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Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) is a PRC-regulated exam with most number of I came from Makati and a graduate of education last May idea po kayo kung may free pdf reviewers po bang available dito?. LET Reviewer Professional Education - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. LET Reviewer Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd . Ask questions that are stimulating d.1/3/ LET Reviewer Professional Education Part.

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Licensure Examination For Teachers LET Reviewer Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET) Review Materials "You cannot teach a man anything, you can only. LET Professional Education Reviewers. Download Free LET Reviewers for Professional Education with answers (PDF) and more. Philippine Normal University Professional Education Reviewer. By Mark Anthony Llego Filed Under: Licensure Examination for Teachers Tagged With: board exam, gened, let, profed, reviewer .. November 21, at am. Thank you.

Authority is the legitimate offspring of freedom IV. Freedom and authority are antagonistic Which is it? I and II b. III c. II and IV d. Professionalization of teachers and teaching as promulgated in Presidential Decree No.

At the elementary and secondary levels in both public and private schools b.


By teachers of permanent status c. At the tertiary level in both public and private institutions d. By teachers on full time basis Which of these statements is TRUE regarding the indoctrination of a child in making decisions? This will facilitate the childs ability to make decisions.

This will make him dependent on the thinking of others. This will give him the opportunity to make right decisions at an early stage. This will enhance his ability to think and decide. The 18th century doctrine advocates for education in accordance with nature.

Trained in accordance with the standards set by the teacher b. Naturally disciplined for him to concentrate more c. Subjected to a specific regimen on training d. Allowed to develop according to his own inner impulses and inclinations Which of these contributions was the idea advanced by Gestalt psychologists? The best method of learning is through conditioning b. Each faculty of the brain must be provided with appropriate exercise c.

The individual reacts to a total environment d. A particular stimulus will lead to a specific response In content, this movement initiated a systematic objective analysis of curriculum materials in order to determine scientifically what should be taught. The coordination of functions and activities of educational institutions b. The maintenance of the highest quality of education c.

The revision of elementary education curriculum to make it responsive to the needs of the time d. The evaluation of elementary grade graduates Which of the current classroom practices is influenced by Skinners operant conditioning? Connection between stimulus and response b.

Involuntary response to a stimulus c. Progression of subordinate learning d. Reinforcement of correct practices Development tasks are to be learned by the individual at each stage of development.

If these tasks are not developed at an early stage, this may cause problems in later years. Arrange the following tasks according to the stages when they occur in ones life span: Acquiring a set of values and an ethical system II. Developing conscience, morality and a scale of values III. Learning to distinguish right from wrong IV. Taking on civic responsibility a.

To strengthen teacher education the Teacher Education Council created under R. Department of Teacher Education b. Teacher Education Commission c. Teacher Education Center of Excellence d. Commission on Teacher Education This system of learning includes ways and methods which are used in preserving and building certain traditions within cultural communities.

Integrated with Technology and Home Economics. Integrated in all subject areas c. Emphasized in Science and Technology d. Emphasized for creativity and productivity The environment must be interactive to facilitate learning, which of the following situations is an example of this? The class goes out ad discovers the habitat of insects. The teacher shows posters of the habitat of insects.

The class copies a list of facts concerning the habitat of insects d. The teacher lectures on the habitat of insects In teaching the major classification of plants and animals, which of the following will be MOST effective? Memorize the plants and animals under each classification b.

Invite a speaker to lecture on this subject c. List down all plants and animals under each classification d. Let the students discover the characteristics of plants and animals under each classification Authorizing the levy of taxes for school purposes b. Providing local funds for educational facilities c.

Providing for a highly centralized system of administering the public schools d. Appropriating a large sum for the construction of schools Social experimentation believes that education should develop in the learner a social motive and intelligence to enable them to help solve problems of a changing society. Tell the learners to accept social traditions wholly because social heritage is of great value b. Teach the learners what to do as they know better in making right decisions c. Involve the community and discuss objectively relevant issues to guide learners in evaluating them d.

Influence the learners in making choices and conclusions as regards controversial issues. National Elementary Achievement Test b. New Elementary School Curriculum c. New Secondary Education Curriculum. National Secondary Achievement Test Children in the early childhood stage consider teachers and parents as authorities and models. What does this statement imply? Teachers and parents should serve as role models at all times b. Parent teacher conference should always be an activity in school.

Teachers should demand complete obedience from the learners in school. Parents should enforce strict discipline at home and teachers in school. How can the Athenian ideal of education of forming a cultural soul in a graceful and symmetrical body be achieved?

By a well balanced development of mind, body, and soul b. By giving more focus on vocational education c. By emphasis on physical education d. By adopting the philosophy know thyself Prepare modules for slow learners in the class b. Give more attention to the gifted students c. Provide varied learning activities to suit individual needs d.

Treat all learners alike while in the classroom Which of the following would you consider MOST indicative of actual maladjustment of a student? Finding fault with the work of his classmate b. Spending his entire allowance each week on science fiction paperbacks c.

Inviting his classmates to eating places in an attempt to make popular d. Failing to take care of school properties In which of the following teacher tasks is knowledge of childrens affective development LEAST significant? Understanding the emotionally based causes of pupil behavior b. Helping children overcome negative emotions c. Sampling of classroom activities that generate excitement and happiness d.

Exploring ones own emotional reactions to various types of pupil behavior Which of the following demonstrates that education and culture tend to be cyclical? Culture is transmitted by the school system, and the classroom becomes the place of transmission b. The school is shaped by culture and culture in turn is influenced by the school. The school functions primarily as a transmitter of culture and is a change agent d.

The school becomes the avenue by which individuals learn their culture Public assemblies b. All institutions of higher learning c. State colleges and universities d. All levels of learning Service credits of one day for every five days of service during the whole year b. A hardship allowance of 2. An additional compensation of 50 percent of the monthly salary d. The privilege of teaching only four days a week. Which of the following statements regarding muscular development justify the selection of prospective contestants for an inter - collegiate tournament in weight lifting form the high school group?

It continues to grow reaching its peak at age 20 b. It depends upon the proportion of muscles and fate which stabilizes after age 20 c. It reaches its peak at age 17 and stabilizes till age 20 d. It reaches full maturation after age 20 All children of school age b. Elementary and secondary education c. Grade VI pupils d. Education in the primary grade Which of the following illustrates the Christian perspective of democracy in education?

Education controlled by the government b. Equal opportunities of educating men and women c. Education subsidized by the government d. Education of all human beings without distinction of race, social, economic, or political status of the like. Learning increases directly in proportion to the extent to which the learner is wholly bound up in his task.

How does a teacher show this to her lesson? Have significant and worth to the child b. Are easy to comprehend. Portray complex ideas d. Are fictitious to appear to their imagination Why are some administrators slow in accepting computers in their school in spite of its efficiency and effectiveness in the overall management? Which of these statements below are likely to be the reason?

II and II only c. I and III only b. I and II only d. I, II, and II Which of the following behavior indicates that a child has developed conventional maturity? Personal decisions based on his satisfaction b. The desire to avoid severe physical punishment by a superior authority c.

Internalized ideals to avoid self condemnation rather than social censure d. The expectations of the group or society in general to gain approval In each stage of development a psycho social crisis occurs. Thorndike Freud Erickson Piaget The questions need not be answered as long as the teacher listens b. At this age children enjoy listening more than talking c. This stage of development is the questioning stage d.

Children at this stage are more prone to tease and irritate their teacher How is curriculum designed to provide for individual differences? Providing realistic and meaningful experiences b. Including minimum essentials for each subject area c. Emphasizing social organization and procedures d. Making provision for some degree of flexibility Which of the following teacher behavior BEST illustrates an instance in which a teacher provid0ed students with facilitative instructional feedback?

Teacher B graded the students composition by marking them Pass or Fail.

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He requested that students who failed repeat their work. Teacher D gave a department test in history. Teacher C gave a spelling test. Words missed by a number of students appeared in the next test. Teacher A walked around the classroom watching the learner do their work.

She watches each student go through the process praising those who did it correctly and showing others how to correct their use of faulty procedures. What does good teaching require the teacher to be MOST alert to?

Family background of student b. Public concerns about education c. Appropriate behavior and proper rewards d. Poor behavior and use of immediate punishment Teachers freedom with restraint b.

Pupils freedom to reason out their side of a question c. Teachers freedom to do anything that he pleases d. Teachers freedom to plan classroom activities the way she sees fit Which of the following characteristics should an innovator consider in advocating a change? The direction of change must come under scrutiny of and control by intelligence and reason b. Changes occur at different levels of operation as well as at different levels of conceptualization c.

All of these d. Change takes place at various rates In which of these activities will the success of the teacher in the classroom depend? He can steer and guide pupils properly b. He employs various techniques she learns from books c. He implements suggestions on how to manage a class d. He makes decisions What is Piagets practical implication in the field of education? Cognitive growth is independent of accommodation and assimilation b. Emphasis on children thinking should be on the products rather than the process c.

Individual differences should be overlooked and accept that all children pass through all stages at equal rates d. Children cannot acquire cognitive cognitive skills for which they are not developmentally ready. Piaget views the adolescent as a thinker. Solve the complex problem without isolating the variables b. Pretend that the problem has been resolved without even trying c. Think of ways to avoid the complex problem d. Mentally isolate the variables and try systematic combinations to arrive at the proper solution Reducing certain class activities to routinely work helps to make teaching more effective.

Which of these reasons is the MOST appropriate for this? It gives teachers and learners time to do more important task b.

It provides learners valuable training and sharing of ideas in doing routine training c. It enables teachers and learners to spend more time with each other d. It allows teachers to write their lesson plans for the next day Assignment that will challenge his best efforts b. Work that are of interest to him c. Tasks that are easy to accomplish d. Necessary direction to perform tasks successfully Which of the following is the most positive factor of programmed instruction from the standpoint of teaching?

It is based on technological progress b. It frees the teacher to do things besides teaching c. It provides the students with immediate feedback d.

It is as effective and more economical than teachers The development of modern complex devices such as TV, overhead projectors, videotapes, slide projectors, etc. Materials which are commonplace or expensive have become obsolete b. The teacher is provided with more tools which add dimensions to his teaching c. Teaching devices that have been improvised must be replaced d. The teacher can show that she is up to date in her teaching Psychologists have stressed the importance of feedback in motivating people.

Which of these is the best feedback? Correcting the papers immediately and calling the attention to good answers made by students b. Returning the graded papers and calling attention to mistakes made by students c.

Returning the graded papers to the pupils with comments written on them d. Posting on the bulletin board a list of students with their grades ranked from highest to lowest Young children have trouble attending to more than one event at a time. This is a principle that affects auditory perception. Which of the following implications for teaching can be derived from the principle? The teacher should set up lessons where accuracy is rewarded b.

The teacher should determine the pupils readiness before a new lesson is introduced c. The teacher should have everyones attention when she is giving instructions d. The teacher should help the pupils develop devices to aid recall Establish conditions that make possible effortless teaching and learning b. Set up condition that brings about effective teaching and learning c.

Secure conformity to rules with ease d. Remove the physical conditions in the room that distract childrens attention One of the distinct features of childhood is the increase of motor coordination and body control. Guard against too much physical exhaustion b.

Set rules children should observe in playing c. Not forget that children have unique growth patterns d. Make available for the children various play equipment The tendency to imitate elders is very strong in the early childhood stage.

Facilitator of c. Which is this?

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Grade just to be different b. Emphasize objectivity c. Emphasize respect for evidence d. Which of the following assumptions is based on principles of child development? Children should be expected to reach the average achievement for their age group b. Children may differ in rate of growth c. Childrens learning styles are unstable until early adolescence d. The growth patterns of children cannot be predicted How should the penalty of an offending student be imposed by the teacher?

Penalty should be retributive and based upon the offense b. Administer the penalty immediately c.

Adjust the penalty to the motive behind the offense d. Penalty should be severe to give offender a lesson It is not possible to provide a program of in service education on a oneshot basis b. In the years ahead, there will be many sources of changes in the curriculum c. Who among these students will generally BEST demonstrate reading comprehension? One who has read a selection silently b. One who has read aloud to another student c.

One who has engaged in reading aloud to the class d. One who has read aloud to the teacher Undertaken in different settings b. Kept as short as possible c. Given in the same form each time d. Spared in such a way that there is short interval between repetitions Experiences which provides opportunity for the development of group skills, attitudes and procedures b.

Experiences which divert the interest and attitude of the learner c. Experience which develop necessary skills in the individual. Experiences which increase knowledge and understanding of social studies concepts and generalization Turns unconsciously his pent up feelings towards himself b. Suppress his feelings to his work c. Sublimate consciously thru arts d.

Identifies himself to adults he admires After the test in Araling Panlipunan, the pupils corrected their own work. Their grades were not recorded. The pupils referred to their books for the correct answers. What is the advantage of this procedure to the learners?

Attention was directed to learning itself, not grades b. Cooperation was developed when pupils compared answers c. The learners lost their fear of grades d. Undue competition was eliminated Which is the MOST valid statement concerning the aim of a lesson? Each child should be asked to write the aim of each lesson in his notebook daily b. The teacher should write the aim on the blackboard at the beginning of each lesson c.

The teacher should announce at the beginning of each period the aim of the lesson d. The aim should be an outgrowth of and developed from the motivations Concepts are generally learned in sequence according to the learners stage of cognitive development.

Below are some concepts. Arrange them in the order they come. Mother puts away a new bag. I know the bag still exists. A gallon is more than a liter of water. Night is when there is no sun; there are moon and stars instead.

A-C-B-D b. A-D-B-C c. B-C-D-A d. AC-D-B Bossing defines lesson plans as a statement of achievements to be realized and the specific means by which these are to be attained as a result of the activities engaged in day by day under the guidance of the teacher. Lessons are means of acquiring desirable habits, attitudes and skills b. Attention is focused on the learner rather than on the subject matter itself c. Knowledge is an end in itself d.

The spotlight is on the child with teacher in the background serving as guide. Which of these statements provides the BEST reason for the use of dramatization in the classroom? It allows the teacher to use psychodrama as a psychological tool b. Children enjoys character portrayal c. It allows children to make moral statements to the class d. It enables the students to learn cooperative self expression Development task is easily identified b.

Teacher uses different teaching devices c. Learner has a mastery of specific responses d. Experience is similar to the application situation A supervised study lesson is one whose purpose is to teach children how to study a given subject effectively. The guidance takes place in the classroom b. The pupil is taught the technique of learning c.

The teacher acts as guide in the various study procedures d. Guidance in on a one to one correspondent That which precedes the actual event of instruction b. The instructional situation itself c. The subject matter one has to reach d. That which follows instruction If this need is not met the adolescent tends to be critical and always tries to find fault.

Explore some interest already possessed by the learner. Elicit an explanation of the importance of the subject c. Develop and overview of the subject d. Hand out a step by step outline of the lesson. Pursue their tasks without inhibitions b. Are earnestly engaged in activities that lead to lead the realization of a desired goal.

Are under the control and supervision of the teacher. Observe silence as they go about their activities As an effective learning tool, how should audiovisual aids be used?

To reward outstanding scholastic achiever b. By disciplining children and focusing their attention on a subject c. As a stimulus to promote learning d. As part of a planned lesson This is the stage when the learner become confused and starts to experience identity crisis.

The way a child talks, walks or manifests gestures may have been learned from models he had been exposed to.

In using individualized instruction, how should the teacher begin? Identify the abilities of the learners b. Evaluate the teaching learning outcome c. Present the activities needed in the lessons d. Prepare the necessary materials Childs ability to develop a general ideas as he goes over his experiences.

Use of audio-visual materials for meaning. Teachers providing rich experiences d. Question and problems that challenge thinking. Reyes attempts to draw every student into her classroom discussion. What students need is she trying to address? To get everything out in the open b. To be creative c. To feel significant and be a part of a large group d. To show their oral abilities to the rest of class. The discovery approach refers to an inductive method of guiding pupils to discuss and organize ideas and processes by themselves.

Identify the controlled and manipulated variables present at the situation. Provide the proper setting for problem solving within which children can discover solutions to the problem at hand. Provide continuity in the learning process. Interpret data recorded based on previous experiences.

Arouse and sustain students interest b. Help make learning more permanent c.

Help clarify important concepts d. All of these Which of the following are aspects of classroom management? Care of routine factors and classroom discipline b. Teachers right kind of interest in her pupils and in their schoolwork c. Teachers ability to handle snags in classroom activities and concern for her pupils d. Development of childrens positive attitude towards school rules and regulations Which of the following is the MOST important purpose for using achievement test?

Capacity for future learning b. Quality and quantity of previous learning c. Educational and vocational aptitude d. Quality and quantity of previous teaching What rank should be assigned to 92 in the following distribution of grade point averages of seven candidates for the Honor Roll? Which of the items below will measure this objective.

The student will be able to solve word problems using percent.

Juan correctly answered 8 of 12 questions on a test. What percent is this? Tricia ate of a pie. How much is left? Maria received a 90 percent on her test. Explain why this is a good score. An item has a discrimination index of. What can a teacher conclude about the item? The item cannot discriminate between the poor and bright students. The item is a very difficult one c.

The item can highly discriminate between the poor and bright students. The item is a moderately difficult one Which of the different types of test covers a wide variety of objectives?

Which of the following statements about the use of tests is the best? Grades should reward effort b. Grades should be used as incentives c. Grades should follow a strict curve d. Grades should reflect quality and quantity of performances.

Plausibility and attractiveness of the item b. Inclusion in the item irrelevant clues such as the use in the correct answer of a word found in the stem c. Inclusion in the item any word that must otherwise be repeated in each response d. Non inclusion of options that mean the same Outlining the subject matter content of the test b. Preparing a table of specification c. Defining the objectives d.

Writing the test items To test whether a student knows what a particular word mean which of the following is best for her to ask the student to do? Select the correct meaning b. Define the word c. Use it in a sentence d. Identify its part of speech Class D showed the best performance b.

Classes B, C and D showed about the same performance c. Class D did better than Class C d. Classes A and B have about the same performance.

In psychology, what does reciprocal modification refer to? Below are objectives stated differently. Which one is stated as affective objective?

After completing this unit, the teacher should be able to give two types of retention problems associated with learning disabled children. After reading this unit, the teacher should be able to write clear behavioral objectives related to learning disabled children c. After reading this unit, the teacher should have a greater sensitivity to the characteristics of learning disabled children d.

After reading this unit, the teacher should be able to indicate a language problem characteristic of learning disabled children Which of the following describes a bi modal distribution? A group of scores whose range scores fall within the A group of score with two different scores with the same lowest frequency c.

A group of scores with two different score with the same highest frequency d. Studies show that children who make exceptionally good records in elementary grades also make superior in high school. What does this suggest? Expose elementary grade pupils to varied experiences b. Increase the appropriation for elementary schooling c. Promote all pupils in the elementary schools d.

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Strengthen the foundation in elementary education Juan noticed that one of his students is a drug dependent. What should Mr. Juan do? Report the student to the rehabilitation center b. Talk to the boys parents for rehabilitation purposes c. Ignore the problem d. Report the problem to the principal for proper action Students who make higher scores on a college entrance examination generally get better marks in college than those who get lower scores in the same year. Evidently, the test that was administered to them possesses what type of validity?

Construct b. Predictive Content Concurrent Which of the following does an aptitude test attempt to predict? An individuals general knowledge b. Probable success in a given course c. Level of efficiency of an individual d. An individual capacity for improvement without training When a parent keeps an appointment to visit a teacher to complain the progress of.

Carefully study the complete school record of her son and present these to the parent b. Point out that her son obtained low marks in previous curricular year c. Tell the parent that many students in the class are failing d. Ask the parent if she has supervised carefully her sons homework Which of these criteria is the most important in test construction? The stem should contain the central problem b. Items should be congruent with the objectives c. A table of specification should be prepared d.

Options should be of almost the same length Consider the following data: The given information is not sufficient to make any interpretation about Susans performance b.

Susan performed better in Algebra than in Biology c. This will serve as the Featured Categories Counter List of Important Contents, which you must read, to fulfill your purpose in coming to this site - to Pass the Exam!

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Can I ask for the answer key for this reviewer? Throwaway lead Horace c. What is the mean of this score distribution: 5, 9, 10, 11, 12? Studies show that children who make exceptionally good records in elementary grades also make superior in high school.

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