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Personal Best is a collection of photographs spanning the career of Elliott Erwitt, gathering together many of his most remarkable images. One of the all-time greats, Elliott Erwitt is a master whose photographs have defined the visual history of the 20th century—and the 21st. I bought this book after seeing the amazing exhibition of Elliott Erwitt's photography at New York's International Center of Photography. Erwitt's work is broad in.

Elliott Erwitt Personal Best Pdf

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ELLIOTT ERWITT. PERSONAL BEST. MAGNUM. Vivian. RECENT POSTS. Maier . ROBERT FRANKJACK KEROUAC. KOUDELKA. The Best Street Photography. of photographer and filmmaker Elliott Erwitt, the recipient of this year's. Personal Best Review: The New York Times Press Release pdf. 12 oct. Le photographe américain Elliott Erwitt expose à la MEP une sélection de ses travaux intitulée «Personal Best» ou «le meilleur de ses.

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January Personal Best Provence, France. This exhibition was made possible by an anonymous donor and with public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

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Join our mailing list. ICP Updates. Portraits from the ICP Collection. For Freedoms: ICP Projected. The Concerned Camera: Unwavering Vision 3 and Anne Morgan: Photography and Advocacy. Elliott Erwitt Personal Best. This website stores cookies on your computer. If you still get excited about a subject, if you still want to photograph it — then you still have something more to say about it. As you get more familiar with your subject, your narrative, your feeling and your observations about it change.

Things are always changing and developing with you, the world, and your creativity.

I have been photographing London during the blue hour, sunrise hours , for almost 20 years — and I have never been bored in the city. Often I go to the same spots over and over East London and I always find something interesting, because it inspires me. So always follow that excitement, that inspiration — because passion never gets old.

Lesson 6: People reveal a lot about themselves when they think nobody is watching Elliott has taken some brilliantly absurd shots of people doing bizarre things.

25 Practical Tips from Elliott Erwitt for Street Photographers

You would think that being in public would make people more self-conscious about their behavior. To an extent it does.

And yet people are always revealing themselves. It seems impossible to hold onto our mask, our veneer, as humans for very long.

This is one of the key tenets of street photography. Watch closely enough, and for long enough and someone will do something crazy or funny or weird. Little else interests me in photography.

That is easier said than done right?! How do you go about doing that? How do you create a feeling in your images? The main thing is you, as the photographer, must be in a state of feeling first.

If you are feeling bored by your subject, you will not translate an emotionally impactful sentiment into your photos. If you are looking at your subject and feeling, for example, deeply calm, then you are more likely to convey that feeling in your images. It does require some technical abilities to be able to capture the image that you want — getting good exposures on your light, etc.

But that is just learning and practice. The state of feeling — of always putting yourself in front of things that make you feel something — that is the thing that elevates your images overall. For example, I spent seven weeks in a castle in Tuscany over the winter and much of my time was spent wandering the hills and forests taking photos.

One beautiful, crisply cold afternoon I came upon a deserted building. It was huge and looming, with a cold and scary facade. The gardens were overgrown, and nature had begun its reclamation of the stone statues and walls.

It was really eerie. Although terrified of exploring it, I pushed through my fear and went inside. The whole time I was there I was anxious — too many scary movies perhaps running through my mind — and my photos reflect that feeling of fear. The subject was scary and creepy. So my photos feel scary and creepy. As I mentioned, I spend a lot of time photographing cities at dawn — particularly in summer when sunrise is so early in many places that there is no one around.

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You really get to observe the city as it is, without crowds of people. The combination of the sky breaking open from deep blue to explosions of pinks, purples, yellows and oranges and the incredible buildings and architecture in the cities is so exciting for me to experience. The feeling you get from viewing these photos matches the epic feeling I experienced taking them.

I had a feeling of total awe while I was taking the photos. I capture the images technically well — but the impact comes from that feeling.

Elliott erwitt personal best pdf

In another example, I love finding peculiar things stuck on the ground or on walls. I love making funny compositions of odd shapes that you can find on pavement or the shapes created by torn posters.On the bridge, hundreds of photographers had their cameras pointed at the scene. Technical skill can help you capture the photo you see in your head. Newsletter Signup. Immediately, the lady turned and kicked her bewildered dog.

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Our brain processes billions of pieces of visual information every second crazy right?! To understand what humor is and to be able to produce it at will.

Whatever was gruesome, or frightening, was being taken in by the camera. It seems impossible to hold onto our mask, our veneer, as humans for very long.

It was huge and looming, with a cold and scary facade.

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