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Distributed Computing is designed to serve as a textbook for undergraduate engineering students of Computer Science and postgraduate students of Computer. Towards the end of the book emerging trends in high performance computing such as grid computing, SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture). Sunita Mahajan and Seema Shah, Oxford University Press, , pbk, p, ISBN "Distributed Computing provides a clear understanding of the computing .

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No, ebook is not available! You may send in a reuqirement to the publishers. I shall also take it up with them. DISTRIBUTED COMPUTING By Sunita Mahajan amp Seema Shah. Free PDF ebooks (user's guide, manuals, sheets) about Distributed. distributed-computing-sunita-mahajan-seema-shah-p.

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Shop with confidence! Stitches best suited working woven knit fabrics. Video tutorial covering the basics of winding a bobbin and threading a standard sewing machine. There were no clinical symptoms related to FFT associated with degenerated disks.

Conclusion: FFT is frequently observed in Kuwaiti male population. There were no clinical symptoms related to FFT with or without degenerated disks. Relationship between postprandial endotoxemia in nonobese postmenopausal women and diabetic nonobese postmenopausal women p. Materials and Methods: NoPoW and DNoPoW were evaluated for weight, eating habits, physical activity, body circumferences, fasting plasma glucose level, postprandial plasma glucose level, and insulin level.

Prospective studies are needed to confirm these results. Does a single loading dose of tranexamic acid reduce perioperative blood loss and transfusion requirements after total knee replacement surgery? A randomized, controlled trial p. Among the many strategies to decrease the need for allogenic transfusion, tranexamic acid TA is used systemically in perioperative setting with promising outcome. Here we evaluated the efficacy of single preoperative bolus dose of TA on reduction in blood loss and red blood cell transfusion in patients undergoing unilateral TKR.

Hemoglobin concentration, packed cell volume, platelet count, fibrinogen level, D-dimer level was measured preoperatively and at 6 th and 24 th h postoperative period. Results: In Group P more blood, colloid and crystalloid solutions were used to replace the blood loss. Conclusion: Tranexamic acid while significantly reducing blood loss caused by TKR surgery collaterally reduced the need for postoperative blood transfusion.

Exposure to passive smoking PS is associated with morbidity and mortality from awful diseases. Although many college students smoke, little is known about their exposure to PS, common places and sources of exposures in Saudi Arabia.

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Aim: The aim of the following study is to identify prevalence and magnitude of PS among college students, exposure time, locations, sources of exposure, investigate the effects and make recommendations. Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional study was performed to identify factors associated with PS exposure among students of College of Applied Medical Sciences, Riyadh.

Results: Out of 61 students included in the study, Exposure in Hospitality venues Estirah was the most common followed by other areas. Among the sources of exposure, the highest was among friends and the least were parents and guests.

Since the values obtained for different markers in the pulmonary function test are more than the predicted values, the observed spirometry is normal. The percent oxygen saturation in hemoglobin and blood pressure of PS were in normal range. Conclusion: Since the properties of mainstream smoke and environmental tobacco smoke are quite different, risk extrapolation from active to PS is uncertain, especially during a short period. Nevertheless, it can be deteriorating during a longer duration, hence; the administrators, policy makers and tobacco control advocates may endorse policies to restrict smoking in shared areas, particularly working environment.


A study of blood utilization in a tertiary care hospital in South India p. Hence, we analyzed the age, gender and frequency distribution of each blood product used in different diseases conditions.

Materials and Methods: We included all blood products utilized from January to December in our tertiary care hospital in South India. The primary and secondary discharge diagnoses International Classification of Diseases [ICD] were matched with clinical information provided in the request forms. The most relevant indication requiring blood transfusion was selected for each recipient and grouped into broad diagnostic categories according to the headings of ICD The utilization of stored whole blood, packed red blood cells RBCs , fresh frozen plasma FFP and platelets was stratified according to age, gender and diagnosis.

Results: Our results indicated decline in usage of whole blood and an increase in use of FFP and platelets over the years. While packed RBCs were frequently used for treating injury and poisoning conditions, platelets and FFP were preferred for infectious and parasitic diseases.

Various blood products were used less frequently in patients aged over 60 years and the overall usage of blood products was higher in males. Conclusion: The patterns of blood products utilization is in contrast to the Western nations, which may be due to difference in age structure among Indian population and higher prevalence of infectious diseases such as Dengue in our region.

Nevertheless, this study highlights the importance of understanding the epidemiology of blood transfusion locally to improve usage of blood and blood products. Periodontal health status and treatment needs of the rural population of India: A cross-sectional study p. We have documented the prevalence pattern of periodontal disease in a rural population of Belgaum district, India, and identify the optimal treatment needs TNs. Only 4. Significantly higher need for treatment was observed in males, smokers and subjects using finger and tooth powder.

Surprisingly diet of the subjects did not influence TNs. Conclusion: Increased prevalence of periodontal diseases and TNs was observed. There is a need for initiating adequate awareness regarding oral hygiene, specifically primary prevention could help in reducing the prevalence of periodontal disease. CPR workshop should be carried out every year among undergraduate students.

Involving postgraduate's students in undergraduate small group teaching promotes active learning in both p. The postgraduate PG students are less involved with undergraduate UG teaching.

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Team based small group active learning method can contribute to better learning experience. Aim: To-promote active learning skills among the UG students using small group teaching methods involving PG students as facilitators to impart hands-on supervised training in teaching and managerial skills.

Methodology: After Institutional approval under faculty supervision 92 UGs and 8 PGs participated in 6 small group sessions utilizing the jigsaw technique. Feedback was collected from both. Conclusions: Learning in small groups adopting team based approach involving both UGs and PGs promoted active learning in both and enhanced the teaching skills of the PGs. Small group discussion: Students perspectives p.

Small group teaching can take on a variety of different tasks such as problem-solving, role play, discussions, brainstorming, and debate. Research has demonstrated that group discussion promotes greater synthesis and retention of materials. Aims: The aims of this study were to adopt a problem-solving approach by relating basic sciences with the clinical scenario through self-learning. To develop soft skills, to understand principles of group dynamics, and adopt a new teaching learning methodology.

On the day of the session, the students were grouped into small groups 15 each. The session started with the facilitator starting off the discussion. A five point Likert scale was used ranging from strongly agree to strongly disagree.

Small group discussion increased their thought process and helped them in better communication. Conclusions: The small group discussion was interactive, friendly, and bridged the gap between the teacher and student. The student's communication skills are also improved. In conclusion, small group discussion is more effective than the traditional teaching methods. Case-based learning in pharmacology: Moving from teaching to learning p.

The study aimed to find out the beneficial effects of case-based learning CBL compare to didactic lecture in pharmacology and to evaluate the perceptions of students regarding the CBL. Methods: A total of 68 students took part in the study and were randomly assigned to two equal groups: Group 1 CBL group and Group 2 lecture group. Cases, test items, students feedback questionnaires were developed and peer viewed by experts.

Group 1 underwent the CBL and the same topics were handled as a didactic lecture in Group 2 concurrently. Written tests were conducted after completion of each session and the perceptions of students were evaluated.

The perceptions of students were quite positive regarding the CBL as a majority revealed that they has better understanding of concepts Conclusion: Self-learning approach, critical thinking with the integration of subject, and arousal of interest in the subject were positive effects of CBL in the teaching of concepts of pharmacology. Integrated teaching program using case-based learning p.

Therefore, an effort was made to develop and adopt integrated teaching in order to have a better contextual knowledge among students.

Methodology and Implementation: After the faculty orientation training, four "topic committees" with faculty members from different departments were constituted which decided and agreed on the content material to be taught, different methodologies to be used, along with the logical sequencing of the same for the purpose of implementation.

Different teaching methodologies used, during the program, were didactic lectures, case stimulated sessions, clinical visits, laboratory work, and small group student's seminar. Results: After the implementation of program, the comparison between two batches as well as between topics taught with integrated learning program versus traditional method showed that students performed better in the topics, taught with integrated approach.

Students rated "clinical visits" as very good methodology, followed by "case stimulated interactive sessions.

Conclusion: There is a very good perception of students toward integrated teaching. Students performed better if they are taught using this technique. Although majority of faculty found integrated teaching, as useful method of teaching, nevertheless extra work burden and interdepartmental coordination remained a challenging task.

Effectiveness of skeleton handouts during ophthalmology theory lectures for undergraduate medical students p. Methodology: This is a quasi-experimental study involving 6 th semester medical students. The study was conducted during theory lectures on ophthalmology. The two types of notes given to the students were comprehensive handout and a skeleton handout, which included some lecture notes but required substantial annotation by the students.

Pre-test and post-test in the form of multiple choice questions were conducted before and after the lecture session, respectively. However, the students' responses to questionnaires indicated a strong preference for much detailed handouts as essential to preparation for examinations. Conclusion: The student can improve their performance during examination while working on skeletal handouts during theory lectures in spite of showing a preference for complete handouts. The usefulness of Mini Clinical Evaluation Exercise as a learning tool in different pediatric clinical settings p.

Not many studies have been done in India to examine its feasibility and acceptability in residency programs of most clinical subjects. Aim: To assess the feasibility and acceptability of Mini-CEX in different pediatric clinical settings and to know if it helped the residents with improved learning.

Methods: Pediatric residents were regularly evaluated with Mini-CEX over a period of 1 year by standard methodology. Each encounter was followed by case specific feedback given to the residents. By the end of the year, both teachers and residents were asked to give feedback on 5 point Likert scale based on their experience with the exercise.

Results: The entire exercise was participated by 11 teachers and 23 residents. The overall average score for all students was 5. An average improvement in scores by 1. Students accepted that the feedback given by the teachers well and accepted that this feedback helped them with improved learning.

Residents accepted that the feedback after each exercise helped them in their learning. Comparison of two formats for student evaluation of teacher effectiveness p. The study was designed to compare two formats of student evaluation of teachers SETs with a view to determine the method with minimum bias. Aims: To compare student ratings of teacher effectiveness obtained from two different SET formats and determine factors contributing to the student bias.

Faculty perceived types of bias were documented using a separate semi-structured questionnaire. Based on this, a second SET-II questionnaire with Likert scale was designed and filled out by the same students as before.Visibility of lamina dura and periodontal space on periapical radiographs and its comparison with cone beam computed tomography p.

Aim: The aim of the following study is to identify prevalence and magnitude of PS among college students, exposure time, locations, sources of exposure, investigate the effects and make recommendations.

Sunita Mahajan and Seema Shah,. Small group discussion: Students perspectives p.

Leaves extract at higher dose and fruit extract at lower dose also significantly lowered blood glucose level from 14 th day onwards. Other reasons for his defeat mentioned are the curse of Charan lady Nagbai and his relation with wife of his minister Vishal. Sunita Mahajan and Seema Shah. He lost his parents when he was 5 years old.

Post instrumentation cone beam computed tomography scans of all samples in the 3 groups were acquired.

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