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From an answer to Force a browser to save file as after clicking link: Click here to download. So here's a little simple snippet when you want to force a download when a file such as a PDF,.doc etc is clicked. Normal actions will open the. Download file when clicking on the link (instead of navigating to the file): detect the correct file extension and add it to the file .img,.pdf,.txt,.html, etc.).

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One to view the pdf in the browser and one to force the download. User Avatar. Jacob ppti.info User Avatar. Larry K In both, place an index file containing links to files on your site. Use PHP and the content-disposition HTTP header to force files to you'll add a reference to that PHP file within the HTML of the page in which it appears. First, if someone discovered the direct link to the PDF file, he or she. Force to open “Save As ” popup open at text link click for pdf in HTML headers on the fly to Content-Disposition: attachment for MIME type application/ pdf should help force Google Chrome to download all PDF files.

However, I suspect virtually nobody uses those, so don't worry if you don't understand what I just said in this paragraph. It Doesn't Have the Benefit You Think It Confers I know that some new webmasters seem to have got the impression that causing external links to open in a new window helps to keep people from leaving your website.

This is an erroneous assumption.

Forcing a Download Using PHP

If someone clicks on a link and wants to return to your site, they will simply hit the Back button on their browser. Most people, even non-computer-geeks, learn this feature of their browser within a short time of discovering the Internet. The power users learn, in addition, how to right click a link and select "Open in a new tab" or window when they need a link to be displayed in a separate tab or window.

When you create links that open in a new window, you are actually preventing newcomers from returning to your website. You may think that they will know how to simply switch back to the original window. My experience with such people suggests otherwise; they are stymied by the Back button not working, and are not even aware that they are looking at a new tab or window.

When they can't figure out how to solve the problem, they will give up and move on to other things. The situation is not better with experienced users.

While they can figure out that they are looking at a new tab or window, and can switch back, they tend to get very irritated at your site for opening windows without their permission. After all, they are power users: if they wanted to open a new window, they will open it themselves; they don't want you to do it without their consent. If you have a plugin within the browser which knows how to open a PDF file it will open directly.

Like in case of images and HTML content.

So the alternative approach is not to send your MIME type in the response. In this way the browser will never know which plugin should open it.

I just had a very similar issue with the added problem that I needed to create download links to files inside a ZIP file. I first tried to create a temporary file, then provided a link to the temporary file, but I found that some browsers would just display the contents a CSV Excel file rather than offering to download. Eventually I found the solution by using a servlet. The servlet takes as input a full path name to the ZIP file, and the name of the file inside the zip that should be downloaded.

Inside my JSP file I have a table displaying all the files inside the zip, with links that say: You also can add it to parent div and will pickup all links inside it. With large PDF files the browser hangs.


In the Action drop down, select Always ask. Now I am able to download e-books! Thank you for your interest in this question.

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The results are in! See what nearly 90, developers picked as their most loved, dreaded, and desired coding languages and more in the Developer Survey. Peter Mortensen I tried your updated solution, artmania - but the same problem I've been having in Safari occurred. I get what looks like the PDF in the browser window, and only when I click on the "preview" or "download" tabs at the bottom do I get the search feature I so desperately need.

From an answer to Force a browser to save file as after clicking link: Ayush Gupta Ayush Gupta 3, 1 17 At the time of this comment, the download attribute is limited to Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Even recent versions of IE and Safari do not support it.

For future support: Netbeans error checking complains about it, but it seems to work fine. You can specify a preliminary name for the new file like so: This works in Edge at the time of writing this comment, and seems like the only way possible to stop hyperlinked PDFs opening in Edge's very poor attempt at a PDF viewer. Doesn't even work with Firefox.

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Bad reply. This only works for same-origin links, as mentioned on caniuse.

If you don't have access to the server, then you can try to proxy it and set the response header manually. GabLeRoux 7, 6 40 DrWaky DrWaky 5 5.

Most practical answer! It's exactly the same as the current top answer though, from Ayush Gupta in If you give a string in the download attribute, it will be used as file name. I'm using it in userscripts all the time. Here's a PHP code example: Karel Petranek Karel Petranek In practice I believe this is widely implemented. This is the best solution, hassle free and works. You can directly download any file type using this method. Todua May 12 '14 at Tony Tony 2 9. Right click in any browser allows you to download a PDF instead of opening it that is, unless you broke the behavior of the link.

Force Files to Download (Not Open in Browser)

Any PDF viewer in the browser has a quick "download me" button. While Nielsen and Norman are probably right, it should be interpreted as aimed at builders of browsers and PDF readers, not at individual website developers. A bit of personal perspective. If you're doing a literature study that involves looking through dozens and dozens of research papers, the last thing you want to have to do is to keep track of your browser, your downloads, and your PDF viewer.

If you're unsure the PDF has what you're looking for it's much much easier to view the PDF in the browser, have a peek, hit the back button. If you need to recall it it's in your browser history, if you don't it's gone. If you downloaded it, you'd need to wait for the download, find it in either the download manager or Windows Explorer, then open it in a reader.However still testing if the result is the same with All main browsers ans well as mobile browsers: Hey guys can someone leave a code?!

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