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Nylon magazine is dedicated to feature women’s fashion, beauty, lifestyle, pop culture, music and much more. This is Nylon magazine’s September issue. Tags fashion Nylon pop culture. Nylon magazine covers style and it is dedicated to the pop culture and today’s young woman. This is Nylon magazine’s april issue. Tags Beauty fashion trends lifestyle Nylon magazine pop culture style. clothing by dolce & gabbana, earring by stazia loren, star bracelets by forever 21, stylist's own tiara, chokers, and cuff. model:alexandra marzella.

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This website uses cookies in order to enhance your experience. Please review our Privacy Policyto learn how we may use cookies and how you can change. Cover of "Nylon Guys 02". Nylon Guys by NYLON Español. Published 4 years ago. Cover of "Nylon español 05". Nylon español by NYLON Español. nylon all issues pdf free download Photography , Fashion Photography, Our Biggest Sales ever Get 11% Flat Discount on Nylon Magazine magazine.

N: I watched your performances and I noticed you always smile. Do you ever feel nervous? L: I do get nervous but I want our fans to enjoy the performance so I think I tend to smile a lot.

N: So you do get nervous! What was your motivation? L: The support of my dad and mom really helped me a lot. And my fellow trainee members who I trained with.

We shared a lot of painful times. And our cool performances are one of it too. N: Please tell us the things you respect among the members. I really respect her a lot for it. Jisoo-san, who is always happy and full of energy.

I also always get a lot of happiness from her. N: Do you and your members play during day offs?

L: We often go to a theme park or aquarium! N: All of you must be really close! L: Yes,we are all close!

N: So you also talk about love stories…? L: My father is a chef so I think a man that can cook is cool. N: 3 things you want from a man. N: How about woman?

L: Jennie-san! What kind of a little kid were you? L: I was a happy kid. I always loved to play and my family always go to a vacation overseas once a year. N: Your favorite country? L: I love Switzerland. It has a lot of green in it and the weather is really good.

[MAGAZINE] 180528 Lisa on Nylon Japan July 2018 Issue (SCANS + INTERVIEW)

I also love mountains. Its name references New York and London.

Marc Luzzatto is the chairman and principal owner, and also responsible for the closure of the print magazine. The design of the magazine was intended to be "hyper-legible", in answer to criticism of Ray-Gun ' s "chaotic" layouts. The first issue was published on April 6, In , Nylon launched its website nylonmag. In , Nylon was bought by Pennsylvania businessman Don Hellinger. Nine months later the magazine became generally available online in digital form in March On their year anniversary in , Nylon made the April inaugural issue freely available online, including all articles, in scanned form.

Nylon came together with YouTube in for its Young Hollywood issue, allowing readers to watch the entire issue on YouTube. The partnership extended for the Young Hollywood issue as well.

Nylon Guys magazine

In , then-President Don Hellinger and then-CFO Jami Pearlman [9] [19] were charged with operating an illegal money transmission business for an online casino , unrelated to Nylon. Nylon has established a material social media presence. By early , Nylon was active on Instagram , had over , Twitter followers, [26] and had a million Facebook fans.

The new venture also acquired FashionIndie, with FashionIndie's founders, Beca Alexander and Daniel Saynt, maintaining their titles of editor-in-chief and creative director, respectively.

This was handled as a "hostile takeover," meaning that the original founder, Marvin Jarrett, was ousted from his own magazine with zero notice.

The staff, given no notice of the sale, learned of the takeover via WWD. In September , announced that it was transitioning to an all-digital platform. The print edition of Nylon was discontinued as of the October issue. The staff was given no notice, and unceremoniously let go. Upon the departure of the core print team, only two original staff members, of the odd employees from before the sale in , remain.

Michelle Lee was named Editor in Chief in [38] and left in late when she was named Editor in Chief of Allure magazine. Melissa Giannini was then named editor-in-chief.

Creative Director: Molly Butterfoss, Art Director: Kayla Kern, Producer: Ricky Michiels Features Director: Lisa Mischianti, Senior Editors: Jade Taylor Associate Editor: Keryce Henry Editorial Assistant: Austen Tosone.

Fashion Fashion Director: Joseph Errico, Style Director: Dani Stahl, Market Editor: Marissa Smith, Assistant Editor: Nicole Draga. Medialife Magazine's Jennifer Cox wrote in that Nylon was "a little uppity, and it's not hard to understand why", describing it as "bold, idiosyncratic, challenging, absolutely of-the-moment," but unnoticed by "the mainstream" until March , when Nylon was nominated for the ASME National Magazine award.

She described the April issue as "groundbreaking" for a fashion magazine to feature an overweight woman in a history of women's weight, noted that the magazine's models "are more often interesting looking than beautiful per se.

The American Society of Magazine Editors noted the magazine three times: Nylon was nominated for "National Magazine Award for General Excellence ,, circulation " in , [45] was a finalist for "General Excellence , to , circulation " in , [46] [47] and was a finalist for the ASME "Design" award. They found it to be the "destination of choice for alternative, fashion minds everywhere", and " Nylon' s entertainment radar is still alive and well.

Strength 3 Thermal Coefficient 80 x C. Tool of Expansion The tool that is used in the welding process is made of 4 Max. This makes it Temp. Nylon 66 7 Density 1. They are used as a B. Friction Stir Welding tool for end mills, routers, drills, tools, planar tools, lathe, punches, reamers, taps, saws, broaches, hobs and chasers. The The method of welding used in this process is Friction Stir length of the pin in the tool that is submerged in the work Welding FSW.

This process creates an material. The length of the tool was tapered. The smaller extremely high strength, high quality joints with low diameter was 3mm and the larger diameter was 6mm. The distortion. The rotation of the non-consumable tool creates the shoulder of the tool is of a greater diameter than that of the friction that converts the work piece into the plastic state.

The tool used for the During the traversing of the tool pin along the line of the joint, welding was heat treated before using for the welding to the tool touches the top layer of the plates and helps in the increase the strength of the tool. Annealing, quenching or plastic deformation.

The bond tempered. The hardness of the material incorporated was made between the two materials is in solid state and they are 62HRC.

The physical properties of the material with which made up of parent material only. The welding of the Nylon 6 polymer plated which was 3 Poisson ratio 0. The welding of nylon 6 polymer plates by Friction Stir Welding is represented pictorially in the Figure 2. The I-Section of the optimized welded plate is cut with the dimensions followed by the A.

The I- The operation which was done on the Friction Stir section of the plate was cut by Water Jet Machining to obtain Welding machine was done with the different speed of the better accuracy and good surface finish which will yield better shaft, different feed rate and also different depth of cut. The results in the testing and the thickness of the I-section was optimization was done for finding the optimum speed, feed 13mm, which is difficult to cut by the conventional machining rate and the depth of submergence.

At the start, the welding process. The length of the gauge LO was kept as 50mm. The dimensions used for depth of submergence being 6. The depth of standard tensile testing of the materials are used in this testing submergence was maintained the same throughout the process.

Bottom panel for Description

The Standard dimensions for I-Section followed by operation, for different spindle speeds and feed rates. The dimensions for the I-Section of the the result was defective. Then the process parameters of the Optimized welded Nylon 6 Polymer Plates used for the welding operation were changed and the operation was carried analysis by Tensile Testing are shown in Figure 5.

The spindle speed was increased to rpm and the feed rate was reduced to 0. The result obtained during these parameters was also not satisfactory. The feed rate was increased and the spindle speed was reduced and it was found that the results were poor. Then the spindle speed was further increased while the feed rate was decreased in steps. Finally, the optimum parameters were found to be with the feed rate of 0. An axial force of 2KN was allowed to act on the plates during the welding process.

The results obtained with the operation being done with these parameters were impressive. The results were impressive all the time when the operation was done with these parameters. The defectively welded plates are shown pictorially in the Figure 3. The plates that are welded with the optimum parameters are shown pictorially in the Figure 4. The I-Sections which was cut from the optimized welded Nylon 6 plates were four in number, in which one from each of the welded plates. The two I-Sections that were cut from each of the optimized welded plates were from the middle of the material as the corners had the Figure 3: Defectively Welded Nylon 6 Plates impression of the entry and the exit of the tool pin which looked like holes on the welded materials.

The pictures of all the four I-Sections of the Nylon 6 Plates that were cut from the optimized welded Nylon 6 plates were arranged linearly and the pictures were taken. Analysis of Optimized Welded Plates The analysis is done to find the strength of the weld and the change in the properties between the parent and the welded material. The testing was carried out based on the testing techniques followed by American Society for Testing and Materials.

The result of the testing for peak load was obtained in the form of graph. The stress-strain relationship of the welded Nylon 6 material was also obtained as a graph.Then the spindle speed was further increased while the feed rate was decreased in steps. Die Verarbeitung erfolgt auf Grundlage des Art. Due to the application of the tensile load in cracks or micro-damages in the material due to the Tensile steps, there was an elongation in the material which was found loading which was done in steps during the Tensile Test.

L: One of my favorite artist, Kehlani. Garvin, J. Rizzoli Publishing. Nylon ' s masthead credits the four alphabetically as follows:

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