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Monday, September 2, 2019

The credits for "Frank or Francis" continue over this scene. As we cut back and forth . He pulls a script from a plastic bag he's carrying. MAN IN. Kaufman: [Frank or Francis] could still happen. So, if you had given your scripts to other directors, you could have gotten two or three movies. NOTE: This article does discuss Charlie Kaufman's latest script, Frank or Francis, but it does not — in any way — spoil the film. I simply.

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It seems like some websites had it at some point so I'm imagining there's a PDF floating around somewhere. If anyone has it or can recommend a good place for . This script has been passed around town for the past 8ish years and it ,% 20CHARLIE%%20Frank%20Or%20Francis%20().pdf. Charlie Kaufman Explains Why Star-Studded 'Frank Or Francis' Fell seen Kaufman movie in years — he'd prefer to direct his own scripts.

That is, until today.

Charlie Kaufman Explains Why Star-Studded ‘Frank Or Francis’ Fell Apart, Says It Could Still Happen

Charlie Kaufman has outdone himself. He has created one of the most bizarre pieces of screenplay real estate in the history of the United Screenplays of America. This is life imitating art imitating life imitating art imitating life.

I'm also convinced that I'm supposed to record this review in song and sing it to you guys. What am I talking about? I don't know. I don't know anything anymore.

God help all of us for the next 5 minutes. Because there's a good chance you won't know who you are after this review is over. Kaufman has opted to tackle one of the most difficult subject matters in screenwriting - the Hollywood satire.

Charlie Kaufman Explains Why Star-Studded ‘Frank Or Francis’ Fell Apart, Says It Could Still Happen

Anybody remember "Burn Hollywood Burn? It was awful.

As is pretty much every satire about Hollywood. How do you satirize something that's already ridiculous in itself? The same thing happened when Paul Weitz tried to satirize American Idol. Why make fun of something that already knows how cheesy it is? In short, you don't want to satirize Hollywood. Which is exactly why Kaufman decided to do it.

Frank or Francis covers a lot of territory and a lot of characters. There is a disabled year-old film loving woman in a wheelchair. There's an actor known for his funny fat rolls who is now skinny so nobody cares about him anymore. There's a director who's constantly attacked for making lightweight movies ahem - Michael Bay who's decided to write an equation for an Oscar winning screenplay.

And of course, there's a disembodied head.

Yes, you heard that correctly. One of the characters is a disembodied head. But the main storyline centers around Frank, a director who makes serious films that are always up for Oscar contention. When he wins for his latest film, Hapax Legomenon, there's one person who refuses to accept it.

That would be Francis. We had a whole cast and we were headed into pre-production. Kaufman: Absolutely.

Just because I had the most extraordinary cast for Frank or Francis. I mean, it was like crazy.

And the reason I kept hiring more and more crazy, well-known people was because it was the only way I was going to get any money. Kaufman: Well, you know, was a disastrous year for the economy. Everything changed in the business after that. So the moral I want to teach all the young people here is that the same thing you get fired for is what they give the Lifetime Achievement Awards 30 years later.

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Well, the thing about writing is if you really try, if you do it every day, and you put in your time, you get better. And you realize that the first 10 pages that you would have just torn up and rewritten, which is to say never go back.

So rewriting is just the middle name of writing. This was due primarily to the talented people producer Frank McCarthy brought together for the production.

For example, there is an unforgettable performance by George C. Scott as Patton; powerful and incisive direction by Franklin J. North; an inspiring music score by Jerry Goldsmith that makes use of an old Army fife and drum tune at the leitmotif; and superb photographic imagery by Director of Photography Fred J. Koenekamp , ASC. The screen is filled with a giant American flag painted on a background. From the bottom of the frame, a tiny figure emerges and strides purposefully forward until we see the full figure of Patton, resplendent in polished helmet liner and an immaculate, bemedalled battle jacket.We shot it in one afternoon in the Sevilla Studios in Madrid.

Bowles has asked for you. Actually, if this would've been slimmed down to focus mainly on Frank and Francis, I think it would have been great. And the confident belligerence that Patton projected.

Frank Capra

Toward the end of the decade, the screenwriter Charlie Kaufman arrived, with Kennedy wrote to President Roosevelt that, "In foreign countries this film must inevitably strengthen the mistaken impression that the United States is full of graft , corruption and lawlessness. Account of duel between Studio Likely Story. That's the light of freedom!

He was one of the few directors who knew what the hell they were doing.

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