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It is no wonder this series has reached the level of popularity that it has because it's so complete. Most importantly, on this day Master Kishimoto has reminded me of why story-telling is important - because it gives the people h The quality of this level of story-telling is so superior to anything I've read before.

Most importantly, on this day Master Kishimoto has reminded me of why story-telling is important - because it gives the people hearing the story hope! Story-telling is a lost art in America if you ask me. The stars of the shows with the most popularity with few exceptions are the most negative underachievers you'll ever meet.

In fact, negativity and low standards are so glamorized in this country one is almost considered socially unacceptable if one doesn't also embrace those qualities. This is not to say people aren't still telling good great stories here. It's just not what fetches the attention of the biggest movie studios or TV network programming.

Especially TV network programming where mindless, brain-dead reality shows with NO morality to be found for miles and miles rule the airwaves anymore. Or they are cooking shows. It's maddening.

So perhaps that's why Naruto fires my imagination as profoundly as it does, because I've been in a drought of decent entertainment. Naruto is so much more that that, though; to deem it mere "entertainment" falls sorely short of the mark.

Indeed, Naruto is a way of life, one that I readily embrace! Believe it! This is the first manga I've ever read. I was impelled to read it from watching the anime on Hulu. The story is very powerful and has made me a fan for life of Masashi Kishimoto. The anime is pretty great and now that I've read the first volume of the manga I can say that, at least as far as the first few episodes are concerned, it stays pretty true to the manga.

And even if it didn't, the anime is still awesome. The manga though provides a different experience, and if you've never read one before you will find out immediately why I say that.

As a complete noob to manga, the rating I give this may be biased; not to mention already influenced by several episodes worth of the anime that sprang out of it. Dec 26, Terence rated it it was amazing Shelves: Like a doofus I accidentally deleted my review of this. Fortunately I saved a copy. One brave shinobi was able to seal it the demon, but because of that he lost his life. That shinobi was called the 4th Hokage.

The title character Naruto is the protagonist of the series. He's an orp Like a doofus I accidentally deleted my review of this. He's an orphan, outcast, and surprisingly loves alone not sure how the last part works and I've read the whole series. Naruto is once again trying to graduate from the academy and the final exam is one he's failed time and again. Naruto has a special relationship with his teacher Iruka who happens to be one of two adults who normally ever speak to him.

Naruto isn't the smartest kid, but he's fierce and determined. Naruto is an awesome series and this is where it begins.

View 1 comment. Mar 13, Alice-Elizabeth marriedtobooks rated it it was amazing Shelves: I look forward to adding and reading the next titles in the collection. I really recommend this series to new manga readers! Also, ninjas. Lots and lots of ninjas! View all 4 comments.

Sep 21, Ahmad Sharabiani marked it as to-read Shelves: Sep 22, Megan rated it liked it Recommends it for: I never had any plans on reading Naruto. I'd heard about it and to me, it did not sound that great. During the first book, I thought it was really boring. As I got further into the series, I started finding it more enjoyable.

The characters are all unique. The drawings aren't bad. The plot is enjoyable. I would recommend it to anyone who's addicted to ninja or action stuff. Feb 03, Joyzi rated it it was amazing Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Now I'm going to review not this volume but Naruto as a whole, 'kay? Get it? So Naruto, what can I say, I'm obsessed with the anime, and since my cousin was like spoiling things, like Sasuke kills Hitachi but Hitachi was not a bad guy blah blah blah So I'm like Sasuke what?

Hitachi what? So my curiosity finally got me and then my cousin recommend this site onemanga wherein you can read manga scans for free and then I started to read not the beginning of the series because it's too long and it Now I'm going to review not this volume but Naruto as a whole, 'kay? So my curiosity finally got me and then my cousin recommend this site onemanga wherein you can read manga scans for free and then I started to read not the beginning of the series because it's too long and it will took lot of months I think to finish it.

So I started to read the Shippuuden don't know if I spelled it right and then yeah I was hooked! I was liked reading from morning till midnight and my mom was like, "Masisira yung computer sa ginagawa mo!

Hey I wrote a fanfic for Naruto, read it here: My Brother is a Narutard View all 10 comments. Dec 14, Petros rated it really liked it. The artwork is definitely original in a way, as most areas, especially the ninja villages, are very cool looking in their design.

Yet, it is full of anachronisms and irrelevant details. For instance, why are there ninjas in a world where everyone can simply use computers or machineguns? Or how can ninjas really be stealthy when most of them wear bright colored cloths and have tattoos that make them stand out in the crowd?

Or head guards that identify their hidden village? Oh, sure, the characters all look cool, trendy macho kids that easily attract the eye. Yet, they are supposed to be ninjas; and the last time I checked, ninjas were nothing like them.

So, looking cool is good but looking like immature trendy nerds is not. Especially when they seem to have only one set of cloths. But that series had no motif in its world, while Naruto is based on ninjas. One would of course say this is fiction and that it is logical not to expect realism. One could easily say that in this world ninjas use illusions and body exchanges instead of stealth. Those awesome hand seals and funky jutsus and amazing special effects gave a unique identity to the show by providing signature moves for every character.

Yet, that made the series far less realistic than what it wanted to appear being. Everything was possible as long as you could make a copy or an illusion of yourself. I mean, how can you believe that the characters use strategy in battle, if they keep exchanging places with a log when they are hit or make water appear out of nowhere? It takes away any feeling of strategy if everything is just transformations to whatever you like.

Plus, professionals would never be tricked by techniques they are using themselves for so many years yet in the series they are constantly fooled. So believe it or not, the Naruto ninjas are far less interesting than the classical ones in terms of warfare. I understand that it is supposed to be eye-catchy for the younger audience but there are simply no connecting points of reference amongst everything you see.

In fact, it feels like random ideas in random applications after awhile. Here is a computer, next to a ninja dog summoned with some hand seals. Sounds like the setting is blending technology and magic with absolutely no excuse.

It looks eye catchy at first but quickly becomes so random that loses interest. I give some credit for providing a feeling of progress in learning new techniques and explaining the way everything works with the chakras. But even that was just standard rpg fad and gave a terribly misleading image of what the 7 Hindu body chakra or the ninzitsu concentration hand seals really were.

They do give a feeling of progress but in reality they could easily be left out without damaging the story at all. The name of the series alone means that it will focus on the protagonist and a few others, who will always survive and win in every situation.

Makes it all too predictable. His motives are the most typical of most shonen leads. It was interesting at first when he was the unsecured little orphan nobody liked. He was striving for acceptance and thus everybody could identify with that. Later on he shifted his entire mission to just save his ex-rival Sasuke.

That was no longer a personal drama to be fond of. Even later we find out he is the son of a very powerful man and that he is even the Chosen One to save the world.

Everybody liked him when he was just a weak boy trying to be the leader of his village. Now he is an emo killing machine wasting his life trying to save an uncaring asshole, full of broken powers and constant Deus Ex Machina events that continually save him and make him nothing but a generic saviour stereotype.

The main rival is Sasuke, the grumpy emo who wants to revenge against his big brother. How original is that? Big brothers are always villains in shounen. He spends all his life trying to be strong just so he can kill people. And when he succeeds, he is not satisfied and kills some more. And then more. It was ok the first time but now he is just a hateful prick; his life has no meaning at all. At first most female fans of the show liked him for playing it hard to get but now he is nothing but a cold bastard working with thugs, and planning to commit genocide just because he has no idea what he is doing.

Impossible to relate with. How about Kakashi, whose only feature is his hidden face? What else did he offer to the story? Or maybe Sakura who just does nothing other than acting like a useless fan-girl most of the time? And to think that THESE are the main cast that affects the story; all the rest are there mostly for show. Still, all these characters were just dressing for the series. With the exception of Shikamaru none of these hundreds evolved as characters nor did they offer anything to the story.

A major problem with most shonen series is that they throw in a huge number of characters and then have no time or talent to develop them. Just check the Soul Eater anime for example. It had far less secondary characters and thus far more time to develop them, without dragging the story with unimportant side stories, as Naruto did.

I do understand that most of the appeal the characters have is aesthetic and not actually about personalities. Naruto is the typical insecure boy who wants recognition from his peers. He also likes a girl who ignores him and rivals a silent type pretty boy, who gets all the chicks for being a cold bastard.

Plus there is a huge number of characters, each one with his or her own quirks just so anyone can pick their personal favourites. All these make a nice basic teen story that can appeal to most in the target group. But at the same time, the show does little with it. It even shifts its focus towards something far less interesting later on and wastes its quality away with a lot on funky battles and character quirks instead of actual character development.

Still, you will skip a lot of stuff if you ever read it again. Too much blah, blah and flashbacks where nothing happens. And to be honest, most its good points are nothing but a rehash of Hunter X Hunter, a shonen show with much better strategy and character development the story sucks though. Despite the sheer stupidity of the series, I admit that it was very attention-absorbing.

I really digged those funky jutsus and semi-serious strategies in battle and almost forgot to think how idiotic it all was. My enjoyment was high, up until Sasuke left the village. Afterwards entire arcs felt like there was nothing of importance going on.

Here is a brief look on all the current arcs of the show so far and what I think of them. We got to know all the basic heroes. It was also the arc to tell us the basic use of the ninja villages and how cruel the powerful can be to the weak. It also featured two interesting villains who did NOT become allies or recurring opponents, thus becoming a major twist. It had drama, tension, comedy, all the good stuff.

It was also dragging at a few points but nothing major. Overall, a very good arc. We got to know all the secondary heroes. It was also the arc to show us all the secondary ninja villages and the frail truce amongst them which is maintained through the pleasing of the authorities of each major country through contests.

There was also a major conspiracy which threatened the village and further revelation of past events which led to the present state.

This part was full of skirmishes, most of which were irrelevant to the main story but still kinda worked as an introduction to the secondary cast. There was a tournament, which was based on cunningness and got out of control in the end, resulting to the death of a major character. That was some twist as well. It was overall another good arc. We got to know the past of the Uchiha clan and how its destruction turned Sasuke into a renegade in his quest of revenge.

It also provides more info and background with the introduction of big shots like the Sannin and the Akatsuki. Unfortunately, it is still a half-interesting arc as the new information provided was hardly enough to excuse such a long duration. Besides the introduction of some interesting characters, most of it was a dragged out battle with lots of flashbacks which had little importance in overall.

The new major adversaries, the Akatsuki, were only mentioned but never dealt with, while the minor ones, the Five Sounds, were barely interesting. Thus, not such a good arc. We are re-introduced to the characters, now that they are older. Then they head to save a past opponent-turned-ally and face Akatsuki members.

This part did flesh out a bit the past of the Sand village, but again the plot drags unnecessary.

We see Naruto getting even stronger and a rather important character dying and having to be avenged. The fleshing out of Shikamaru, a secondary character, was a very touchy point.

Sasuke goes on a killing spree, taking out various major villains and seemingly finally avenging the death of his family. Also we are presented with the past and life purpose of Jiraya and of his final battle. This was a rather interesting arc because of the major death toll. The leader of the Akatsuki invades and pretty much kills most heroes. Naruto arrives and after a lame friendship speech, the villain resurrects everybody. Plus, he is no longer a simple boy who wants to become Hokage but the Chosen One and his father is Ninja Chuck Norris!

What a pile of BS! They ruined all the drama with this nonsense. If they remained dead and kept Naruto as he was, this would be a great finale.

Sasuke learns that there are more people responsible for the death of his family, thus he invades even the meeting of the five ninja leaders and keeps killing stuff. And that is pretty much all of it. Kakashi refuses to save her, but Obito ignores him and heads off on his own. Obito finds Rin but is attacked by a Stone Ninja. Kakashi arrives and loses his left eye trying to save Obito. They both then rescue Rin, but the cave they are in collapses on them, crushing Obito's right side.

Obito decides to donate his left Sharingan eye to Kakashi and asks him to protect Rin. Kakashi then protects Rin from the enemy ninja before losing consciousness. In the first match of the finals, Naruto gets to fight Neji Hyuga.

With Neji being more naturally skilled than he is, Naruto is forced to call upon the dormant powers of the demon fox to get an even footing. The two ultimately clash, and after the smoke clears Neji appears to be the victor. Before he can be declared the winner, however, Naruto manages a successful sneak attack, which knocks Neji out and lets Naruto claim victory.

For the next match, Shikamaru Nara fights Temari. Shikamaru uses his shadow to try to trap her, and although Temari tries to stay out of his shadow's range he is able to catch her.

Though poised to win his match, Shikamaru forfeits instead due to the amount of energy wasted in trying to catch Temari. Sasuke begins his match with Gaara by trying, like Rock Lee, to bypass his defenses. When he too proves unsuccessful, he readies an attack taught to him by Kakashi: Just as he use it to break through Gaara's defenses, the invasion of Konoha starts, ending the finals.

Orochimaru, the mastermind behind the invasion, takes the Third Hokage , Konoha's leader, hostage and the two begin to fight. As invading forces pour into Konoha, Sasuke pursues a fleeing Gaara.

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Not wanting Sasuke to get too far away, but not able to follow him personally, Kakashi sends Sakura, Naruto, and Shikamaru to stop him. Orochimaru, a former student of the Third Hokage that is eager to kill his old master, resurrects the First and Second Hokage, the Third's former teachers, to fight him. Needing to get rid of the two if he is to defeat Orochimaru, the Third seals away their souls. The Third attempts to seal Orochimaru's soul as well, but is stabbed in the back before he can complete the sealing.

Elsewhere, Naruto, Sakura, and Shikamaru discover that they are being followed by some of Konoha's invaders, and Shikamaru opts to stay behind to stall them. Using the strength left over from his fight with Temari he buys them the necessary time. Naruto's Ninja Handbook! Yami to hikari" "Those Who Are Strong!! Sasuke catches up with Gaara, just in time to witness the beginnings of Gaara's transformation. As he begins to assume a monstrous form, Gaara is given enough speed and strength to overcome Sasuke's Chidori.

Komik Naruto

As Gaara is about to finish him off, Naruto arrives to fight save him and fight in his place. After Naruto taps into the power of the demon fox sealed within him, Gaara completes his transformation becoming a life-size replica of Shukaku, the beast sealed within him. To compete with this giant form, Naruto summons the biggest toad he can muster. The toad clashes with Shukaku and Naruto, hoping to end the battle quickly, tries to bring Gaara to his senses. Naruto headbutts Gaara, causing the Shukaku form to recede.

The two have one final exchange of blows and Naruto is able to claim victory while also redeeming Gaara. Meanwhile, the Third Hokage realizes that he lacks the strength needed to fully seal Orochimaru's soul. Doing what little he can he seals Orochimaru's arms instead, ending the invasion at the cost of his life.

Orochimaru and the invaders flee, and Konoha begins to rebuild. Jiraiya, with Naruto's assistance, sets out to find a new Hokage, hoping that his old teammate, Tsunade , will take the job. As they leave, Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki infiltrate Konoha and are engaged in battle by Konoha's elite ninja. The two prove too much for Konoha's forces, and even Kakashi is left beaten after fighting the two.

Before they leave Kakashi is able to learn that they are members of Akatsuki who seek to capture Naruto for the demon fox sealed within him. Sasuke learns of this and, having a prior desire to kill his brother, Itachi, races out to find Naruto before they do.

Once finding Naruto, Itachi and Kisame try to take him with them. Before they can do so, however, Sasuke arrives, ready to kill Itachi for murdering their family years earlier.

Despite Sasuke's efforts, Itachi is more than capable of dealing with him, and it is not until the arrival of Jiraiya that they are driven off. Sasuke is sent back to Konoha to recover, and Naruto and Jiraiya continue their search.

As Naruto slowly progresses through the learning stages, Orochimaru, in need of a way to heal his arms if he is to attack Konoha again, also sets out to find Tsunade, her medical expertise being the only thing that can help him. Orochimaru tracks down Tsunade and makes her an offer: He gives her a week to consider it and leaves. Soon afterwards Jiraiya and Naruto find her and offer her the title of Hokage.

She turns down the offer, instead choosing to insult the former Hokage. Naruto, enraged, attacks her with an incomplete Rasengan. Intrigued by his progress, Tsunade makes a bet with him: Naruto, determined to prove her wrong, accepts and dedicates his time to completing the attack. Once the week is up and he appears to have been unsuccessful, Tsunade, disappointed in his progress, goes to meet Orochimaru.

Tsunade meets with Orochimaru, though rather than heal him she tries to kill him. Unwilling to see her loved ones if it would mean the destruction of Konoha, Tsunade is drawn into battle with Orochimaru's assistant, Kabuto Yakushi.

Kabuto is eventually able to immobilize her, forcing the newly arrived Jiraiya and Naruto to defend her; Jiraiya battling Orochimaru and Naruto fighting Kabuto. Although Kabuto appears in control of the battle, Naruto is able to deliver a perfected Rasengan to his stomach in an attempt to protect Tsunade. Inspired by Naruto's winning of their bet, Tsunade overcomes her restraints and joins Jiraiya in attacking Orochimaru.

Unable to do combat with both of them, Orochimaru escapes with Kabuto. Once Naruto recovers, Tsunade decides to accept the title of Hokage, and returns with him and Jiraiya to Konoha. Upon returning, Tsunade tends to a number of injuries that have yet to be fully healed. Rock Lee, his injuries from his fight with Gaara too severe to be healed by regular medics, proves her most difficult case. After inspecting the damage to his body Tsunade advises that he give up his life as a ninja, though Lee insists taking the operation.

Meanwhile, Sasuke, angry with himself for being so easily defeated by Itachi, begins to search earnestly for any means to get stronger. In doing so he forces Naruto to fight him, though his spirits are only dampened further when Naruto's Rasengan proves stronger than his Chidori. To draw Sasuke further down the path of vengeance, Orochimaru sends his Sound Four to confront Sasuke and show him the strength that can be gained by joining them.

Sasuke decides to go to Orochimaru in order to get stronger and accompanies the Sound Four back to his lair after coldly rejecting Sakura, who tried to bring him back.

Upon learning of Sasuke's defection, Naruto accompanies Shikamaru in assembling a team to retrieve him, and the two gather Neji, Kiba, and Choji Akimichi to their cause. The team pursues the Sound Four until they are trapped by Sound Four member Jirobo, who distracts them while the rest of the Sound Four goes on ahead. Choji is able to free the team from Jirobo, and begins to do battle with him while the others continue their pursuit.

Choji and Jirobo have a battle of strengths, with Choji eventually beating Jirobo to death. Once the retrieval team catches up with the Sound Four, Kidomaru uses his web to trap them. Neji frees the team from the bindings and sends the others after the remaining Sound Four members. Kidomaru attacks Neji from afar, slowly studying his actions to devise a way to defeat him. Using the silk he produces to create a bow and arrow, Kidomaru begins firing shots at a blindspot in Neji's defenses, eventually succeeding in hitting his target.

Neji, however, is able to survive the attack, and uses the arrow that pierced him to kill Kidomaru. Elsewhere, Orochimaru earnestly awaits Sasuke's arrival, planning to take Sasuke's body for himself to regain the use of his arms. Although he puts it off for as long as he can, Orochimaru is forced to take a different body, planning to instead take Sasuke's body at a later date. After the remaining portion of the retrieval team catches up with the Sound Four again, Naruto, Shikamaru, and Kiba split up to fight the remaining Sound Four members individually.

Kiba battles with Sakon and Ukon while Shikamaru fights Tayuya. The Sound Four members overwhelm the Konoha ninja, and they are left on the verge of defeat. Meanwhile, Kimimaro, a former member of the Sound Four sent to continue the task of bringing Sasuke to Orochimaru, is forced to fight Naruto.

Despite Naruto's best efforts, Kimimaro is able to buy enough time for Sasuke to continue on his own.

Unorthodox Pinchi pinchi pinchi!! Determined to go after Sasuke, Naruto contemplates how to defeat Kimimaro. Rock Lee, having recovered from his surgery, soon arrives to fight Kimimaro in his place, allowing Naruto to continue on.

Despite briefly gaining the upper hand, Lee, like Kiba and Shikamaru, is forced onto the defensive, and it is not until the arrival of Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro that they are all saved. Temari crushes Tayuya under a pile of debris and Kankuro kills Sakon and Ukon with a barrage of weapons.

Gaara proves to have a more difficult fight, as Kimimaro is continually able to recover from his attacks. As Kimimaro is about to kill Gaara and Lee via a sneak attack, he dies of the illness that forced him to leave the Sound Four. Their battles won, the Konoha ninja return home with their saviors, just as Naruto catches up with Sasuke and the Valley of the End, a landmark where the First Hokage similarly fought Sasuke's ancestor Madara.

Naruto tries to reason with Sasuke, though Sasuke is uninterested in returning to Konoha. As the two start to fight Sasuke remembers why he became so determined to gain power and kill Itachi. Sasuke spent his childhood trying to win his family's recognition, though their interest was always focused on Itachi and his prodigious skills.

Just when Itachi began to distance himself from the clan and Sasuke started to enjoy his family's attention, he returned home one day to find that Itachi had killed their entire family. Deciding to spare Sasuke, Itachi gave him words of advice: Having since come to find Naruto to be his closest friend, Sasuke prepares do just that, finding the loss of Naruto to be an adequate payment for the strength needed to kill Itachi.

Naruto and Sasuke prove equally matched. In attempts to gain victory, each calls upon their unique strengths: Naruto and the demon fox's power, Sasuke and his cursed seal's reserves. Naruto and Sasuke fuel their sources of strength into their Rasengan and Chidori, respectively, and attack one another.

Once the energy created by the clash dissipates, Sasuke stands over a defeated Naruto, though his injuries leave him little better off. Although he contemplates killing Naruto he eventually decides against it, realizing that that is what Itachi would want.

Deciding to get power in his own way, Sasuke goes to Orochimaru, ready for whatever is necessary to get stronger. Kakashi arrives to retrieve Naruto and take him back to Konoha, where he, like the rest of the retrieval team, are healed. The Mission Begins!! Nakimushi ninja" "Chronicle 5: Purezento" "Chronicle 6: As Naruto recovers from his injuries, he and Sakura vow to bring Sasuke back together.

To prepare for their next encounter with Sasuke, Sakura becomes Tsunade's apprentice, while Naruto leaves with Jiraiya to train under him for two-and-a-half years. In the intermission between Naruto's departure and eventual return, the story of Kakashi Gaiden , detailing Kakashi's origins, is told.

They were attacked by enemy ninja, who proceeded to permanently scar Kakashi's eye and crush Obito under a boulder. As his dying act, Obito gives his Sharingan to Kakashi, who woefully leaves with Rin and is rescued by their sensei, the future Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze.

Naruto, Vol. 01: Uzumaki Naruto

After two-and-a-half years of training abroad, Naruto Uzumaki returns to his hometown of Konohagakure. Coinciding with his return, the criminal organization Akatsuki becomes more active in its quest to capture all of the tailed beasts. They succeed in their task and flee the village with Gaara. Upon hearing of this, Naruto is reunited with Sakura Haruno and their mentor Kakashi Hatake , their group renamed Team Kakashi , on a mission to save Gaara.

The group follows the Akatsuki members' trail from Sunagakure while Konoha sends Team Guy for assistance. The Hidden Leaf Ninja eventually converge outside the Akatsuki hideout just as the extraction of Shukaku reaches completion.

In order for Team Kakashi to gain entry to the Akatsuki's lair, Team Guy is forced to split up in order to take down a barrier over the entrance. Though they accomplish this task, the members of Team Guy are forced to deal with a number of booby traps left for them. Deidara flies off with Gaara's body, leading Naruto and Kakashi away as Sakura and Chiyo deal with Sasori and his various puppets.

Sakura's immense strength and Chiyo's own skills with puppetry, however, are more than capable of dealing with Sasori's puppets. But when Sakura blocks an attack meant for her, Chiyo manages to pierce Sasori through the heart before healing Sakura's injuries. As a reward to Sakura for surviving, Sasori tells her in his dying breath of the spy he has within Orochimaru 's ranks that he was supposed to meet. Elsewhere, Naruto and Kakashi succeed in retrieving Gaara's body from Deidara, who escapes them by faking his death.

After they regroup with Chiyo, Sakura, and Team Guy, Sakura tries to revive Gaara, though Shukaku's extraction has resulted in his death. As Naruto mourns for Gaara, Chiyo begins transferring her life energy to Gaara's body, restoring him to life at the cost of her own.

The group honors Chiyo's memory and then returns home. But later, Sasori's ring is found by Zetsu's subordinate Tobi who wants to join the Akatsuki. The Search for Sasuke Sasuke e no michi!! Though Kakashi is left bedridden upon his return to Konoha from his battle with Deidara, he makes plans for Naruto and Sakura to meet with Sasori's spy in the hopes that they will be able to retrieve the final member of the original Team 7: Sasuke Uchiha.

Danzo Shimura of Konoha's council, fearing the Akatsuki might try to capture Naruto for the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox sealed within him, assigns Sai to join Team Kakashi with Tsunade responding to it by assigning Yamato as the group's temporary leader. But Yamato has trouble with Naruto's refusal to get along with the emotionally dead Sai. Eventually arriving to their destination, Yamato goes to meet the spy alone with the rest of Team Kakashi remain in the shadows as backup.

But as Yamato begins to question the spy, Kabuto Yakushi , about Orochimaru's base of operations, Orochimaru himself shows up to end their discussion. The Secret Mission Gokuhi ninmu!!

Kabuto, having always been loyal to Orochimaru, destroys Sasori's Hiruko body with Yamato exposed, forcing him to call in Naruto, Sakura, and Sai.

Eventually, Naruto is drawn into battle with Orochimaru, eventually consumed by the Nine Tails as the boy is transformed into four-tailed manifestation of the Tailed Beast. Consumed mentally, Naruto attacks Orochimaru before Yamato uses his unique abilities to suppress the Nine Tails and returns Naruto to his normal state.

By then, Naruto learns of the injury he inflicted on Sakura while under the Nine Tails's influence. Meanwhile, Sai joins Orochimaru on behalf of Danzo's organization, The Foundation, and is escorted to Orochimaru's lair with Team Kakashi following him.

Yamato, Naruto, and Sakura find Sai and restrain him for his treachery, though his mission is revealed to be to kill Sasuke rather than take him back alive. As they prepare to search for Sasuke, Sai questions Naruto's reasons for wanting to have Sasuke back, to which Naruto responds that the two formed a bond that he refuses to have broken. Intrigued by this concept of bonds, Sai rejoins them, even helping in capturing Kabuto. The group splits up, and Sai is the first to find Sasuke.

Although Sai attempts to capture him on Naruto's behalf, Sasuke proves too strong as he overwhelms the assembled Team Kakashi. Despite this turn of events, Naruto refuses the Nine Tails's power before Sasuke enters the youth's mind and suppresses the Tailed Beast.

As Sasuke prepares to kill them all, Orochimaru and Kabuto convince him to let them live so they can take out the Akatsuki for them before the three leave with the mission a failure. Kakashi, hoping to help Naruto be a better match for Sasuke during their next meeting, begins to train him in creating a new attack. Once finding that Naruto has wind nature chakra, Kakashi helps him hone the ability to control wind. To expedite this process Kakashi has Naruto use his Shadow Clones to train with his hundreds of copies, allowing their collective knowledge to complete a year's worth of training in a few days.

Tsunade, determined to either capture or eliminate the pair, mobilizes the Niju Shotai, a group of twenty squads of four ninja assigned to accomplish this very task, to find the two.

Although they are quickly able to deliver a fatal blow to Hidan, it becomes apparent that Hidan cannot be killed by normal means, as his immortality allows him to perform a ritual that inflicts pain both on himself and the person he "curses".

Hidan ultimately succeeds in fatally wounding Asuma with a stake through the heart, despite Shikamaru's attempts to prevent this. As reinforcements arrive, the Akatsuki duo is driven off, and the Niju Shotai members return home to bury Asuma.

Shikamaru's Battle Shikamaru no tatakai!! Shikamaru sets out with the remaining members of Team Asuma to find Hidan and avenge their teacher. To help them in their quest, Kakashi joins them as leader, leaving Yamato in charge of overseeing Naruto's training.

Once they find the Akatsuki pair, Shikamaru restrains them with his shadow while Kakashi pierces Kakuzu's chest. But Kakuzu, having multiple extra hearts, survives the attack and frees Hidan, allowing the two to team up against the Konoha ninja.

Needing to separate the two, Shikamaru captures Hidan again and leads him away, where he avenges Asuma by blowing Hidan up and burying his still speaking remains in his clan's forest where Hidan will never be found.

Kakashi and the others have a considerably more difficult time with Kakuzu and his extra hearts before Naruto arrives with Yamato, Sakura, and Sai. Having advanced his training enough to form a usable attack, Naruto uses his Rasengan Shuriken to inflict Kakuzu with massive damage before Kakashi lands the deathblow. Elsewhere, deciding he has learned all he can from Orochimaru, Sasuke attempts to kill his former mentor as he decides to initiate the body-stealing process.

Now able to act on his whim, Sasuke decides to finally enact his plan to kill Itachi. To that end, he recruits Suigetsu Hozuki and Karin and Jugo to aid him in his hunt. With Jugo joining his group Hebi, Sasuke and his comrades and split up to search for clues about Itachi's whereabouts. Once word of Orochimaru's defeat by Sasuke reaches Konoha, Naruto decides that this would be a good opportunity to try to retrieve Sasuke again.

Akatsuki also learns of Orochimaru's defeat, and mobilizes Deidara and his new teammate Tobi to deal with Sasuke.

The two soon find Sasuke, and Deidara meets him in battle, though Sasuke's abilities soon prove to be more than a match for Deidara's bombs.

Sasuke survives Deidara's strongest attacks, forcing the Akatsuki member to turn himself in a suicide bomber to take out his opponent.Therefore I bow to Kishimoto for creating such a masterpiece, that's my opinion, a lot of people my very well disagree and that's fine, as I said a lot of people may have different tastes. In order for Team Kakashi to gain entry to the Akatsuki's lair, Team Guy is forced to split up in order to take down a barrier over the entrance.

As they begin preparing for battle, Kisame Hoshigaki finds Killer Bee and tries to capture him. Mar 13, Alice-Elizabeth marriedtobooks rated it it was amazing Shelves: I love to see how Naruto develops throughout this series.

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