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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Carlos Ruiz Zafon es uno de los novelistas europeos de El Príncipe de la Niebla by [Zafón, Carlos Ruiz]. The Prince of Mist is a mystery and horror young adult novel by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. El Principe de la ppti.info edition book cover. Author, Carlos Ruiz Zafón. Original title, El Príncipe de la Niebla. Translator, Lucia Graves. Cover artist. El Príncipe de la niebla book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. El nuevo hogar de los Carver está rodeado de misterio.

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Write a customer review. Customers who bought this item also bought. The unit was subject to vibration and would eventually rattle apart. At the beginning of the book Mr Zafon said it was aimed at young reader, but would also appeal to all ages.

Well I think he has achieved it. I personally thought it was wonderful, and I would recommend it to ages from 12 years old onwards. It was originally intended for teenagers, but this edition is clearly being marketed towards the author's adult fans; it has the same cover design as his adult titles, and a preface explains that it is designed to be enjoyed by readers of any age.

I didn't go into this with high expectations, and I expected it to be kind of immature, but I still found it very disappointing. The story begins promisingly. A young boy, Max, moves with his family from the city to a seaside town. He quickly learns that the previous owners of his new home were dogged by tragedy, and on top of that, he finds a sinister walled garden full of statues in its grounds.

He's particularly spooked by a clown statue, and during his exploration of the garden, he notices that this figure appears to have moved slightly since his arrival, changing its pose to a beckoning gesture. Great detail - would have scared me as a child. He then befriends a local boy called Roland, who takes him diving around the wreck of a sunken ship; and from Roland's grandfather, the only survivor of the shipwreck, Max learns the story of the nefarious Cain, the Prince of Mist.

The stage is set for a chilling tale about a ghost ship, a powerful villain, mysterious disappearances and so on - technically, this should make a fantastic spooky story. However, the book soon begins to get quite silly and more and more plot holes and unanswered questions pop up, until it all becomes totally unbelievable and rather boring. For instance Who or what is Cain and how has he attained his power? How do he and his troupe turn themselves into statues and why is this the only way for them to survive the sinking of their ship?

Is Cain's cat meant to be a manifestation of him, and if so, how can he also be the statue, and if not, how did it alone survive the disaster intact? If 'Jacob' was old enough to be filming with a video camera alone prior to his change of identity, how on earth can he not remember anything before his parents' death? I KNOW you can't expect a young adult book to explain everything exhaustively, but when I think of the detail and care so obviously put into the better examples of children's literature I can call to mind, that isn't really an excuse for the plot to be SO underdeveloped.

The other thing that really grated was the indeterminate sense of time and place, which was confusing as I couldn't see any reason why the story shouldn't be definitively set in a real country , at least. I don't know if details have been changed here to make the story more easy to relate to for English-language readers; if so, this was a mistake.

Finally, there's also the fact that the adult characters are constantly referred to by their full names - don't ask me why, but this is one of my biggest pet hates when reading. I'm still interested in the author's work and will probably read any further adult novels translated into English, mainly on the strength of The Angel's Game.

Book 21 of This has been sitting on my shelf for a very long time. It was bought during a period when I was overwhelmed with "The Shadow of the Wind" and wanted to read all of Zafron's work. This is his debut novel and the writing shows that ,but it is still a good read for middle grade and it is not a surprise that it was initially published as a YA novel.

The story is horror based and reminded me of IT. We have a group of kids trying to kill an Book 21 of We have a group of kids trying to kill an ancient evil which is thirsting for revenge. Nice little story, although I wonder if it has enough excitement to satisfy young'uns raised on the Harry Potter series. This was Ruiz-Zafon's first novel, originally published in , so don't expect the depth and genius of The Shadow of the Wind.

Still, there are a lot of elements I think will appeal to kids: The first half of the book is fairly ordinary. I kept wondering when it Nice little story, although I wonder if it has enough excitement to satisfy young'uns raised on the Harry Potter series. I kept wondering when it would get scary. The second half is much more exciting and supernatural. All in all, I liked the story, but felt there were some aspects of the plot and characters that were underdeveloped or insufficiently explained.

Great stuff for a first effort though. Fans of his more recent adult novels will recognize the author's gift for using weather and architecture to set the scene and build suspense. First of all, this book is labeled YA but it reads like a middle grade book. Other than one scene in which the main character spies on his sister and sees her making out with a boy, the whole book is written for a younger audience than YA.

And btw, I'd probably call it 2. And yes, as some of the negative reviews say, this book is full of plot holes. Big ones. Things that should have been explained, but never are--like how the statue garden came into existence. That said, the concept is actually pretty cool.

The others not so much, but yes, the main character, which is important. FYI--the way I rate books, 3 stars means the book was "okay" and that I did finish it, but it wasn't a story that really impressed me.

So, you notice I dropped the rating for this one a little lower, even though I did make it to the end. My big gripe was that the plot had SO much potential--opportunity for the main character to really sleuth things out--but basically it was him going from person to person and being told stories, but incomplete ones and he would get frustrated then go back and ask the person for more information.

The only thing he actually did discover truly on his own was something I had figured out very early on and, btw, created another big plot hole. Anyway, the reason I bumped this to 2.

Because this book lays out the information in a very "telling" instead of "showing" way, it might help kids who would otherwise get lost in an intricate plot.

This was creepy and scary but wonderful.

My only regret was that I statrted reading it in the night. Actual ratings: Un libro estupendo; me ha mantenido muy al pendiente y ha sido un gusto leer una novela que fue la primera de un autor que me gusta tanto. View all 5 comments.

Carlos Ruiz Zafon never disappoints me when I'm looking for a good story!!! Tiene alguna parte que doy por buena pero en general me a dejado indiferente, creo que porque es juvenil y yo a pesar de que soy adolecente se me quedan cortos. So good. I really liked this book-it was mysterious,interesting,with great twists. I loved the characters,the story,and that ending But seriously,I really enjoyed reading this,mainly because the story was very captivating,I just had to find out what will happen next and what is the truth about Orpheus and the Prince of Mist.

CARLOS RUIZ ZAFÓN El príncipe de la niebla

Overall,a really great book. Libro corto y entretenido que merece la pena leer. Most of the time this thing happens in the reverse. But not here. I rate this book between 3 and 4. It has a good plot and the same gothic mysterious writing style I admire. It's basically a horror historical fiction for children but still I expected more from Zafon.


The characters aren't well built, the mystery is not explained well and the end looked to me a bit rushy. Maybe because this was Zafon's first book because he got better in his later books. I was a little disappointed but still it was worth a read. Le iba a dar un puntaje de 3. View 1 comment. La historia me cautivo de principio a fin. Can dreams come true? Quote of the day 1 8 Feb 04, Author's website 1 5 Jan 22, Chapter 8 The teens stay up until daybreak, and then Roland rides his bike home, while Max and Alicia retire to bed.

The scene moves to Victor Kray returning from the lighthouse. He enters his home quietly, and finds his grandson waiting for him in an armchair. His grandfather listens and tells him to find his friends and bring them to the lighthouse. Chapter 9 Back at the Carver's house, Maximilian has phoned his children to tell them Irina is in a coma, but is expected to wake up.

Roland appears on the scene and asks Max and Alicia to come to his grandfather's home. Victor Kray recounts for them a story very similar to the one Roland told about the shipwreck, but he also reveals some new facts.

They had met when they were boys, when the villain went simply by the name Cain. He was a notorious cheat at dice and cards in the town where Victor grew up, and the neighbourhood boys referred to him as the Prince of Mist because, rumour had it, he appeared out of a haze in dark alleyways at night and disappeared again before dawn.

Inexplicably, his father was rehired the next day. Two weeks later, Victor and Angus were walking on the train tracks at night when they ran into Cain.

El Príncipe De La Niebla.pdf - Digital Las 4 Villas

Cain told them Angus would have to burn down the local grocery store. Victor and Angus ran home, but Victor knew Angus would not fulfill the request. There, he found the frozen corpse of his friend's body — transforming into smoky blue ice, and melting into the tracks.

Around his neck was a chain with a symbol of a six-pointed star in a circle. That same night, the grocery store Cain had demanded that Angus burn down was destroyed by a fire. Victor never told anyone what he knew, and his family moved south a few weeks later.

Chapter 10 Victor continues to tell of his knowledge of Cain, recounting another encounter that took place a few months later, when his father took Victor to an amusement park. Cain — fortune-teller, magician and clairvoyant. Cain immediately recognized him and called him by name.

He spoke boldly to Cain, and accused him of killing his friend. He went to college, and befriended a man named Richard Fleischmann and a woman named Eva Gray. Both Victor and Richard were in love with Eva, but the three remained friends. One night, Richard and Victor went out drinking and ended up at a fair.

They stumbled upon a fortune-teller's tent, and Richard wanted to go in and ask whether Eva would eventually choose one of the men for her husband.

Despite his drunken stupor, Victor refused to go inside, knowing it would be the evil Dr. Cain, but his friend rushed in. Victor fell asleep outside on a bench. When he woke up, it was daylight, the fair was being cleaned up, and Richard was asleep on the bench next to him. The two had a terrible hangover, and barely remembered the night before. Richard told Victor that he dreamt he went into a magician's tent and was asked what his greatest wish was. He said he wanted to marry Eva Gray.

Two months later, Eva Gray and Richard Fleischmann were married. Decades later, Victor noticed someone suspicious following him home. It turned out to be Richard, his old friend. Richard looked terrible, and began to cry as he recounted his memories from the night at the fair, finally revealing what he had promised the magician in exchange for his wish for Eva's love: his first-born son.

Victor agrees to help Richard by tracking down Cain. Victor climbed aboard and hid himself in a lifeboat. Fierce winds picked up, and the storm soon took over. As Roland had told his friends the day before, Victor was the only known survivor of the shipwreck, and the other bodies were never found. Hearing that Victor had constructed and moved into a lighthouse on the cliffs, Richard visited him one day, and Victor told him what had happened. Overcome with relief, Richard stopped preventing Eva from having a child, and began building a home for them on the beach.

A few years later, their baby boy, Jacob, was born. The couple enjoyed the best years of their lives with their child, until he drowned.

When Victor heard, he knew the Prince of Mist had never really left their lives, and he has feared his return ever since.

Chapter 11 When Victor finishes his story, a storm is closing in. Alicia and Roland seem sceptical of the whole story Victor has told, questioning whether the old man has begun to lose his mind. That night, Max and Alicia have a quiet supper together, their parents still at the hospital. Alicia goes to bed, and Max decides to watch another of the Fleischmann films. The film shows the face of a clock turning backwards, hanging from a chain. The camera zooms out, and we see the pocket watch is being held by a statue in the walled garden.

The scene scans the faces of the statues, landing finally on the Prince of Mist — the clown. The camera pans down and reveals the motionless statue of a cat at its feet, its claw poised in the air. The camera goes back to the clown's stone face, and it slowly smiles, revealing wolf-like fangs. Chapter 12 The next morning, Max wakes at noon and Alicia has left a note, saying that she is at the beach with Roland. He rides his bike to town and eats at a bakery, and then rides to where Roland's Shack sits on the beach.

He sees Roland and Alicia kissing, and feels silly approaching them, so he rides his bike back into town. He goes the library, finds a map of the town, and locates the graveyard.

He rides his bike there to visit the tomb of Jacob Fleischmann. The cemetery is big and quiet. He finds a dark mausoleum devoted to Jacob Fleischmann, and enters the tomb. Under Jacob's name, he finds the six-pointed star symbol engraved. He feels eerie in the tomb, and suddenly senses he is not alone in the darkness; he sees a stone angel walking on the ceiling above him, and it points at him slowly and then gives an evil smile, transforming into the face of the evil clown, Dr.

Max saw burning hatred in its eyes, and filled with fear, ran from the tomb. Afterwards, he realized he had dropped the watch his father had given him, but he was too afraid to go back and retrieve it. He rides to Victor's lighthouse, and tells him what happened. Then he accuses the man of keeping some of the truth from Max and his friends, but Victor Kray denies it, and tells Max to forget the whole thing.

Victor looks pained to shut him out, but asks Max to leave. Chapter 13 The next morning, Max gets up before dawn and rides to the town bakery to get breakfast for he and Alicia.

Later, they meet Roland at the beach, and he shows them a small rowboat he has restored. They go out in the boat, and Roland and Alicia prepare to dive down. Alicia enjoys being beneath the water with Roland, but then Roland spots a giant black shadow approaching them, and begins rushing Alicia back to the boat. A gigantic eel-like figure rapidly follows them, but Roland gets Alicia to the boat before the figure snatches him with jagged teeth and drags him into the sea.

Seeing his sister is safe, Max impulsively dives in after his friend, and is able to rescue him from the frightening creature, even as it transforms into the face of an evil clown. Roland wakes up in the boat, choking, and knows Max has saved his life. Back on shore, the three friends are exhausted and they fall asleep in Roland's shack.

He has his old revolver with him, and when he enters the garden, the statues are gone. He hears the rumble of a storm, a flash of lightning splits the sky, and Victor suddenly understands what will happen. Max wakes up in Roland's shack, and realizes he needs to be proactive about predicting Cain's next move.

He rides his bike back home and begins watching another film. This movie begins in the living room where Max sits, but with different furniture, and everything looking new. The camera moves up the stairs, and into the room that Irina had occupied before her accident. The door opens, the camera enters the room, focusing on the wardrobe.

Cain emerges from the wardrobe with an evil smile, and reveals a pocket watch, with its hands spinning backwards. Max recognizes it as the watch his father gave him for his birthday, and the one he had dropped in Jacob's tomb earlier that day.

The hands move faster and faster until they start to smoke and spark, and soon the whole face of the clock is ablaze. The camera moves away from the clock and films a mirror, revealing the camera operator as a small boy. Max looks at the boy's childish grin, and realizes he looks familiar: it's Roland as a child. A flash of lightning catches Max's eye outside and when he looks out the window, he sees a dark figure there: Victor Kray.Aunque la advertencia iba dirigida.


Who or what is Cain and how has he attained his power? He also notes in the introduction they were the kind of books he wished he could have read as a young adult.

Inside, he discovers the statues depict ominous-looking circus characters, including a lion tamer, a contortionist, a fakir, a strong man, and some other ghostly characters, all are arranged in a star pattern around one central figure on a pedestal: a terrible clown, with arms outstretched and hands in a fist.

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An icy breeze sweeps past her and slams the door shut, and she struggles with the handle, looking over her shoulder. This is a nice example of the kind of symbolic imagery you can expect to encounter in this novel.

Outside, dawn is breaking, and the air is clouded with a hazy mist.

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