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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

5, Amateur Radio Station the Microsoft Excel ™ Spreadsheet program in order to use this log book worksheet. 19, This log sheet is FREE. I like to keep my QSOs in a self made Excel logbook. either less, anyway I kept stucked to my own Excel logger where I can do whatever I. My Ham Log. This is a screen shot of my ham radio logbook. You may recognize it as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. This is a log that I designed myself and it.

Excel Ham Radio Log Book

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I made these back in the summer for emergency and /P logging - Although I have a small notepad in the Shack and a simple booklet in my /P. HF Log Sheet. PAGE OF. UTC. RST. DATE. ON OFF. FREQ. MODE POWER CALLSIGN. QTH. SENT RCVD. COMMENTS. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 13 . Personally, a log is like a personal radio history reminding you of the people and log sheet format you can download or you can buy the ARRL Logbook.

The result was that we received a perfect translation of the manual, the program's interface, and the error messages.

The problem was that the context and idioms were all wrong and, as I found out, the result of his perfect translation, in the context of the program, was just nonsense. Sort of like an American reading an English translation of a Japanese motorcycle service manual. I don't know the end result of that mess. I moved to another company before the situation was resolved.

Because of that experience, I'm reluctant to get into a similar situation in the future. So, to attempt localization of NewLog into another language, I'd have to find a translator familiar with NewLog's context and environment, and the program's users.

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Then I'd want a couple of independent reviewers, not associated with each other or the translator, to assess the translation. Please mail to: adif2me. Unfortunately it has an important disadvantage: there is no bulk editing function, i.

Convert it to Excel 3.

Edit the entries 4. Convert back to ADIF 5.

I would be happy to get some feedback from you. Thanks to user feedback first bugs could be eliminated. I cannot take any responsibility for any type of damage caused by this tool.

Please send via Bureau or direct. ZIP is required if you want to use the voice alert feature for PacketCluster spots.

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ZIP into this folder. See the help file section on PacketCluster Alerts for more information.

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Media Call Intake Form. Catering Order Form Template Excel via. Gain or upgrade your Ham Radio license with NuTest.

Blue Highway. Every end of the year I update my logbook to online logs and QSL websites like clublog.

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