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Purchase Laminar Flow Forced Convection in Ducts - 1st Edition. Print Book & E- Book. DRM-free (EPub, PDF, Mobi). × DRM-Free Easy - Download and start. PDF | On Aug 1, , Dr. Alaa Abbas Mahdi and others published Laminar flow forced convection in rectangular cross-sectional duct. LAMINAR FLOW. FORCED CONVECTION. IN DUCTS. A Source Book for Compact Heat Exchanger Analytical Data. R. K.^hah. A. L. London. Harrison Kadiator.

Laminar Flow Forced Convection In Ducts Pdf

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Laminar flow friction and forced convection heat transfer in ducts of arbitrary geometryFrottement et transfert de chaleur en convection forcee laminaire dans les. Laminar Flow Forced Convection in Ducts is a sourcebook for compact heat exchanger analytical Файл формата pdf; размером 28,35 МБ. Laminar Flow Forced Convection Heat Transfer and Flow Friction in. Straight and Curved Ducts — A Summary of Analytical Solutions ♢. DESCRIPTIVE NOTES.

1971 laminar Flow Forced Convection Heat Transfer and.pdf

In the interest of brevity, derivations of formulas and detailed explanations, such as are appropriate in a textbook, are omitted; only the final results are presented in graphical and tabular forms. The extensive bibliography will provide the detailed information needed by scholars in this field of analysis.

This monograph is the result of the authors' need for a compendium of solutions for investigating improved surface geometries. It is an outgrowth of an initial compilation of laminar flow solutions prepared five years ago as the dissertation of the senior author. Hopefully, it will also serve as a useful reference to the engineers and researchers in the field.

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Since it would take many volumes to do justice to all aspects of internal laminar flows, the scope of this monograph is restricted to laminar flow and forced convection for a Newtonian fluid with constant properties, passing through stationary, straight, nonporous ducts of constant cross section.

Also, magnetohydrodynamic flows, electrical conducting flows, heat radiating flows, and the effects of natural convection, change of phase, mass transfer and chemical reactions are all excluded. Although some of the geometries described may not be visualized for the compact heat exchanger application, they are included for the completeness of available solutions for the laminar flow problem.

Emphasis is given to the summary of analytical solutions. Except for the circular tube, whenever experimental results are available to support or contradict the theory, they are also described in the text.

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Preface Chapter I. Introduction Chapter II. Differential Equations and Boundary Conditions A. Velocity Problem 1.

Hydrodynamically Developed Flow 2.

Hydrodynamically Developing Flow B. Temperature Problem 1.

Conjugated Problem 2. Conventional Convection Problem C. Thermal Boundary Conditions 1. Dimensionless Groups and Generalized Solutions A.

Fluid Flow 1. Physical Quantities 2. Dimensionless Groups 3.

Correlations for Forced Convection in Ducts

Heat Transfer 1. General Methods for Solutions A.

Fully Developed Flow B. Hydrodynamically Developing Flow 1.

Thermally Developing Flow 1. Simultaneously Developing Flow Chapter V. Circular Duct A. Hydrodynamically Developing Flow C.

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Parallel Plates A. Rectangular Ducts A. Triangular Ducts A. Fully Developed Flow 1. Equilateral Triangular Duct 2. Equilateral Triangular Ducts with Rounded Corners 3. Pohlhausen, E. CrossRef Google Scholar 7. Delorenzo, B. ASME, Vol. Google Scholar 8. Stephan, K.

CrossRef Google Scholar 9. Deissler, R. Google Scholar Yang, K. Heat Transfer, Vol. Sieder, E.

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Kuznetsova, V. Test, F. Heat-Mass Transfer, Vol. Bhatti, M. Aung, John Wiley, pp.The dimensionless temperature distribution. Malak, J.

1971 laminar Flow Forced Convection Heat Transfer and.pdf

Temperature Problem 1. Stephan, K. He presented formulae for the temperature distribution. For the same problem. Rhombic Ducts D. The flow passages for these compact or high area density surfaces have a small hydraulic radius. The Nuv m for Pr.

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