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Prima Games A Division of Random House, Inc. Lava Ridge Court, Suite Roseville, CA ppti.info PRIMA Official Game Guide. Game Guide The Art Of Mass [PDF] [EPUB] Mass Effect 2 is an action D&D 5e - Sword Coast Adventurers Guide - PDF Free Download. Game Guide, Game Book Scans» Game Guides» Mass Effect - Prima Official Guide. Mass Effect - Prima Official Guide Scan. Game Guides @ Emuparadise.

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The enemy is massive, blocking out a sinister outline against the planet below. It's almost peaceful t o watch bits and pieces of the Normandy escape the ship's gravity field and float away. Finally, Shepard. However, science has advmped enough t h a t not even death is permanent.

The organization n science. You receive new codex entries all af the time, such as after speaking t a somebod] or scanning an object. Pay attention t o the meters and intel featured on the HUD, especially in combat situations-it may just save your life.

Here are all of the features of the HUD when in combat:. When you take a critical amount of damage, the edges of the ' screen redden. Immediately seek cover!

Squad: Your current squad is here. Next t o tbn portraits is a meter t h a t shows their shield strength. If the squad member has biotic capabilities, the current state of cooldown is also shown here. When a portrait turns red, t h a t squad member is without shields and being attacked. When it is gray, the squad member has fallen. Enemy: When you train your weapon on an enemy, the current state of your foe appears here.

You can see how much shielding, barrier, armor, or health the enemy currently has. Getting shot start an entirely new one. If you import a save file, several of the choices you made in t A game, such as whether or not you saved the Council, carry over into this next mission. Enemfes are extremely tough, use upgraded weapons, and are aggressive with their powers. Insanity: This level is intended far player have beaten the game an Mpdcore the ultimate challenge.

Wmrnies are exceedingly aggressive and use thpir powers mercilessly. Squad Power Usage: Enabling this feature allows your squad members t o make their own calls in combat in regards t o using powers. Turning it off means your squad members will also use powers defensively. Otherwise, you must deploy powers for them. Shepard's appearance is predetermined, as is the commander's backstory. A quickstart Shepard is always a soldier.

The Shepard down. Froject Lazarus 1 You wake inside a laboratory. She directs She pistol and then t o some therm. She doesn't have time t o tell Shepard much. After your vitals are stabilized. B E 3 Welcome t o Proiect Lazarus. U3KI Mechs attack with standard-issue machine pistols a t long t o medium range. A single blast t o the head causes the meoh t o explode.

Up close. These mechs are typically programmed t o patrol sectors and. Minion Powers: Taser Blast Defenses: Jacob has no idea why the mechs started the attack. Wilson e Jacob and t:. There are other topics'to pursue: Jacob is Miranda's t Use Miranda's terminal t o learn more about Project Lazarus and add relevant information t o your codex.

In a Hurry7 The service years in t h e Alliance before leaving and accepting this job. Only somebody close t o the project could get the needed access t o hack and reprogram all of the rnechs t o attack-especially just as you woke up.

There's n 'lout her a t this point. You can Iursue a line of questioning about your crew from. If you successfully hack i t. L Wilson help you out wi.


Don't expect any face time. Shepard is scanned into a hologram projector The commander will speak t o the lllusive Man via some serious long- Use t h e armor locker in the bay above the hologram chamber t o outfit Shepard. Shepard finally has a chance answers with the Illusive Man.

Security is paramount. And t h a t ' s a s the best w the latest human co. Shepard points out t h a t if t h e illusive Man Wanted t o take on t h e Talk t o Miranda and Jacob t o learn more about them and potentially earn more Paraaofleneaade points. The first. I- Refined Iridium I. Commander Shepard has entered into an uneasy alliance with Cerberus.

Shepard has little choice but t o see how far this new partnership will go. Since the Council seems determined t o ignore Shepard's warnings and t u r n a blind eye t o the Reapers t h a t are still out there.

The Illusive Man still believes t h a t the galaxy is under threat from the Reapers. Objective 1 Investigate Colony: As the shuttle circles Freedom's Progress. Miranda tells Shepard t h a t the I Illusive Man has placed the commander in charge.

The activate as soon as they -- Use zoom t o target the mechs. Of course. A t the conclusion of the oonvars'stion. Freedom's Progress is silent and still.

According t o Jacob. But the last one t o leave left the lights on and did not place the colony on lockdown. The approac gives you plenty of time t o discuss the situation with Miranda and Jacob. SO follow the trail of open doors.

Cut them down. Minior Powers: But why would quarians be interested in. Gyt I seemingly trigger-happy quaria. Prazza is unhappy he situationJ6utdutifully obeys.

Their four-legged design reminds many humans of attack dogs seen in old films. I krcer caKlng aown tne mecns.. Prazz zero t r u s t for Cerberus operatives.

Tali1Zorahvas Neema. Shields Weapons: Assault Gun. When t h e quarians arrived t o help Veetor. Chew through t h e drones' shields and then pick apart t h e exposed hull t o p u t t h e t u r r e t s down. The t u r r e t s can be programmed t o recognize allies as well as enemies. Tali explains why she and t h e other quarians are a t Freedom's Progress. Tali and her team will circle t h e far side of t h e colony and draw away security r Ouarian: A nomadic race Stationed across a wide chasm.

While Tali describes Veetor as neivousT Prazza offers a less charitable adjective: This leads t o a bigger question: Why did t h e force that swallowed up t h e human colonists leave behind a quarian? One of their own was on his Pilgrimage: Veetor survived while everyone else disappeared. Assault drones are n o t intelligent A1 creatures like t h e geth. A s cruel a s it sounds. These weapons are designed t o tear up infantry and disable vehicles.

If both arms are disabled. There is a lot of cover in t h e courtyard wrth the YMlR Mech. D i r e c t Miranda o r Jacob t o a point in t h e courtyard I that the upon your squad m a t e. Heavy Armor Weapons: Depending on which arm you remove.

The giant is armed t o the teeth with a rocket launcher on one arm and a minigun on the other. Boss Powers: Death Explosion Defenses: Heavy Shields. The YMlR is also fitted with both shields and armor.

L As threatening as the YMlR is. I f you do not keep on top of t h e mech. All the humans in the colony were taken away by what he calls the "monsters. If the Collectors are involved in wiping building directly above the wreckage of the YMlR out human colonies.

The quarian was not par L. Veetor I finally turns away from the monitor bay and t o your team. Ybu have t o approach Veetor out bf extract whatever information you can get him. Finding Veetor lay: Investigate the a Collector. Miranda calls this being the rest of her quarian associates. How you choose t o s t sets the tone for the r e s t was able t o sweep through leads Miranda t o wonder if the Collectors are using technology t h a t single's out humans.

He is mumbling something about monsters. There was a swarm moving through the colony. If you compassionately end the conversation with Veetor. He is surprised t o see humans. The lllusive M a n has prepared dossiers on notable soldiers and s c i e n t i s t s t h a t could prove beneficial for t h e mission.

You can implore Tali t o join you on t h i s mission and peacefully allow her t o take Veetor back t o t h e fleet [ t o Miranda's chagrin]. How you approach t h i s minor standoff will earn you Paragon o r Renegade points. This will earn you Renegade points. Or you can demand t h a t Veetor come w i t h you and your squad so you can question him further.

New ship? And Joker only looks good in t h e cockpit of one ship. Continue your conversation w i t h t h e lllusive M a n t o gather additional intel about t h e Collectors and t h e mysterious. The l a s t advice t h a t t h e lllusive Man has before you depart t o begin t h e process of assembling a new t e a m is t o seek o u t t h e salarian s c i e n t i s t Mordin Solus on Omega.

He w a n t s you LU continue investigating b u t understands t h a t you will need resources beyond just Miranda and Jacob. The lllusive Man sees a connection between t h e Reapers and t h e Collectors. The quarian refuses t o l e t even Shepard take away Veetor He obviously needs help.

I t t u r n s o u t t h a t t h e Illusive M a n suspected t h e Collectors were involved in t h e disappearance of t h e human colonies.

Cerberus is known for being r u t h l e s s. This will earn you Paragon points. Tali finally catches up t o Shepard. No non-Collector ship has ever been able t o successfully use t h a t relay. Having a s c i e n t i s t on t h e t e a m will open up research options aboard your ship.

Shepard would r a t h e r have t h e original t e a m back. Investigating a human colony stripped bare by the Collectors.. Meeting the mysterious Illusive Man. There are special missrons t o accept. Christened Norman y SR While he appreciates upgrades like leather seats [as well as an upgraded FTL drivel. Shepar can immediately plot a course t o the next planet. Aaain Diloted bv Joker.

Touring the Normandy is entirely optional. Surviving a mech attack. Miranda has her suggestion ready: Mordin Splus on Omega. Without ' e r n e means neutralizing the swarm. Use the galaxy map on deck i t o plot se. You can t but the only one rnn The order of seeking recruits is ultimately up t o Shepard.

Miranda and Jacob Dossier: The Professor Dossier: Archangel Dossier: The Convict W"'. Okeer possible four recruits.. Miranda and Jacob flank the commander t o talk about the next step of the mission. From t h e lalaxy maqfshepard can launch missions and direct ZrTipilot the ship t o any available planet.. Combat Information Center ClC. Shepard's privatc. Access the private terminal t o read -"incoming mes5ages meant only for Shepard's E t o investigate the crew's specializations when Shepard collects enough minerals and tech.

Shepard's 9 t can be mc led. The largest featqre of the flight deck is S. F n the armor locker. Next t o the galaxy map is Shepard's private terminal.

Chambers far more effective in this role if as an informal confidante than a ed head domor Conversing with ED1 leads t o ad itionalinformation about the role sf the Al's W t i n e. Press cyberneti about her ability t o run electronic ah warfare defenses t o prevent any intruders into Normandy's systems during an a t t a c k ED1 monitors shipboard activities and repdfts c information back t o the lilusive Man.

Wt 3iAt? This role as s unofficial. Once in the cockpit Any hs or appointments? Chat-r Ws will alert the commander. Much as with Chambers. J a honored t o be serving I While everything is professional with Jacob right now. Lrlere is little upside t o Cerberus betraying Shepard and t h e team. Give him his space when he needs it. Joker also has his opinion on t h e a f t e r m a t h of t h e original mission and how b o t h t h e Alliance and Council c u t t h e m adrift in s p i t e of t h e success against Sovereign.

He often has interesting. He will rebuff some of. But look for openings. Joker may have a smart mouth. Talk to him and get his feelings and opinions on t h e crew and the mission. Inside t h e armory. Shepard can change the squad's loadout from b is s t a t i o n e d inside t armory.

Jacob is only roman Keep checking back with Joker between missions. FBA Couplings. If you can bring back the couplings for the engineers. IS to vi! The Citadel serves as t h e seat of t h e Council.

Omly two primary missions on the Citadel figure into the main plot: Thane's and Garrus's loysky missions. Arrival i t has changed bureaucratic unlike inthe ori Effect. Shepard's time are limited to just ard and the Presidium. Avina warns you that skepticism of humans is rampant on the Citadel since humans benefitted most from the reconf the Council. Stairs conne the three floors of the Zakera Ward.

J u s t approach a Rapid Transit terminal and select the floor you wish t o visit. If you want t o dive right into some action. Rodam Expeditions is a shop owned by turian Etarn Tiron. Etarn is not immediately friendly. The current floor will m be graved out.

If you're interested in seeing the sights. From the Rapid Transit menu. Rapid Tran There are three floors of the Zakera block t h a t you can explore on your first visit. Saronis carries tech upggades. This is another situation where Presidium After doing a little shopping.

Marab is good r a short chat. Shepard talks t o Anderson about the Collectors. One of those changes was Shepard falling in with Cerberus. Shepard can stgp by the Presidium and pay a visit t o the human embas Use Rapid Transit t o access the Presidium. Saronis Applications Marab. Don't leave without i n s v c t i n g his osk. The asteroid l hub world w sure to see.

If you choose t o go for the convict or the krogan first. No matter which one Shepard seeks first.

So a t some point in the near future. There are t w o recruits on Omega. Turians and humans were the kmgan face eventual extinction unless a r the genophage is found. The batarian recommends t h a t Shepard check in with Aria. Wzhase do the I races t h a t Batarian: The batarians are an aggr t h a t withdrew from the Citadel fo decision t o consider batarian colo and open for human developm operations since humanity was abl their own systam lian aliens t h a t are victims endered.

With all of mercenaqSgangs. As a Citadel Security Services. You cannot locate Archangel without paying a visit t o Afterlife. The turians joined the Council 1.

They are a militaristic and highly deployed by the turians in the Krogan disciplined race who first proposed the idea of the r n every 1. The salarians developed t o the sheer size of their fleet and their spread across the stars. The slums are where you should report if you want t o chase down the professor. The turian informs you that Aria has a small side job she needs done. She didn't get there by being nice.

You should also use this chance t o familiarize. The special assignment involves a local krogan ch. She oversees all from her perch a t t h e t o p of this station's food chain. Speak t o Grizz. Patrons drown their sorrows and toast their successes a t t h e upstairs bar.

The bar is directly in front of you when you enter t h e long Aria is t h e asari in charge of Omega. Afterlife Aria Afterlife is a two-level nightclub and a central feature of Omega.

The bar throbs with t h e latest dance music. The batarian will not recognize you right away because he assumes you're already a corpse in t h e muck under Omega. The batarian bartender's reign of t e r r o r is over. This ends t h e special assignment. The secret entrance leads t o a a. But once he has poured you a drink. If you like. The Renegade route is t o force t h e batarian into drinking his own poison. Or you can opt t o raise a little noise about poisoned drinks t o get t h e attention of other patrons.

The next time you visit t h e lower bar. Y CW enter t h e lower floor via t h e w entrance inside Afterlife's main floor o r seek o u t. A turian takes particular interest in t h e situation. So offended by t h e batarian's alien hate [and t h e fact t h a t t h e batarian is likely t o transfer his grudge t o turians one day. Thelower bag IS smaller and more M i m a t e than rd. Shopping TO locate the shopping on Omega.

Kenn needs 1. The vorcha are. Both doors lead t o the stalk although from different directions. You are able t o appeal t o Kenn t o get a discount on his goods.

There is also a special assignment available - pg g: The shop is run by an w elcor. What you really want t o do. Ornesa Market Harrot 's: Emporiun is on the main floor of 7 the Omega marketplace.

Batarians are not necessarily partial t o humans. He has since taken t o selling salvaged tech t o make a meager living on Omega.. Stop and have a listen if you'd like.. The ramblings of the Mad Prophet on his soapbox greet you as you walk inside the marketplace via the apartment doors.. Talking t o Kenn s t a r t s Harrot about his actions.. The Mad Prophet can be left alone.

Even if you help Kenn.. Marsh sells a variety of goods. When you meet him. The shopping area is pretty crowded. Harrot sells useful tech and model ships. Shepard m u s t find a way into Mordin.

Getting the scientist out. A plague has ripped through the slums. Mordin is currently operating a clinic inside the quarantined slums of Omega.. The Illusive Man has identified a salarian scientist named Mordi who is intelligent enough t o potentially c the Collector swarms. Bypass the locks on the door near the crate t o enter the tomb of two slum residents. Blue Suns mercs tried t o press Mordin for protection money.

While he is in the middle of a coughing fit.

Talk t o the batarian t o learn more about the source of the plague. Inside the mechanical services room. Inspect the body of the turian plague victim and then play the data logs on the nearby console t o listen t o the unfortunate turian's final plight.

District-a barbaric way a " the fires. After collecting the element zero. There are a few bodies slumped in t h e corners. The slums seem deserted. He's fallen victim t o the plague and is in really bad shape. The offering of medicine and sympathy changes the batarian's tone.

Mass Effect - Prima Official Guide Scan

He is willing t o talk t o you about the plague and conditions inside the slums. His datapad reveals t h a t the Blue Suns have been busy locking residents up t o die. You must watch for the kr and not get too close. Mordin is taking in refugees now but the humans are suspicious.

They explain t h a t his lab is pretty deep in the slums. Return t o the barricade when you have exhausted the IThere are 8.

The krogan will charge. A locked door on the right can be bypassed. Check the wall safe for 7. He must be more than just a doctorperhaps a former soldier. A t the bottom of the stairs. Moving Deeper -a Tk l Continue down the corridor just behind the batarian.

And the Blue Sur we losina. Mordin was able t o kill vorcha and Blue Suns without much effort. This scan lei refin. Meeting Mordin Breathe easy as you walk by the two mechs guarding the clinic.

A weapons locker near the ntrance lets you swap out guns before heading k out into the slums.. They are not programmed t o kill humans. If you shoot a pack. Enter the clinic and have a look around.

Another door inside. There are a lot of refugees seekincl anctuary a t the clinic. W i n would join your teem. Move along one side of the room t o get closer t o the Blood Pack and pick them off. He still needs t o deploy Moraln has M o d i n eleo requests t h a t you keep an eye out for Daniel. These krogen do not believe in staying back. Look out for Blood Pack troopers in t h e rear of t h e room. Before long.

The t Blood Pack thugs have s e t up an ambush behind t h! A t least t h e courtyard has enough cover for your team t o use when launching a counterattack. Can you please make sure he gets back t o the clinic? Continue up the stairs until you reach a h two doors. Fire on them from above for as long as t o use the stairs t o dmp engage. There are stairs near the gambling terminal. Head up them and then hack the nearby banking terminal for another 7. Open t h e door on the left: Don't leave without hacking the gambllng terminal to the leik of the cwnycrrd.

DeM'is behind t h a t door. Use the stairs t o avoid the rockets or run t o the right t o flank the Blood Pack and fire a t them from an angle.

Open the door and then immediately fire on the vorcha scum on t h e other side of the room. When you t r y t o close in on the air systems. More Blood ' Pack troopers wait just inside the door across the hall. Wou can get clean shots a t explosive containers on the ledge from here. That's 8. I More Blood Pack thugs move through the courtyard directly in. The leader of t h i s patrol is talkative. Shoot those tanks! Fight your way t o t h e second fan room.

Blood Pack pyros pop out. In return. The vorche doesn't talk forever. The vorcha are assisting the Collectors. It works right away.

You cannot spend much time out of cover as you move on t h e second fan. You head back t o Mordin t o reiterate your offer t o join t h e team and take t h e fight t o t h e Collectors. There is one on each side of t h e console. After all. Heavy Pistol - Vorcha H e w y Classification: Vorcha Regeneration Defenses: Rocket Launcher lock doors t o t h e N o t all vorcha have enlisted in the Blood Pack.

He says t h a t t h e Collectors are indeed behind t h e plague. His spitting and snarling giu way t o gunfire soon enough. N o t only do Blood Pack troopers fan out. As soon as you activate t h e second fan. They will reg stwe if given hatf'.

Assault Rifle. Rockets from vorcha heavies streak across t h e room. As you close in on t h e doors. Take down as many as you can.. Vorcha thugs and heavies are also working t o advance t h e vorcha position in t h e galaxy. Environmental Control Vorcha are guarding t h e controls for t h e air systems. Mordin is happy t o join your t e a m now. He's ,eady t o see what he can do t o s t o p t h e Collectors and agrees t o meet you a t your ship.

YOUcan o p t t o leave for t h e Normandy r i g h t away o r look around t h e clinic. Medi-gel and power cells can be collected, and If you sent for t h e batarian plague victim, he is in the clinic now and feeling much better. He is also pleased t o see t h a t his. That's t o o big of a coincidence.

The Collectors have t o be aware of Shepard. The Illusive Man gives Joker the coordinates for Horizon. Archangel is curren embroiled in a violent war against the gangs of Omega. In order t o pull the potential recruit out of Omega alive, Shepard must somehow infiltrate the gangs Credits: T gain access t o the mercenary gangs t h a t are o Element Zero: Archangel has!

Though the Blue Sun: Archangel is all alone. However, positioned himself a t quite a vantage point. The only one bridge leading into the area. This gives sniper plenty of advance warning of a new assau Taking the bridge has resulted only in a bloodbath, so the merc bosses' new plan is for Shepard and elancers t o cake point while the merc bosses.

This mercenary gang was originally a security company pioneered by an asari named Jona Sederis. While Eclipse is viewed with serious suspicion by t h e Citadel, the merc band has been welcomed into t h e Terminus Systems. Eclipse does more than trafficking. It offers out assassination contracts, engages in sabotage, and offers security.

Blood Pack: The Blood Pack was originally a vorcha gang, b u t a krogan battlemaster named Ganar Wrang turned it into a fearsome mercenary outfit. Wrang was so confident in his outfit t h a t he took.

I make the way t o the transports just outside Afterlife. Do any shopping you think is prudent a t Omega before heading out. When you're ready, look for the Blue Suns driver waiting by the shuttles t o the left of Afterlife [if you are facing the main entrance.

Speak t o the driver and he'll whisk you away t o the outer edge of Archangel's base of operations. Paragons can interrupt the kid and s t him behre he throws his life away. That's the kid's call, not Shepan. T ridge leading t o Archangel's position is completely ; exposed-it's a killing ground.

However, they have kept up the attacks for so long t h a t Archangel is getting exhausted. He's making mistakes. The mercs-hope Sh italize on tbose vard assault po Jns can snea. Archangel doesn't know they are there. First Barricade Follow the road from the Blue Suns welcome wagon. There is no action en route, but you will see a few mercs holed up a t the first barricade, monitoring the situation.

Dart inside the nearby door t o speak t o Jaroth, leader of the Eclipse chapter on Omega. Talk t o Jaroth t o gather intel. They have a corner on the element zero [eezol market, but Archangel is complicating things. This mission is personal for Jaroth.

Apparently Archangel killed Jaroth's brother in an attack. Listen for the snarls of a vorcha t o find Garm, the krogan leader of the Blood Pack. Garm claims t h a t the Blood Pack mercs are the real muscle on Omega. Garm is looking forward t o taking out Archangel.

Not only has Archangel been thinning the Blood Pack ranks with his sniper rifle, but Garm has a personal beef with Archangel. Garm actually I cornered Archangel once. They fought, but Archangel slipped away just as Garm's reinforcements arrived. Garrn lets slip t h a t Archangel is turian, which is more information than you received from the Blue Suns earlier.

Hack open the locked door near cne aeaa merc t o locate a room full of good stuff. There's medi-gel on t h e wall, a crate of power cells. However, t h e best pickup is the Microfield Pulsar. Speak t o Cathka's assistant in front of the gunship t o gain an audience with his Blue Suns sergeant.

Cathka is busily repairing the gunship for use in t h e upcoming assault on Archangel but takes a moment t o speak with you about t h e mission. Ir you a milling t o take on some Henegaae points, Y, 3an give your team an advantage in t h e L pcoming skirmish.

When Cathka bends back over t h e gunship t o do some repairs, h i t t h e interrupt t o ry him with t h e electrical tools. With bravo team ushing in, nobody notices Cathka slump t o t h e.

However, the ship is not ready just yet. I t still needs work before i t can take t o the air: In the meantime, you will help the infiltration team get closer to Archangel. In fact, while you speak t o him Cathka gets word ravo team of freelancers. Open fire on t h e freelancers trying t o take Archangel's position. It turns out t h a t Archangel has a different name, one more familiar t o Shepard: Garrus Vakarian.

Join your teem as they help take down the mechs from the ventage point. Aim for the heads! Garrus came t o Omega after your reported death in hopes of doing some good without having t o cut through layers of red tape. Out here, he can kill criminals without anybody shaking a finger a t him. In fact, some of the locals really appreciate it; t h a t ' s where the nickname Archangel came from.

You and Garrus must make a plan for getting out. Although the bridge let Garrus hold off mercs, it will also funnel you directly t o It's too risky t o make a bnak fa. Before too has lost so many Eclipse mercs t h a t he has no choice but t o enter the battle himself. What the Eclipse rnercs lack in battle training they make up for in weapons and gear.

Eclipse troopers and heavies do not move in a cohesive unit and attack without much plan, but their weapons such as the heavy's rocket launcher1 can cause real trouble. Fortunately, most tow-bel Eclipse tmops do not have sMelds.

Jaroth so that: But no sooner than the reunion s t a r t s does the building s t a r t t o shake. I After. This walkthrough assumes t h a t you s t a r t a t the shutter nearest t h e basement entrance [marked Emergency Exitl and move next t o the shutters t h a t flank it It's your call. They have been trained to seek and use cover while allowing heavier forces t o storm the enemy.

Garrus is pleased t o have taken out Jaroth. Garrus suggests you head down t o the Decision time: Do you take the whole team with you or leave one member behind t o help fend off attacks with Garrus? Taking the full team will make. I You can close the wall shutters tin any order. As soon as you bring down Jaroth.. I I akes 10 seconds for the shutters t o seal. Use the door directly below the stairs.

Garrus realizes t h a t the mercs have figured out another way in: While the enemy is busy fighting off the frontal force. A medi-gel station and a weaponc k k e r are l j u s t beyond the-door. Raid them both. Left with any health. I i e next shutter is on the far side of the room. Make sure t h a t when you drop a Blood Pack warrior. Kmgan Charge. Look out for shotgun blasts and charge attacks when a Blood Pack warrior closes t h e gap. Incendiary Ammo Defenses: This wide corridor t: Krogan do not necessarily look for any strategy other than t o rush the enemy and attack a t close range.

Elite Powers: Kmgan Regeneration. He In addition t o the Blood Pack troopers. These thugs use flamethrowers t o roast their enemies F I k: Garrus comes over the comm. Flamethrower - the shutter Llite vorcha are hired as Blood Pack pyros. Garrus cannot Powers: Bite Attack Varren in t h e wild are fast. Blue Suns Legionh! Elite m Powers: Shield Boost. All t h a t is left are the Blue Suns. Get Garm in the rip t o charge. Garrus fills you in on his brief history with the krogan.

SMdd Boort. Garm put up Krogan cannot regenerate their way out of being dead. The gunship. Like Garrus aid. Disruptor Wm.

Garrus agrees t h a t it is time t o get out of here. Lay ha After Garm is down. They are the toughest of the three. The gunship swerves away t o come a t the building from another side.

See a Problem?

While Tarak flies the gunship around t o the side. The turian falls t o t h e ground. As soon as t h e troopers are out. Avoid missiles and keep burying shots into t h e hull.

It may take several moves between t h e courtyard and t h e window t o bring down t h e gunship. The gunship swings around t h e building and drops off reinforcements. You must eliminate t h a t gunship. You will need t o collect more thermal clips as needed.


Take cover and carve through t h e Blue Suns troopers until t h e gunship appears again. Heavy weapons do t h e most damage. She has shields and armor. Be mindful of Suns trying t o t a k e Garrus's base from t h e stairs.

While you clean up t h e stairs. If you did not sabotage t h e gunship earlier. Dive for cover as the gunship hovers outside t h e window and goes for a missile volley. Blast t h e gunship w i t h everything you have. But he appreciate! Golng up Collectors ts no cakewalk. Chakwas's medical skills. Garrus has his own questions about Shepard's involvement with Cerberus. If you are stiH seeking r Ncumandy t o your next s p t of the away team. Eclipse hangout?

Near the first barricsde? You c I ehe. With Dr. I including Jacob and Miranda. Garrus is up and walking in no time back on the Normandy.

Lost Operatwe are optional. Shepard can flirt with Garrus. Stop by and talk t o Garrus. If you stopped kid from joining up as a merc freelancer prior the Archangel mission. This is a ParagonIRenegade moment.

A prisoner in the holding cell is being savagely beaten by a guard while another watches. When you refuse t o gb quietly. You can encourage the guards t o keep on thrashing the prisoner. The Illusive Man has already arranged for Jack's Ily wants yocr t o h you.

The Purgatory is a large vessel but not sizable enough t o safely hold t h a t you pass a a t the first one. Helping call off the beating earns Paragon points while turning a blind eye is a Renegade action.They can train with pistols or sniper rifles, and can wear medium armor. You can still aim at targets while the game is paused, which is a sneaky way to take a break, or target fast-moving enemies at your leisure.

Infiltrators are trained to use Omni-tools, but their focus is decryption and offensive abilities rather than healing.

For more information on the starting and unlockable specialization talents, flip ahead to the Military Specialization section. The Mad Prophet can be left alone.

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