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Home · Hate List Author: Brown Jennifer. downloads Views KB Hate List · Read more · Hate List. Read more · Hate List · Read more · Hate List. Five months ago, Valerie Leftman's boyfriend, Nick, opened fire on their school cafeteria. Shot trying to stop him, Valerie inadvertently saved the life of a classmate, but was implicated in the shootings because of the list she helped create. Jennifer Brown's critically acclaimed. Author: Jennifer Brown. Title: Hate List. Length of Book: Pages. Reviewer Rating: 5 Stars. It's awesome; please add it to Teen Favorites! Fiction Category.

Hate List Jennifer Brown Pdf

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Hate List eBook Jennifer Brown Kindle Store Starred Review Grade Up At the end of their junior year, Valerie Leftman s boyfriend pulls a gun in. AHS Book Club reads Hate List. Photo courtesy: ppti.infokscapereport. ppti.info Hate List by Jennifer Brown came out on September 9, (Download free ebook) Hate List. Hate List Jennifer Brown audiobook | *ebooks | Download PDF | ePub | DOC. # in Books imusti.

In fact, they've put together a little list of everyone they can't stand, from the cheerleaders to the irritating local newscasters. A 'hate list' if you will. Just blowing off steam. Until the day Nick comes to school with a gun and begins taking out everyone on that list.

Nick kills five students, a teacher, and wounds countless others, including Val, before taking his own life.

Val's world is destroyed. Her boyfriend is dead, and the world sees him as a monster. What's worse, the hate list has become a hit list, and she helped write it. Half the school thinks Val is a hero who stood in the way of the gunfire which she did. The others think she was in on the plot and every bit as guilty as Nick. Her parents can't stand to be around her, and she is wracked with guilt.

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So where does she go from here? After she gets out of the psych ward, I mean. Drinking Buddy: If Only After the shooting, Val is abandoned by her friends, crucified by the press, suspected by the police, hated by the school administration, and viewed as a monster by her parents, especially her self-absorbed father.

She's a character I just wish I could hug and tell 'It's okay.

It's not your fault. You didn't know. And it's okay to mourn for the Nick you knew.

This is not a high intensity, action-packed book. Most of this takes place inside Val's head.

Hate List - Part 1: Chapters 1-5 Summary & Analysis

And yet, this book left me more breathless than the explosions and boobies stories I cherish so. Talky Talk: Realistic Ficiton unfortunately Yeah, we all know what happened this year. Or the other years.

I don't think any of us will ever forget. Val, like all the survivors, has the same questions. Why did he do it? Could I have stopped it? Why did I deserve to survive? Where do we go from here? Hate List would be an excellent way to start a discussion about school violence. Except for during the actual shooting, Nick is portrayed as a really nice guy, someone whom Val dearly loves.

Did he snap?

Could he simply not take life anymore? Was there something to else? Jennifer Brown asks the deep questions here.

Bonus Factor: Bullies There has been a lot of press about bullying lately, but for the most part, people still view the situation in terms of what they've seen on sitcoms: wedgies and stolen lunch money. Nick and Val, on the other hand, really suffer at the hands of people who they want to avoid at any cost. I was lucky enough to hear the author speak at the Missouri Association of School Librarians convention she was accepting an award.

I would actually recommend every teen possible read this! A well written book that tells a story that is not talked about enough! Well worth the money and time to read this. PowerfulBy Britt R. As someone in Colorado at the time of Columbine, and can remember that day and the ones that followed, this was a book I felt very compelled to read. Valerie's boyfriend went on a shooting spree through the school. His victims were ones that he and Valerie had put on a "hate list.

So when the truth comes out after the shooting, it's hard to not blame Valerie for at least part of it. Even though she was the one that got in the way and stopped Nick from hurting more people. Valerie makes the brave decision to go back to the high school for her senior year. She's faced with the uncertainty of acceptance and having to face all those people that knew they were on the list. The school has been changed and soon, one of the girls that had been on the list reaches out to her, and helps her find some acceptance within the school and with herself.

I was moved to tears at the end of this book. It was one of the most emotional ending I have ever read, and I applaud Brown for tackling this subject with grace and respect and writing one of the best books I have ever read.

A realistic story of recovering from a school shootingBy Pink AmyGrade: She doesn't expect her boyfriend Nick to use that list for targets in a school shooting. Now Valerie is headed back to school to face classmates who probably wish she died in the shooting. With the help of a psychologist and an unlikely new friend, Valerie struggles to recover from the guilt and trauma she experienced.

Valerie's character was easy for me to get inside her head.

Hate List book by Jennifer Brown online

She started her HATE LIST as a way of venting her frustrations with her dysfunctional family and the popular kids at school, never knowing it would snowball. How could she have known her boyfriend was capable of such carnage. I empathized with her struggles before and after the shooting. She was a fairly well rounded character.

Jennifer Brown did a good job giving all her characters a certain amount of depth. Brown used compelling voice in Valerie's narration. I like how she also included newspaper articles as a way to introduce readers to those who were shot by Nick.

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Brown researched trauma and recovery and accurately depicted Val's struggle to move on with her life. For readers of Marieke Nijkamp's This Is Where It Ends, a powerful and timely contemporary classic about the aftermath of a school shooting.

From School Library JournalStarred.I mean, I was just talking to Nick like three hours ago, and he never said anything. The school is being very lenient letting you back in. And there's Bea, the older hippie art instructor who knows who Val is, but doesn't treat her any differently. Until things suddenly change and his best friend shoots up the school, killing and injuring people.

Subjects Young Adult Fiction. Or so she thinks.

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