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have based our HCG diet on his original weight loss protocol. start of the diet plan, but eventually most have plenty of energy and feel good while on. You can drop 1 – 2 kg of “bad” fat each day with this diet plan. The hCG diet empowers you to program your body to burn “abnormal” fat (unwanted fat around . When starting the HCG weight loss plan, it is important to remember that you will be HCG diet. Chicken and white fish will be a huge part of your protein intake.

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The hCG diet was originally developed by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons to aid clinically obese Goals are an essential part of any weight loss program, and should be. HCG phase 2 meal plan pdf - the calorie HCG diet plan PDF. You have now made it through the entire HCG diet and transition phase. . Choose from the same menu as lunch but be sure and mix it up a bit-- especiallyyour.

He wanted to see if using small doses of the hormone could help women who were not pregnant, and even men, lose unwanted pounds quickly.

Simeons created the HCG protocol and published a manuscript titled Pounds and Inches that acts as instructions for the diet. Pounds and Inches, the manuscript written by Dr. Simeons, can be read as a PDF document right here on our website by clicking the link below!

Be forewarned though, the original document uses verbiage from the s, and does speak about women in a slightly stereotypical way, which was fairly common in that time period. Simeons is only speaking in a way that he feels is most helpful for his clients, in fact he is very honest when it comes to his thoughts on why most people cannot lose extra pounds. Simeons M.

Although wordy, the manuscript is an invaluable piece of reading that will give you quite a bit of information about the original HCG diet protocol. Simeons also covers a lot of information concerning prior medical conditions, and how to work around them and what to be cautious of.

How Does the Dr. When Dr.

Simeons wrote about the diet he used the HCG hormone as the backbone of it, since he did not want a diet protocol that made his patients feel incredibly hungry, since he knew they would be eating less calories. For Dr.

The Complete HCG 500 Calorie Diet Food List For Phase 2

Simeons HCG was a great way to help patients struggling with weight, and give them a chance to begin a healthier lifestyle. The HCG hormone is found naturally in pregnant women, but it is not harmful to men as long as it is taken in smaller doses, as the diet prescribes.

How Do I Follow the Protocol?

The diet itself is fairly simple, even more so because it very carefully goes through the foods you may and may not eat throughout. For healthy weight loss , a daily intake of 1, to 1, calories is generally acceptable, she said.

Eating calories a day is equivalent to eating one cup of chopped-up chicken breast, with two servings of fruit and two servings of vegetables -- in essence, it's about the amount of calories a person would consume in just one meal. When a body is subsiding off calories a day, the body leeches protein from the muscle in the heart, and that makes the heart muscle irritable, which can lead to ventricular tachycardia and sudden cardiac death, said Dr.

David L.

The 'Dumbo feather' So what's the purpose of the hormone? It's the so-called "Dumbo feather" that makes you think you can fly, Katz said.

How Do You Complete The HCG 500 Calorie Diet?

Bleeding, infection and blood clots are all possible, but risks of those are small, Katz said. But what's also dangerous is the fact that experts could be unaware of some of the potential dangers of the hormone, he said.

Right now, hCG is only approved as one part of a fertility treatment for women, so that the body can mimic the state of pregnancy. It works for both women and men. He found that HCG moves about to calories per day of stored fat into the bloodstream where it becomes available for metabolism.

With these additional nutrients in the bloodstream, a person can successfully stay on a very low-calorie diet without experiencing extreme fatigue, weakness, or hunger. When the HCG diet program is properly followed, the result is rapid weight loss and improved body shape as the body rids itself of excess stored fat. People often lose in a stair-step fashion, that is, they will lose for a few days then stay the same for a day or two, then start losing again, and so on.

As fat is consumed, abnormal fat deposits like the double chin, potbelly, and fat around hips and thighs begin to disappear. Because HCG retains the essential structural fat, there may be other beneficial effects as well.Conclusion Dr. Side Dishes.

Though the world may have changed quite a bit since the s, it still seems that losing few pounds is the struggle of the decades, and Dr. At no time should you ever use oil, butter, or dressing.

HCG Diet Instructions

Blended Coffee 1 cup strong coffee 2 cups ice Stevia to taste Blend and enjoy! Food Allowed on the HCG Diet You are allowed to eat proteins, as long as they are lean and you cut the fat off, and be sure your beef is grass-fed without hormones. Main Dishes.

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