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pagesIn this book, you will find various chapters that will answer all your questions concerning road regulations and driving behaviour in France. It will be an. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account to pay online. Simply choose the payment option without PayPal account. OR contact us for more information. Driving rules in France - legal requirements and the highway code. Things to know before driving in France.

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The official french highway code book to learn driving rules and all french road and traffic signs if you want to drive in France. Showing the single result. Learn all traffic and road signs for french license and for driving safely in France with the new french highway code book in english. Buy The New Official French Highway Code Book ETG by CARLIER Productions (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices.

Keep in mind an exchange must be done within the one year grace period failure to exchange in time will mean having to take the test in order to obtain a French license.

If you cannot exchange your existing license it is not necessary to go through a driving school to obtain a French license. A school however does do all the paperwork and scheduling which can facilitate the process and reduce the wait for a test date. It is also not a bad idea to do at least a few hours of driving practice with a school before taking the test. Not to mention teach you the rules of the French road and road signs which is very helpful. If you obtain a new license by taking the exam, you will be considered a jeune conducteur and receive a restricted license even if you have had years of driving experience elsewhere.

This means that you will have only 6 points instead of 12 for the first 3 years. And you will have to put the red A on the back of your car, meaning that you must drive slower than the speed limit on roads outside of cities.

To check on the number of points left on your license: check with the prefecture either by mail or in person. Those who have the newest licenses with chips and a confidential code can use the online service Telepoints.

Fehrenbach also offers a DVD and code book for learning on your own. Site in French. This is signed by both parties but kept by the seller so he can prove that the car is no longer his Certificat de non-gage — proves that there are no legal liens or outstanding parking tickets on the car.

You have one month from the day you bought the car to get it registered in your name.

Carte Grise: Must be kept in the car at all times. The cost depends on how many horsepower chevaux your car has.

Rules of the road

You still need to get an updated carte grise to show the change in ownership. Sellers must do the CT within 6 months of selling a car.

I am selling my french car to someone who lives in belgium. I understand the procedure of selling the car, but I do not know what to do with the license plates. Do they just stay with the car or do we need to do something at the point of sale? Thank you for your advice. I would think they would stay on the car until the Belgian gets their new license plates. Perhaps it would be helpful to ask the buyer.

I have been living in Paris for 6 months now and I sent in my application for the exchange of my driving license for a French one, it was back in July. Then it was the summer holidays granted. How long should I wait till I make enquiries and who should I contact to know my status for my driving license please.

Driving in France: what you need to know

Sharon, It does sound like this is taking too long. In France is is often a good idea to do these type of things in person. If you have a copy of your application take it in to the prefecture yourself.

I moved to Paris 2 months ago. Do you know any insurance company that would be willing to cover me? My French husband has the car registered and insured in his name. I drive it using my US license. Just call your insurance agent and find out.

You might need to put your name on the policy too. But I think family members are covered. How long have you been here?

Are you from one of the states that allows and exchange? Read the article on this page to learn a bit more. There are links to the prefecture and to Fehrenbach Driving School who will give you the scoop.

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I read that if I am considered as a student — I can just go on using my car without registering it in France during my studies. It would be best if you would contact your school to see what status you would have then once you know that contact the Prefecture.

It seems that if you are here a year or less you should be able to just use your car and license as is. Hello I just moved to France a month ago as a french student i come from Kenya and we keep left like the British.

I managed to get an International driving license before i left and was wondering if with this i can: Exchange with a french licence 2. Use my International DL in doing uber or similar errands as i was thinking of getting a car and doing some side hustle during my part time hours as my student visa allows me to work but getting a job with my basic french is proving not easy at all.

Charles, Thanks for writing. Buying a car is a big investment between the car itself, insurance, gas, maintenance and parking. I think with student status you can use your home license for the first year. I would suggest you check with Uber as to whether or not your license is valid for working with them before you buy a car.

Other jobs ideas might be a bike delivery person or working in a restaurant. We have tried to get in touch with AVIS and not successful.

Does the rental cars need to carry the Owner information in the glove compartment all the time? How could we deal with police if stop and fine you on the spot for not having the required sticker or registration? In Paris the stickers are required, but I have yet to hear of someone being pulled over for not having one.

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If you get pulled over for a traffic infraction though, the sticker will be one of the things they check, along with registration and insurance. Name Required. Mail will not be published Required. We use cookies to provide you with the best possible experience — allowing you to easily access your account and for statistics. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our use of cookies. Suivre fusacparis sur Twitter.

French highway code available in English?

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