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Download 4 RAPTURE (Fallen Series) Lauren ppti.info 4 RAPTURE (Fallen Series) Lauren ppti.info - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Enjoy this free sneak preview of Rapture by Lauren Kate, on sale June 12th! In RAPTURE, the highly anticipated fourth and final novel in the FALLEN series, Luce and Daniel are together Fallen in Love by Lauren Kate.

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Download Rapture (Fallen, #4) PDF File. The sky is dark with wings And time is running out for Luce and Daniel. In order to stop Lucifer from erasing the past. Rapture (Fallen #4) The sky is dark with wings Like sand in an hourglass, time is running out for Luce and Daniel. To stop Lucifer from erasing the past they . The conclusion to the worldwide bestselling FALLEN series, with exclusive content from the darkly romantic world of FALLEN and an excerpt of Lauren.

Rapture : a Fallen novel

You took care of it how? Luce asked. My dad once called the police when I was half an hour late from school Dont worry, kid, Roland said. Weve got you covered.

You just need to make a quick costume change. He pointed toward a backpack on the rocking chair by the door. Gabbe brought over your things. Um, thanks, she said, confused. Where was Gabbe? Where were the rest of them? The cabin had been packed the night before, positively cozy with the glow of angel wings and the smell of hot chocolate and cinnamon. The memory of that coziness, coupled with the promise of saying goodbye to her parents without knowing where she was going, made this morning feel empty.

The wood oor was rough against her bare feet. Looking down, she realized she was still wearing the. Bill had made her wear it. No, not Bill. Hed leered so approvingly as she tucked the starshot into her waistband, contemplating the advice hed given her on how to kill her soul. Never, never, never. Luce had too much to live for. Inside the old green backpack she used to take to summer camp, Luce found her favorite pair of pajamas the red-and-white-striped annel setneatly folded, with the matching white slippers underneath.

But its morning, she said. What do I need pajamas for? Again Daniel and Roland shared a glance, and this time, Luce could swear they were trying not to laugh. Just trust us, Roland said. After she was dressed, Luce followed Daniel out of the cabin, letting his broad shoulders buffer the wind as they walked down the pebbly shore to the water. The tiny island off Tybee was about a mile from the Savannah coastline.

Across that stretch of sea, Roland had promised that a car was waiting. Daniels wings were concealed, but he must have sensed her eyeing the place where they unfurled from his shoulders. When everything is in order, well y wherever we have to go to stop Lucifer. Until then its better to stay low to the ground. Okay, Luce said. Race you to the other side? Her breath frosted the air.

You know Id beat you. He slipped an arm around her waist, warming her. Maybe wed better take the boat, then. Protect my famous pride. She watched him unmoor a small metal rowboat from a single boat slip.

His skin had glistened as they had pulled themselves up to the at rock in the center to catch their breaths, then had lain on the sun-warmed stone, letting the days heat dry their bodies. Shed barely known Daniel thenshe hadnt known he was an angeland already shed been dangerously in love with him. We used to swim together in my lifetime in Tahiti, didnt we?

Daniel stared at her and she knew how much it meant to him to nally be able to share some of his memories of their past. He looked so moved that Luce thought he might cry. Instead he kissed her forehead tenderly and said, You beat me all those times, too, Lulu.

They didnt talk much as Daniel rowed. It was enough for Luce just to watch the way his muscles strained and exed each time he dragged the oars back,. The sun was rising over her shoulders, warming the back of her neck, but as they approached the mainland, she saw something that sent a shiver down her spine. A car. She recognized the white Taurus immediately.

Whats wrong? Daniel saw Luces posture stiffen as the rowboat touched the shore. He sounded unconcerned as he hopped out of the boat and held out a hand to Luce. The ground was mulchy and rich-smelling.

It reminded Luce of her childhood. Its not what you think, Daniel said. When Sophia ed Sword and Cross, afterLuce waited, wincing, hoping Daniel wouldnt say after she murdered Pennafter we found out who she really was, the angels conscated her car. His face hardened. She owes us that much, and more.

Luce thought of Penns white face, the blood draining from it. Where is Sophia now? Daniel shook his head. I dont know. Unfortunately, well probably soon nd out.

I have a feeling shell worm her way into our plans. He drew the keys from his pocket, inserted one into the passenger door. But thats not what you should be worried about right now. Luce squinted at him as she sank onto the gray cloth seat. So theres something else I should be worried about right now? Daniel turned the key, and the car shuddered slowly. The last time shed sat in this seat, shed been worried about being in the car alone with him.

4 RAPTURE (Fallen Series) Lauren Kate.pdf

It was the rst night theyd ever kissedas far as shed known then, anyway. She was stabbing at the seat belt when she felt his ngers over hers. Remember, he said softly, reaching over to buckle her belt, letting his hands linger over hers. Theres a trick. He kissed her softly on the cheek, then put the car in drive and peeled out of the wet woods onto the narrow two-lane blacktop.

They were the only ones on the road. Luce asked again. What else should I be worried about? He glanced at her pajamas. How good are you at playing sick? The white Taurus idled in the alley behind her parents house as Luce crept past the three azalea trees beside her bedroom window. In the summer, there would be tomato vines creeping out of the black soil, but in winter the side yard looked barren and dreary and not very much like home.

She couldnt remember the last time shed stood out here. Shed sneaked out of three different boarding schools before, but never out of her own parents house.

Now she was sneaking in, and she didnt even know how her window worked. Luce looked around at what she could see of her sleepy neighborhood, at the morning paper sitting in its dewy plastic.

Nothing had changed since shed been gone.

Nothing had changed, except Luce. If Bill succeeded, would this neighborhood vanish, too? She gave one last wave to Daniel, who was watching from the car, took a deep breath, and used her thumbs to pry the lower panel from the cracking blue paint of the sill.

It slid right up. Someone inside had already popped out the screen. Luce paused, stunned as the white muslin curtains parted and the half-blond, half-black head of her onetime enemy Molly Zane lled the open space. Sup, Meat Loaf. This was what Daniel and Roland meant when they said theyd taken care of things at home? What are you doing here, Molly? Come on. I wont bite. Molly extended a hand. Her nails were chipped, emerald green. Luce sank her hand into Mollys, ducked and sidled, one leg at a time, through the window.

Her bedroom looked small and outdated, like a time capsule left by some long-ago Luce.

There was the framed poster of the Eiffel Tower on the back of her door. There was her bulletin board full of swim team.

And there, under the green-and-yellow Hawaiian-print duvet, was her best friend, Callie. Callie scrambled from under the covers, dashed around the bed, and ung herself into Luces arms. They kept telling me you were going to be okay, but in that lying, were-all-so-completely-terried-werejust-not-going-to-explain-a-word-to-you kind of way. Do you even realize how thoroughly creepy that was? It was like you physically dropped off the face of the earth Luce hugged her back tightly.

As far as Callie knew, Luce had only been gone since the night before.

I didnt lie in your bed in that cheap polyester wig all night pretending to be Luce with stomach u so you guys could blow our cover now. She rolled her eyes. Hold on. You did what? After you. I mean, I could barely fathom it after seeing it with my own eyes. So I told them you felt sick and had gone to bed and Molly pretended to be you and Lucky I found this in your closet.

Molly twirled a short, wavy black wig around one nger. Halloween remnant? Wonder Woman. Luce winced, regretting her middle school Halloween costume, and not for the rst time. Well, it worked. It was strange to see Mollywhod once sided with Luciferhelping her. But even Molly, like Cam and Roland, didnt want to fall again.

So here they were, a team. You covered for me? I dont know what to say. Thank you. Molly jerked her head at Callie; anything to deect Luces gratitude. She was the real silver-tongued devil. Thank her. She stuck one leg out of the open window and turned to call back, Think you guys can handle it from here?

I have a summit meeting at Wafe House. Luce gave Molly a thumbs-up and opped down on her bed. Oh, Luce, Callie whispered. When you left, your whole backyard was covered in this gray dust.

And that blond girl, Gabbe, swept her hand once and made it disappear. Then we said you were sick, that everyone else had gone home, and we just started doing the dishes with your parents.

And at rst I thought that Molly girl was a little bit terrible, but shes actually kind of cool. Her eyes narrowed. But where did you go? What happened to you? You scared me. I dont even know where to start, Luce said. Im sorry. There was a knock, followed by the familiar creak of her bedroom door opening.

Luces mother stood in the hallway, her sleep-wild hair pulled back by a yellow banana clip, her face bare of makeup and pretty. She was holding a wicker tray with two glasses of orange juice, two plates of buttered toast, and a box of Alka-Seltzer. Looks like someones feeling better. Luce waited for her mom to put the tray down on the nightstand; then she wrapped her arms around her mothers waist and buried her face in her pink terrycloth bathrobe.

Tears stung her eyes. She sniffed. My little girl, her mom said, feeling Luces forehead and cheeks to check for fever. She hadnt used that soft, sweet voice with Luce in ages, and it felt so good to hear. I love you, Mom. Dont tell me shes too sick for Black Friday. Luces father appeared in the doorway, holding a green plastic watering can. He was smiling, but behind his rimless glasses, his eyes looked concerned.

I am feeling better, Luce said, but Oh, Harry, Luces mom said. You know we only had her for the day.

Resumo do Livro em PDF

She has to be back at school. She turned to Luce. Daniel called a little while ago, honey. He said he can pick you up and take you back to school. I said that of course your father and I would be happy to, but. No, Luce said quickly, remembering the plan Daniel had detailed in the car. You guys should go do your Black Friday shopping. Its a Price family tradition. They agreed that Luce would ride with Daniel, and her parents would take Callie to the airport.

While the girls ate their breakfast, Luces parents sat on the edge of the bed and talked about Thanksgiving Gabbe polished all the chinawhat an angel. By the time they moved on to the Black Friday deals they were on the hunt for All your father ever wants is tools , Luce realized that she hadnt said anything except for inane conversational llers like Uh-huh and Oh, really?

When her parents nally stood up to take the plates into the kitchen, and Callie started to pack, Luce went into the bathroom and shut the door. She was alone for the rst time in what seemed like a million ages. She sat down on the vanity stool and looked in the mirror. She was herself, but different. Sure, Lucinda Price looked back at her. But also.

There was Layla in the fullness of her lips, Lulu in the thick waves of her hair, Lu Xins intensity in the hazel of her eyes, Lucias dimple in her cheek, ready for mischief. She was not alone. Maybe she never would be alone again. There, in the mirror, was every incarnation of Lucinda staring back at her and wondering, What is to become of us? What about our history, and our love?

She took a shower and put on clean jeans, her black riding boots, and a long white sweater. She sat down on Callies suitcase while her friend struggled to zip it up. The silence between them was brutal. Youre my best friend, Callie, Luce nally said. Im going through something I dont understand. But that thing isnt you. Im sorry I dont know how to be more specic, but Ive missed you.

So much. Callies shoulders tensed. You used to tell me everything. But the look that passed between them suggested both girls knew that wasnt possible anymore. A car door slammed out front. Through the open blinds Luce watched Daniel make his way up her parents path.

And even though it had been less than an hour since he had dropped her off, Luce felt her cheeks ush at the sight of him. He walked slowly, as if he were oating, his red scarf trailing behind him in the wind. Even Callie stared. I loved loved loved it! Read An Excerpt. Paperback —. Buy the Audiobook Download: Apple Audible downpour eMusic audiobooks. Add to Cart Add to Cart. Also in Fallen. Also by Lauren Kate. Product Details. Inspired by Your Browsing History.

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Fallen Series

Watch a video. Related Articles. She will be with Miles looking for Luce in the shadows. Annabelle She was introduced briefly in Fallen, but will play some more minor roles in Passion. She is introduced to Luce as Arriane's older sister, with pink hair and calmer than Arriane. One of the reasons of the start of the Heaven War. He tricks Luce in the announcers appearing as a little gargoyle, Bill.

He tries to make Luce kill one of her past lives. Lyrica One of the remaining Elders. Vivina One of the remaining Elders. Types of characters[ edit ] Fallen Angels According to the Bible , a fallen angel is an angel who, coveting a higher power, ends up delivering "the darkness and sin.

The most famous is Fallen Angel Lucifer himself. The Fallen Angels are quite common in stories of conflict between good and evil. Nephilim They are the children of fallen angels with mortals. Outcast A particular rank of angels. Cam describes them as the worst kind of angel.

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They stood next to the bad one during the "revolt", but did not step into the underworld with him. Once the battle ended, they tried to return to heaven, but it was too late.

He also mentions that when they tried to go to the underworld , the bad one cast them out permanently, and left them blind. Nevertheless, the outcasts have a tremendous control of the other four senses.

In "torment", they chased Luce because they think that if they captured her, they will get back to heaven. Elders It is not explained very well what the elders are, but they want to see Luce dead more than anything. Miss Sophia is the eldest and most important member. Scale Are minor angels who remained faithful to the throne. They act as law makers for fallen as the monitor them on earth.

They are described as having blue wings and wearing brown cloaks. Some reside inside the Announcers also known as the "Shadows". Sequels[ edit ] The series was in total five books long. The first book, Fallen , was released on December 8, Book 6.

She reached the window and saw that the two angels were facing each other. What about me and Miles? If the relics are all gathered at Mount Sinai, Daniel said, then, in theory, the location of the Fall will be revealed.

Theyd barely spoken since shed come back through the Announcer. I am feeling better, Luce said, but Oh, Harry, Luces mom said. You try falling for nine days through multiple dimensions and trillions of miles, landing on your face, breaking your wings, rolling around concussed for who knows how long, wandering the desert for decades looking for any clue as to who or what or where you areand then talk to me about the old memorizer. About 4 months after the dream, my husband came home all excited and told me he had bout John a car.

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