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Horror. No listings found. Tuklasin ang pinakamahusay na mga lugar kung saan maaari mong e- download ang Tagalog eBooks. Makakatanggap ka din ng . Ghost stories are commonplace in traditional Filipino culture. To write this book of ghostly encounters with all manner of things eerie and terrifying in the Philippines, the author collected creepy tales that have been told in his family for generations. Books related to Filipino. May mga nabasa na akong mga Pinoy horror stories in English, and aaminin ko, kaunti lamang ang nagustuhan ko. Maganda naman ang story, pero parang iba.

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Read related documents and downloads about Ghost Story Tagalog Download. Find answers researching ebooks, papers or essays. Short horror stories pdf. eBooks - Category: Horror - Download free eBooks or read books online for free. Discover new authors and their books in our eBook community. I was in the classroom I asked my friend to tell ghost stories,She said Her mommy was taking a picture all of her friends,when taking a picture a girl appeared!.

Our house was built in which at that time the world is still under World War II, where a lot of people died and sacrificed their lives. Our house was built in front of a graveyard before, where an auditorium stands right now. It was the yearly festival of our Patron.

Everybody is having fun and food is everywhere. Since I was new in the company, I invited just a few of my colleagues from work.

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My ex lover happened also to be in the city that time, so I decided to invite him since he neve We moved to a house near the river with fields that surrounds us. It was behind the elementary school which I was attending. I was Grade 4 at that time, and my playmates were my classmates that reside near our school. I will describe to you our h Who Poked My Ear?

We Me, my Mom, my younger brother, my older brother, my older sister and her family decided to sleep in the living room because the 2 rooms upstairs have not been cleaned because we are so busy with the wake and burial of my dad a week before that on What Landed On My Bed?

I am using the master bedroom alone because no one dared to use it because it's too big to clean LOL. This happened in our house, the one that we are still living right now.

That is our permanent address and I am currently renting an apartment with wor We are playing with the other kids, one early evening outside our house. We tend to play until pm during weekends. We were having fun when suddenly I felt that I needed to pee. I don't get scared easily and I'm so hyper of playing at that time From my previous post about "The Three Black Men on the Roof", that was our own house for almost 2 decades but my father sold it way back , and the 10 years of my life happened on that ho This particular experience occurred last August of this year in our own living room.

Our living room had an airconditioning unit hence my sister and I would some I just reading stories here and this is the first time I'm going to post my own story. I have learned that there are two possible way to have a natural "third eye".

First is if this is a gift to you since birth and second, if you could The White Cloth by deyanna I am glad that after 4 years of being registered, reading stories and relating events that has been shared here in YGS, I am now ready to share my experiences as well as get advice, insights and enlightenment on to what have I experienced.

The first time I remember that I have experienced this par Doors And Mirrors by elriz23 The story I will be telling you are the experiences we had in our house.

Our house was built about 30yrs ago. Four years ago, my parents did a bit of remodeling in the house and also rearranged some furnitures. Since then, we experienced a lot of strange things in the house but the most common a Mom's Stories: Mysterious Beasts by Amor I haven't experienced anything worth noting for a long time and though I've always been curious about supernatural things, I'm not one to wish for it to happen. The most recent, I guess, was last February when overnight, a pair of footprints appeared right on the ceiling of the hotel room I was stay So pardon me if I'm not creative enough for your expectations.

I'm not really sure if this is scary or spooky or creepy for you. This is based on my cousin's recount on what happened while we were having a night out in our vacation home. Let's jus We are residing in Bacolod City, the City of Smiles. This city is being heralded as the most liveable city by experts in the Philippines due to its affordable lifestyle and rising infr I was not able to include it since it was already a long story.

Anyway, as mentioned, there were 5 rooms in the 3rd floor, one of the room was mine which was located near the stairs. This happened after the landlord had the 3r Hair Raising Experience by chloe26 Some long time ago, my grandmother's brother passed away.

A funeral service was held for a few days, followed by his burial services - all of which, I've attended. It is customary in the Philippines for the immediate family to hold a "reception" after the burial - snacks will be served at the me This link is always open and actually bookmarked on my workstation's PC. This is my first time to write this true to life story so I hope all readers will enjoy. I am working in a BPO industry call center her The Engineering Building by chloe26 Somewhere in the Philippines, there is this engineering building I've spent most of my college life in.

Now, I get to see it twice a week for my part-time teaching classes.

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During the day, the halls of the building are brimming with life, but at night, when everyone has left the building, the cold, This was my first ever encounter with the other entities. It happened during my first-year high school stint. Allow me to let you visualize how our hallway looked like. The first year hallway was loc This was back in and me and my sister were new 8 hours away from our home city , and we met new people who were into Ouija boards and ghost hauntings, back then me and my sister were never into that k Who Could "he" Be?

So we're 39 in class, it's a private school and it's not huge, and it's quite small compared to other private schools, has only 14 classrooms- main building it also has a clinic, a sci It happened more than two decades ago but I can still vividly remember everything that happened. Let's just say I have some sort of "extra" sense for something that not all people ca That Beautiful Smile by chloe26 This happened more than a decade ago.

I was a high school student, training for an inter school Math competition when I saw that beautiful smile.

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As a young girl, I found myself interested in anything related to the paranormal - e. True Philippine Ghost Stories a book series , sfogs an old w One night I was having dinner alone at my home my mum was working overtime her work schedule is from a.

But she works overtime to earn extra money a lot provided she is not late, it is one of the work policies Weird Elevator by eloisa28 I would just like to share my experience coming not so early in the morning in my workplace.

Now, it leads to confusion. Since my workplace is located at the 2nd floor of the building and many stairs to pass through, I am using the elevator instead of using the stairs to go there. Whenever I coul A Girl Crying by eloisa28 This story happened last July 23 this year. I have shared few of the stories that I experienced in the University where I'm working at. This time, for me, it is not actually the most scary.

I have a few experiences myself and I'm no stranger when it comes to the occult and paranormal activities. I believe there are beings around us that we can't see and I also believe that we need protection from the evil ones ou I work in a bank. International bank, but I live here in the Philippines.

I won't share the name of the bank for it's privacy and security. I work on a graveyard shift. During my break time, I do my stu Whisper by angrybird I don't share much of my experience online, truth be told this is my first time.

I have been reading a lot of stories in your site whenever I'm at work so I'm sharing one of my own. This experience of mine happened when I was working on a small call center company it's more like an internet caf College Glimpse by sporadicglimpse Many have happened during my college years since it was more than one and just short, I'll just compile them in this one-shot read. In all that I have experience in my entire life, never did I think or talked about horror prior they reveal. They just appear whenever I was just happy or in a good Burned Cloth by sporadicglimpse I was surprised there are people who engage in reading about my experience with these beings in our world.

As for me, I considered them as fallen angels and not the spirit of people who lived and died. For me, these fallen angels take the identity of those who died that's why we sometimes see them a The Shadow Boy by sporadicglimpse Forgive my simple writing, I have never written before in this kind of article.

Of all my experiences, this was my first and most defenseless anyway possible sightings of ghosts. I am just a boy at that time and we are considered as irregular settlers with a populous settling place and houses a Highway Cemetery by Alex88 This story happened in the Year of I had a newly purchased motorcycle and since then I started going on long rides as well as midnight road trips to Antipolo back to Quezon City just to chill out in the overlooking view of the city.

One weekend a family friend invited me to come over for a It was a two month long training designed to help me and 4 other people from my class familiarize about the actual activities or work done in our field of study.

We tried applying t Was It Real? You see prior to this experience, I had a couple of traumatic incidents that completely changed my mentality. My parents, who are completely aware As promise, I will provide an update. Please bear with my grammar as I admit I am not a pro of English language.

After my grandmother passed away, we started to experience scarier things. Grandma's Death - Part 1 by CrayJay So before I start the story, let me give you a background of my grandmother's death. It was the ending of September and it was like the last Thursday of September when my grandma felt a stomachache.

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I went by the name Marine. The Best Women's Travel Writing It was the ending of September and it was like the last Thursday of September when my grandma felt a stomachache. Perhaps, like in the Harry Potter

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