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Witold Gombrowicz--"Ferdydurke" in Polish and English. David Goldfarb. Loading Preview. Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. You can download the paper. New Haven, CT Yale University Press. New York: Grove Press, - An Evergreen book ; E [Matching item] Ferdydurke / [by] Witold Gombrowicz ; translated [from the Polish] by Eric Mosbacher. A semi-autobiographical, satirical novel that throws into perspective all of Gombrowicz's major literary, philosophical, psychological and social concerns.

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Ferdydurke by Witold Gombrowicz; 16 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Translations into Czech, In library, Polish fiction, Protected DAISY. Ferdydurke by Witold Gombrowicz, translated by Danuta Borchardt (), pages. The author () wrote this novel in , and for a little while. Read Tips to Read Ferdydurke by Witold Gombrowicz Online from the story Bishop Read Online or Download Ferdydurke by Witold Gombrowicz in PDF EPub.

It is argued that his works established an aesthetic framework that foreshadowed the philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre as well as post-structuralism, although the writer distanced himself from the attempts to interpret his oeuvre in philosophical terms. He also succeeded in enriching the popular language with many neologisms. Gombrowicz is a point of reference for the Polish liberals and the target of criticism of the radical right the latter continuously seeking to reduce his presence in the school curricula.

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Although contested in ideological terms, he is broadly acknowledged as the most important Polish writer of the twentieth century. Context 7Gombrowicz was an outsider to inter-war Polish literary life, as he did not participate in the heated artistic and political debates. A member of the Warsaw literary circles, he was recognized as a promising author. Still, he occupied a marginal position in the Polish cultural life of the inter-war period because he had his own ways in terms of his aesthetic and stylistic approach, and because of his lack of ideological affiliation.

His position in local literary life deteriorated considerably after the beginning of the Second World War. He decided to stay in Argentina throughout the war an issue addressed by the main character of his novel Trans-Atlantyk instead of having to submit himself to the national cause during another war for freedom.

After , his cooperation with an independent emigrant group around the review Kultura edited in Paris by Jerzy Giedroyc was condemned by both the Polish communist regime and the conservative- nationalist emigrant circles.

Gombrowicz gained a distinctive place in the Polish literary canon only after the first decade following his death. The quality the aesthetic and theoretical sphere.

In discussions regarding Polish cultural and national identity his works are interpreted not only as literary products but as statements constituting an individual ideological stance. In all, despite his initial distance from Polish political debates, and considering his ideological stance, Gombrowicz is one of the most recognizable Polish writers— a clear counterpart of the charismatic codifier of nationalist imaginary, Henryk Sienkiewicz. The novel articulates on the nightmare of many adults: finding yourself back in your high school.

The question of individual maturity is, without any doubt, the core of the story, but it is important to underline the way Gombrowicz questions both the Polish national canon and European culture as a whole. A particular target of his ironic comments and criticism was the Romantic language that sought to describe even primordial realities. A Spanish translation was published in , and Ferdydurke was subsequently translated into many other European languages.

Beyond any doubt, Gombrowicz was one of most influential emigrant writers.

Modernism: Representations of National Culture

The decision, taken by the nationalist minister of education, met with strong criticism by various segments of the Polish intelligentsia, and was condemned by adherents of diverse political affiliations. This conflict illustrates the present-day relevance of Gombrowicz, whose criticism of primordial nationalism remains a relevant political statement. He took his seat, opened his book, brushed the crumbs from his waistcoat, closed his mouth, pulled down his cuffs to prevent his sleeves from wearing at the elbows, repressed something in himself, and crossed his legs.

Then he sighed, and tried to say something. The din redoubled; everyone yelled, with the possible exception of Siphon, who adopted a positive attitude.

The master looked at his class, pursed his lips, opened them, and then closed them again. The boys went on yelling. The master frowned and made a gesture of annoyance, adjusted his sleeves, drummed on his desk, thought about something a long, long way away, took out his watch, put it on the desk, sighed, again suppressed something in himself or swallowed something, and devoted a long moment to collecting his energy.

The lesson is about to begin! So you would like to go to the lavatory!

Sit down, all of you! Nobody may leave the room!

Four others complained of violent headache, another had a rash, and yet another convulsions. What I want you to tell me is why I should have to come here every day, except Sundays and public holidays, instead of having convulsions. The certificates are faked, and you are nothing but a lot of malingerers.

Sit down, I know you! Supposing the headmaster walked in! I warn you, gentlemen, that the inspector is paying a visit to the school at this very moment. It is a fact. I warn you. Enough of this folly, let us be ready in case the inspector walks in. Let me see. Which of you know his lessons best? Tell me, so that I may shine by letting him shine Come, come, somebody must know a little about something, speak up and tell me frankly.

Pylaszczkiewicz, speak up! But what are you good at, Pylaszczkiewicz? Gombrowicz comes out of this rich provincial nobility whose inconsistency and opacity as well described in Ferdydurke.

In rebellion against his class, Nowhere Man, It is however the Polish 18th century, of the latinizantes macarronismos of their ancestors, drunken Senators of Hungarian wine and Liberum Veto, that draws its verbal richness. The first book of Gombrowicz - you will be mentioned in this dreamlike autobiography which is Ferdydurke— was the Memorias of the times of immaturity, published in Tales of a very young precursor, However strange to any literary Vanguard clan, they were met with a mixture of AWE and mistrust.

When five years later appeared Ferdydurke, It was as if a stone had been thrown into the calm waters of the "literary" Polish literature.

Controversies in lathe of Ferdydurke they were passionate; Gombrowicz was therefore devoted to the destination, If not a "cursed poet", to the less than an eternal "outsider". Now well, When a weekly literary asked Jaroslaw Iwaszkiewicz, in , What was the Polish writer who admired more, responded: Gombrowicz. Iwaszkiewicz was the same type of escritor-clasico - live in Poland. A few days before the war of , Gombrowicz landed in the Argentina: lived 24 years in Buenos Aires, curious destination, that seemed to condemn the hero of Ferdydurke Another indefinite 'green' world, of Latin America, where won his life giving courses of philosophy in a cafe, preserving this way the brilliant teenager in man mature.

Largely the man is free to construct their destiny, and I don't think it was by pure chance that this Polish spent twenty-four years between us.

Poles and Argentines are, However, coming to appreciate in the midst of the great crisis of our time and also is this how 'crisis' means "prosecution" who we fully are and what they can represent in the world, at the same time overcoming two simultaneous and equally wrong attitudes: our sense of inferiority and our crazy arrogance in relation to Europe.

Quite rightly Gombrowicz tells his countrymen in their Daily that you do not try to become aware of the force that involves their own rough form, their own and not finished immaturity, with all that entails fresh and Frank freedom in a world of fossilized forms.

In sum, recommended and he himself practiced the Dionysian barbarism, making a renewing power of his youth and immaturity. Good lesson for us.

The work which Gombrowicz attaches greater importance is his poetic drama Marriage also posted in As she returns to take one of the major problems of Ferdydurke: the problem of the form, the eternal conflict of human content with form. At the same time, art adopts another sense.


If in a classic drama son reviles his father, the conflict lies in the formal offense, but in a drama as Marriage the conflict is between screams and his own cry, Since the cry can rumble right or wrong, contribute to the elevation of the character or contrary to sink it in the disaster and the shame.

This almost confidential work, written for a thousand of readers, a hundred or so fervent, who believe that it could penetrate in Poland, She Act there? This Ferdydurke published a year before the war in small circulation, How many copies have survived the destruction of Warsaw, How many have escaped to "hell" in the libraries of the Stalinist regime? What struck me most in the course of my first encounters - free from with young Poles from Poland, belonging to the post-war generation, It's the naturalness with which employed - free so if you want to refer to Gombrowicz- drawn expressions of Ferdydurke and assimilated to everyday language: "They have made us a date And it is that Polish intellectuals have recognized the image of their own situation facing monstrous parish school that imposed them Stalinism in Ferdydurke.

The stupidity is immortal, so do more than change form, intensity, scale. But, My god, Why was Gombrowicz not among us in Warsaw? Why not could he attend a meeting of literary studies, listen to a speech at the Union of Socialist Youth, studying the ideological preparation, d conferences press, the academies of gala?

You would only have to write without hope of being published; Tacit in the same way described the crimes of the Caesars. What a great difference: the lessons of the Enteco and powerful ideological machine of Stalinism.

It is the difference between a coffee grinder and a nuclear power station. Only among us Gombrowicz could find his great subject. Significant is that Ferdydurke has been published in Poland one month after the change in colour of October of and exhausted in two weeks. The reappearance of this work was greeted in a way that could keep surprising to the same Gombrowicz, that spying games literary behind a tree as his hero spy on Ferdydurke his comrades crazy games.

Gombrowicz the nato "outsider"! The best critical art Polish, Artur Sandauer, wrote: "It is difficult to understand how a writer who is the glory of the Polish nation has been able to be sentenced to as long exile. How not to think in this phrase of Malraux.

Untranslatable elements in "Ferdydurke"

The work of Gombrowicz, the only contemporary Polish work that has acquired a universal fame, is, more than any other, anchored in the essentially Polish realities.

It is not amazing that the action of his other two novels, Pornography and Cosmos, published respectively in Polish in and , situated in this Poland Gombrowicz has not been seen since On the other hand, It is easy to study history or Polish culture through the lens gombrowicziano: It is what has made Artur Sandauer, He wrote a provocative essay on the Polish literature contemporary assimilating to the school of Ferdydurke all "constructive" writers and all the writers "progressive" to the family of the twink.

Ferdydurke is a rebellion against the immaturity, or rather against the social system that makes it difficult to access a real maturity.

But, However, seen it look the cult of youth, a "green" indeterminate and freer world. This trend is accentuated as Gombrowicz moves away from his own youth. He takes conscience it several times in your Daily, as testimony to what this passage about the Retiro Park in Buenos Aires : "The youth appeared to me as the highest value in life Immaturity is not always innate or imposed by others.

There is also an immaturity towards that precipitates culture when we immersed, When fail to rise at its height.


Man, tormented by his mask, be manufactured for your own use and secretly a kind of subculture: a world built with waste from the upper world of culture, domain of the bungling, immature myths, inconfesadas passions, secondary domains, compensation.

Pornography It belongs to this category for your topic: subject to the minor wholesale, and also by its voluntarily outdated form, consciously modeled from the old Polish "novels of province". It is necessary not to forget that Gombrowicz wrote in his Daily: "I don't believe in a philosophy that non-erotic". Eroticism is at the base of his work, and his conception of it is very similar to the by George Bataille: It implies the horror, degradation, death and - unique modern key of a "sacred" time- Although it is not more than a simulacrum of sacredness required "piety is ab-so-lu-ta-men-te and required ri-gu-ro-sa-men-te and even the smallest of the little pleasures not do without piety", say in Cosmos the terrible and ridiculous lion.

It would be for some nonsense to reduce Ferdydurke homosexuality, Pornography to erotic pictures, Cosmos to onanism. But the genius of Gombrowicz express up to more abstract ideas in relation to eroticism.

The Narrator lurks in Cosmos What is plot in the bodies: hands, the mouths, fingers and legs, they had in Ferdydurke symbolic autonomy, they are scrutinized here otherwise, as if Gombrowicz was aware of what Freud neglected: the participation of the entire body in the imaginative life, correspondences that darkly and almost without which we know it are set in that area of shade that exists between the physical and psychic and can be found in the very basis of our existence.

However, the apparently new subjects of Pornography and Cosmos they are already present in his first book, the collection of stories posted on There we see a non-existent crime, It is not supported more than "evidence" such as a dead bug, a dirty piece of butter. In another story, Events in the schooner Bambury, in reality is it announced threatening through "signs" that prefigure Cosmos: "To tell the truth I avoid all conversation, as I feel that the drawing of the topmast cock is unnecessarily curved S-shaped.

By the letter S begins a word of my own that I would have preferred not to know.Ferdydurke became an instant literary sensation and catapulted the young author to fame. A man is taken out of adult life and made to live as a child, he is forced to return to school and given foster parent Good grief, I've got a copy of this somewhere that I must have liberated from a second-hand bookshop years ago and which I am fairly sure has long since gone the way of all books - although it is hard for me to tell as much of my life is in semi-storage to varying degrees.

View all 4 comments. The quality the aesthetic and theoretical sphere. It has nonetheless remained one of the most influential works of twentieth-century European literature. He put into it all the beauty of which he was capable, and the beauty of his recitation multiplied by the beauty of the poem and the greatness of genius and the majesty of art was imperceptibly transformed into a monument of all beauty and all greatness.

The translation of this novel, as the introduction will pound into your head, attempted to maintain Gombrowicz style and nuances as best as possible. No regrets reading this at all. Hence the problem of the stereotypical way that currently takes all human expression, engendering "styles" that do not correspond to any inner reality and exercising, the one above the other, a determining influence.

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