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Open Heaven (River Wild). Words and Music by Matt Crocker and Marty Sampson. Key -. CCLI Song # © Hillsong Music Publishing. For use. WORD. Translating men. From the. kingdom of darkness. into the. kingdom of light. A light to your path for a daily walk with Jesus. Enjoying Open Heavens. Spirit gave me Matthew 13 for reference and then this year 4/16/ Holy Spirit said .. Deeper worshiping - This is where Heaven opens up and God receives.

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OPEN HEAVENS to bring an end to tragedy, adversity, and . South Africa, and a recent incident (in ) demonstrated all too clearly how near to hopeless. Dates for Term 1. Start – Tuesday 20th September Finish – Tuesday 13th December Term 2. Start – Tuesday 10th January Open Heavens [Pastor Enoch A. Adeboye, Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, E.A. Adeboye, Sparklesoft Solutions Ltd.] on ppti.info *FREE*.

Suddenly we know what to do and when we do it, we stopped the attack and oppression of the enemy.

When we have wisdom, we will know how to execute. God will show us the way and things will fall in place. If God wants us to be a soldier, a teacher or a businessman, He will supply the grace. If we cannot see, we will always be at the disadvantage. When revelation comes, our life will become very exciting.

When we make decisions in our life, we must know where we are going.

>>>My Point of VIEW

In fact, you will look at a lot of things through new eyes. This review is based on a free ebook given to me by the publisher. Tommy Tenney have provoked me to seek God face and worship the Lord with all my heart with a passion more of God. And how we need to seek God like David did, pursuing God heart through our worship.

If you hungry or just want more of God this is the book for you. I really like the section in the book on the benefits of having the manifest presences of God.

Enjoying Open Heavens By Prophet Kevin.pdf

My review is on the free eBook that was given to me by the publisher. By positioning ourselves with a hungry, raw and authentic heart for God, our soil is ripe for Him and His Kingdom to come. We are invited to give up our performance, but not our pursuit, of Him; to chase the "Anointed" not the anointing; to tend and guard the portal to Heaven. Tommy challenge Tommy, in very simple language, has provided us with a focus that can help shift our hearts toward God versus the Godly, realizing His presence on a permanent habitation rather than intermittent encounters.

Tommy challenges us in our love and what it means to sacrifice and take on the cares of the heart of our lover. This book is for the hungry! Talking about a holy desperation of pursuing the presence of God and only being satisfied by him. I have never read anything like it but my relationship with God is on a whole new level. What do we trust—our eyes or our instincts, our guidebook or our gut?

I was acutely aware of her dying, so much so that it seemed to me that the air itself was dangerous to breathe, for each breath demarcated the passage of time. I sensed the clock continuously, how it betrayed me, let go of me, ruined me, and broke my heart with every exhalation. Well, yes, it was that soon. Average time to death after brain metastasis from inflammatory breast cancer: three months. Shells were exploding in the rain-dark trenches.

My clock felt increasingly internal and intuitive. When you need to read the world differently, when ordinary channels of information are blocked, what then do you do?

About a quarter mile down the Bright Angel Trail, we stopped to rest.

My husband went off to make sound recordings, a passion of his, and I crouched in the scant shade of an overhanging rock, perched uneasily on the slope. The view from here was altered, for the canyon now towered above me. My tilted chin faced an immense wall of stone, as tall as a skyscraper. A red-tailed hawk circled high above me in the shimmering air.

What I saw, I labeled instantly, unconsciously: a bird of prey, a wall of stone, the quick and apprehensive movement of a ground squirrel.

Some tourists, French and German, lumbering along, out of breath, their nylon packs a jarring shade of blue. Would a Hualapai woman pausing here a few hundred years ago have broken down this vista into its constituent, material parts? Or would she have seen a landscape rich with portent and spirit, where that bird was not just a bird but a song?

Disturbances in Heaven

We climbed out of the canyon, stopping frequently to take sucks of water from the clear plastic tubes jutting out of our newfangled backpacks. As we approached the rim, I noticed a rainbow. A perfect, vivid little crescent rainbow hanging in the desert sky as if a child had placed a decal on a window.

It was so incongruous, given the arid climate, that I chose to make note of it, and checked my watch. Just shy of noon. By evening the sun set breathtakingly, spilling colored light into the canyon. No answer. In her wisp of a hospital gown, she sipped Pepsi from a straw, bald as an eagle, hands bruised from multiple IV punctures, her legs too pale and slender.

She was finally on morphine, and for the first time a little smile played at the corners of her mouth after a weeklong stretch of pained affliction due to wave after wave of intense headaches, with nothing being offered by the hospital but Tylenol because they were treating her for a blood infection and had lost track of the other medical team who had been treating her for cancer. No more chemo. No further radiation.

The guns would go silent. The palliative care physician guessed that she had weeks, at the outside margin. But nobody told her that.

She was left to envision a horizon without end, distant or near, bright or dark. Instead, she became a peaceful queen presiding over her court as fifty or more friends, relations, and colleagues arrived for one last conversation, a final kiss. The short hallway of the hospice seemed to me to be streaming to and fro with weeping executives in tony suits, and well-heeled women with red-rimmed eyes carrying bottles of Veuve Clicquot.

Just one more toast, another laugh. The hospice nurses were fascinated, as they told me later, for they were more accustomed to small family groups visiting elderly patients in a quiet, off-and-on way. Never have I seen human beings so exquisitely emotionally attuned to one another as we were when we spent those last days in May with my dying sister. When she wanted the volume of energy up, we turned it up.

When she wanted it down, we brought it down. The calibration was so precise that when a visitor barged in, all innocence, but with the wrong energy level, we tackled them like a rugby team.

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Generous love, released from need. Often, we sat about wordlessly as she slept, my other two sisters, my brother, and me. Sometimes we massaged her hands with cream and sang softly.

Her sweetheart, Joel, played his guitar.

My mother, awash in two waves of grief, read Katharine the love poetry that our father had penned for her in the early fifties. She spoke very little, in these final ten days of her life. A few sentences here and there, more often just a word or two. Yet it was clear from everything she said that she was present and observing.

Which was why it grew remarkable to us that she seemed so content. She enjoyed our company and the music we played, and gazed admiringly at the garden beyond her window, and the light playing in the curtains. She looked gorgeous, as if lit from within.

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We touched foreheads. My brain was a computer in meltdown, a car shoved into neutral, an old black-and-white television whose brightness had narrowed to one fizzing star. It is difficult to describe, because I was not capable, intellectually, of observing my own disintegration.

She knew very well that she was dying, and more than that. Forty-eight hours before she died, she told us she was on her way.

Hospice could have been two months or six months or two years. A study conducted by Harvard researchers found that 63 percent of doctors caring for terminally ill patients wildly overestimated how much time their patients had left.

The patients themselves, however, can become crisply precise, sometimes nailing their departure to the hour, according to hospice staff. She teased Joel that he looked like a drug addict in his hollow-eyed disarray.

She was present, but also elsewhere.Well, yes, it was that soon.

And every time there is rain coming down from heaven something must grow up from the earth because rain brings fruitfulness it is written Acts I have been created by God in Christ to do good works which God has planned for me. We should do good unto men. What was she seeing, what was she learning, what would she have told me if she could have, after she could no longer converse? I returned to the hospital and the doctor examined me and found that my liver was back to optimal functioning.

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