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Downloading audio for purchased LeapReader books. Download the LeapFrog Connect Application for LeapReader at ppti.info; it will walk you. Step 1: To Download the audio file you must have the LeapFrog Connect also Note: The same book title in two different countries will have different audio files. Close the LeapFrog Connect application. 2. Double-click Save them to your Desktop or to another folder that you can easily find.) 4. After the.

Leapfrog Connect Other Book Audio

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LeapFrog Tag is an electronic handheld stylus that stores audio for proprietary paper books made by LeapFrog Enterprises. When in use the stylus is scanned. Parents can download audio for up to five books to the book pal, then let their toddlers explore. Each Tag Junior board book introduces a different preschool skill. Engages kids through books, audio and 3D-like animations for an experience . You first need to install LeapFrog Connect 2 to your computer, connect the LeapStart to learning system features and a variety of pages with different skill sets.

Tag also helps students learning English as a second language Costs and logistics[ edit ] Tag styluses have a low initial cost.

Other books: AUDIO BOOK HAY

Once the initial account is set up, then the Tag stylus must have the desired books' audio files downloaded to it. The stylus can hold multiple books at one time from 4 to 10, depending on the size of the book and the amount of memory in the stylus.

The Tag reader is powered by batteries. Technology[ edit ] The indefinite article "a" in a Tag book is uniquely identified by the pattern of dots all around.

A stylus touches the book to actuate the Tag device, and the device, through analysis of the printed pattern, divines both the book being read and its exact position within the book. With the book and position known, the Tag device looks up the appropriate audio to play for that location in the book and plays it.

This technique for position recognition is patented by Anoto. Tag and the proprietary, compatible books are covered by U. Patents , , , , , , , , and Once you have selected your child's name you must click on the "Audio Downloads" tab which you can see on the left hand side on your screen.

See example in picture below. After downloading the file from the Audio Downloads page, you must go to the "On My Tag" page and transfer the file from your computer to the Tag Reader. Step 7: You will then need to select the audio for the book you would like on your Tag Reader System.

You must then sync the audio to your Tag Reader by clicking the "Save to Tag" button. Please Note: If you are seeing the "Save to Tag" button grayed out like the picture above.


Please make sure your Tag Reader is connected, and powered on. This can be found in the LeapFrog Connect Application. Please also Note: The same book title in two different countries will have different audio files.

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You can now download the audio for your child's book. See picture below Step 7:LeapFrog Tag Reading System. Thank you for your help.

See example in picture below. More Print this page Share this page. It really is the next-generation reading system for a new generation of readers.

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Please be sure to be signed into your admin account and are connecting to a USB port directly on the computer, not a port on the keyboard or other hub. I would like know the kind of battery 12 Volts required. This system is our go-to choice when my youngest needs to take some time away from the screen.

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