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2 LEED GA 35 QUESTION SAMPLE EXAM GREENSTEP To purchase our full- length LEED Green Associate practice exam or study guide, schedule a LEED. This LEED Green Associate v4 Practice Exam was originally developed in conjunction with GreenStep's in-‐person and online LEED Exam Training Workshops. LEED GA Power Jam Study - Practice Exam. 1. What can a contractor use to calculate his carbon footprint? A. Carbon Calculator. B. Construction Carbon.

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"LEED Core concepts guide" PDF downloaded to your phone or tablet. Set the "LEED GA" app for practice tests of 30+ questions with all. Thank you for completing the survey on our LEED Green Associate Exam Study Session! Study Session Presentation, Part 1 and Part 2 – A pdf of the presentations Green Associate Practice Exam – A full-length, question Green. o Mini-Practice Exam. January 26 Prepare participants for the LEED Green Associate. Exam by providing: concepts tested in the Green Associate exam in real world applications o PDF of presentation o question.

Below you will find the answers to each question followed by a brief explanation. All of our sample questions were carefully written to accurately reflect the types of questions you will encounter on the LEED exam.

LEED Practice Test

As with the real exam, if there appear to be more than one correct answer, it is important to eliminate false answers while selecting the best answer among the remaining possible choices. Therefore, reducing lighting power reduces the heat generated from those lights which then reduces the cooling load required to cool the building. Reducing lights does not reduce the heating requirements of the building nor does it necessarily provide for more control.

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Occasionally, projects that lower the lighting power density, must actually increase heating loads and sacrifice lighting controllability in return. It makes sense if you think about it: A building with toilets and only 2 people, would only use as much water as is required for 2 people, not for toilets.

The five fixture types that are included as part of this calculation are: water closets toilets , urinals, lavatory sinks, showers and kitchen faucets. While projects may potentially earn points for efficient dishwashers, it would not be under the Indoor Water Use Reduction credit.

In the meantime, the design review response issued for an allowable approach would be 'Anticipated'.

Answers 'b' and 'd' are both acceptable strategies for achieving this credit. Answer 'c' is incorrect because projects can only achieve Building Reuse for an existing building that remains intact. Replacing bamboo cabinets would likely negatively affect Rapidly Renewable Materials e.

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These are the correct answers. Answer 'e', roofing adhesive, is incorrect because it is applied on the outside of the building; the Indoor Environmental Quality section within LEED only addresses the building interior as the name implies.! The other answers may sound legitimate, but they are not the definition of xeriscaping. An exception is made if projects can demonstrate that phasing out CFC refrigerants is not economically feasible, in which case the project must phase out CFCs within 5 years.

Since 'within 5 years' is not one of the choices, 'b' is the only correct answer. Regular price: Together, these practice exams make up questions designed to test your understanding of LEED and to prepare you to pass your exam.

LEED Ga Practice Test - Cm 455

Within 2 business days of purchase, you will receive an e-mail providing you access to the exams for 90 days. You can take the exams as many times as you like within the 90 days and the platform allows you to flag questions as well as view your errors. Chapter Member Pricing: View all. Product Listing. Price members: Many of our Green Associate course offerings include this guide as part of the study materials provided.

This is a downloadable. There will be test questions about the seven Impact Categories. This guide will revisit some of the concepts you learned about in the references above including: Impact Categories, the certification process, and selection of a rating system. It is worth skimming through the table of changes between LEED and LEED v4 to pick up on important concepts, but there is no compelling need to memorize them.

It is important to understand the certification process from registering, applying, reviewing, to certification.

Understand the process for individual projects and campus projects. This one is pretty self-explanatory, but you should understand the fees associated with LEED certification — when they are due and how they are calculated. Green Building Council Website. At this point, you should already understand how to select a LEED rating system.

These are not included in the USGBC suggested resources, but there are enough questions about these topics on the exam to warrant extra study.

This is a great resource for learning all the vocabulary and refreshing you on things you miss when you read through the various references.

Make sure you know the various water types.

While we agree, we also think that taking practice exams will help you identify areas that you are weak in and will also give you a good idea of what the questions on the exam are like. When we took the exam, we downloaded all kinds of practice tests — some were free and some cost money.

Exam Content

Their tests ask the same types of questions with the same challenge level. Other practice exams were too hard. Some of the other exams had questions that tried to trick you. Some other practice tests were simply too easy.

Our suggested practice test strategy is to take one practice exam questions after studying all eight of the references listed above. After taking the exam, review the answers to all of the questions, even the ones you got correct, to make sure you really understand the material.

Go back to the study materials to brush up on areas that you are still weak on even if you got the question correct. Then, take another practice exam, review all the questions, etc.

By the time you finish two or three practice tests, you will be able to simply skim over the questions you got correct and you should start to notice that you understand more about all of the various sections of the exam. However, we will wish you luck anyway: Good luck!

When you pass the exam, if you think of something important that was missing from this exam prep guide please let us know so we can help the next person to come here.A manufacturer is developing an HPD for a product.

Question 99 A new University building is being constructed at MSU and wants to know which of the following purchasing decisions should be made? Question 47 Explanation: A score of or higher is required to pass and your exam score will be displayed on screen at the end of the exam.

SS Credit Open Space. The project team wants to attempt LEED certification.

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