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Daily Devotionals - Open Heaven Devotional Enjoy Daily Motivational and Inspiring Messages * Enjoy Daily Motivational and Inspiring Messages. Enjoying Open Heavens By Prophet ppti.info - Free download as PDF File .pdf) , Text File .txt) or read online for free. Open Heaven (River Wild). Words and Music by Matt Crocker and Marty Sampson. Key -. CCLI Song # © Hillsong Music Publishing. For use.

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again - Romans ), the heavens over his life is opened. Galatians 13Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, having become a curse. An Open Heaven. I. INTRODUCTION: Vision of spectator becoming participator - God hasn't exhausted His resources. A. Not too long ago my pastor and a team. Open Heaven Daily Devotional - Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, and be inspired daily by the word of God in this.

Falling asleep Jacob saw a ladder resting on the earth with its top reaching into heaven a stairway to heaven. By this means the angels of God were ascending and descending. Jesus is now the means by which heaven and earth communicate. For those "in Christ" supernatural encounters are to be expected. Through him heaven comes to earth ministering spirits are sent to men below bearing the commands and comforts of our heavenly Father. And in turn they bear the prayers and praises of the saints back to heaven.

In Christ, a divine interchange is now possible between heaven and earth. In this season, just anything is possible. Supernatural encounters will increase in intensity and in occurrence. We shall be witnesses of greater things. We shall see greater things in this season.

We are rising to a higher dimension in the realm of the Spirit.

Open Heavens Teens

We are under open heavens, we shall be witnesses of great spiritual exchanges between heaven and earth in Christ, in the church and in the society. I am enjoying my best days. Christ has come and now he is my staircase between heaven and earth. I have permanent access to heaven. All the resources of heaven at my disposal. I am fully supplied and well furnished. I am in lack of nothing good. An open and supernatural communication occurs.

This is the "normal" life. As Paul testified, "I will go on to visions and revelations from the Lord. I know a man in Christ who was caught up to the third heaven. Whether it was in the body or out of the body I do not know God knows" 2 Cor We should expect a massive outburst of revelations.

We shall be on the same frequency as heaven. Amazing discoveries and strange insights are yours in this season of open heavens. When the heavens were opened when Peter was praying, he saw the animals in Gods garden. God came to him in a vision and wanted to feed him supernaturally. God wanted to solve his hunger problem supernaturally.

It is high time we open ourselves to the activities under open heavens. When Stephen looked up to heaven and saw the heavens, he saw the throne of God. He saw the glory of God and he saw Jesus standing at the right hand of God. I tell you, under open heavens, you shall have strange visions and revelations. This is the season for uncommon revelations and unusual visions. Get ready to be ushered into this strange realm.

For he has promised, "greater works shall you do because I go to the Father" Jn We are set for greatness. The heavens were also opened when Stephen was killed as the first martyr.

He was stoned to death. Religious spirits will always resist an open heaven. But immediately the church was scattered from Jerusalem through the persecution and the word spread into Judea and Samaria.

Through an open heaven the kingdom was increased. When it was time for the gospel to go out to the Gentiles the heavens were again opened. Peter, falling into a trance "saw heaven opened and something like a large sheet being let down to earth by its four corners" see Acts Through this open-heaven revelation, the door opened to the Gentiles.

Peter was shown he was not to declare unclean what God had declared clean. A whole new chapter of Gods purpose for the earth began. This generation has been called to live under an open heaven.

Never before has the door to the Gentiles been as open as it is right now. This is the time to be pressing into God in this open-heaven revelation and outpouring for an increase of the supernatural and therefore of Christs kingdom in the earth. I am anointed to do Gods will.

He was afraid and said, How awesome is this place! This is none other than the house of God; this is the gate of heavenHe called that place Bethel" Gen When God visits he comes to stay. He is not only interested in visitation but also habitation. He is looking for a place to dwell. Somewhere he can call home, where he can kick back, and relax. An environment that answers to who he is. So, what creates that environment? What kind of house does he want to live in?

One thats filled with intercessory worship. Jesus said that, "My Fathers house shall be called a house of prayer". From the opening pages in the book of Genesis, we find the Holy Ghost hovering over the earth looking for a place to rest but finding none. John gives us the key to this. The Holy Ghost came down on Jesus and rested on Him in a permanent and total way.

So, an open heaven is marked by a significant increase in the spirit of prayer and of worship. No church growth program, city reaching strategy, or "anointed" entertainment will ever build the house that God lives in.

He will only dwell with the humble and contrite of spirit. If we understood the implications of this we would be on our faces. Give yourself to prayer. You will lend to many nations but will borrow from none. The Lord will make you the head and not the tail" Deut When we are living under an open heaven not only is the Spirit outpoured but we can often also experience increased financial blessing.

While not always the case increased spiritual outpouring can signal increased financial outpouring. It is time to expect unusual financial blessings for the sake of the gospel.

We shall be empowered financially to sponsor the advancement of the gospel. Despite these exceptional circumstances we can be assured from Scripture that God desires to bless his children materially see Psa As his glory increases on the church this will be manifested by increased financial blessing for the sake of the gospel.

The heavens belong to the Lord but the earth he has given to the sons of men. With the increase of revival there will be an accompanying release of the earths resources to the work of God. In fact, under an open heaven there is a transfer of wealth as the abundance of the nations flows into the house of God.

Where there has been financial struggle suddenly, with an open heaven, the floodgates of provision are opened and the kingdom moves forward. God shall make available His resources as we move forward with the agenda of the kingdom. In this season we are to expect uncommon prosperity. We are to expect and influx and inrush of massive finances as we press on in the proclamation of the Gospel and in the advancement of the kingdom of God.

The days of doing Gods work without finances are over. In this season of open heavens, there is an increase in angelic activity. The ministry of angels to us as Gods people is very important, although we do not hear this preached too often.

The Lord Jesus was ministered to by angels. The Lord said to us that these angels have been assigned to defend and protect us Psalm Angels shall be dispatched into our lives, churches and communities in an ever increasing measure. We must be open in order to welcome and accept the ministration of angels. They are sent to minister to us and for us. An open heaven brings angelic activity into your life, ministry, home and community.

God will give His angels charge over you! Your dreams will become more than dreams. They will become heavenly encounters and life changing experiences as you move and flow under open heavens. Your life will enter into a different dimension in this season. Thank You, Precious Father, that you have made possible the ministry of angels in my life during this season. Angelic activities are intensifying in my life and ministry. Angels are working on my behalf.

Angels are sent to minister to me and for me. I am highly favored. Ezek 1: The Scriptures show us that when the heavens were opened, people on earth experienced visions, revelations and encounters with God.

Even those who were not normally given to receiving visions and revelations begin to have such experiences. It becomes easy for many to flow in the revelatory gifts of words of knowledge, words of wisdom and discerning of spirits.

Some of the revelations can be life changing, altering destinies, releasing new ministries and so on. Under open heavens, the spiritual realm becomes so real and tangible even to the point that it becomes impossible to distinguish sometimes if you are in the natural or in the supernatural. In this season of open heavens, the church of God shall walk in the supernatural realm at a very high peak and amplitude.

The future for the church is very bright. Visions are critical to success and prosperity. Uzziah sought God in the days of Zechariah, who had understanding in the visions of God: The visions of God will bring in prosperity and favor.

As we grow in understanding the visions of God, we will flow in unquestionable prosperity. Under open heavens, visions are my portion and lot.

I prosper in this season because God grants me understanding and revelations. I am prospering heavily during this season of open heavens. I am living ahead of my peers because I am deep into visions of God. And the voice which I had heard addressing me like the calling of a war trumpet said, Come up here, and I will show you what must take place in the future.

Rev 4: The Lord showed him things concerning the future, things that were to come. We believe the Lord wants to reveal more to His children than ever before. He is a revealing God by nature.

He loves to disclose things to those who walk close to Him. The bible says in Acts 2: I will show wonders in the heaven above and signs on the earth below, blood and fire and billows of smoke. The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and glorious day of the Lord. Under open heavens, you should not walk in mere assumptions. You ought to know the things which are to happen.

A light to your path for a daily walk with Jesus

You cant afford to be in ignorance and in darkness. God is ushering you into the realm of continuous flow of visions and revelations. You can actually know exactly what is going to take place in the near future so as to take appropriate action. It is time to function with foreknowledge. We are in the season where like Christ, we shall know beforehand what to say and what to do. Nothing shall take us unaware. Before oppression comes, we shall be aware, before there is any attack, God will reveal it to us.

This is a wonderful time to be up and alive. This is a glorious season for the church and things will only get better. I am walking in full knowledge. I am walking in full assurance of faith. I walk in fullness of faith and knowledge. I know the things that are going to take place in the near future. I am not in the dark concerning the circumstances surrounding my life and affairs.

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He was removed from the Promised Land, the territory the Lord promised to him and his people. He was not in desirable circumstances. In fact, things were not favorable for him at all.

What Is An Open Heaven – Bill Johnson

Yet, in the midst of this turmoil the heavens were opened and he saw vision of God! Before Jesus returns, there shall be revelations and visions. Friend, you do not have to wait for perfect circumstances in your life to experience God's revelations. Regardless of where you are and what is going on in your life, God wants to reveal Himself to you in a very special way this year!

He wants to open the Heavens over your life. Ezekiel needed something new to focus on. Everywhere he looked he saw the Babylonians.

Interestingly enough the word Babylon comes from the root word that means confusion or to confuse. So Ezekiel was surrounded and held captive by the kingdom of confusion! Do you know someone in a similar situation?

Are there areas in your life where clarity and understanding eludes you and leaves you somewhat confused and disillusioned? Know that an open heaven over your life with bring the divine perspective into your life! Ezekiel saw visions of God. Do you want to see visions of God? Wouldn't it be awesome to see Him?

To experience His true nature? You will do so when He opens the Heavens over your life! And this is good news. The heavens are already opened over you. We also how Elijah the prophet shut the heavens and the bible says after he prayed the heavens were opened and gave rain to the earth.

The downpour of rain is to bless the community and to bless all the works of your hands. And every time there is rain coming down from heaven something must grow up from the earth because rain brings fruitfulness it is written Acts Under open heaven, there is a downpour of righteousness and the presence of God, with God coming to us like the rain.

Gods people are so overwhelmed with a sense and knowing of Gods presence that righteousness and consecration move to a new level. Habits and behaviors that were displeasing to God and which were once accepted, are now rejected and removed.

When God sends His rain of blessing to the earth fruitfulness is the result. We all know that the blessing of the Lord makes rich, and it adds no sorrows, so when the blessing comes upon you it causes you to prosper beyond measure.

When the showers of blessing comes on you it makes you a blessing. So in this season of open heavens, expect to move in strange dimensions of the blessing. I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. I am blessed beyond measure.

I am programmed to succeed in everything I do and everywhere I go. My life is going upward and forward by leaps and bounds. I am a joint-heir with Christ and all things are truly mine. Mal 3: Peoples needs are met supernaturally. Jobs, promotions, financial turnarounds, growth of businesses, restoration of what was lost, and a whole lot more in relation to bringing material blessings into the lives of Gods people begin to happen.

It is not to say that such things do not happen at other times. God is true to His Word and always meets our needs Philippians 4: The Lord wants to bless all the works of your hands.

God's blessings are connected to the opened heavens.

When He opens the heavens over your life, you will experience tremendous blessings. See how the Lord refers to the open heaven as His treasury.

We believe this year the Lord will open up His treasury and give treasures from Heaven to those who will dare to obey His word! God will give richly bless you such that you will not have room enough to contain it.

Under open heavens, there is an overflow of blessings and provisions because puts his limitless resources at your disposal. We will have more than enough to meet our needs and to advance the kingdom of God and to further the purposes of God in our generation. If you have, you know that every part of you gets drenched.

Your hair, your clothes, what you are carrying, whoever is with you. Nothing remains untouched under open heavens.. Just as the rains pour from heaven, God is pouring out His blessings on your life, soaking every part of your life with His goodness. Because of Jesus, every blessing is yours. You are living under open heavens.

Your home, your family, your relationships, your finances. The big things, the little things. Your coming in and your going out.

It's all soaked in the favor, health and provision of Jesus! Everything you have and everyone who is connected to you enjoys the effect of opened heavens over you.

The picture of blessings overtaking you is one of great abundance. It's the same picture we see in the book of Amos. Amos 9: You don't have to perform at a certain level to receive the blessings. You can't earn God's favor or merit His goodness. Jesus is all the qualification you need. If you are in Christ, then you qualify to walk in the flow of open heavens.

At that moment heaven was opened, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and lighting on him and behold, a voice from heaven said, "This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased. Before He performed one miracle, healed one sick person, etc. The Bible says that the windows of heaven were actually torn open as the Father spoke His words of love and affirmation over His Son's life.

I have never read where the windows of heaven closed after the Father spoke His words of love and affirmation. If that is the case, then Jesus lived under an open heaven all the days of His life on earth. We do read where Jesus tells Nathanial that he will see angels ascending and descending on the Son of Man John 1: If we are called to live the same life as Jesus lived because we are in Him, then we too should live a life, hearing the words of our heavenly Dad saying to us Those of us who still struggle with a poor mindsets might not be convinced that this is true.

My encouragement to you today is that it is true! Jesus paid the price for each one of us to live our lives under the affirmation of a God and Father who has loved us from before the creation of the world.

I am programmed for greatness. I am destined for the higher life. I am scheduled for the superior life. I am a beloved son of God. I am well pleasing unto the Father and I am accepted and approved in the Beloved. I am at rest in the love of the Father. And he was afraid, and said, how dreadful this place is!

This is none other but the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven. Gen It was twilight and he was in a strange land. The journey being longer than the day, he lay down on the hard ground with a stone for a pillow.

Nothing in Jacobs life indicated what would happen next. His past was a mess and his future seemed uncertain.

His hope was that a distant relative would give him refuge. But that night, he dreamed of a stairway reaching from earth into heaven, upon which angels were ascending and descending. Above the staircase stood Almighty God. He spoke to Jacob of the covenantal promises given to Abraham and Isaac, and now passed on to Jacob. Jacobs life was changed by the revelation of an open heaven above his life.

There was nothing he had done to deserve it. Gods favor towards Jacob was based on covenant, not on personal merit. Jacob was an heir to the promises. And like Jacob, we are heirs of a covenant; not through anything we could achieve ourselves, but by grace, through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

We can boldly expect God to the blessings of open heavens upon our lives. There is nothing we can really do to have heavens open over our heads. In Christ, we have access to open heavens. In Christ, we can walk under open heavens. We have to believe in Christ and in what He did for us. In Christ, we have access to all the resources of heaven. We have access to the best in heaven.

Open heavens is yours because of Christ. Mark 1: Jesus lived and ministered under this open heaven. He was in touch with the Father at all times.

Nothing was impossible. Demons fled, diseases were healed; even death could not stand in His way. Heavens supernatural resources were made available to Jesus as He prayed and did what He saw the Father doing. John 5: When the veil tore open at Jesus crucifixion Matt Acts 2. Everything that was available to Jesus to accomplish the Fathers will is also available to us today. Jesus would not say, Follow Me, if that were not the case. Living under an open heaven is our inheritance, and it should be our experience.

It is time to walk under open heavens. God has opened up the heavens for us. Let us have total faith as we launch into this season. God has given everything that is in heaven to us. God has made the resources of heaven available for us.

There is nothing God has withheld from us. God has given all that we need to succeed in life during this season. Total success is yours. Walk therein. I came to church one Tuesday and the man of God prayed for me. I returned to the hospital and the doctor examined me and found that my liver was back to optimal functioning.

I thank Jesus. Brother G. I have been suffering from swollen feet for some time now. I went to buea to consult with a specialist who told me that my kidneys were bad and bleeding. I came back to church and the man of God prayed for me. On Monday, I returned back to the same specialist who confirmed that my kidneys were functionally normally. Sister Lydia I have been suffering from Leukemia for a while.

I came to the church and the man of God prayed for me and gave me water to drink. I returned to the hospital and the found out that the Leukemia had disappeared. Is Jesus not wonderful? Brother Jerome I had a complication that made it impossible for me to give birth. The doctor was planning an surgical operation but the man of God came to the hospital and prayed for me.

My condition returned to normal and I gave birth safely. Sister A Some time ago, I had an accident that caused a major deformity in my leg such that my hip bone was absorbed into my stomach, causing me to have one shorter leg, such that it was difficult to walk. I came to church and stood on the prayer line. The man of God held my legs and prayed. My shorter leg grew back to normal. Now I can walk normally. Sister I have been blind for about four years now.

I went left and right looking for healing but to no avail. I came to church on Sunday and entered the prayer line. The man of God prayed for me and now I can see perfectly.

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Enjoying Open Heavens By Prophet Kevin.pdf

Learn how to access Heaven, creating revival and accelerating miraculous harvests from sowing in the glory zone. Reap the wealth of the sinner laid up for the righteous.Thank You Lord; my life is now completely in Your hands and heart, and according to Your Word I shall never be ashamed. Who is this Spirit of God?

Jesus is now the means by which heaven and earth communicate. I am walking in full knowledge. The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil's work. We remember that Jesus said his meat was to do the will of God and to finish the work which God has given him.

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