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The Kerberos Club is a setting sourcebook for the. Wild Talents roleplaying game . It presents a view of the Victorian period as transformed by Strangeness. The world of The Kerberos Club is a series of what-ifs, of realizations of history's might-have- beens. In writing it, we shamelessly plundered the fantasy literature. The Kerberos Club (Savage Worlds Edition) - ENNIE AWARD NOMINEE: Arc Dream Publishing. ADD TO WISHLIST >. Selected Option: PDF.

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Kerberos Club House Rules. This document outlines rules for extending The Kerberos Club for Wild Talents into an epic mode, similar to the “Grand Campaign”. The Kerberos Club Arc Dream Publishing Highway 11, Chelsea, AL , U.S.A.. ISBN Stock number ARC First printing, The Kerberos Club (Fate Edition) is a complete roleplaying game for thrilling superheroic and steampunk action in Victorian London. It includes a treatment of .

Introduction eminently readable. Part novel. This Favored Land by Allan Goodall. It is an excellent dark window by Justin D. Victoriana by John Tuckey. From Hell is a brutal. Forgotten Futures by Marcus Rowland. The footnotes alone are worth the cover price. Castle Falkenstein by Mike Pondsmith. Civil War. It is deadly. Victorian literature and extrapolate a world or layered.

Here is a fantastic Victorian setting gone It is the ultimate Victorian fantasy pastiche. Wild Talents itself. Moore gives They take a particular genre or subset of fantastic us still more fuel for this fire. Jacobson and Richard Farrese. High weirdness in a Victorian mode which volumes. Literally every page contains some easter egg. From Hell by Alan Moore. The smog is more poisonous. Heroic fantasy in the Victorian age. One of thing that is good and bad about the age. It is a gem.

The worldbooks for this game are pure awesome. His research is excellent. Depp looks fantastic as Todd. The Web Moore. While some sneer at the ingly bad. Johnny Depp returns to London.

One of the oldest online than the original comic. The dialog raises cursing to a high art. An invaluable resource a good movie. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Based on the novel by Michael Crichton.

Sean Connery clinging Deadwood. But poor. London looks a little bit like a well-dressed stage. Sean Connery again? Yes indeed. Hyde best.

The movie version of the League and which zooms in tight on the metropolis of London. Since many Wikipedia articles are cross- Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

The quality of the writing abandoned by the script writers and director. It is a great heist film. A short- loosely on real events. French dialog track it becomes far more enjoyable. It looks and special effects and acting is uneven. Sweeney can use in your games. Steam-powered robots. Not to put too sharp a point on it. While it rarely if ever touches on to the top of a speeding train?

Not much could make Victorian London. And then the carriage was upon him. With of horseflesh. None but the lowest of peoples slunk nearly five hundredweight! His craggy features. Joe Smithson and the Countess as a man might step across a drawing room.

He screamed to his driver to drive faster. Blessed by patent scientific processes. Meanwhile the carriage.

The Kerberos Club Archive

And over froth and savage animal fear. The great four-horse carriage was a juggernaut as prove his nickname to be well ascribed. Chapter 1 The Kerberos Club The great black coach roared down the moon-silvered exercised his simian prerogative: Clutching his top-hat flags of Haymarket toward the resolute forms of Dr. Too many. Kerberos Club. Like the arm of a medieval catapult as one they moved.

How many of Dr. All screamed with terror as certain. Monroe Kerberos Club. It would That hulk of a man widened his stance. His coach plunging wildly into a crowd—but this night. I ache to destroy you.

None is destroyed here today but you. Fabian snarled. But now? Now you are two. The mass began to shift. To the very grew wide around. You of purpose. Fabian fell into the and chain me without cost! When you first found me out street amid the wreckage of his instruments.

Chapter 1 The screams of nearby women punctuated the crash. Picking defiance. Beneath it. Be so kind to their fellows. Even the fallen women So saying. You will be bound in chains you Onto the upended carriage Dr.

November They called to bark and bite at the slightest provocation. Taken from the cells beneath your three quick shots into three equine skulls. Your pet boxer is no you three! Monroe smiled as only a chimpanzee ape can. Then looking up. Staring past would be shamed to call myself a medical man. On certain nights of the year. On these nights. One whole gallery is given over to collections of meticulously mounted and labeled butterflies.

To join the Club is to transgress. About everything. Within the walls of the Club. Its rooms are decorated in arcane style and hold inexplicable artifacts of mad genius. Even early in the century. Knowing what these specimens signified— where they were collected and by whom—would be of great value.

Some so alien as to cause the eyes to water when one tries to trace their unsettling geometries. Given the nature of the organization it houses. Some painfully ordinary save for one jarring touch of the exotic. It has certainly occupied its help new members settle in. The Kerberos Club is filled with such inexpli. Chapter 1 hears them over the ghostly flapping. Waistcoat of Obscurity. Many have personal reason to seek service in Cloak of Lies.

They learn early to meet the requests of members. It is a popular It happens with alarming frequency that a room for sworn oaths and mysterious pacts. Both might be true. Nobody is quite sure where the Kerberos Club has and in addition to members who practice in the legal its roots. While not as exhilarating as exotic adventuring. But there are some tantalizing clues. In extremis. Many and possibly persecuted right out of the community.

This may been destroyed by an agent of the sons of be less than the typical heiress. Edward back into the investment to let it increase. But these mandrake. It was descends directly and obscurely from the ancient said that St.

Most frequently. Chapter 1 Some members proclaim loudly that the Club association with Simon St. Neither might be true. James brewed the King elixirs of opium. Club got its start at the Gates of Hades coffeehouse For members who lack legal standing. The Gates of Hades had the distinction of underage. Perhaps the rats would know which story to believe.

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Coney entertained guests there. Struck by their intelligence functions. Chapter 1 so many perks. Kerberans challenge each other in the best spirits of the British tradition. Without a wife or female relative to see and loyalty. They argue. How they wager. For these men.

Who one knew and particularly who would a man to the bone when I first saw vouch for one was enormously important. Expeditions are organized. Victorian club members. Where most Americans could be mid-September. After the Exhibition. The diverse membership brings fresh. The Kerberos lore translated. And indeed. Its to seem quite thin. For this reason the Club polices its own.

For a Kerberan. Chapter 1 these twenty years. I must say that nothing looks so and waters. Some Kerberans conceal their faces behind When one constantly challenges limits. When one can defy the very purpose. Being a Kerberan is a balancing act between The Charter. The Rolls are. Others seem to court the be crossed. Also for this reason. The Club is but a small fraction of life in a city like London. By this time over such confinement just by joining.

All members rechanneled. Strangeness to the world. A prospective Kerberan is delirious complexity. Chapter 1 often to no clear point or purpose. The Rolls are huge. Meddlers Once the period of observation is complete often move in when they think a Challenge is too especially if a particularly adept prospect realizes simple or too menacing.

Each is unique. These Challenges are often weird. Kerberan is as close to a sacrosanct duty as the Club comes. Sometimes horrific.

The oldest names in the Rolls are not even prospect a bit of assistance or further consternation. Be True to your Fellows. Recognize Evil. Be kind to those Ignorant. The Tradition of the Challenge is not frivolously 2. On the anniversary of the death of Napoleon Bonaparte. Ungentlemanlike meddling is second nature to It is considered very bad form for a prospect to long-standing Kerberans. Perhaps it is because they have learned the true purposes of them. Do the prospect. Young members rarely engage in such foolishness.

Kerberans who get wind of a Challenge sometimes and lend credence to the pretensions of ancient seek to meddle in it to their own ends. I nearly … well. Blaming an unwillingness to aid on the Curiosity.

The Touch. A smart player will immediately recognize that When structuring a challenge. The final act of the Humor. The Club is too irreverent not to have Challenge should be grand drama and farce all in some fun at its own expense. The Strange should already be at unpleasant duty.

Even if see Chapter 5 for discussion of Skills in this shocked and horrified. If a prospect can unravel the Challenge. They essentially exist to give the GM a ready There are basically three ways to stage a Challenge. In overcoming and circum. The Challenge up with some plausible-sounding refutation of the should test a prospect nearly to destruction. Teasing out the strings of irony. Such a one might seem quite interested new character merging it with the next option.

The revelation of the truth should accompany a of its Traditions. Playing the Traditions can excuse one from some ability. After the Challenge taking put his Challengers at his mercy. Some prospects react with grace and humor. A prospect should be led into the Traditions is an acceptable bit of deceit. The realization that they are dealing with a Lost Kerberan. For every injured. Most in the end accept the offer of its members tend towards an extravagance that even membership.

But the names of those lost. It is a costly establishment to maintain. The Kerberos Club embraces and channels the the mending of all the highly-suspicious rents in evil of its members. It is a grand and wicked affair. The acquisition of antiquities and artifacts. When loosed from its leash or if all the coats and trousers.

It contains the jumbled relics of quences of labeling a request for simple aid as failed Challenges and of the Lost. Chapter 1 But mostly. There have been some famous failures with grants of support for certain avenues of scientific the Tradition of the Challenge.

A true villain. The a vote by the majority of gathered Kerberans mostly. What follows is a foes. Membership is a virtual What twisted things grow with the sowing of a bad certainty after a successful Challenge. And those who survive long enough of a new member and the signing of the Rolls to trouble the Club are dangerous and subtle foes happens no more than once a year on average.

When the shadow of one Lost falls upon the Club the laundry soap crystals. Everything that And then there is all the wine. But not all. As with the main house on St. But the silk is sold for sops. In actual fact. The people who serve is sustained by its own endowment. Competition in the grocers if they wish. If you had as the Club wishes it to be.

Those tasks and trials could make the stuff of and making an abode in one of fantastic gaming. Playing the Help The Kerberos Club is an organization catering to their dressmakers for replacements of fine things. Army and Navy Club. It is surprising how few members Members of the staff of the Kerberos Club would.

These small. Kerberan is ever laid out with coins upon his eyes— but almost all have exceptional scores in Command by tradition. With the revenue from this endowment. Chapter 1 linen and good Scots wool. The staff have their are tiny by comparison. Strange things happen below properties scattered throughout England.

No points. For new members and butchers for the best produce and cuts. They may or may not have a Willpower score. They are staffed to the attention of even the observant Kerberans. According to the Bylaws. The Club is unsettling and off-putting. Within the Club there is always a background of intrigue. As the Strange increases steadily through the century.

Only in the final act of the Victorian drama do these suits begin to truly threaten. Chapter 1 apartments within the House itself.

These are positions with sometimes obscure and mysterious duties. New officers must be approved by all sitting members. Engaging the imagination and support of a senior Club member is often essential to realizing a personal scheme or dream.

See page 84 for a primer on the costs and currency of the day. Kerberans with more experience know more of their fellows. A Kerberan so established will have plenty of disposable cash to squander on gambling. Age Before Beauty There is only the most informal hierarchy within the Club. One never knows if the odd sounds emerging from the alleyway are rats scuttling.

For this reason. This is in greater part because the nature of such problems themselves becomes grander and more obvious. Kerberans engage in the prosaically-named looking into things all the time.

By their nature. But those picked and Challenged. Not even all those Touched are suitable for the Club. They are the sorts who open the ancient tome bound in human skin. Many wish to flee after their first taste of the Strange even if it marks them indelibly.

Before the s. The Strange lurks in every crack and crevice. Chapter 1 Madness to the Method Now. But in large part the Club tends to engage its problems with the same methods and styles. Chapter 1 only later would it mirror the revolutionary spirit of the great social thinkers and come out into the Spies. Because all there is no official branch of service dedicated to grand and terrible things begin small.

These acts remain deliberately obscure. Truths are burned they find the Club already engaged tooth and claw beyond recovery and their ashes buried. Kerberans ferret out Of course. Yet there was still plenty to look Spying has often been considered a dishonorable into.

In our history. It is second nature. The notion of dashing meddling. Sometimes members of the Club. Lives Damned Spies. The innocent with it. In truth. So the Kerberos Club where a more robust tradition of spying endures.

For every dinosaur loose in Hyde Park. The revelations of the Strange can feed Victorian spies. And for most. In an age when demonic were seen as well beneath a gentleman. Queen of Faerie. There are few happy Kerberan that they share a game of whist with a mind that marriages. The indirectly. Her return to the public life late the attention it attracts. The It is easy to imagine that a group of rogues and public happily consumes any mention of the Club oddballs like the Kerberos Club might reject such in print.

The glut of cheap stories featuring villainy and their monstrous skin beat British hearts. She never attitude might be characterized by a statement like. To those break with Prince Albert and her retreat from the unkindly disposed towards the Club. Even the powerful. After her manner in part because Victoria allows it. One can not discount simple patriotism as a major theme in the Club and its actions. Its members are cast variously as heroes. Its are printed in publications as low as penny dreadfuls members.

The Queen Herself embodies such readers to fully understand. Another manifestation of that in doing so.

Wild Talents (2nd ed.)-The Kerberos Club.pdf

This attitude penetrated society on every level. Those Many among the rich and poor alike very literally who understand these things recognize that the loved the Queen. Simply put. The Kerberos Club is marvelously distracting. Kerberans from the very people they defend. Chapter 1 own. An anti-Victoria religious conspiracy for social anxiety and envy. The shopkeeper? The peer? The beggar? The Strangeness.

In every part of the period. Those who fear social headed by Dr. The reporting the adventures of the Kerberos Club and contributions to security. Kerberan experts on esoteric subjects proper middle-class wife? The criminal? There are made by Kerberans was largely a thing of rumor. Camp and his conspirators were strict story and part morality tale.

Increasingly as the century wears on. Albert Camp sought to assassinate independence and crave it often find the Club the Queen using mesmerically-conditioned pawns revolting and enviable in turns.

Camp for in the form of public theater. A beast with three heads is never of one mind. This reputation for engaged in answering the threat on its own initiative. Like many public figures. The first time Kerberos Club members receive direct tered them. By the s. Disraeli found the Kerberos Club an invaluable ally. It is part adventure appendicitis. Some Kerberans declined this sort of from a repellent scandal.

Poverty is still crushing. Men of business would decline your offers. But if you can defy custom. Suddenly again. Friends would refuse to distance. But the morality of the period it all around them: If you cross that line.

Only now in addition to and carry it off with style and brazen panache. By the s the Strange is no gentlemen or member of Society would associate becoming widely known.

As the century progresses. Even the moralistic middle class begin see you. Chapter 1 admitted Club member a rakish air. Signed A Churchman. Even if a man severity influence the social-climbing trendsetters flies. Kerberos Club is popular.

Membership in christening of the HMAS Queen—the first of the the Club lends an unmistakable air of danger and new military aero-ships—and the tales of the 13th adventure. He them? Seduce them? Lay waste to their psyches blamed agents of the Club for his downfall until his with horrendous powers beyond mortal under. Use Strange powers or the elites of the peerage and political castes see the villainous social pressure to make the journalists Kerberos Club?

Moral ambiguity is one of the hallmarks of the There have been some noted exceptions. Was it?

The Kerberos How will such a morally suspect group as the Club is often seen as an ally too dangerous to court. Dealing with such a potential threat to makes life on the street any easier. Are you the Baron Clouder? He even had hangers-on and followers can go a long way to a special televocagraph installed in his office.

Almost universally.


They become inevitable as the public profile the West End. The Kerberos Club might make for an foil for the GM to use. Chapter 1 debased Atlantean savages swim up the Thames to Unwanted Admirers steal wives. But the tional events of the age grows.

The Nosy Reporter becomes a wonderful the winter. Kerberans deal with pushy but essentially ordinary Gladstone particularly despised the Club. Warn them off? Threaten them? Intimidate before the scandal which broke his public career. Would you care for a cigar?

When the him the impression that his calls Disraeli was the most famous politician to Consequences. They work. The general Gothic style so popular in the early decades of the consensus among Kerberans is that it is best not century: Every building in the whole of the West End. It becomes unmis- takably a self-parody towards the s, revealing. The building is deliberately meant to mock its own presumptions.

The Club is a constant reminder to all those defenders with their Strangeness for all the world other proper gentlemen, visiting their proper clubs to see. All sorts of people come and go from the tradition of self-mockery. Kerberos Club at all hours of the day or night. Possibly worse, some unspoken purpose: Gladstone failed to do this, seeing Spiritualists, Street Children, and God save us, even only a disparate band of trouble-makers, debauched the Irish.

He dismissed the Club They all pass under the grotesque coat of arms as an absurd affectation of the morally compromised, which hangs above the clubhouse door, a monstrous and viewed dealing with its agents as despicable. Were three-headed dog on a quartered shield, fire and wind he not such a moralist, his reformist politics and the above, bones and black water below.

He failed to imagine that as is proudly writ: Cluttered With Strangeness ventilated, filled with light if there is reading or billiards or cards to be done, or filled with cool dusk if an intimate atmosphere is more suited. Within the Club the atmosphere differs from the The public areas of the Club, such as the front theatrical impression of the exterior. The house parlor, where non-members may be invited in for a first and foremost exists to be comfortable for its drink and luncheon, are more in keeping with the members.

Rather, the Club has a Stuffed crocodiles hang from the ceiling, three- very lived-in quality. The wood glows deep with age headed cow fetuses lurk in bottles, racks hold books and polish. Where hands might touch it, on guard- with ominous titles such as Meditations on the Outer rails and chair-rails, and around doorknobs, it shines Darkness, and heavy curtains are drawn shut.

All of deeper, polished by regular contact. The carpets are it is absurd and comical to those with the insight worn but clean and still thick. The fireplaces and to recognize the joke. The rooms are high-ceilinged and well- ities is the punchline. The rare non-member given access to the who have difficulty mixing with ordinary society, private areas of the Club, in addition to being those Strangers whose powers have physically trans- surprised at the simple comfort, will be shocked formed them, for example, often find it easier to at the casual way true wonders are scattered about: Which explains a famous Club drawing room of general purpose, done in shades euphemism: Glass globes are filled with brine All apartments have a main entrance in the and carefully-balanced living systems, which keep alcove off the sitting room, where guests might hang luminous jellyfish shining bright enough to light hats and coats, and a second exit from one of the the room.

The fireplace is surrounded by a mosaic of private rooms leading to a warren of hidden, semi- shark teeth, and the flames burn blue. Lying about secret passages which weave through the building, almost casually are artifacts of the lost city: They allow a resident to make a discrete exit mad ravings on the subject, and a collection of when desired. No one who tells this story is quite backed heavy things of black walnut, carved with sure when that particular astrologically significant grotesque menageries of unnameable beasts.

The day is, however. Some members prick their fingers room is lit from on high by a huge chandelier of on one of these every time they enter the room, just ancient design, burning gas rather than candles and in case. There is no sure count on legality. The window panels give the dining room the number of these private rooms, but at any its name, as each depicts a different interpretation one time there might be two dozen of the Crucifixion and the Passion, and a different Kerberans living here on a more or character cast in the Jesus roll.

The old glass from 38 less permanent basis. The Club provides planning on helping himself to some cold meat and all the usual amenities cards, billiards, books, cheese, and claimed to have encountered a singular liquor cabinets.

Unlike most London establish- event. Sir Mitchim further claims to have joined private apartments. It is generally thought that with Strangeness, but some like the Butterfly Sir Mitchim was lying, but this being the Kerberos Room contain notable collections, organized and Club, it has become tradition to leave a single glass catalogued, and arranged to the standards of one of wine from the last bottle of the evening undrunk member or another.

These collection rooms are upon the table, in case one Jesus or another becomes monuments to odd obsessions. One room contains thirsty during the night. Another contains and for luncheon ranges wildly, being generally anomalous fossils, like the skull of a mastodon with excellent but inconsistent, and following no certain a corroded and deformed rifle bullet lodged in it, menu. One day a hearty roasted joint of beef and with signs that the bone healed after the wound was dripping-soaked pudding, the next naan flatbread inflicted.

Members who prefer more Another contains novels made entirely out of routine in their repast or whose requirements are the text of other novels, carefully snipped out and exceptionally unusual make their own arrange- pasted together into different configurations, many ments. More often than anyone into the dining hall and are seated as chairs become would deem rationally possible, the weird things available.

A group must arrive all at the same time collected together in these rooms turn out to be to sit together. Those who might wish to arrange a remarkably valuable in a crisis. Borrowed Wonders The wonders casually abandoned in the Kerberos Club house can often be employed as plot devices, Enemies Foreign but players may wish to access them for specific purpose, perhaps to see if another member has encountered lycanthropic miasma, or if there is a machine for burrowing through stone.

The time requirement establishing a broad loyalty to the Club. But in any represents the span required to locate the desired system made from such non-standard components, wonder, and the Willpower invested in the wonder there are unavoidable conflicts.

Personal biases, is like a security deposit against its safe return. The majority of this plays out in the social wreaking havoc.

The heads of Club and its society. Of course, duel stories are monsters, stuffed and mounted. Captured weapons among the most frequently retold around the card of a terrible foe.

Sketches and paintings of famous table, when the spirits are flowing and high. Damaged and wrecked devices of perverted Internal conflicts are most frequently resolved science. The death-masks of fallen Kerberans, cast in through arbitration. Some members are very well known for Tree are still objects of great fascination and beauty, their even tempers and neutrality, and their reputa- and certainly inspire wonderful retelling of their tions as arbiters means they are frequently consulted origins—with the usual Kerberan embellishments, on such matters.

Restoring your good name should probably involve 40 an extended contest of some kind, doing favors for. Consult with your GM. Special Branch It is almost unknown for one member to seek legal action against another in the courts. Eventually he retired after the attempted assassination of Queen Victoria.

His first action as MP was to lobby for unknown shadowy individual. Or more properly, when the of unshakable loyalty. Special Branch was staffed crocodile found him.

The police presumed the beast from the veterans of Afghanistan and India, the had escaped from some private menagerie.

It was ranks of the Metropolitan Police, and the irregular killed, Mr. They are as hard a bunch of men as Mr. He then compounded it by seeking divinity becomes more and more apparent, Special legislative revenge. His sponsors into the Club were Branch becomes something of a Praetorian Guard, quite embarrassed about it all. Victoria Divinus. It develops its own rituals of initi- But the Club is remarkably harmonious, or at ation, and segregates itself more and more from the least manages its chaos quite well, in part because ordinary police.

Club or its members. Alas, those who abandon the a haven for revolutionaries, free thinkers, anti- Club quickly find they have a ready group of new royalists, and the despicable Strangers, who mock friends, who ask of them only the smallest favors. Victoria dotes on the Kerberos Club, and grants it one of Her increasingly rare smiles when word of its adventures reaches Her.

Special Branch stalks and watches the Kerberans, cataloging, recording, observing, and itching for the day when the whole lot of the degenerate scum can be rounded up for Newgate or the gallows.

Special Branch officers are strictly human in the most literal sense. The pig-headed resilience of Special Branch officers has left many Strangers off balance, and more easily taken by sap or revolver, beaten, shot down, dragged off never to be seen again. After working the job for a while, most Special Branch officers develop a palpable air of menace and barely-restrained violence, and they never look quite comfortable in their plain clothes.

Those with the eyes to see such things perceive them as they perceive themselves, as crusaders, armored in their faith, and armed with blooded swords and steel- capped boots. Victoria recognizes that both Special Branch and the Kerberos Club are useful, and their rivalry, if properly tended, like one of the tiny ancient trees she received as a gift from the Shogun of Japan, could only serve to sharpen both for the day when they must be turned on Her enemies.

As 42 Special Branch becomes a power. Condemning the and the Kerberos Club. The policy poised. Moreland was publicly attracts the attention of the Oxford Movement. When this restriction was Club becomes a way to pack the hall in the s.

A Wild Talents Sourcebook of Strange Victorian Adventure

Many firebrands and evangelists are not so These contacts are strictly personal. Unambiguous Words of God. For such seductive Evangelical speakers. At the founding meeting with the ears to hear. For twenty years such collaborations were spread of the cult was owed to pagan influences strictly covert. This is in part because the all across the city.

Chapter 1 unto itself. But under Bonaparte. During the Revolution. Salsbury achieved brief personal fame for the association. After the place was burned she was not seen again in the public eye.

His brief and social elites to enjoy their ungodly pleasures return to power cut was short in no small part by while keeping ordinary Britons down? This secret branch of the police was. Chapter 1 hard to discern and categorize within the philoso. The signif.

Under Napoleon III. Lauded for her accomplish- aberration for this reason. Or is it an example of the power was preceded by a disruption in these instant conservative hypocrisies that protect the moneyed and invisible means of communication. In this. III in one of his rare semi-lucid moments of that period. Abandoning most dinary individuals.

He bears the criticism ments. Section Seven is the opposite. Section Seven intimidates. Nicholas I lacked both superstition and intellectual breadth. Section Seven first investigated and then consolidated the occult interests and societies operating in Russia with greater effectiveness than any previous efforts.

Chapter 1 created by the order of Nicholas I in This Section Seven agent is thought to have forged alliances with Afghan mystics. Using tactics similar to the secret police of the Third Section. It also recruits any it could lure into its service. By the time Alexander II comes to the throne. They brutally suppress scientific innovations. Section Seven begins to operate in the interna- tional arena in the s. Section Seven operates beyond ordinary authority and is answerable only to the emperor himself.

The resources wasted on Blavatsky government. But unlike most During the American Civil War. Many sought by agents of the Club and the authorities of relief from these forces in the Americas. In the Union States included some men of is forced to sue for peace with the Confederate 46 remarkable vision. Chapter 1 On suspicion inspired only by her affected understanding of the Strange realities brewing just national origin. The primary operator in the realm. Like almost everything occult orders who all claim variously some ancient the Confederate authorities involve themselves in.

Responding as they were alleged to have done in Blavatsky is investigated thoroughly under the surface of European society. Rather it is a nation Confederacy creates its own occult government and rife with secret societies.

In the reshaped everything, changed everything, and this Americas, the broken Union is heading to war. It is the contagion, industrial transformation, blasphemous first time we as moderns and post-moderns can look science run amok, strife within the Church over the back on Big-H History and easily see how it works. Queens apparent divinity, and all the mundane evils The injustices of the age shock us, and the manners of poverty and desperation and injustice push the and mores seem antiquated, but it all clicks.

In The Empire to the boiling point. Assailed from without Kerberos Club this trend of Progress is accelerated. By the end of Victoria Divinus. Divinus reign, the Empire has a technology 20 years The Kerberos Club has plenty to contend with. Thats an extra 20 years of marvels crammed into an already packed century. Add to this the less 11 scientific marvels, the exploitation of Faerie, the In while struggling with his failing marriage, resurgence of Spiritual Disciplines and Occultism, Charles Dickens wrote the satirical short story A the industrialization of certain aspects of folk- Strange Fascination, which was dedicated to his magic, and the machinations of jealous foreign particular friend and likely cause for his marital and forgotten gods.

The eras of play conform to troubles Ellen Ternan. The story wasnt published this. Early on, it might be compared to a Victorian until after his death, but it described the troubles of X-Files or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but by the end a young man seemingly blessed through a patent it contains every weirdness and oddity robbed from process of Science, owing to the distilled genius the pulp and comic writers of the next century.

Change can be terrifying. Ways of life aether, conjuring patterns of Light from his skin as are destroyed. Cities transformed. Fortunes made if reflections of sunlight upon cold clear water, to and broken, and the only way to keep pace with the blind, or fascinate, and to show such visions as he change is to embrace the Strangeness fueling it.

The protagonist, who remains unnamed, being called only The Stranger, begins as an idealistic Touched by a Strangeness youth, who presents his power to cast illusions from his skin to one person after another, each one a greater example of the Dickensian grotesque. In , Thomas Babington Macaulay Whig MP While seeking to find some honorable and for Edinburgh wrote in a letter to the Edinburgh modestly profitable occupation for my strange Review, London also, in contrast to its virtues, capacity, which do my country good service, and has become touched by a strangeness I can not help bring me what funds as I might live comfortable but compare to the airs of the oriental I experienced he encounters only rejection and alienation, and while serving upon the Supreme Council for India, each of the succession of parties either condemns the but different yet in that Indias queer happenings young mans abilities, or seeks to use them to profit could always be laid at the feet of superstition and at the expense of others.

A cashiered military man ignorance, while here in the great city itself, it is the scoffs, calling it useless frivolity with no place in the heart of rational thoughtNatural Sciencethat is Modern Army. A grasping factory owner suggests, being employed to uncanny purpose.

If your visions might keep my workers at their tasks Other writers, also having noted the oddness night and day, substituting for their dreams, then which seemed more prevalent in the decade you could bring me an extra nine hundred a year!

A since Victorias rise to the throne, picked up the minister tells him, Youd be better served slinging expression, and then Strange took on a particular coal than plying your strangeness about here, as meaning in the press and common conversation. Finally, the father of his betrothed denies changed or altered by unseen, mysterious, fright- her permission to marry him, saying and think of ening, or unknowable forces.

To become a Stranger the children, if you cant think of the scandal. Who was to be remade by them, and the label marked will they take after? Will they have their mothers one out for fear and rejection. Literacy was just such a publication, and quickly sliced his way at a high point in the Western world though still low into the Victorian consciousnessa villain in his first by modern standards , and the printing press and ready appearance, but growing in the unauthorized sequels availability of paper allowed for the mass publication and copy-cat characters into something of an antihero.

No longer was The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, with a slightly literature written exclusively with the well-educated, more literal interpretation of his title, could easily be the wealthy, or the sophisticated in mind. Now it was a character in a modern, post-camp gritty comic book. The links between the modern comic book and the Even those who did not read still enjoyed the stories. It Victorian penny dreadful are quite strong, both in is common during the period for one literate individual the evolution of the media and in the audiences they to read the newspapers, dreadfuls, penny-novels, story catered to in their inception.

In The Kerberos Club we papers, and serials to a barroom full of his illiterate draw an even closer tie between them. Superhuman fellows. Victorias Britain was hungry for the written exploits become major themes in the popular literature word, and reading was a major social activity and source of the era much earlier in the century, even more so as of cheap entertainment for Londons masses.

By the were cheaply printed, and often consisted of thinly end of the century, the heavily illustrated story papers veiled stories of real crimes and scandals, or entirely and dime novels have nearly become comic books fictionalized stories of outrages presented as true themselves, with short passages of narration and lurid events.

Sweeney Todd made his first appearance in half-page illustrations depicting the action. In the final scene, between the slats of The Scope of This Book his paupers coffin, illusory glimpses of Heaven are revealed to the gravediggers.

This book is focused primarily on Britain, and By Dickenss late-middle years, the Strange had more specifically London.

The rest of the world is entered the public awareness, and even mainstream experiencing the rise of the Strangeness as well literature, but well before this the weird events and if not, perhaps, under the rule of a Queen become urban legends of the Strange had fueled the publics Goddessbut London is the capital of the worlds hunger for more stories and tales.

Penny Dreadfuls greatest empire, and in the center of London is the with titles like Captain Blood and the Electric Kerberos Club, beautiful, debauched, sullen and Men sold monstrously well, as did biographies and corrupt, like an orchid growing from the eye-socket witness accounts of Strange people and Strange of a corpse.

London provides fodder for years of play. Yet, actually being Touched was a prospect of some dread for many of the middle class clinging desperately to their insular and secure world view.

Doomed to Repeat It To our esteemed readers well versed in the minutiae The daughter of a brewer might honorably wed of the Victorian periods history and culture, we the son of a Viscount, and invigorate the ancestral offer a blanket apology for any liberties taken with estates with an infusion of modern cash, but the historical fact, its personages, or its ways of life.

We bearer of the Touch, or worse, a Stranger, could only certainly hope any such irregularities which spring bring scandal. Though possibly a fortune as well. Weve tried to cleave as closely to the period in The Kerberos Club details Victorias Century, the its details as possible, highlighting the major events years of her rule from to , touching on and social movements as if influenced by the reality of the superhuman. So, we have our dodge right the events proceeding her coronation on one end, there.

Anything which doesnt make sense, well, a and the fires and retributions on the other end, wizard did it. Or perhaps a dinosaur. Or a creature after her Ascension. If you laid the history of the from Saturn. Or a man who can fly.The Rolls are.

Ungentlemanlike meddling is second nature to It is considered very bad form for a prospect to long-standing Kerberans. Fellow players may do this as well. In The Kerberos Club we papers, and serials to a barroom full of his illiterate draw an even closer tie between them. Introduction scientific marvels.

We know that things will get out of control by the end of the century- the previous chapters have hinted at that. It is the contagion.

Her tation turned their attention to the faerie realms. These small. The signif.

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