scalp massage as described by JD Moyer.

Is that you today? If you bought the first book, you'll also receive a second discount based on your original donation amount. Keywords: hair, dermal papilla cells, scalp massage, mechanobiology, stretching force Aging results in a decrease in the total number and thickness of hair, termed androgenetic alopecia AGA in the male and female pattern hair loss FPHL in the female population.

In this study , a standardised scalp massage was administered to nine men for 4 minutes per day.

Interesting Ideas On Hair Loss; Similar To Danny Roddy

These video interviews give everyone a chance to relate to people experiencing the same situation. But JD Moyer persisted with the massage for over a year, even posting an update article. His personal regrowth is impressive and his current hair is perfect.

I'm happy to answer your emails and I always will , but I just don't have the time to provide email support the way I used to do it.

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